Journalists interfering with games

Has this happened to video games before? Did a release of game got cancelled or postpone over journalists being triggered?

Not that I know of, but I would love to see a Cat Shit One video game and watch to see if there was any fallout from Journalists over seeing paramilitary bunnies blowing the heads off of radical islamist camels.

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Hollywood caused all this to happen.

Might be a tangential connection and I myself can't speak of the game's quality, but I remember reading that some Gamespot journo imported Zill O'll for the PS1 and decided "While it's not bad, it's not really good either, and there's just no room for it on this side of the ocean." Suffice to say, we got none of that series until the PS3 one, "Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll", which was subsequently shat on in "professional" review as well. Just saying that perhaps that Gamespot opinion kept the series from more or less seeing western release.

Resident Evil 5. Niggers complained because it was too realistic.

Let them eat each other, it's pretty funny.

I wish i had the source of this, but it was one black guy who said something like "you're only shooting blacks" and it wasn't even said offensively, than other people jumped to claim it was racist, and that's what made it spread, similarly to Mario odyssey's mexican hat offending non-mexicans.

What’s worse isle of dogs was a anti-trump movie. Yet liberals want it ban.

6 Days in Fallujah. The gaming press got triggered over the simple mention of Fallujah that they shamed the studio and the publisher Konami who cancelled the game before they showed any actual promo.

N' Gai Coral of Newsweek was the journo, iirc.

Journos being allowed to be alive is a mistake.
They must be killed.

There's the rumor that because IGN leaked the ending of Mass Effect 3, they had to rush a different ending, in order to surprise the audience and not be predictable. Well it was a surprise, I will give them that.

It's this kind of thing that makes me very sad that I do not have the game design talent to make something good under the tentative title of '6 Days in the Irradiated Ruins of Jerusalem'.

What about the reverse? Devs interfering with reviewers because they're afraid of what will happen to them if they don't?

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These whiny fucking Jew women ruin everything on purpose.

That's normally publishers.

And that is why killing them is a necessity.

Or dicking them into sanity.

Kill yourself

Whenever something like this happens I'm convinced the publishers never had any intention to release the game at all and just wanted to use their journo lackeys to cover their asses. Anyone who actually thinks these bloggers are the ones responsible is delusional.

Not about games faggot.


Remeber Dan Olson the Cuphead tutorial guy
aparently it was his input that got the gameplay in Mass Effect 2 dumbed down cus they retards didn't know he could spend leveling points to increase his stats, he got roasted for his retardation on social media, but by then the damage had been done and since it was't something as notoriously shamefull as his 30 minute tutorial it was memory holed until the CUphead video happend
not exacly a cancelled game but another example of Journos being a cancer to the industry
I don't remeber the datails
i first heard about it in a tread here while we were mocking him for sucking
can't even find a good link or jpg on google
if another user could help, thanks

One came out before 2007 and the other came out after.

mwanwhile in the MCU they seigh heil to furer Black Panther as he builds a wall around Wakanda to keep the subhuman niggers away from his ethnostate
Black Panther would be Holla Forums's wet dream if it wasn't for all the niggers

Cuphead tutorial guy was Dean Takahashi.

the only Spanish-speaking people that SJWs care about are Mexicans, Spain isn't brown enough for them

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Wakanda is basically Israel.

Also, as a Holla Forumslack, I don't want to build a fucking wall around white lands, I want to exterminate the subhumans so no walls are actually necessary.

the who the fuck is dan olson?
why do i remeber that name, no matter
i remeber someone on/v/ blamed hims for dumbing down ME 2 and he even posted prooof, all i remeber was that it was the same guy from the cuphead video


Spaniards arent any shade of brown, specially on the villages re4 shows

he's a guy from TGWTG/Channel Awesome who, in an attempt to destroy GamerGate, downloaded CP and spammed it here on Holla Forums to try to prove that Holla Forums allows CP

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Considering he's from TGWTG he likely posted stuff from his collection.

how nostalgic
damn i'm growing old
next thing you know i'll be mistaking the names of the LWs
GG produced so many lolcows that it got hard to keep track of them all

Takahashi is also the guy who made a review of Mass Effect 1, saying that he couldn't finish the story because the game was too hard. Turns out he didn't know that there was a skill menu where you could add talent points to each skill to make them more powerful.
His negative review might be the reason why the game got casualized in ME2.

A pedo

To be fair, under that new law, that would have 8ch taken down.

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if it's so easy to take down a website isn't there a way we can do the same with their sites
i'd love to Journo sites get taken down cus we posted all the Cheese Pizza they post here over on their side?

Sure, assuming the law is meant to be applied fairly and isn't specifically targetted at us, which it is.

They didn't need a new law to do that.

"Don't put your dick in crazy" is a universal truth. Even in a doomed city like Pompeii, this was known.

you will never be as good a friend as Gaius and Aulus were to eachother.

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opened image in a separate tab and still looks way to small to read


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yes becaue undue weight is being lent to fucking nu-males who don't represent sizable audiences. Ironically, it's them who have all the "power". But the solution would be if the creators just learned to stop giving a fuck and learn how many people there are on this world and how many might want to see or play something regardless of what some cancerous puritan said on the internet

It's not even the whole story.

It is almost as if they never played the game.

Reminder that any SJW spic isn't considered a spic by their own people. They are nothing but toys for the cartels.

Israel isn't self sufficient. Wakanda is NSDAP Germany.

they're just like the chinks in that regard
not surprising seeing how early American abbos were Mongoloids who came from the Alaskan ice bridge

I'm a Spaniard and we don't do no clan bullshit. Only Sudacas (South American immigrants) and Gypsies do that shit.

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oh right spic comes from hispanic
i forgot gallegos fall in that category
i'm from argentina, decendat from tanos and gallegos, i use the term spic to reffer to mexcrement mestizos. I do think of myself as a spic nigger every time i look at my wallet though
Itally is also kinda famous for all this clan bullshit, especially cisily wich the niggest part of Italy

¿Porqué coño los sudacas nos llaman gallegos? ¿Es por la emigración desde Galicia a Sudamérica que recibieron?

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ni idea Manolo
gastar a los gallegos es como tradicion aca, nuestro idioma es el castellano, por ahi la cosa viene de alguna bronca entre galicia y castilla

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I kind of knew Isle of Dogs was going to be controversial because the evil government isn't white this time, but this is a new level of pettiness. Like the reason is so flimsy that the last pic just shuts it up and shows how retarded everyone is acting.

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You have no idea what youre talking about, m8.
Hispanics are family people normally, but that doesnt means we act as clans, thats downright retarded.

Si, lo digo como nieto de gallegos.

It's not really because we're still up. If there is a law, nobody cares about it.

Nah, just a jealous fat bitch that can't handle the sight of sexy female characters so she feels the urge to make it go away.

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You fucking wetbacks do realize that Trump is the new GodFuerher of the US right? So stop it with that disgusting beaner spic and fuck off back to Mexico.

user the law was passed less than a week ago.

When's Bob Chipman going to die?

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Any arrests yet? Also post the law in question on a gov site. I doubt anything's going to come of it.

I love how they all look like cuckold losers or kikes.