Hidden Gems

Kickass games most people haven't played, or at the very least don't talk about very often.

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Rainbow Islands. Best arcade platformer hands down, but overshadowed by the Bubble Bobble legacy. It had a modest following in the nineties but no one mentions it anymore.

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Putting controllers/cables in sandwich bags is genius.

I had the PS2 version of that game, got it in a bundle with the console.
I remember being super impressed with the way the environment would change on certain dates, despite no one ever having reason to set the correct date on the system.

This is now a scalper thread.

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Metal Jesus Rocks is a fucking kike. He'll never be a tenth of the man Bithead1000 is.

welp I'm demoralized

I bought this really rare, old it's even older than me! game a couple of weeks ago. I had to brush off my dad's old PS1, but it was worth it! It was even better than Skyrim, but the graphics and audio work were hideous!

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I think I found a hidden gem, but I have yet to play it, but it looked cool.

There were also hearts on Valentines day iirc. That game had lots of cool secrets.

Good meme friend.

What color was it?

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Serious post coming through.

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Damn right, the bow-swinging Kiwi was the best game (too bad that game always fucking crashed on my computer though).

Is he a fag? His mannerisms suggest that.

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Dee Snider hit the wall pretty hard.

I'm getting sick of all the same recommendations for hidden gems. Seriously, just give me some suggestions of games that is barely heard of but is worth your time anyway.

I can suggest The Bourne Chronicles for the PS3. It's a good third person shooter-game. Better than Uncharted and the fighting-mechanics were fun.

Myth 1 and 2:
Guide: mythipedia.wikia.com/wiki/Installing/Updating_Myth_II
Game Files: dropbox.com/s/575zlde6g56fi92/Myth2_Install.7z
Note you need to get the files for the campaign for Myth 1 from here: tain.totalcodex.net/

There's also a graphical overhaul mod that makes the game look a bit nicer that's worth getting. The game is essentially like those RTS levels where you have no unit production, you have a fixed pool of units in each level with which to beat the enemy. The game also has a physics system which can be pretty hilarious at times with projectiles and explosives.

I'll also mention Brogue, I never heard of it until a few months ago but I'd put it among my favorite games now, it's a roguelike but has a really good UI and is probably one of the best games to into Roguelikes with, but it's also a really good game: sites.google.com/site/broguegame/

Not really a major achievement.


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Final Fantasy 15

make sure you don't play that shit PS1 version either

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When it's called one of the best games on the system it is. It's a better adventure-game than Uncharted ever was.

Nice recommendation user.

Somewhat standard to enthusiasts, but I rarely see these games talked about otherwise, except for Breath of Fire 2, but in that case it's better to emulate it with the re-translation.

Also, how does one go about defining a hidden gem? Obviously, it's not games like Mario or Zelda. But other times games are famous for being obscure or odd like Plok! or Terranigma and they seem to receive a fair amount of attention. And if wasn't popular when it came out, but found to be a good game it's sometimes called a "cult classic" instead, while other games that don't receive the same attention are a "hidden gem."

Top taste.

I'd argue that's not a hidden gem anymore at this point with how much attention it seems to get.

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That game looks awesome. I'll have to play it. Thanks user!

A lot of the early Looney Tunes games were fucking fantastic, but apparently people forgot or guess otherwise due to "muh licensed" or "muh kiddie game."

That looks that one road carpet apparently every child grew up with.

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One would also have to define if they mean "obscure to the general public" or "obscure even to the medium of discussion" (in this case, an imageboard community). Because there's plenty of games that aren't all that well known in the broad spectrum, but that imageboards have long been aware of and enjoyed.

For some reason I'm imagining Lego Pompeii graffiti scenario, like that one user's post about some minifig bitch that turned him on as having "a mouth printed to take dick".

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That's the problem, a lot of the games I've played I assume are common knowledge to anyone with an interest in video games. Wizardry and Ultima, popular defining RPGs for their time. Adventure Island and Castlevania, staples of the NES. Seems like Earthbound is shit normalfags consider to be "obscure." They either forget too easily or purposely stick to the surface, clinging onto giants like Mario, Zelda, Halo, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, etc. It's surprising to me how many people have played games like Skyrim or Fallout 3 while knowing next to nothing about the games that came before it or not even knowing it was a franchise at all. It's sad people don't understand why things happen to be the way they are or what used to be. But I guess that's "pop culture" for you.

