Dragon Age 4


So there is this… If you expect any sort of follow up to the story and plot elements established in the previous games, don't expect it here. Not only was Mass Effect handed over to a shit studio which lead to the series being killed and the studio shut down, Dragon Age 4 was going to be severely understaffed too. EA just knows Bioware's time is up and they can't salvage themselves with Anthem.

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no one cares

Good riddance

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I can't say I feel bad.

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In a way I'm kinda looking forward to seeing just how they one up the shitfest that inquisition was.

Dragon Age was a one hit wonder with Origins mostly because that is the only one that feels like an rpg. There is branching paths, endgame consequences, somewhat believable characters and an interesting, if uninspired, threat. You could make actual builds based around your stats and the abilities you chose for your character. you are retarded if you think mages are OP. Archers can take down the biggest of enemies with one to two abilities, and that's not including the apocalypse tier ones awakening give you.

What a waste. Dragon age could've been a decent game if they built on the first game (which did some good things and did others really wrong) instead of changing it completely

It was a big franchise

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I want to watch them burn

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I'm just happy BioWare will release another turd to laugh about. Andromeda was a masterpiece in that regard.

It was nostalgia bait, a lifeless, watered down Baldur's Gate clone that played like ass.

I can't wait until EA finally just kills them. This process has been drawn out way too long.

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user, these are the same idiots that let Andromeda fester in development for 5 years despite knowing full well what a terrible piece of shit it was.

The tumblr tears will be delicious, that's for sure.

Wasn't Anthem all prerendered stuff?
There is no game and Bioware is going to be shut down for good after it releases, or maybe even before that if EA decides it's not worth the trouble.

It was a decent game.
A bit casual, because it was a new market and consoles were involved, but it did some things right.
Key word here being some.

Instead of fixing their shit and improving, they just fucked it all up.

It was boring as shit. Mechanics and gameplay aside it put me to fucking sleep. It manages to be even more generic than Forgotten Realms but just throws in random gore, profanity and sex to appear edgy. It was the bad and pretentious kind of juvenile.

ME:A was a piece of shit but it was a financial success. Despite all the memes and e-celebs making fun of it the plebs still bought it.

That makes me wonder why EA decided to kill the franchise. Either they were lying about their earnings, or they decided to call it quits after two suspect and controversial games in a row, or maybe it was just a prelude to BioWare getting the axe.

DA Origins was the only game out of the entire series that I actually enjoyed enough to play all the way through.

Yeah, it failed miserably. In fact, it failed so bad the studio that made it got shut down and BioWare is a game away from being closed off entirely.

Are you fucking retarded?

That's no big achievement considering the other two were DA2 and Inquisition. I enjoyed FO3 more than FO4, doesn't mean both aren't putrid garbage.

Andromeda didn't do well enough to EA's expectations and sold a little over 2 million copies. By contrast, Horizon Zero Dawn released 7 millions and is considered a success, specially for a new IP.

I don't think you could a game a success when the studio that made it ended up shut down.

It was so successful, they shut down the studio that developed it. As we all know, that's EA's way of congratulating a studio for financial success.

Dragon Age was crap from the start tbh.

Dragon Age painted itself into a corner with Origins. The blight and the darkspawn horde were a much more interesting threat to the world because they were essentially a force of nature. They had nowhere to go from there so they tried the Red Lyrium idea and that failed horribly.

Maybe not, but EA is known for casually killing off its studios. Apart from any theoretical success there was extensive coverage of how disastrous the game's development was and how BioWare Montreal bungled the whole thing. That's another good reason to shut down the studio that made ME:A.

For all the other studios EA killed, I shed a tear. But for them, I will not.

Bioware fags are the republicans of gaming.

who are the democrats, then?

Cole, Blackwall, Ironbull, Cassandra, and Varric are perfectly fine companions. Solas is annoying because he's always right. Dorian is fine except for the whole "daddy won't except I'm gay" side mission. Vivanne is annoying because she's stereotypical noblemwoman but she's a nigger. Sera is the worst thing to happen to rpgs she's a man hating dyke with a man face (ironic), the entire redjenny orginazation shes part of is retarted and should not be able to function, she sounds like crap, her dialog is hilariously terrible, and she acts like quirky lol so random white girl, sera needs to fuckin die.

