Alright, fuck half chan. I wanna talk about this without sissy fit whining.

Will the 'build engine' aesthetic make a comeback?

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Its shit.

You're funny.

Buying power has shifted a generation, plus the fact that where pixel shit was the 'goto' during the indie boom, now devs have to put more effort into this games to get noticed/not get refunded. Knowing this, is the PS1/Latestage doss aesthetic going to be the next big thing?

This game looks gorgious so hey, one can wish to see more like it.

I can now taste the irony- haha

It kinda looks cool.

The guy whos playing it is a twat- doesn't do the potential for faced paced gameplay justice. You can tell he's never played a match of Quake in his gay little life, but its in depth so hey w/e

Why does the protagonist look and talk like a dyke?

She's the female version of Douke. That should answer it.

So where are the tits? Duke didn't look or act like a soyboy.

No tits, only tears now.

Give us some good lines she could say, like when she kicks a head into some dickheads teeth or domes some fucker with a grenade, Lets see if you can do any better…

That one is smart and so le witty xDDD. It's better to turn the banter off in this game.

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Missed opportunity.

8/v/ might as well be cuck/v/ considering it has degenerated into a shithole where discussion is barely possible and everyone is an ebin trolle trying too hard to be funny thanks to constant floods since 2014.
Welcome rapefugee, you're breathren have made themselves at home, you're now truly welcome.

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Just fucking leave.

I'm serious. I make unity asset flips for a living, I need to steal from somewhere…

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Get cancer.

The high resolution graphics on the first person weapon sprites look out of place. The smooth weapon animations also look awful. Build engine aesthetic is fucking cancer if this is what it's meant to be doom and imps not duke and wimps OK praise carmack

Fuck off, we're full.

I bet both of your keyboards stink of petrified shit nuggets knoted up in your ass pubes. Clearly you both get off on the butthurt from picking them out and sniffing their crushed up lines.

Literal faggots unable to type back. Maybe its you fellas who need to leave.

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Kill yourself.

The easiest way to fix Holla Forums is to

Since the NeoFaggots crawled here from their sinking ship there has been a rift in our usual abuse and the focus has shifted from us shitting on each others terrible taste in games to more on "the problems with modern gaming culture" and other more subtle SJW-based queries.

They're here, and they need to know that that shit should have a zero tolerance approach to their bullshit, Marxist trash. If we said anything like we do there we'd be instabanned, it's time we start doing the same to rid the board of these parasites before we can't even say "faggot" here without some abnoxious cunt taking offence.

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Not even cuckchan deserves you.

Wheres your game bitch-lips? Oh yea, you just sit at home all day on welfare and shit on other peoples (albeit hastily put together with absolutely no effort) work…

Weak. If your not up to actually dishing it out, I'd suggest you keep quiet.

Surly 9 frame reload animation looks better then a 6 frame stagger- It might be a game that feeds off nostalgia but a little but of progress doesn't hurt the overall experience.

Show posts that have said that. I hardly even see bait posts saying shit like that. The problems with Holla Forums are much deeper than that. Unless of course you mean cuck/v/.

This post is pretty misogynistic tbh.

Anything I could say is already self-evident in each and every post you make. There is no reason to put effect, let alone respond in kind with hebraic scatological humor. Return to reddit, or, most appropriately, facebook. You will be happy, I will be happy, 8/v/ will be happy, and the redditors you left behind will be happy. That is a complete win for every party involved.

I dunno fella, even halfchan pushes away those sorts to a degree. I doubt I've seen a single post talking about 'problematic masculinity' tier posts on 8/v or actual /v… but I get the sentiments your making.

those terms never show up
anyone who uses shill or soyboy should be permabanned though

I've never seen this happen ever and you're an idiot if you think Neogaf ruined this board. You are literally posting in a 4cuck refugee thread to complain about a bogeyman that doesn't exist, while this faggot is shitting this place up like every other one of his ilk.

They're everywhere, from the Nihon Falcon threads full of Weeb faggotry to the Deus Ex thread- scan through and you'll see the small, subtle almost innocuous posts suggesting the only reason for "X" is to "appeal to the beta males who like this sort of thing" and other slight subversive shit that suggests sexism or glorification of women etc.