And I know the Spongebob games are pretty popular here, but I felt the need to post them. There are fantastic licensed games out there.

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man it was just a glorified UT99 mod.

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Compared to shit like this, yes. Early as in, before modern gaming like PS2, GameCube, Xbox, etc. I was going to say retro, but it doesn't feel that way to me.

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I liked Kingdom under Fire: Circle of Doom. No one talks about it.

I have both those games on the same disk for PS1. Bought it for Bubble Bobble, floored by how good Rainbow Islands was. These games are still better than nearly all indie games.

I still kick myself for not picking up Tsugunal when I had the chance.

He listens to metal, so of course he is. Metalfags are all gay, so gay, gay beyond belief.

user confirmed for excellent taste

This game is never mentioned. No idea why.
despite being amazing it sold less than 30k effectively killing volition. anything they made post-fs2 has only been worse
The mods are great too, like Diaspora, Derelict, Inferno, Dimensional Eclipse etc

I haven't thought of that duck dodgers game in years. Maybe I'll give that another play through

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I had some big response to this, but decided it was getting too autistic and trimmed it. That said, there are some factors one needs to weigh, beyond just being accustomed to imageboard awareness/interests for years (if not over a decade in some cases):
As for people not knowing a game, with a number in the title at that, is a sequel to other games, you’d think that in itself would be enough of a tell that it wasn’t a stand alone title. Still, I'd hope it would just be some people taking the piss with the idea, rather than some people actually being so stupid to think "Star Wars logic" should be applied on a broad scale. Admittedly there are at least a few intentional cases of a game being named in a way where there are actually no actual entries in the series prior (Breath of Death VII, for example), and I can at least somewhat excuse new fans of a series not being aware of earlier entries when the initial one to get a local release had the name changed or numeral dropped to avoid questions of what happened to the prior one(s), but that still shows a level of not bothering to even dig a few inches deeper into the background of a game/series one might be enjoying.

True, there are some good ones out there. But the overwhelming majority just seem to be shat out to make some quick extra cash on the side of the original work (and risk being rushed for relevance to the original work, poorly tested, low on content, not respecting the source material andor fans, etc), rather than being a quality game experience of their own (that just so happens to not have an original cast/setting). Similar issue I have towards anime adaptations of various manga/LN/.

Tsugunai's never been especially expensive when I've seen it (since I started noticing it, I mean). Having gotten middling reception in both Japan and NA (PAL didn't see it, of course) has likely kept it low profile. More a case of not showing up much compared to being expensive. Though, I suppose "expensive" is open to interpretation, whether you consider $20-25 too much of a risk to drop on a complete copy. Odd game, but one I enjoyed.

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Posting it until every user has played it.
Xbox Emulation can't come soon enough.

Mort the Chicken, a total acid trip of a game.

That's exactly why a lot of hidden gems tend to be licensed games. No one expects them to be good.

I was going to post this, but I didn't consider it a hidden gem myself. I'd thought anyone who's read a bit about Xbox's history would've known about Microsoft's failed mascot attempt. But, that being said, I love this game and I wish Blinx would've picked up as a mascot for the Xbox. Video games seemed to lack the fun that older generations had as it started to shift into shooter/racing/dudebro territory and I'd argue they still do. I love mascots in general, it's a shame they've gone away. If I were to revive Blinx and I'd incorporate more green into his color palette and change the vacuum into a stopwatch. I hate that Master Chief has become the "go-to" mascot for Xbox. It just doesn't work for me.
How much of the original Xbox's library would be considered a hidden gem due to everyone else owning a PS2 or GameCube?

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Startropics is god tier but it's not even close to a hidden gem. Good Xbox choices though.

shit's RAD

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I remember some years back a friend that liked Oddworld angrily ranting to me that Abe and Munch, back when OWI had been picked up by Microsoft, were supposedly on track to be mascots for the Xbox via Munch's Oddysey, only for Microsoft to decide they wanted to aim for the "mature" crowd instead, devoting more resources to Halo and Master Chief as mascot. Not sure how accurate that is myself though.

I will be VERY surprised and delighted if anybody here has played this.

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Eh, a lot of people don't seem to know about it from my experience. It's on the same level as Marvelous for me, where it's a game that Nintendo made themselves but went unknown for the most part. Hell, I'd argue Voodoo Vince is less of a hidden gem/obscure than StarTropics considering it got a remaster.

I couldn't see them working as mascots, they're kind of ugly and because of that wouldn't have as broad of an appeal. But they do work as mascots for Oddworld in general, being that they're overall representative of how Oddworld is.

