Hyrule Warriors general - DX Edition

The "Definitive"/"DX" version just launched in Japan, with the North American and European release delayed to the 18th of May.

>What the fuck is this game?
One of many crossovers in the "Dynasty Warriors" series (based on DW8, specifically), except it's all about "Legend of Zelda" characters, and it somehow ended up being God-Tier in the 'Musou' genre.

>What the hell makes it 'Definitive' or 'Deluxe'?
They've included every fukin' update and DLC pack from the Wii U and 3DS versions, re-balanced and re-designed a bunch of elements, and threw in a few exclusive extras.

Are you a recovering HW addict, or want to know why this shit is so popular?
Are you playing through one of the older versions, and want some advice?
Are they ever gonna fill that 30th goddamn character slot?

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wait, it's out already?

is it in english?

Wait, why the fuck would they do that with an already completed game? What the fuck?

I want to impregnate Cia and Midna

Koei Tecmo a shit. I still cannot forgive them what they did to Dynasty Warriors series by turning it into some kind of FFXV parody, and failed to get performance right on all fucking devices with original PS4 being 720p less than 30 fps, and requiring 1080p nvidia to play on PC.

Do not buy anything from this company. They are huge jews that love selling multiple versions of same shit.

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Never played Dynasty Warriors and I only played a little of Hyrule Warriors on the 3DS. I immediately uninstalled that shit because it ran like hot garbage on the 3DS, but I might snag the switch version. Destroying the forces of evil as Tingle sounds like a blast.
It would be fun to see Groose as a fighter.

I'd believe it, Hyrule Warriors is on 3 systems. I guess the moral of the story is to wait for them to re-release a game 3 or 4 times before picking it up at the bargain bin.


Where can I find more Hurl Warriors comics?

Like what? Other than giving 'Dorf a pure magic based moveset or gerudo dual sword style, I got no idea what they could do.

I'm surprised that this game never added Nabooru or any female Gerudo for that matter.

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Didn't they just put out that Fire Emblem one not too long ago?

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They did, but no one bought it because the retards in charge of it only used awakening and fates characters so it fucking flopped.

Is it as good as pic related? If not I dun give a shit.

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Based on footage from random streamers and LPers, here's some of the specific changes in the Switch port:
>Characters unlocked at the start (after 1st story chapter): All the original Wii U characters (before updates / DLC), Cia, Volga, Wizzro, Linkle, Ganon (Giant Boss), BotW costumes
>All 'Adventure Mode' maps (except "Rewards") are available right away; they've been re-arranged, given different Difficulty ratings, and now show your % Completion
< "Easy" maps: Hyrule Field [Wii U DLC chracters, Lv.1 Weapons], Great Sea [Wind Waker characters, Lv.2 Weapons]
< "Medium" maps: 'Master Quest' Hyrule Field [Lv.3 Weapons], 'Endless Night' Great Sea [Medli's Weapons]
< "Hard" maps: 'Twilight' Hyrule Field [Lv.4 Weapons], Termina Field [Lv.4 Weapons]
< "Hero" maps: Koholint Island [Marin, Pegasus Boots Lv.1-4, Lv.4+ Weapons], Grand Travels [Toon Zelda, Sand Wand Lv.1-4, Lv.4+ Weapons], Lorule Field [Ravio, Yuga, Lv.4+ Weapons]
>After obtaining a particular "8-bit Item Card" for the first time, you can buy more of the same Item Card from the map screen for 10,000 Rupees each
>Companion Fairies are now full 3D models, and have a short cutscene when you summon them
>Graphics have been improved from the Wii U version; 1080p in Docked mode, 720p in Handheld mode, 60 FPS in both

The JP release might be Japanese-only; none of the footage being posted seems to have English text.

Posting what I've got.

Given the popularity of BotW, Champion Urbosa would be a solid choice.

Yes, and it's hot garbage.
Fire Emblem's only decent games in the last few years are a Famicom remake and a casual mobile thing.
It hurts.

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They are thinking of elaborate smart snarky translations into western english, including memes and post-modernist jokes.

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Those changes to how Adventure Maps are structured are a god send compared to the extremely vague Lv. 1/2/3 system they used in the original version. If the Switch wasn't easy to hack, and then hopefully pirate for, I might double dip.

Holy fuck, tumblr really is leftist Holla Forums.

Does this version have some form of co-op?
If it does, have they improved the enemy count when playing two players?

Gerudos have so much potential, feminists should be creaming themselves on their womyn-only utopia. I miss the fights from the N64 games.
Still waiting for a game about an enormous invasion orchestrated by a Queen of the Desert.

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I just want to see where Twink of the Wild fits in that picture.

Invade for what, men? That doesn't seem very necessary to me.

For territory?
I always visualized Hyrule getting invaded by gerudos instead of slow zombies in Ocarina of Time.