All other big studio supporters

Also bioware


Dragon Age hasn't been good since Origins and Bioware hasn't' made a good game in over six years

It looks pretty likely that the 4th game isn't going to happen and Inquisition was the end of it. All I wanted was one last hurrah with my Grey Warden. Oh well… BioWare's been on a downward trajectory for a long, long time.

Fuck me. I keep confusing Bioware's Laidlaw with Valve's Laidlaw.


Why couldn't they just redo the whole blight-shit but in a different country/continent?
I dont remember much about it anymore but if i understood correctly the blight was a kind of thing that was allways coming again and again and again eventually, you may beat the corrupted? dragon leading it in some place but eventually somewhere else it begins anew when a monster big enough gets corrupted or something something.

Didn't they have this France themed country near Ferelden? Orlais or something, should've just moved 2nd game there or somewhere else and basically cut most ties to the previous game ie npc/characters.

If you actually played the game you'd know he's far more an emo ghost dude people forget when they stop interacting with him and he can hear thoughts. The only edgy thing he usually does is he kills people who are suffering

The Blight is a world shaking event that takes the combined armies of Thedas to purge. The Darkspawn, when not in a Blight, dig and mine and search for an Archdemon, which are supposedly the reincarnation of the old Tevineter mages or old gods or some bullshit like that. There's supposed to be around 13 of them and the one in Origins was the 8th, I think. Some think that an archdemon is just an undead high dragon that was tainted by the darkspawn, so they can go on forever if they wanted to.

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Don't know how I missed that.

Into the fucking trash it went, DA was always shit.

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All I remember about the first game was that every character was a passive aggressive faggot and the end credits song made me cringe. The demo for 2 was so hilariously awful that I didn't even bother.

Remind me of this.

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So shouldn't they just have made the next game set centuries in the future with the 9th blight coming up?

what part of this isn't edgy?

wait didn't the old lady mage have a problem if you went blood mage? I think I remember killing her over that.
Also killing Leliana because I pissed on Andraste's urn

Someone get this hothead out of here. Don't you know the setting is supposed to be window dressing for young adult drama bullshit with a peppering of contemporary political allegories?

not like it matters since she comes back anyway

Yeah there might be a few one offs where it happens. I always quit once I have to get past the dwarven city because by god if DA isn't one of the most boring pieces of shit I have ever played.

He's emo, not edgy. His dialog is very emotional, with him mostly repeating or describing people thoughts/emotions/memories, while doing some physical gestures similar to mentally handicap people.

Funny, i thought the dwarven city and Deep roads in particular were the best places of the whole game.
I also liked the Fade

It was so successful, they cancelled all the DLC they had planned.
Don't write shit if you have no idea what you're talking about, user. That's rude.

I would have liked that. Combined with the idea of intelligent and infighting darkspawn in Awakening, you could have made some really good games around that. If you helped the architect in Awakening, then maybe there was a huge schism that split the darkspawn in two, a rogue group who will raid human and spawn alike and the main blight. Could have some teaming up with the rogue group making the fight with the archdemon easier or if you killed the architect, the intelligent ones just went back to the main horde making the battle harder in the next game. Bioware is really good at making missed opportunities.

They were tolerable because they had little to no dialogue.

Btw this is the "ff7 has always sucked" crowd. The faggots like Adam Sessler and his ilk. Look at them all now.

This is a company that prides themselves on "meaningful choices" while getting outdone by a Sonic game after all.

Because they closed the studio? There’s still a skeleton crew making multiplayer DLC because microtransactions keep the money rolling in longterm.

Well that's true, i liked them because it was like an "adventure" of sort instead of TALK TALK TALK around every corner. They were a relaxing change of space to just go through and mow enemies down.