They're here, we know that for a fact- where else would they go besides here or FaggotChan? IGN Forums? Who fucking knows, that's not my point.

We need to beat these cunts in to shape or fuck them off. Holla Forums should never change, and these faggots are it as a "toxic place that needs to change to accommodate them".

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Nobody is discussing the game because it looks and feels like ass, and the female protagonist misses the entire point of characters like Caleb, Lo Wang or Duke. Instead of being a parody she's played straight. She should look like the main character from FAKK, not like a space marine with a female head stuck on top.

You're full of shit. I haven't seen a single post like that. The board quality has been going down ever since the first month, but the only people that talk like that are clearly baiting. I'm afraid it's just eternal September. And rot.

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Wait you're admitted that you're shilling?

I litereally just finished this last week-
So pls be gentle.

Actually spot on. Maybe if 'Shelly' tried to be a parody of say, strong women/mary sue characters in recent movies/Tv shows then it would hold merit but yea, your right, shes pretty weak for a char'.

To put it another way she's "funny" in the same way female comedians are "funny", and by that I mean there is no self-awareness to any of it, let alone mockery of the trope. She's trying really hard to be the female Duke but misses the entire point of what Duke was supposed to represent.

The protagonist is how I know the rest of the game will be equally dull and playing it safe at every possible opportunity. I have no need for virtue signaling garbage made by has-beens that have lost their balls and sense of humor the same ways Jon St. John did.

Wrong. You're trying to take advantage of a less is more effect with these kinds of animations. There's little going on, and there's little room for imagination, it fails completely.
It's a bastardization of the nostalgia. And the animation fails to capture or replicate anything that was good about the animations and spritework it's aping.

Best post.
Fucking sick to death of everything cancer doesn't like as 't***c'.
Stupid faggoted cunts.


Heh, your gonna love vidya come 202X.

Loosing your entire DRM catalog for saying 'Crab' over voip, cus' a bot monitoring your speech input thought you said 'Crap' in an R rated online only game. Rainbow is only the beginning.

You're retarded beyond words. So we should ban people for the implications of what they said?

I'm sure you have a better idea for dealing with them- and I'm dying to hear it…


I know C# like the back of my hand and Unreal doesn't support it like Unity does.

Looking at the SMG reload, I can clearly see what your getting at. The NPC billboard sprites looks spot on though. The artist has done a great job using a 255 palette.

It plays a lot of how they did level design back in the day (key hunting) and apparently theres a ton of well placed secrets. Shooting looks stale, its got nice pieces of tech though- for the build engine anyways. Story is trash tier though

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Ion Maiden is shit. Terrible performance, repetitive enemy design linear levels and horrible characters.

I don't think so. It's a glorified mod for DN3D, trying to make a cash out of nostalgia.

Literally no one says these things you autistic turbohomo. Do you happen to browse Holla Forums too? We have a schizophrenic fag there complaining about the exact same shit and calling everyone who disagrees with him a "soyboy tumblr sjw cuck".

Not going to pirate that shit. It reeks of pathetic attempt to parasite on nostalgia.

Thing is I liked Douk-Wand-Blood-whatever for some reason but definetely

But the game is being pushed to the limits and can only rely on the CPU!

Build engines are known for mirrors.

With skills like that he could be working for Polygon.

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There we have it, the answer why the character is such fucking trash. The game is made by soycucks afraid of their own erections.

This is fucking pathetic.

here have some more soy

Attached: morelikesoyseaofcucks.png (851x429, 67.74K)

It's like reading a daycare advertisement. Then again, considering all the videos of infantile soyboy behavior floating around it shouldn't come as a surprise.

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My dreams of playing an FPS as a scantily-clad dominatrix with a whip as a melee weapon that can also be used to stun and disarm enemies as well as a grappling hook will never come true.
Bonus points if I could just whip the fuck out of an enemy until it screams the safeword, for extra score points or something.

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Latest builds are garbage. Don't bother purchasing the game, you also play as a fucking female and not an attractive one at that, they completely changed her design, she was supposed to be a Duke but in female form. Bombshell is a terminology used back then to describe big tits blonde women.