Seems to be horizontal split-screen on a single system, with no obvious 'compromises' for performance's sake (like spawning less enemies on-screen).

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We already got what we needed from the additions

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Neat, thanks

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So every fangirl ever

She's probably the one that wrote My Inner Life.

Zelda's armor is so hot, I want her to cut off my nuts with her sword when she wears that.

That's a big statement

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I dont know how I feel about all teh Charecters being unlocked and changing the adventure map, that takes away a lot of the fun. I do like being able to buy those items tho, doing boring lvls just for a candle or w/e sucked

Nabooru dual wielding scimitars would be so dope.

I bought it just cuz I was jonesing for HW and it sucks, the only cool thing is being able to control the other captains in battle, like having them attack\defend a base so you can focus on other stuff, but most of the characters were just reskins of each other

It's only the base Wii-U characters, plus update characters like Cia and Linkle, that start out unlocked. You still have to unlock everything else.

It's literally every character you can play as during story mode (until you unlock the special Wind Waker chapters), so it makes some sense.
You lose the element of surprise on what characters the story features, but you gain early access to their skill badges and level-boosting options well ahead of time.

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Is this better than the other Dynasty Warrior games? The old PS2 ones were super repetitive personally couldn't get into them

If you're a Zelda fan, you'll probably get quite a bit of enjoyment out of it. Otherwise, it does get pretty repetitive, especially once you get to the adventure maps.

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Yep, she's a self-insert, as expected.

Shit game.

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does it have an empires mode yet? I don't care about non-empires musou games

how does this compare to Dragon Quest Heroes? Is it basically the exact same game? If so, then why play it if you already have DQH? If not, and it is particularly better/worse then please explain.

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Dragon Quest Heroes, at least DQH2 is open world.

No licensed Musou has had an Empires spin-off.

never played DQH2, I am asking because I pirated DQH and keep hearing good things about Hyrule Warriors. General I don't hate Musou games but I also not really engrossed by them. As other user's said I don't trust Koei Tecmo to make a proper PC port. All I am asking is HW just DQH with a different skin?

I wouldn't know how it compared to DQH1, since I only played the demo for DQH2 and felt bad for murdering all those poor smiling slimes.

Holla Forums is actually on the political left of most issues. It's shifted further and further to the right over the past 5 years or so due to SJW's; but fundamentally Holla Forums is stll more politically left then it is right.


No, Holla Forums just thinks they're safe from the meanie bo beanies from Holla Forums on Holla Forums just because no one is talking about politics.

Every game is this series is basically the same with a different skin, user.

Finally found some decent footage of the Companion Fairy changes:
>Menu interface isn't as confusing anymore

The core gameplay is the same across the genre (Mooks are mostly useless, all the named / playable characters are overpowered, big focus on capturing locations, etc.), but there's more substantial differences than just the series or characters being represented.
'Musou' games are inherently repetitive, so it's good to have a varied roster of characters with different gameplay styles, with 'clones' kept to a minumum; apart from Link's 'Master Sword' style (which adds Sword Beams to his default moves and little else), none of the characters or weapon styles in HW play identically, so it's effectively clone-free.
Most of the other differences are subjective; you might prefer HW's lack of voice acting (again, due to repetition), or like the secondary abilities (Sub-Weapons and Companion Fairies), or enjoy 'unique' parts of the gameplay (like the Giant Bosses), or just aesthetic things like music and graphics.
When everything in the genre is essentially "the same thing with a different skin", fucking up any of these extra elements can instantly downgrade a Musou game to 'Fire Emblem Warriors'-tier, or worse.

Thank you for actually answering my question.

I was hoping for a bit more particular explicit explanation.


Have you tried playing fire emblem warriors on switch? It is complete shit compared to hyrule warriors. Hell, it's complete shit even if you have never played any other musou. The one piece warriors that EU is getting lots fun, as does the japan only dragon quest heroes 1/2 for switch. I'm gonna have to import them, I guess.

don't actually play fire emblem warriors, it is complete shit

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shoo shoo mobile jew

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It'd be more accurate to say that we're only on the right because the SJWs shifted far to the left of us and literally became communists.
Like literally, My sister went to protests since she was hard left for a while and nearly got killed more then once And the groups at her last one and the majority before it were all communist or anarcho communist.

Sis was fucking hardline SJW, but even she ditched that shit to concentrate on her schooling once it got to that level.

We never changed, we simply let in people who opposed our enemies, and should they become ours they'll have the same treatment.

Whoever we were before, left or right, we're now ALL right by technicality simply because that's how bad the majority left has shifted focus, moderate and views of "we shouldn't punch people in the face because we don't agree with them" innocent soccer mom views are now right wing politics.

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I seek judgment from that juggy.

She's not wrong. Link has looked like more and more of a faggot every game, might as well make him a tranny to completely appease trapfags, gerudo link exists anyways.



I miss this guy.