It feels like when it comes to story/lore/plot in vidya, everyone wants to constantly re-invent the wheel instead of just taking what worked/they ran in the previous iteration and just doing it all over again just with different characters&setting.

If there's one thing i like about jrpg's, it's that most sequels are usually just more of the same ie what got me to the game-series in the first place.

You brought this on yourself, Bioware.

They've only released a trailer for the reveal at E3 last year. Nothing about the story or the universe since. The small glimpse at gameplay was vertical slice with fake buddies voice over.
Expect zero interesting character or compelling story. Anthem is another co-op game like Destiny where everybody is the hero (so no one really is).

Origins was pretty good. They made DA after that? I had no idea.


All suggests that EA are indeed preparing to throw Bioware on the bonfire at last.

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What happened to Hamburger Hepler?

she left Bioware and later single-handedly tanked a kickstarter project

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I'm very excited to see that game crash hard. I expect it will take the entire studio with it.

Oh boy, can't wait to play as another emotionless retard railroaded into becoming another chosen one of the week, spurred along by a managerie of fish-eyed, fanfic-tier, self insert characters who I'll instantly come to dispise. I wonder how they'll manage to make the quests and RPG mechanics even more boring this time. I wonder what colour the generic bad guys made out of goo/crystals/dust will be this time. I wonder what kind of tumblr haircut the single fuckable romance will have this time.
I really fucking wonder.

I bought Inquisition

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Dragon Age and Mass Effect are PERFECT examples of how appealing to SJW's and simultaneously sucking corporate dick leads you down a path of failure.

None of us are surprised, but I bet there's a lot of dumbfounded faggots who sincerely don't get it.

Also, never forget TORtanic.

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They took DAO and removed what worked and then took a big shit on it rather than improving the game. It was such a major fuck you to anyone that had fun with the first game. There was a lot wrong with it, but it had potential to improve. When Bethesda started trying to use the sex mods as a selling point, it just put extra cringe on even owning their games. It would be like if Bethesda ever actually acknowledged the sex mods and tried to use them as a selling point. It wouldn't end well and would only come across as pathetic. That is what happened to DA after origins.

Bringing in sjw shit into an rpg is the worst thing anyone can do. People get enough of that shit in real life. They don't need it in their vidya as well.

After that I really don't give a single fuck about anything Bioshit does.

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I just came in here to gloat about how I've never purchased a Dragon Age game.

I did rent DA:O from Blockbuster and never returned it.. so I still have a copy of that, and I rented DA:II but it was all I could do just to force my way though to the end of it so that fucker definitely went back. Haven't touched a Bioware game since.

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It's a shame that Corypheus wasn't written better or in another game/series entirely; he was pretty much the only thing I liked in DA2 aside from gutting Anders like a fish.

I like how he was confused and unaware of the passage of time when he woke up. In the hands of a decent writer, he could have become an interesting antagonist, but he ended up becoming a mustache-twirling villain in Cisquisition.

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Why did they bother making anything after ME1/DA:O? All they did was rape the original writing and sodomize whatever soul was left in the franchises.

That was cut content actually And there's a few mods that switch it back on. It was fucking satisfying to kill Gregoir and first enchanter douchebag.. Can't have actual choices and consequences, now can we?

I'm so fucking sad that the Agent storyline is stuck behind the Tortanic. That shit deserves to have its own game, like alpha protocol but actually playable. They could even fix things that were bad with the original. Like the existence of kaylio, or not being able give scorpio an organic dicking.

I want to laugh at you but I did too, picked it up used for about eight bucks. Played it through once, beat it and put it on the shelf where it has gathered dust since May of 2016.

I'm glad ME is dead and BioWare is next

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now that it's f2p, i honestly wouldn't judge a single person for subscribing for the month or so just to see the agent story through, because it honestly is one of my favourite gaming stories in recent memory except for that mind control part, that was fucking stupid as hell


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Tell me again Anita, how's that boy's club muh patriarchy gatekeeping keepin wimmins down coming along?