I feel conflicted since the devs working on it (Voidpoint) are truly talented modders of the Duke3D community. However, they're working for nu3DRealms which is now owned by pic related so shit like

convinced me to not purchase but pirate it instead.

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What do you exactly mean?
Besides who gives a shit? Just hide the damn post and move on

fuck off, we're full

Obligatory lewds from the old concept art.

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this is disgusting

Can you please point out, how it is 3D Realms itself doing that? Nostalgia is all they have going for them since Duke 4ever was such a failure.

This was actually considered sexy in the 90s. Just take a look at FAKK2.

Actually this. While a Cyborg terrorist are a original concept is kinda original concept eve for something dumb like 90s FPS, the design of the level isn't. You are always starved for ammo and health. Navigating a maze is one thing, going through something more complex than Hotel Hell right at the beginning of the game is something different and very bad.

but all games should do this

it was a staple of high maintenance/low IQ waifus from the late 80's and pretty much all through the 90's alongside blonde hair,don't worry about it too much since underagefags like you can never and will never understand it

Attached: c1f.gif (500x281, 502K)

I actually hate this artstyle

Subjective opinions on the artstyle aside we can all agree that it was miles better than what we got.

if one could rewrite eduke32 from groundup, (which should be easier than creating an new engine),
keep all the important features but moving it graphically closer to say id tech engines(they are GPL), it could

What bothers me the most is that according to OP's pic, they gave her some generic power armor. If they were so bothered by her 90's design (and they shouldn't be since it's just drawings, but it's Canada), they could have put her in a trenchcoat, a business suit, anything that could make her stand out, but no, it's a fucking power armor. It's so unoriginal, you put a helmet on her and she's your generic FPS protag. How is she supposed to stand out if she looks so boring?

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Stop, user, there are only so many dicks you can suck at once.

Attached: pizza muffins.png (217x158, 39.92K)

They should've just sought inspiration from 80's/90's cyberpunk anime. It was in vogue back in the 90's, and inspired games like Shadow Warrior, Shogo & SiN, so you can't say it wouldn't be appropriate. Furthermore, they could have a "tasteful" design that's nevertheless feminine and distinctive, rather than "generic soldier in armor." Instead, they had to answer the call of the soy, and let down the only people that would care about their game.

Attached: Patlabor.jpg (1024x768 386.84 KB, 603.25K)

Tasteful and feminine are mutually exclusive to these people and distinctive character design requires talent that they lack.

>giving (((Eurogamer))) views
>not posting a Hooktube instead of (((Youtube))) if you really need to link to a fucking Eurogamer video
You disgust me.

The only female FPS character I remember was probably Cate Archer, and it was because there was thought put into her. There are probably others, but this is the only one I can think of.

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Life is suffering.

Their idea of a good female character is one that either disgusts the male audience or is indistinguishable from her male counterpart. Kudos to them for figuring out how to make the female equivalent of bald, gruff space marine dude.

I'm pretty sure female characters that disgust the male audience tend to also disgust the female audience. There's probably a survey somewhere where the majority of women say they actually prefer playing as a sexy/cute female character than as an ugly one.

Attached: serval.gif (244x211, 161.26K)

It seems to depend. I have a friend and she wouldn't watch the monogatari series cause of all the sexualization, but bayonetta is one of her favorite games and characters.

Not much of a point in a female protagonist if you can't stare at her tits and ass.

So why do women insist on ugly cunts for every product they are involved in? Just look at the new Star Wars movies, everything BioWare has made in these past 10 years, etc.

I gotta ask, does Monogatari ever go the harem route or is the whole thing just one long string of pretentious monologues one after the other and WORDS WORDS WORDS vomiting in the background?

In short, not all of them, just a vocal minority.
If we dig further, several things. Those who want ugly characters are extremely vocal and have a platform, they also have blind male "allies" who are being nice just to get laid (and end up raping someone), those who actually have the power to shove ugly things into our eyes are those who have power in the media, and do it for a hidden agenda that goes beyond "ugly women for the sake of feminism", and those who actually don't want ugly things are really silent about it, but when we ask them, they are just given a survey that they keep hidden into piles of "opinions" because it goes against the agenda.
I never heard someone complaining about Lara Croft, and certainly not from women, until 2014, and even then, it wasn't from women I know, but from nobodies I didn't care about like Anita Sarkeesian, see the pattern?

