Check this out

check this out

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ayy, Cortana nudes, lmao


Global report.

everything about this thread screams dubs

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Yet no one got them me included

You gotta admin, tho, m8, that there are a lot of good singles in this bread

This place is fucking dead.

Ayyyy there it is.

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holy batman a dubs thread! If this post ends in 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 then OP is a nig

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check this out

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Hey OP check mine

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Fucking hell, this entire website is lost.

I'd say something or try to report it, but both get me banned, so whatever.

Testing to see if bumplocked.
At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised seeing blacked threads being spammed and staying up with little to no moderation other than banning people complaining about it.


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as long as we have pewter, nothing's going to change
I've done everything I could, report the rule breaking threads to no avail.
I've tried shitposting in them to try and user moderation only to get banned many times, and I've contacted [email protected] as mark said to do in regards to questions and concerns about the website. Nothing, absolutely nothing has come of any of this other than the vols being shit, and mark sucking dick.
He honestly doesn't give a shit about this board, and I'm not sure he ever did.

Exodus 2.0 when? and where?

Someone has been shilling mewch but it's just a dead imageboard.

with such quality threads as this one, , , and in the catalog, why even fucking bother posting, no effort and rule breaking threads get to stay

There's nowhere else to go, not even creating a new board works, I've tried. The board creation tool is borked. Not only that, it would be impossible to get any number of anons to join in the discussion.

I'm not going to let this thread die.
here's a webm, it's about as on topic as this thread is videogames

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I'd like to remind Mark and his goons that niggers whining like this are just a vocal minority, those threads are full of posts because people clearly don't mind them.
This one's shit, though.


4am threads, Friday night threads and Waifu threads are all allowed despite violating multiple rules we need to start with those.

you live under a rock?

check em

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nice singles

Do you?

No, Marky boy. Comfy threads, threads about vidya themes and filename threads were always around. Welcome to Holla Forums, it has a hide function.

waifu threads were officially killed my mark this summer, only more evidence the vols need to be nuked

yeah, sure

*last summer
disregard this, I suck cock

It's been up for days and mark's been on according to the logs. Like it or not waifu threads are back.



This is one of those 3D images. Cross your eyes, get fairly close to your screen but not too close, and try to make the two images line up in the middle. If you do it correctly, the image will become 3D. Not even joking.

Also, protip, if you masturbate to 3D images it's pretty cool, but you'll feel like an idiot afterward and probably have a headache after crossing your eyes for 30 minutes.

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Pro tip, an hero ASAP

Protip, no.

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Any fucking image that you do this with works like that you faggot. Even just posting as bait you're a huge faggot. Why is almost every imageboards fucking dead. I just wanted to post about vidya

Do you feel in charge?

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Divide and conquer shills are still active, flooding the board with low quality posts. They think we orchestrated trump winning, so they want to kill Holla Forums.

Don't reply to low quality threads, report them.
And report those who post low quality threads, or go off topic in good threads.