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Yeah, for all that they'll use the gay community as a shield to hide from criticism behind, they don't actually give one single shit about it. Remember that they're the people who coined "there is no such thing as gay in Star Wars."

That was actually the only thing they formally apologized for on Twitter. Shows where their priorities were.

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I completely forgot that they added a "gay planet" to SWTOR.

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Oh, Christ, I had too. Bioware are just the most wonderful, magical clusterfuck of a studio.

holy fuck
this shit never gets old

Can EA for once do us a solid and just fucking kill these hacks off ASAP?

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EA has kept Bioware alive longer than Westwood.

Bioware is EA's "rainbow shield". Without their making "progressive" games, EA can't deflect valid criticism with cries of "homophobia" or "racism"

Mandatory .webm

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That's what a company that's merely greedy would do. EA is straight up evil and they're probably keeping them alive just to be dicks.

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Is there a good video out there that would explain everything about TORtanic? (I'm not talking about memes but the real story behind the failure of the game)

They patched the character's lines 2 times before they completely removed the dialogue option.

Here is one.

Even if they did the gender studies majors would just get moved somewhere else.

>implying they're not saving them to fall on the blade called Anthem

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Even fucking EA must be sick of Bioware's shit at this point.


Well, the game does have a "10 year roadmap". Once the base game is finished, EA could ship the game off to a contract developer for updates using the design notes. Then they have a Bioware game that will last them for the next decade and literally have no need of Bioware as a company anymore. They'll probably still keep the name, but the entire studio will be downgraded to two assholes in a tiny office running middleman coordination for the contract work. They get to keep the Bioware name and pretend their still a division, milk a 10 year MTX cash cow, and not have to pay a development staff or need to make any new games. Once Anthem runs it's course, whether it's sooner or later - then EA will have no use for the shell company and can dispose of the studio proper.

I mean, my suggestion would be to just block the fire exits during crunch time, set the place on fire, and blame it on some rogue stressed employee smoking in the bathroom. Might be some fallout, but it wouldn't be the first time EA fucked the industry for a little short-term gain. Unfortunately, the Triangle Shirtwaist guys already tried that and ruined it.

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for you

Holy shit! That's golden!

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my friends and i tried to start a game dev club at college and something like this almost happened

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You should have given CoC a run for their cummies.


So basically now the NPC doesn't mention they're a tranny at all? I bet they realized SJWs would never be happy so they just said fuck it and stopped trying to virtue signal.

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not from a fucking college-sanctioned club

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Have you heard how bad the game is shaping up?
This game is going to be dead on arrival and Bioware employees know it. They know their careers are over once the studio goes under because of how absolutely abysmal their reputation is. They're now actively whining about how people talk trash about them and how they can't hold their head up high.

What's funnier is knowing all the "TOTALLY NOT PAID OFF U GUISE" articles that are going to come out.

I hope one of you glorious fuckers will screencap all these articles and then show them side by side with the inevitable cliff drop in sales.

I'm already feeling smug.

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Am I the only one amazed that this shit franchise actually started with a good game?

It's really sad that EA is forcing every one of their studios to use that engine.
It's a looter shooter, not an arena shooter.
So far it looks like Destiny with Iron Man suits.

It's going to be hard to shill for it though.

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what's so surprising? mass effect 1 was actually pretty good too, and look what that became

story branched out nicely too, according to your choices. I was competely shit at it but I soldiered on and sat tru it twice. It was a good game.

Why does no one these days know what this word means?

it's not that shocking. it was slightly before es jay dubyoohs started wrecking the gaming industry along with western society, so Bioware was still alright. formulaic as fuck, but alright.

that's funny because he was fired

It was one of the best RPGs in the last decade, your retro-active hate for biowar must have rotted your tiny brain.

a game can be watered-down Baldur's Gate and still be one of the best WRPGs of the last decade.
That's how low the fucking bar is now.
The good shit in DAO came from the designers thinking

The bar is so low that even utter shit like dvinity origins is considered good around here.