Attached: slack-jawed faggots.jpg (239x283, 18.31K)

That can all be explained by the simple fact that women did not care about games until very recently, and since most of them do not play games they likely were not exposed to Lara Croft prior to the kosher reboot.

As for women in your life, how many of them actively play games? Just look at stories written by women for women, 9 out of 10 times the protagonist is some mousy, plain, titless cunt with the personality of cardboard getting rich, handsome men salivating over her.

"Rich attractive man wants to protect and provide for you and loves you no matter what" is the female equivalent of "There's a bunch of guys who need killing". It's basically their power fantasy. It's Doom for women.

No, their power fantasy is to get themselves a rich provider who is good looking and successful, but also cucked enough to allow them to slut it up anytime they want.

That's what I said. Hence "and loves you NO MATTER WHAT".

Oh god that's a fantastic idea. Just fucking kill me

I'm not gonna bring the monkey's paw for it though. It's probably gonna be done by a bunch of leaves and we all know what will happen.

What are you, a fucking fag? She looks fine to me.

Attached: Pathetic!.png (800x949, 356.28K)

Fuck that shit, let's go with stuff like this instead, I love this 80s/90s style of women

Attached: 3.jpg (570x738 81.79 KB, 118.87K)


Why can't we have both? Peaceful coexistence is possible if we exterminate leftists and minorities.

Women shouldn't be main characters in fantasy and science fiction though. Only wizards, barbarians, space wizards, marines and robots. It's okay art, but it's art that shouldn't exist.

Why not both?

It's true, but for an IP where it has to be corny like Duke Nukem, but with a female protagonist, it has to look and feel like a Heavy Metal cover rather than something out of Ghost in the Shell.
Both should definitely coexist in games though.

Oh, I agree, though I think user was talking about "retro" shooters in general. It would be nice to have another FPS ala Shogo inspired by anime.

Oh man I miss that style, fuck, why did you have to remind me. It definitely needs to come back. Sick and tired of the garbage no detail artstyle of anime and many others. Even the colors is fucking great. Anime is a simple feminine artstyle with colors that quickly grabs the attention of kids and manchildren, it has it's place but seeing it everywhere get's boring very fast. Now for a good masculine artstyle.

I remember seeing older console games, their artstyle would be Western, I used to be excited, but whenever I popped that shit in and saw anime, I hated it. Breath of Fire 1 did this with it's SNES art. Still love that game though.

Attached: The-Art-of-Dungeons-Dragons-1-1024x611.jpg (765x1045 117.14 KB, 273.02K)

Still waiting for a decent Conan cRPG that lets me kill degenerate wizards and steal myself a harem of bitches.

There's a difference between wizards and sorcerers user.

Frank Frazetta was a god. Publishers used to buy his artwork for their novels and then ask someone to write a novel to fit the cover-art. That's how good he was.

Attached: frank-frazetta-egyptian-queen.jpg (450x592 100.46 KB, 104.8K)

I have a book of his artwork. In one word, I'd say it is incredible.

We will never get anything like that in these cucked times.

His art is out of this world for sure.

You ever notice how everything today looks simple and shit? From web design, to company logos, art of course, to phone icons, etc. Minimalism garbage design to try and save money.

Attached: Frank Frazetta-Rogue Roman.jpg (869x490 90.7 KB, 328.77K)

Same, I'm so fucking tired that everything has to take after fucking anime, how about we do something else but that shit? How about we aim for more western style art, and none of that cal-arts shit that we get nowadays that gives weeaboos an excuse to brag about their one way trash.

Attached: Heavy Metal Magazine Covers from The 1970s (1)

And how about we have fewer women? I'm disgusted by the sight of the creatures, even in the 2nd dimension.

So whats the deal with Lichs, Warlocks and Necromancers?

D-D-Dental plan!

Killl 'em all and let Carmack sort them out

No one's taking tits away because of your pathological issues, faggot.

That game was pretty good.