I've got a better one. See 5th image. I vaguely remember playing that/renting it. I might've been too spooked by it when I first played it.

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Grabbed by the ghoulies is fucking great,i wish it got a port.

Blinx wasn't meant to be a mascot, Artoon and Microsoft kept saying he wasn't but the gaming magazines kept saying he was, so they eventually stopped trying to correct them.


I've never seen anyone mention this game. Was pretty good for the $3 I picked it up for back in the day.

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I enjoyed MS USA

Would anyone consider the Japan-only Goemon titles to be hidden gems or not so much because of somewhat popular localization via Mystical Ninja?

Eh, he would've made a fantastic mascot. I think every console could easily be improved by having a mascot/franchise that would guarantee a new release every generation.

Same, I kind of regret selling it and Yoshi's Story off to help buy a GameCube.

I wish it got a sequel

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I honestly don't know if one should count games that never even saw a western release, or even fan-translation, to count. Those are the sort of games that naturally much fewer people have played, and not because they weren't popular or didn't sell well, but because of the language, import, and/or region lock barrier. Meanwhile, I'd say a number of fan-translated games can count, given how long after the game was current those tend to come out, and how only a handful seem to have truly noticeable awareness amongst the average person into vidya, that isn't already digging deeper for more.

>Tomorrow still hasn't come.
I bet they haven't made any progress on Ganbare Goemon in the multiple years since the last actual progress report on anything.

Homeworld was my jam back in '99. Perfect game.

I post from firsthand and first person experience. It's all gay dude.

Some of you might know this already, but for the longest time I never knew Secret of Mana had a sequel.

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Guy who posed one of them earlier here, Goemon 2 is great. I've played every major Goemon game and I love the series to death, and Mystical Ninja Starrring Goemon is in my top 10.

Stop projecting.

Of course there isn't a thread for fucking Sokoban DS, it's literally just Sokoban! You Sokoban all those fucking boxes all day, until you push them into the predestined goal locations!
Play this game if you fucking love Sokoban! or at least have some time between where you're at and where you're going and want to play a puzzle game in short bursts.

Nigga who doesn't like arcade racing games?! Especially this one, where most of the time your goal is to rack up points as high as you can by fucking ramming into pretty much everything except for faggy buses. Add in the comically bad way it does physics and you have a good game that you'll probably finish in a few days and drop it since you have no one else to play multiplayer with :(

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The retards at Giant Bomb have recently been talking shit about this game. Don't believe their lies. I played it when it first came out, and it's a masterpiece.

Day of Reckoning is a masterpiece too.

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Hopefully they will port the console version to PC. The PC version was just a collection of shit minigames.

Who was regarded as one of, if not the best vocalists in heavy metal? I'll give you a hint: he sung about rainbows constantly.

Was he IN rainbow?

Redpill me on metal Jesus Rocks.

Ronnie James Dio.

He mostly does videos on retro gaming and collecting. His most popular videos are his "Hidden Gems" series where he showcases underrated video games from a certain console but most of these games are either shovelware or games that most people who are familiar with the console know about and the prices for those games skyrocket every time he makes a video about them. He also used to work for Sierra and owns a US N64DD prototype.

I don't think I've seen Ehrgeiz mentioned even once in Holla Forums. It's basically a fighting game from the PS1 era, but what made it stand out to me was the dungeon crawl mode. It was very comfy.

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Some gameplay screenshots.

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I play it still from time to time. It's alright.

Metal Storm for the NES was pretty cool.

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Emulate the Gamecube version.

Kiwame Mahjong Dx2, one of the best games to learn how to play mahjong. Pretty accessible too, despite being in japanese.

Gekitou Pro Yakyuu - Nice baseball game with physics similar to Pro Yakyuu Spirits, which is rare since bat positioning is rare in baseball simulators. Has english version called "Homerun King", just without anime characters and with MLB cast.

Family Stadium 2003 - another arcade baseball game, that is no worse than Konami's Power Pros series. Extremely fun to play.

Simple 2000 Series Vol. 115 - "The Roomshare to Iu Seikatsu" - small game about room sharing, kinda like simplistic clone of sims, you have to work, improve your relationship with your roommates, decorate room and most importantly pay rent in time.

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The dungeon mode was really the only reason to play. Speaking of PS1 hidden gems, pic related was a pretty good 3d platformer overall, though not as good as Crash, Spyro, or Croc, and the graphics have aged kinda badly.

