Shilling Midair

So this comes out in a few weeks. I figured I might as well make a thread now to get the word out before release.
Tribes but made by a different company basically. It's going to be Free to play with Open Beta starting next months.
Because it's basically Tribes made by a company that isn't Hi-Rez. I know 90% of you faggots who aren't new are desperate to re-live the old TA days.

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Each of those videos has 1 or 2 people. Looks unfun and boring. How many more times do you want to copy/paste shit games before you finally admit you've had enough. Shills belong in the trash.

I'll believe it when I see it.

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But more effort into your shitposting user. At least try to act like you have played the old Tribes

I have been in the alpha for a few months and I am enjoying it. I guess you will have to see for yourself in a few weeks. I (or more likely someone else) will make a thread when it's released and we can all try it then. At the very least it can't be worse than Tribes Ascend became, I think that might be literally impossible.

Way to burn up that good will, OP.

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It's from the site because I was too lazy to make Webms of the game myself. If you give me a minute I can give you straight MP4s showing how the Jetpacks function if you want.

Quick MP4 from a Match I just played.

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Can you please kys? I see it every fucking day.

At this point it's just to be expected. Whenever I make an on topic thread I just try to ignore the first few posts because the only videogames threads that wont get shitposting are ones for games so bad all there is to do is make fun of them, make a thread about a game you actually want to talk about and it will trigger the autism of at least one user.

youre gonna have to shill a little bit harder to get this dead sack of shit off the ground

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I have no idea why but that's just what every new game has. A few years ago it was generic brown and bloom and now it's cell shading crap. Indie devs probably do it because it's cheaper to produce, not sure why AAA games do it though (though probably the same reason).

Don't worry user, my kikery will go into full over drive once the game hits open Beta. No one is playing it now because the only people who are able to are people who either funded the kickstarter or bought into the early access.

also the game has problems with:
-sr promotes slow gameplay
-jetpacks dont feel good
-it never feels like you are actually going fast

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The jetpack system works a bit differently from Tribes, so if you are used to Tribes it will take you a bit to get used to this system. In Tribes it's
While in this game it's

they simply copy successful trends, CoD started the brown and bloom and Overwatch started this new trend

Good point. We live in the age of meme games where everyone just follows the bad meme.

The absolute state of shitposters on Holla Forums.

I went to highschool with one of the devs and still have contact with him on faceberg. He's a pretty big social justice nigger with shit art he does on his own but I appreciate that he's working on bringing tribes back. Hope the game turns out well.

I'd be interested if it had a Linux port. Not sure how it will handle with Steam integration under wine. I'll evaluate it in more detail once it's launched.

Let me guess
I'm pretty much done with multiplayer.

as far as I know none of these are in midair. I think it's even free to play but don't quote me on that, I don't recall exactly.

It's F2P with cosmetics and an optional one-time purchase to bypass progression grind..

so it's less complex?

Hope he isn't too much of an SJW to realize that the biggest fanbase the genre has is on Holla Forums.

It will have cosmetics but that is kind of required for a F2P game these days. I don't mind cosmetic shit as long
1. The game is free
2. The art style fits the game and doesn't fuck it over like Overwatch or modern TF2.
I don't think a non F2P Tribes game would be able to get enough regular players to sustain itself.

So you not only shill you funded it on Kickstarter or bought Early Access?

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Nah I actually just asked the devs for a copy and they gave me one
I did however fund Wakfu and Divinity OS 2 on kickstarter and don't regret it one bit

Screen caps of some of his shit for proof?

Wait…that's actually kind of neat that they did that. Maybe just eat one dick as opposed to entire bag?

Is 24 the max player limit?

Does your dad work for nintendo too?

It's 30 bucks right now,i'd be interested if i could get into it without paying.

It's going to launch F2P next month. The $30 is for those faggots that want to say they supported when it was all the way in EA.

Eh,if that guy who got a key can get more and hand them out here that'd be cool,i'm interested now.

Didn't they plan for that shit to have lootboxes?

Its an early access shitshow with microtransactions already confirmed. Its going to be dead on arrival.

Are you really surprised a F2P game is going to have cosmetics?

why would I want to play this microtransaction ridden trash when I could just play Vengeance?

Well for one you should be playing Tribes 2 which was the height of the series. Two after hundreds of hours in the other Tribes games it makes sense why a few people would want to try a new game. It's why the Beta days of Ascend was so fun.

They should make it work the same as tribes. People want tribes, not some gay different shit. Just make a reskinned tribes clone.

