I'm going to buy this from DCS World and F1 and there's nothing any of you can do to stop me!!11!!

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don't even know what that is

DuckDuckGo exists

I don't feel like using a search engine
also waterfox exists


There is an upper limit of this.

those are some of the weakest posts that could be called "elitism" i've ever seen user, you might not be on the right website


I told you to fucking look it up and you fucking scoff at it like you're too good for it. It's partially my fault since I avoided saying google or bing since I knew you'd do that. Go fuck yourself.

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My problem with you is you using DuckDuckGo and not something like Searx you fucking cuck.

calm fucking down user. I don't want to have to comfort you if you start crying over this shit. Keep lurking though, you'll get there some day.

I like Ecosia, myself

If you aren't constantly on a VPN, using Seedboxes paid for with a gift store prepaid debit card, running your downloads through an FTP screen, and refusing to use any e-commerce service you are being watched. Might as well stop whining.

None of this is even untrue.

Dubs thread.

maybe now?

Rule 10 faggot.

Don't you try to derail this dubs thread like that that's a violation of rule 8


how about you go back to mewch and check my singles

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Everyone knows Rules 3 and 8 are the only ones that are actually enforced

Apparently so. Rules are just selectively enforced whenever a mod gets his fee fees hurt.

My man

Mods can't count to 3.

Tracker hat is much cheaper.

kill yourselves

Yeah, that sounds right

But they did do their job

I have one, too. Got it as a present since my uncle has connections in the tech world.

It doesn't work and it's shit

this is way cheaper
you buyfags are dumb

Why would I want my eyes tracked? When is the penis and testicle tracker coming out?

Which it out and I'll tell you.

Whip, woops

Nice work faggot.

Isn't this just gayer VR?

Yes, also

This sounds like the faggot (probably not him though)who would make threads nobody cared about and never conceded that they were shit while replying to nearly every post. Then then they inevitably died down he would just bump it every time it hit page 12-14 or so. He had a thread up for 2 months through this shit until a few anons reported him.

pretty sure Ecosia is chinese botnet

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Usually means a bunch of posts got deleted for whatever rule 8 is taken to mean today.



This is the best you can do, huh?


What's better about searx and wrong with DuckDuck?

Some sketchy shit about the owner/founder or whatever iirc

Just have the image saved. Never used it so I wouldn't know.

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