Bullshit. Their plot was just uninspired and incredibly limited. The sequel could have had the after-effects of the consequences of the blight, even on other nations if they wanted to place it elsewhere. For example, the "red lyrium" could have been a byproduct of the blight that was being manafactured mysteriously by the tevinter to increase their magical abilities, but at great costs. The plot could revolve around Tevinter and its mage lords, and the political battles and fallout due to this red lyrium being smuggled in and its effects on the courts and continent.

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How the fuck is DA:O in any way a watered down Baldur's Gate?

Whoa, that almost sounds like a good idea. Good work kid, but we're not allowed to have those here, not since 2007 anyway. You obviously aren't a good fit for our family, so pack your bags - your cubicle is going to our newest POC transfeminist hire, Jamal Lewisdom Wakanda.

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Divinity origins is a fine game you contrarian shit.

The writing is fucking abysmal. Larian should finally figure out they're shit at comedy and try something different for a change.

Gameplay is still passable and that's what really matters.

Is name of the planed Sodom? Or Weimar?

Good thing its a fucking video game then you fart sniffing mongoloid.

If you didn't already like the game you wouldn't defend it's quality in such a way. Don't make excuses.


That's a shit excuse you dumb fanboy. It's an RPG where they clearly went the extra length with the story, characters and choices, yet it all reads like putrid trash.

How does it feel to be dumber than a nigger?

And? The writing in Divinity origins is miles ahead of Bioware drivel. It is also a good game instead of being a glorified cookie clicker.

No shit. Good job cementing your mongoloid intellect.

No, it wasn't better than BioWare writing. At least Inquisition was unintentionally funny with how godawful every character and line of dialogue was, while with Larian you could tell they were trying extra hard to be witty and failing miserably at every turn. It got so fucking bad I just skipped all dialogue just to get it over with, and the gameplay is not good enough to make up for the shit writing.

your shitty company isn't even worthy of writing dimestore novels and only survived for so long on govenrment subsidies. Now that the gravy train is over your subpar video games aren't going to cut it.

I guess you're so mad you can't even read correctly. Here, let me quote myself:

I'm not a BioWare fan, they're shit, but so is Larian's writing, on top of being unfunny. Practice at reading comprehension you dumbfuck and tell Swen to actually hire some good writers for once, they're eight games in and none of them have had anything remotely resembling good storytelling.

yeah nah fuck off
The fact that something is godawful isn't a mark of quality you shit eating faggot.

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Dragon Age was never good.

bioware was never good

These anons are correct. Bioware is a containment studio. I say let these maggots feed upon the carcass as long as they want instead of letting them spread.

I enjoyed DA:I on nightmare difficulty. It was actually fun. More fun than FFXV even, which was a braindead game with no tactical thought needed.
You should try it once. Its not that terrible as people make it up to be.

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Who in their right mind is going to hire them? Curry Thunder, after having his contract finished went off to work on some retarded indie turd no one has heard anything about since. The Hamburger hasn't found a job in the industry since quitting BioWare. Gayder quit BioWare, joined Beamdog and quit a year afterwards and hasn't been working in the industry since.

Hepler and Gayder both were pretty (in)famous and had a "respectable" resume, yet no one wants to touch them. Now, if people don't want anything to do with industry veterans such as those two why would they hire the talentless hacks that didn't dare quit BioWare because they know no one else would hire them?

Yes, yes it is.

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nice try reddit. the fact they sold ENDING as DLC is very telling where are their priorities. kill yourself.

Who cares about Dragon Age after the first one? You'd have to be a massive cuck to be playing these games. Stop purchasing these SJW garbage games, you fucking niggers.

No you didn't you fucking liar, Nightmare mode was easy shit even new players complained about the difficulty when it was released that it was too easy. Lying sack of shit.

Honestly, only RPGs I'm looking forward to are Evenicle for that sweet, sweet polygamy and the sci-fi one VD's got cooking. Here's hoping GW doesn't fuck up that new Mechanicus as well though I know they will.

Fucking hell, they can't get anything right, can they?

