Talos Principle

When's the second part coming?

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Road to Gehenna?
It's already out

Nah, that's a DLC. I mean the next stand alone game.

I didn't like the game that much. I felt a lot of puzzles were too easy and straightforward and not enough puzzles were like the Star puzzles, which were a blast to do.

The DLC fixes that problem IMO. The puzzles pretty much expect that you finished the base game.

Well its been confirmed that it'll be a thing… But that's as far as I know.

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I agree with you it was kind of underwhelming. Basically just Portal but slightly less gay.

Me too actually.

Then why has it reviewed so well?

Because 3 random faggots on a cuck imageboard don't represent a relevant part of the general opinion on the game.

Are you saying the real world isn't like Holla Forums?

After Serious Sam 4. So

Absolutely not. Holla Forums's as real as anywhere else. What's not real is the assumption that the opinion of a couple of gayboys is automatically relevant.


Reminder Serious Sam 4 is never coming out because they're busy updating Serious Sam VR games and making Talos TWO.

When you accept that there is no more meaning behind your father's dick up your pretentious ass other than the fact that you're both degenerate faggots.

You're trying way too hard.

When Ulfric Stormcloak frees Skyrim of those filthy Imperials.

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Thanks for reminding me of why Skyrim was a disappointment and the blue balls the Civil War story leaves you with.


Remember when the Nords actually had their own religion and didn't care about the Imperial Cult the way they do in Skyrim
haha, yeah