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This fucking game
If you can wrangle the controls into doing what you want and like optimizing stealth game runs it has all the stuff you could want.
Getting past the controls though is one pretty fucking tall order, and occasionally there's a few LoS bugs but damn I haven't had that kind of fun with stealth games since the VR missions in MGS2 and mastering the way stealth works in 3 to fuck with guards.
The dub is absolutely atrocious in the best ways.

It's also buggy, better wait for the PC port.

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When will I tire of these? Not anytime soon.

I want to fuck Velma

Me too user.

Bithead1000 is fucking great. I've been watching all of his videos in chronological order and it's been a really fun, but long ride. I'm at this part where he's doing a shitton of garage sale stuff and then a video like this comes up and it feels like he's parodying himself. It's great.

Ninjas are absolutely for sexual

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Find me a man who wouldn't.

Your choices of character are: roastie, Swede, and nigger.

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I think that may have been the last time a commercial sold me on a game.

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Old game commercials are the comfiest shit

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shame a good commercial doesn't make the game good.

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What kind of idiot would swim in that water?

You know it, I think it may be that they leaned a bit more toward toy commercials than they usually do now.

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Do you not know what the word "hidden" means? These were all AAA releases… maybe I'm just getting grumpy in my age

brute force is god-tier

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the duck dodgers n64 game is actually pretty damn fun to play, if not frustrating all too often.

And Chex-quest was just a doom wad yet people love that. I'd love to see them do a new arena shooter with all their new guns. And have "Illegal mods" to use. Would be good fun

Had a nice artstyle and the platforming was good enough with a nice challenge. Never beat it before hocking my xbox and it won't work on the 360. There's a PC version of it now though.

Get out of here with your Splinter Cell knock-off. The Mario Kart Knock-off is where it's at though.

Building meter for powerups instead of RNG is actually a good idea. And it plays well enough, with some fun tracks to race (not many but the ones they have are good, apart from the construction one.)

Also you can play as a burger.

Big Bumpin' is just confusing and doesn't play very well

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The Hamtaro games. They're cute and laid back with most of them being surprisingly good puzzle games. Eventually they even made some action games with the sports ones but I can't vouch for their quality.
Best I think would be Heartbreak because of how weird it gets.
Unite wasn't as weird but it has more of a classic japanese game feel. The first level is a shrine, a frog teaches you how to predict rain, and you get to enjoy poking an early 2000's computer with a stick.

It's a shame, game is really unique gameplay wise, and it's interesting to see werewolves and vampires in a WW2 game. The devs also had a plan to make it a trilogy, one taking place during the cold war, the other during modern times, fighting terrorism. Shame it will never happen, because it was too difficult for the journo cunts(And the game really IS difficult, if you don't look up how the game really works, you will be fucked in the later stages: Best example is if you decide to take as much gear as possible with you, as you would think you should, or even use guns at all, enemies will move 3 or 4 times before you do, you have no choice but to run mages in the last few levels)

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Then again, it's one of those games that censors swastiks and replaces them with iron crosses, for (((Some))) reason, and one of the interviews talks about one of the US studio heads talking about how he censored all instances of mentioning concentration camps because his (((Girlfriend))) found it uncomfortable

One of the characters is a medic, they even removed his red cross from his armband ffs, so maybe it's best we only get one game

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Metal is mostly gay but sometimes it's the cool kind of gay like the JoJo kind of gay.


Yeah, that shit has to do with copyrights. Not censorship.

You get the fuck out Sneak King is an absolute gem, and by far the best of the BK series, pleb.

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Is that way every single FPS game that uses health "boxes" since Doom has used the red cross? If Red Cross had a copyright on the phrase "red cross" it expired in as early as ~1951. Somehow I doubt they had a copyright as the red cross dates back to pre-Enlightenment Europe.

Also, I agree, this swastika shit is ridiculous. Don't tell me this looks natural

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I liked it. I also kinda liked Bikertaker in this era.

Yes they can't sue an game as old as Doom. The red cross, that logo got copyrighted recently.

Bithead1000, that's who

So long as the game is fun I don't really think the swastika censorship matters much. Haven't played it before but it sounds like it could be cool.

Wouldn't Herbert West be public domain, since the story about him was released prior to copyright becoming a thing, and thus the name usable out here?

Always use archive for their shit.

Not ready for this thread to die yet. Have a bump