Final Fantasy 7 Remake

So I had a thought. What if the snowboarding minigame is fleshed out and is an SSX style game. I think it'd fit being very flashy with points and over the top tricks. It'd be pretty easy to fit that whole style of system with one big map into the game.

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Kill yourself

I doubt they'll even have mini games in the remake. It's not a remake so much as it is a brand new game loosely based on FF7.

It wouldn't be easy because the new devs are hacks, good idea though.

Bitter Betty detected.

How did they ever expect this to be anything BUT a disaster?

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If Squeenix goes by the standard they used during the Secret of Mana remake, the snowboarding minigame will be replaced with a black "now loading" screen.

Always kill the hype.
Again with the shilling?
This remake will be shit.
It will be a mod for FF 15 with the skin of FF 7.
It's plot will be ruined by the current hacks at Square.
The original team is not producing it.
Instead, the fucking artist is the main writer now. And he has proven again and again how shit his writing is.
It will be a fujoshi garbage without any sex-appeal for straight Men.
In short: again, it will be shit.


Is the garbage remake coming out soon or something? There's been a ton of these lame shill threads recently.

They haven't even started making it yet. The shill threads are being made before development of the game has even started.

No titty tifa no buy

Could work I guess but probably not worth the development time teebeeach.

How about we finally let FF7 die?


You're in luck then. Nostalgia dick riders like you are big part in why video games and Hollyjew is afraid of trying new things. Don't forget to buy your ticket to Ready player one user.

It is still in it's early stages of development.
The corporate shills are trying to create artificial hype already, because they know that it will be shit, since it's just FF 15 with a new skin.

But the original FF7 is a serious theme game too, it got some funny moment here and there but then you have death scene all over the place

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Funny moments almost make it worse, remind you of the bleakness.
God damn I was so excited when the game left Midgar, I thought it was going to spend all of its time in the depressing dystopian metropolis.
I was so happy to get an overworld like the previous games… then each town was more feels than the last…

Please explain the hill defense mini game to me.
I have no idea what i am supposed to do based on the horrible games translation.

The tone the game had will never return because it was a product of its time, just like the remake will be a product of this time. FFXV is very evident of this, and this is why you hate life.

The sad thing is that I've found more comedies that are "Heart-retching" than I have dramas. Even "joke" episodes like that SGI 'Groundhog Day' episode spent the entire time making fun of the incident only to have the gut-punch emotional moment when Jack brings up his son's death to persuade the guy to turn the machine off. Also, you have the most "serious" Star Trek series (DS9) which even spent a few episodes poking fun at the space Jews, or telling the misadventures that happen to the station's residence.

I think the overall point is that you cannot make something truly emotional and memorable without playing with all of the emotions people are capable of experiencing.

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Midgar was the most interesting place in the game.

Well, Midgar had the most new things coming at you.

They aren't afraid of trying new things, they are using nostalgia to sell ideology that wouldn't make an impact in a new IP.


Final Fantasy 7 is the best JRPG I've ever played but then it's also the only good one I could find.

Oh good.

Are you a moron ? The majority of the game is in a serious tone.

WTF are they going to do with the trap part? Without cartoony graphics, I can't see any way around cutting it from the game. It's not a joke anymore when it's really a dude and some fag trying to stick him, in 4k. Or am I just old?


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>>>Holla Forums

Provided there is no new press release or leaks about the remake, how many threads about this topic do we need and at what point is it just a template thread?
genuinely asking, not trying to derail your thread

But it's real gay.

They've posted the same OP a million times. I think everyone is ignoring him now.

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Cloud gets fingered in the hot tub. No way they're including that.

Geez, I never saw this part.

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Holy shit. They just fuck.

I heard from a very reliable source that Tifa and Yuffie are going to be trannies in a misguided attempt in capturing the mentally-disabled community.

Time spent on a minigame is time the devs could spend on shilling on reddit and blocking people on twitter.

That's not how that works. That's the job of the PR arms of the American branches of those companies. Japanese devs are generally reserved. Kamiya's Twitter blocking obsession is an outlier.

At least people will be able to see if the remake is entirely garbage or not in how the first 10 minutes end up playing out.

So basically Publisher not Developer level.