Attached: But That's Heresy!.jpg (401x561, 67.19K)

If that game is anything like Rance, Kamidori or Bunny Black then it should be good. I was dismissing those games as weebshit, but after having played them, they really are great, especially Rance. Don't place any hope on GW. What sci-fi game from VD?

Yeah you never actually shoot at the arena, what the fuck.

Not unless they really are evil and get a kick out of raping thai-kids while someone reads the Bioware numbers out loud not to mention a slideshow with the biodevs most pathetic tweets.

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Go play the Thirst module for DAO: nexusmods.com/dragonage/mods/3496

DAO campaign wishes it could be this well-designed.

Dragon Age mods remind me of NWN. The player made campaigns are some of the best shit ever made for an RPG while the base games are average written vehicles for their sex simulators.

What are some other good player made campaigns for DAO?

Like bioware is going to last long enough to release dragon age 4. Lmao.


But here's some gays and trannies in another galaxy. Enjoy!

Attached: 1383366818530.jpg (200x226, 29.2K)

I haven't played much of them, and I don't know if it is actually finished yet, but there was that one that I think took place after the events of Dragon Age. I tried searching for it but I couldn't find anything.
kek. I also found this mod that's basically about watching two elves have lesbo sex. nexusmods.com/dragonage/mods/4202 Bioware really does attract the worst of the worst sometimes.

Ingest more soy.

Their fault for pandering to tumblr. I remember BioWare nuking the romance subforum because it had gotten so cancerous not even they could tolerate it anymore.

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We wont live to see culture in which that setting would be PC enough

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Dunno. DAO has very few player-made campaigns because Bioware used a proprietary lightmapper for their game which didn't come with the modtools (they have a really lame lightmapper instead). As a result if you ever make a custom level, it will look like horribly dated complete shit. People tried rerendering DAO's levels with the toolset and they all looked so fucking horrible it wasn't worth it. Thirst's level designer compensated for the hideous lightmapper by dropping light sources all over his maps, but I think you can still notice that the graphics look worse than the normal game. Anyway, between the shit lightmapper that makes everything look like a godawful, butt-ugly amateur job, the significantly increased complexity of handling the DAO toolset as opposed to NWN1 or even NWN2, and the cutscene-only dialogue system which makes voice-overs feel almost mandatory to not seem half-assed, there weren't a whole lot of modders interested in making modules for DAO where the amount of labor was higher and the end-result would look like an all-around half-assed job.

Thirst is worth checking out though, and it's very high on the replay value since there are all kinds of different ways you can play through it with major consequences based on what you did.

I wish someone would do what NWN (and go the extra mile) and release a "game" solely focused around allowing players to easily build their own modules. Something with the ease of use of nuDoom's snapmap but with a released source code so you can go as deep as you want.

They deleted that shit because EA was a bunch of pussies and didn't like the idea of punishing people for making gameplay choices. DAO got casualized in some really shitty ways.

TBH I would've liked a spin off based on the First Contact War.

I assume you’re talking about Ashley from ME1? Here’s the thing, the fact that the story treats her as a person with a different opinion instead of an unreasonable baby killing Nazi means that old Bioware is still leaps and bounds ahead of current Bioware.
And? Only cucks play Paragon.

No using Intimidate to fuck a demon girl, no pirate.

Will Cassandra finally achieve her transition in Dragon Age 4?

There's a rather popular pov blowjob video on pornhub from an alleged tranny whom I swear to god they modeled that character's face after.

They modeled Morrigan after a tranny cosplayer in Inquisition so it wouldn't surprise me.

He left Valve to go to Bioware of all places?
And then left Bioware?

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I liked Origins, but that's it.
Played the demo for two and didn't want to continue the series after that.

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Bullshit, it got a -25% slash in 2nd week, they cancelled all planned DLC and killed the studio (which was not Bioware central).

We gotta kill Anthem and DA4 to make it happen.

Lol with that marketing budget? no way.

