Rise of Co-op walking simulator

The fact EA founding and publishering a army of two meets Heavy rain. co-op walking simulators the next triple A trend?


To be fair, it's a collection of mini games and you only needs one copy to play with a friend. Online and offline.

It seems neat. Nothing amazing, but I'll give it some credit.

Although I wouldn't give (((EA))) any money for it

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The concept's already been done before and with less QTEs.

is there any way to open these videos in another window?

Good question, but seriously, has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Would online play work with a pirated copy?



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Looks surprisingly good I might buy it.

Shoo shoo shill.

At least better than Sea of Thieves. Good experience but don't' expect anything too revolutionary. Except for the part where they flip the script on you in terms of co-op gameplay towards the end which was done so well. That and the hospital scene were pretty good. Wish it had more branching options and wasn't as cliche as it gets in some points but still a good game for what it was.

garbage. but, this isn't surprising. i saw this during E3 and already I knew it would be garbage.

According to Mack it's a shitty game.

Given the amount QTEs I suspect he's right.

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I had no interest in buying this since it's an EA game, but it seemed like a really cool idea. Has anyone played it with a friend?

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Oh, there was also this one.
Sounds like the perfect game for Holla Forums

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at least it's hooktube and not a direct link.

give me a mega link, please.

It's for cucksoles

It's pretty much the co-op Splinter Cell levels without guns.

game looks boring

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A friend and I played through it and honestly there is nothing new or revolutionary for the 6 hours it took us to beat the game.
The combat and control is kinda meh, nothing new and as people have said so does it really feel like a coop Heavy Rain at some parts. Play it more for the story or if you want to fuck around with a buddy with all the minigames that are throughout the game. We both had the most fun finding references, see where it took influences from other games and making stupid one-liners at the end of the game. You know the part if you finish it.
The game have two endings but honestly only one of them feel like a true ending as the other was really lacking in comparison.

Otherwise it's okay, deserving it's 7/10 as that's the norm for a okay game nowadays. We were most surprised that only one of us had to buy the game for both of us to play it so for the price of $15 for each of us it's alright for what you get. I mean, it's fucking EA.

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You have to admire its willingness to take a risk by having the entire game be two players, it's very rare nowadays for computergame companies to take such risks because of how much money ends up going into these things. The game should probably be supported because of that fact alone, the games industry is so repetitive right now, everyone is playing it safe means nothing truly groundbreaking or refreshing ever really comes out. I'll probably buy a cop-

What's that? EA? Nevermind lol i hope it bankrupts them.

That’s the norm now. Just look at force awakens and ready player one or Ralph 2
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Played it with a friend today to completion, found it fun. We spent thirty minutes just playing connect four in a hospital.

It has some driving/shooting sections, but all of them are really easy. Your ammo is infinite and you rarely have to plan for much. I might play it with my dad who has never held a controller in his life.

Unlike Heavy Rain though there is no replay value, unless you want to play the minigames and see the other ending (which you can get by just replaying the final fight).

Overall an enjoyable movie.

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Hooktube is better than (((Youtube))) tbh.

Apparently EA isn't making any money off of this.

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This game looks like dogshit.

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Looks pretty cool, kinda' reminds me of when the Myst devs took a swing at making a multiplayer installment, URU.

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We Were Here is pretty fun

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