Attached: 4.jpg (790x800 112.29 KB, 147.35K)

Liches are undead magi, likely sorcerers. Warlocks are sorcerers. Necromancers are practitioners of, what else, necromancy. Wizards are akin to monks and wanderers, who happen to have power. Sorcerers are power-hungry hedonists.

It's natural to find distaste in the female form. It's useless. Women would be useless animals if it weren't for their eggs.

Good one, autist. I suppose you think erections are a socialized behavior that only western cucks exhibit.

He's just gay, forget him.

Attached: I'm okay with this.png (925x758, 301.74K)

Find me one animal with better boobs. Protip: you can't.

Attached: popcornboobs.gif (571x852 2.09 MB, 72.64K)

Read up on the evolutionary psychology as to why females have to invade male spaces and why their presence as females have to be present at all times. Most females hate nerds because nerds put females as a second priorii if ever. They also hate but love chads, they love them because they don't deny his masculinity but at the same time chads don't operate within the females frame. It's a complicated subject and let's just say that most men are cucked. Research male spaces, evopsych and whatnot.

Attached: DD.jpg (564x797 102.21 KB, 61.51K)

You can dream up better breasts than you can find on a woman, better breasts than any artist can draw. Men don't think of their wives as they impregnate them: they think of something greater, something that is pure beauty unblemished. No woman can compare to that thought.

Such as?

Attached: (You) (2).png (720x534, 530.36K)

Hey,there's a lot of animals that i bet would give great titjobs,like a manatee or something

I don't think you're ever going to impregnate a woman, you autist.

Attached: 55a7c8123724919e2dc50bd05f1fa1ac2d77d1e7f5815450f7789d1e53ebac31.jpg (800x1000, 172.76K)

The concept of beauty itself is more beautiful than any object or creature. Pygmalion could have had any woman of his time. He wanted none of them, he wanted Aphrodite.

Attached: where.jpg (480x342, 64.12K)

I'll let you in on a little secret:
I actually am in a happy relationship with a woman
So i can tell that you're just butthurt you've never gotten any woman to even take a passing interest in your sorry ass.
Specially when she's just as autistic as you

Attached: Oh my!.jpg (500x281, 47.69K)

Learn to separate fiction from reality, you stupid faggot. Not everyone here is an incel.

This low-effort shill thread is getting spicier by the minute.

How can you be happy with a woman? They're mentally deficient, physically inferior, and can not compare to the beauty of dreams.

Get the fuck out of here you fucking non-virgin loser.

Has anybody given a shit to make any porn of it yet? If not then it truly isn't worth a damn,even the least crappy games have some lewds.

Attached: ezgif-3-e9f84db1b6.mp4 (1280x720, 2.28M)

Who will be there to emotionally support you in times of hardships? Because it's within man's nature to want to be with someone whom they can connect emotionally and physically, just come and say that you're gay, you'd be saving me all the trouble of trying to reason with you.

Attached: Man what a loser!.jpg (2000x1500, 175.38K)

If only.

Attached: 1411264608611.gif (250x140, 496.84K)

It's not in man's nature to rely on anyone but himself. I bet you're one of those faggots who repetitiously says that a man isn't an island.

Are you an island?

Attached: Sucker!.jpg (600x556, 30.24K)

Listen,if you're willing to go into freaky shit,there's plenty

Why are you posting the non-sub'd version of that clip on an English image board. Also, ion maiden r34 yields zero results.

Someone needs to genetically engineer a subservient pet human race with hyper-sexualized feminine features.

When are you going to stop relying on you parents and get out of the basement?

There is no subbed sadly,also if there's no lewds it truly is awful.

Civilization is a collection of independent individuals. A woman can not be independent, nor an individual.

You didn't answer the question. When are you getting out your parents' house?

I bet you're a woman.

Yeah working towards a common goal, with each man fulfilling a role to help the other, the women fulfilling the role of caretakers and so on, so men can't live without women.

I bet you're a troll.

Attached: I want to fuck that.png (255x391, 183.12K)

I'm positive there's a subbed version out there, I don't speak (french? italian? japanese?) and I know that the video is about her being in an interview and the man thinking she's very young, when in fact she claims to be 20-somthing.