The funny thing is that they stopped caring about the game in less than six months after release. There are still a lot of bugs that aren't fixed like the enemies who spawn into the floor or into the rocks/hills and who can still hit you.



Well go on then, tell the story.

Can we agree that Wolfe is probably the second worst character in Dragon Age for being such a Mary Sue faggot with Sera probably being the worst?

Funny thing is in Origins, Dwarfs are the best race in DA. They're not cucked like elves, and at least Dwarfs know they're ass-holes who will kill each other if they have to (Even the "noble" dwarfs are dicks). I can't recall a single, likable human npc in the game.

Didn't you get dicked over for not following Bioware's Mary Sue path in Origins? It's like they forced you to put up with Alistair's faggotry if you didn't want to resort to shitty tank replacements or whatever.

No idea who Wolfe is. But Sera is one hell of an unlikable retarded brat.

Also they have a free +10% spell resistance just for being a Dwarf while other races get no racials, just stats. The downside of playing a Dwarf though is that you can't be a Mage, which is acknowledged to be DAO's true master race.

Fun fact btw: Credit where it's due, Hepler wrote the entire dwarven setting in DAO, which was probably the one interesting unique thing about the whole game.

That explains the whole "muh lower caste and surface dwarfs are being OPPRESSED" nonsense. Why should the nobles bother trying to clean up the garbage in the underworld? Also, as shown by many parts of the game, it looks like surface dwarfs get a really solid life as (((merchants))) selling trinkets and dwarfen weapons to humans and elves.

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She just ripped off Pratchett's dwarves, who were just Jews.

DAO didn't actually do the "lower caste dwarves are being OPPRESSED" nonsense. Not sure there was any bitching on the part of the servant caste or shit. It did say that the casteless had a fucking awful deal, but that made sense given that the whole point of being casteless is that you get shat on and have no real rights. Surface dwarves weren't really oppressed either though. They could still trade in Orzammar and they seemed to have a pretty solid life topside.

DAO's dwarves are honestly a lot less gold-obsessed than your average fantasy dwarf.

Elaborate? I didn't get that far.

Maybe I'm not remembering right, but I recall one of the main political points between Harrowmont and Behlen was the welfare of surfacers and casteless. Don't quote me on this, but Harrowmont was the staunch traditional and Behlen took a more corrupt liberal stance on things.

Reminder that mages belong in the dirt, and poxy blighters who say otherwise deserve a place right next to them.

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Harrowmont was a major traditionalist but also was fairly corrupt himself. His whole position was based on what was most likely a lie - that the prior King had wished for him to take the throne after his death. If he was put into power, he would put in some help against the Blight, and then immediately begin to seal things up. This was a problem because the Dwarves culture essentially meant you were born into a job and then fucked - in other words, little better than the Qunari, or any other pseudo-communist bullshit. It was also a doomed proposition - the Dwarves had already lost almost everything to the Darkspawn, and were barely holding what little territory they still did.

Bhelen was probably the more corrupt, but his stance was oriented more towards both expanding Dwarven influence, with the hope of gaining human aid and then putting it to use in clearing out the Deep Roads. Merchants would be freer to return home, and the Castleless would be able to go back to working - meaning more Dwarves working or fighting Darkspawn, plus the removal of the biggest source of crime. He's absolutely ruthless, and will kill anyone who threatens his political legitimacy.

As far as OPPRESSED:
The surface dwarves are pariahs in their own lands, and if I recall, something happens to their caste and they basically become not quite casteless, but also outsiders. Their lives are generally better than in Orzammar, since the Dwarves live in what's described as a shithole with shitty alcohol. The first generations who are forced out are really the only ones that don't like moving out.

The casteless are forced out of mainline society and branded, which is just silly in the sense that the Dwarves literally need every man on the line that they can, and as a society can't afford to have the Carta or any of that other bullshit. If anything, they'd be better off exiling everyone top-side, since at least it would remove the crime. But since they don't, it becomes a problem.

I meant Hawke, the faggot Mary Sue character from DA2. I just realized I had the wrong name. Still, fuck that shitty Mary Sue/Gary Stu.