Fuck off, I want a real Starsiege Tribes. If the Hi-Rez Fagware version is the one you want then you're the newfag

And if I don't relish the thought of playing with twenty other neckbeards who will roflstomp me as easy as breathing because they've got five-digit hour counts in the game and I just started?

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Then wait for Midair.

Holla Forums didn't exist for most of the Tribes series. Which is pretty sad since I would have loved to play the older games with them back when it was released.

Get good.

Then fuck off, faggot.

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Always kill the hype.
All western devs are either kikes or communists.

if anyone wants to actually play this (rabbit or 1v1s or something) then post in the thread. i'm on eu


Then git gud.

Yeah no this looks like someone saw the concept, said "that looks cool", then completely failed to implement it.

I sure can't wait OP. This will be a great success.

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Except I was playing Starsiege Tribes and posting on Holla Forums when you were playing Halo and customizing your myspace.


I'm waiting for some more keys if you want my interest,user.


i hate movement in unreal no matter what type of game is made with it

why would i play this over the 100 other afps games? I bet it doesnt even have a playerbase lmao

lmao @ triggered neckbeard losers in the replies
imagine your only pride in life is playin vidya kek

Tribes/Midair aren't Arena shooters. At least try to pretend you aren't underage before shitposting.

Just like Tribes: Ascend!
No, OP. No.

So it will be amazing for 3 months before going to shit? I am honestly ok with that as long as I get 3 months of fun.


Confirmed next big meme game.

Also this, in this day and age making arenas or tribes style is dead on arrival

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Tribes Ascend had over a million players user. It definitely wasn't DOA.
Also Midair will be Free to play, just not until next month like OP explained.

The same dudes made Legions: Overdrive.

I still miss it. Maybe we could play it over at /radcorp/ someday.

Wait, is this really made by the same guys who made Legions? I suddenly have faith in this project.

Ok, after some quick research
I am a bit sad that it isn't Legions Overdrive 2 since this looks more Tribes Ascend than Legions but I at least know it means the devs wont be complete kikes. I liked the art Style of legions the best honestly but I will take anything if it's an FPS Z with a decent player count.

Take me back

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That was the day Holla Forums became my main board

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Wow, I'm sure it's going to be good and it will definitely stay good because every game with this business model is always a great experience with staying power

Have to agree. It is an awful art style that would only appeal to a child between 5 and 8 years.
Also, making the very same hi-rez mistake of adding stationary objects in a fast game…

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All I can hope for is that the beta is good and see from there.


>All the old good tribes games are 100% free (

At least make your bait less obvious.

This has copyright infringement written all over it.

That was the day Holla Forums became many redditor's main board

There's no bait here, I gave a link to the proper free games and questioned why anybody would want to play the garbage in OP instead. Of course you can't answer that question so you just cry bait instead. How sad.

You did not explain how it is pay to win.


I swear to God if I didn't want to go fast again I'd smug at you where you stand

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Reminds me when I couldn't aim for trash in Tribes but somehow managed to randomly get airshots.
Looking closer at the video, I believe that those bullets have minor tracking properties in them.

You still haven't answered the question, Mr. (17). Why should anyone care about this knock-off over the originals which are 100% free with no chance of pay to win garbage?


This doesn't look terrible, tbh, ill download it if its free but im never going to buy anything just like warthunder

More players and being able to play a new game. user, I didn't think it would be this hard for you to understand.

Because remaking a game that sold like shit is how you make a game company

I'm actually scared that it will turn people off because it's more complicated than Tribes. Most people will instinctively press W when wanting to jump up a ledge while jetpacking but that will make you hit the wall like an idiot.

Also the argument of "more players" simply does not exist since the game isn't even out yet. At least Tribes 2 has stood the test of time.

Did you say the same shit when legions: Overdrive released? I am happy others didn't think like you back then or there wouldn't have been those fun legions threads.

They've actually did, but people actually played the game every now and then. Though the best playercount as I can recall was something like 9v9.

I was hosting the thing, so.

oh fuck nevermind this then, reading comprehension is hard today

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UE4 is used because it is the easiest engine to work with if you are making a FPS. Literally no other engine can compete in that regard


Remember how the thing that made Tribes really last was all the amazing things people made with its publicly released SDK?
Guess what, Midair isn't getting a public SDK release.

It really is the easier of the two. t. gamedev

(If you're wondering as to possible reasons for why the developers had chosen that, consider the following: On-disk DLC cosmetics don't sell when you've got actual customization options available through modding.)

Unity is used because it is free, not because it is easy.

This I did not know.