Find it yourself If you're so great

Attached: 1374903809617.gif (384x288, 1.47M)

Men can't procreate without women, but they can live without women. I think that women could also live without men, granted, less functionally.

Attached: 1.jpg (1560x2744, 824.79K)

Women are the worst caretakers imaginable, they implant their psychological disease into the young. We only need women for their eggs, nothing more. Women are the source of most problems in life.

Trust me, a man can't live without a woman, once you're drawn to one, both can't exist without the other, at first i used to feel just like that, thinking that I would live out the rest of my life on my own, but the moment I had the chance to engage in a relationship with a woman, I realized that life is much better this way.

Oh I get it, you've had troubles with women and now you think this happens to everyone else, life goes beyond your little bubble, faggot.

Attached: Look at (You)!.png (643x537, 195.02K)

The question isn't whether having a woman is better, but whether it's necessary. Neither man or woman needs the opposite. There's plenty of religious zealots and hermits that live their entire lives without female interaction. I agree this is less healthy than having a partner, but many do manage to live fulfilled lives.

Attached: allow me to invalidate your anger at injustice.jpg (1900x1440, 738.67K)

And I guess you just confirmed you're not a man, since you still live with your parents, faggot. By the way, I'm a guy. I'm just not autistic like you.

It sure smells of MGTOW in here, fine, be that way, I can only tell you that I lead a happy and healthy life, while you wallow in your hatred to the point that you can't even look at a woman.

Attached: Hee Ho Boy.jpg (500x331, 34.82K)

Every flaw in a man comes from his mother. Physical defects from birth are not caused by the sperm cell, but by the quality of the egg cell, and the womb. Psychological disorders largely come from childhood: the time where the mother has full control over an individual. His emotional health is tied to his mother's: an abusive, angry and miserable mother creates an anxiety-ridden, depressed man with no confidence.

You know, usually people don't use so many commas in their writing, partly because it makes you look stupid, which is caused by a sentence that goes on for way too fucking long, partly because it's not proper English, also I disagree with your post, but I don't feel like writing it out like this, because it's really fucking annoying to format like you do.

The only way they could one-up this is with soy tramp stamps.


Jesus fucking christ, why do so many threads derail so easily to politics? There are boards dedicated to it.

When that 4chan rule finally made it here.

Didn't know there were so many red pill motherfuckers in here. Most men that have achieved greatness didn't mate, and certainly didn't have females frame on them.

Attached: 4244b071027be66616444e9aed69f367.jpg (818x1370 49.45 KB, 191.11K)

The fuck are you on about, nigger? I just twice claimed that both woman and men don't need each other to survive, but that a relationship is more healthy than solitude. Why don't you fuck off somewhere else retard.

I can't argue with these deathly trips

What did he mean by this?

Araragi's one true waifu is senjyougahara. He is loyal, although he flirts with other girls. If you don't like the WORD WORDS WORDS you won't like anything else in it.

Hissy fit but misspelled.

bumping for that one faggot that can't stop making threads about this

he wants us to fuck his bussy

Theres nothing explicitly wrong with MGTOW.
1, theres always been a large subsection of the male population which never breeds.
2, more meat for the rest of us.

Spoken like a person uneducated on the theories of comparative advantage and sexual dimorphism.

Being a faggot doesn't mean you get to be smug. You're doing just as much nothing to progress the species as men don't have ovaries that your sperm can access through your boyfriends asshole.

Attached: 4guys1couch.jpg (351x318, 76.87K)

The girl in Ion Maiden looks like Lucy Lawless and that turns me on. I never knew I wanted a female hud face either. The game itself is gorgeous. How diverse are the environments? How long is this preview campaign?

Attached: Ion-Maiden.png (92x101, 6.02K)

He's a sissy and wants to be bullied.

Ion Maiden devs I know you've already got some pretty epic loss jokes (Pewdiepie ftw!) and the cake is a lie jokes but please add bazinga jokes too to round it out haha

I don't see it.

Attached: serveimage.jpg (800x1101, 181.19K)

Don't tell me they're using those kinds of memes in the video game. I tried to search for it and get angry, but came up with nothing.

Attached: What the fu-.PNG (653x420, 296.38K)