Literally nobody cares about Dragon Age anymore.
Is Bioware forbidden by law to make attractive female models?

That Bioware never even thought of doing one set in the Tevinter Imperium and your character arranges its fall is sign if any was needed of lack of vision.

They just user their devs as models.

Casteless aren't lower caste though. They're literally casteless.

No, it's very clear that the late king did not want Bhelen to inherit: dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Codex_entry:_A_Letter_from_King_Endrin Circumstances strongly suggest Bhelen killed his father so he could inherit the throne. The other issue is that Bhelen is a tyrant while Harrowmont respects the assembly. Some of the evidence of Harrowmont's corruption is also fabricated by Bhelen. At the same time Bhelen is more likely to improve the lot of the casteless dwarves, get shit done, and help Orzammar reclaim lost territory.

They can enter the Legion of the Dead for that. A number of them do.

This part is badly handled imo. I'm pretty sure the casteless could just up and leave. The only reason I could imagine for them sticking around is that they don't to abandon the stone/their roots or general fear of the overworld, since by all accounts life topside is much better to them and they have literally nothing to lose since they're already casteless anyhow.

There's no denying casteless have a really fucking shit life though and that the whole thing could be handled better. That reminds me, the original plan for the Dwarf Noble questline would've had you take revenge on Bhelen and make your own character king. Also Gorim was most probably supposed to be recruitable in an early draft. Instead we've got… Oghren.

DA2 was complete shite. We all know.

DA4 is set in Tevinter. That was made extremely obvious by the way DAI ended. It'll suck though. DA4 is down to a skeleton crew, Laidlaw has fucked off (now there's a vote of confidence), and none of the guys were ever that good to handle it in a small crew. Who knows, maybe they'll be lucky and get shit done now that the bureaucracy has been diminished and the EA oversight is all on Anthem instead of DA4, but EA has not been known for its talent.

That's not what I'm referring too, the deep downer vs. surface thing is.

Who cares? Dragon Age has had one good game in its entire series.

That's originally what they were planning, but fans said when asked that they wanted a post-ME3 game. What they meant is that they wanted a post-Shepard, post-ME3 game, and BioWare knew it, but making that game meant owning the ME3 ending mistake, so they decided to make a game that still technically takes place post-ME3, but not in the way fans meant.

Its ironic, I thought Hawke sucked because everything they do ends up being a failure.
I hated Hawke because of how much of an utter failure they were.

I haven't read Prachett but that divide's a really common thing. Usually it's not fullblown surfacer vs underworlder, but honorable mountaindwarf vs homeless/clanless surfacer dwarf. Hell, Arcanum: of Magicks and Steamworks Obscura had a city dwarf and clan dwarf divide going on. DAO just took it up a level, but DAO was trying to be a dark fantasy so you had a lot more prejudice and reluctance and shit. Then Bioware went full SJW and tried to poz their own fantasy setting and retcon the design of course. Low fantasy also went completely out the window as of DA2. In DAO magic was supposed to be scarce, but after DAO you had wizards shitting magic in every corner, partly because the combat designers sucked at throwing varied challenges so they kept throwing in wizards just to pretend their combat had some variety in it and partly because of the awful handling of the mage-templar conflict.

Pratchett's a fantastic author. I'd recommend "Making Money."

He's still portrayed as some flawless hero as far as I can tell. Even cameoed in 3 like anyone gives a shit.

God no. That's not even him, that's his daughter using his name. If you want to read Pratchett, start with Lords and Ladies, The Hogfather, Reaper Man, Men at Arms or the The Thief of Time. None of the books after Night Watch are worth reading.

Not surprised knowing this is the same company that forced pro-Rapefugee and leftist-sjw shit in Baldur's Gate. Bioware always forces their Mary Sue and Gary Stu stuff in their games, punishing you if you didn't play the games their way.

Guess he realize that it was doom to fail just like Hail-life 3

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No, you're thinking of Marc Laidlaw. Same surname, completely different person.