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I'm glad I didn't buy the DLC. I'm going to wait a week or two for an used copy at jewstop. Not paying 60 smackaroos for a remake.

Was that fairy thing added in the DS version or is it completely new? It wasnt in the WII U version.

it was in the 3ds version, but the fairies were 2d images

I played Hyrule Warriors for Wii U for more time than I'd like to admit, and I had a good time with it. I didn't play the 3DS version, however. Is this version worth the purchase or is skipping it the smart decision?

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I don't believe it. I'm so surprised. Nintendo is porting a wii u game. Wow.

Has all the DLC + 3DS content. Very worth it, just not at full price.

Might wait on a price drop or special sale in that case. Thanks for the insight.

From what I can tell, it's just the Wii U version with updated graphics, the "My Fairy" mode from the 3DS version with updated 3D models, and all of the DLC and modes from the previous versions included, plus BOTW costumes for Zelda and Link.
Good, it was a shitty port. It was fun on paper, but the load times are ass, the graphics were watered down, there are very few monsters on screen at once, and the pop-in was awful. It's not even worth a pirate.
I'm guessing it depends on if you want to replay the Wii U version or not. I've only played about 3 hours of the 3DS version and I would have enjoyed it a lot more if not for the previously listed reasons. I couldn't even bring myself to unlock Tingle, which is the only reason I downloaded the game.

just wait till custom firmware :^)

Sage for double post, but here's the comparison between the Wii U and Switch version.

forgot to sage

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I would rank them, best to worst, DQH2, HW, DQH. HW has far better levels, bosses, story, and creatures than DQH. DQH2 is closer to an actual DQ title. The combat has been perfected and is a blast to play once characters get to around level 20. The game becomes a challenge midway through. Enough that people complain about the game being cheap. It isn't.

Cutscenes run smoother, that's nice. But as long as it can display more enemies on screen at once, I'll probably buy within reason. Enemies appearing out of thin air because the game couldn't display them all at once was a bit jarring.

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There were also a shit ton of cut animations related to the giant monster finishers.

I wish they added or changed the giant bosses. I can ensure the grind because it's a fucking Musou, but fuck fighting Manhandler, at least the others showed their weak point more often. Wish they could implement the Goht fight some way, like riding a chariot/horse to reach it and get off or trample it when weakened. Bongo Bongo constantly fucking up your vision and making you bounce/punching while being an active boss during the whole stage.

It's really sad that I found the OCs for this game to be quite interesting and fun, and to know that they'll be not canon and will hardly appear on a Zelda game, and will at best get a trophy in Smash Bros. The idea of an ancient sorceress lusting over all the Links and to have one Link for herself was a neat idea; Volga was a cool ruthless villain, even Lana was nice and cute and her weapons were neat, though fuck her for taking weapons that could've went to Saria.

It also has the best Zelda, and was a blast to play, finally showing a good combination of fencing and magic.

You see this with that one Persona FE cross over game, they actually redid the japanese voices so it would match the dub, i think it's another way to make money despite stamping trash over the already completed game.

That patriarchy boogyman. Do they seriously only look at the gender of the globalist bankers, or do they still think all the jews are white?

I'm not sure if there's more enemies on screen at once than the Wii U version since I haven't played it, but it appears that the game runs at a solid 60 fps in 1080p on 2 player mode so pop-in shouldn't be an issue.

Good to know, just another reason not to play the 3DS port.

I'd buy it for two reasons;
1. I never had a Wii U.
2. It played pretty nice for what I saw on the 3DS.

Koei has been making the same game for decades and it still runs like shit. Kingdom Under Fire on the Xbox looks better and runs better.

I tried playing Co-Op and it had terrible frame rates and lots of pop up, though the frame rates might have been because one person had to play on the wii u controller screen. This looks much better.

The 3DS version of the game had an extended story mode that included Linkle missions and a Wind Waker based story that takes place after the end of the original, which gives a happier conclusion to Cia and Lana's story. I assume the Switch version will include the additional story chapters.

They aren't smiling slimes. They are smug slimes.

I just bought the Wii U version used because I only have a Wii U…

And I can't stop buying Wii U games, send help, It's just I liked the console's concept so much, besides I'm having fun building my collection of irrelevancy and playing the games on top, so there's that

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is the translation on-cartridge like it was with the 3ds version? if so i'm making a japanese eshop account right this second.

Once you install the free updates, have fun hearing the 'Item Get' jingle for 15 straight minutes.

All the Switch footage posted so far is only in Japanese, so no, probably not.

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Lana a cute. Too bad she's too cuckqueen. Would love to have fivesome with Cia, Zelda, Midna, and my fairy.

Lana backwards is ANAL

anyway I got it for the wii u and 3DS and played a fuck ton on each.
if I get a switch I will pick it up for sure/

Linkle is by far the best OC donut steal character

So, any reason why Hyrule Warriors gets a better treatment than Fire Emblem Warriors? because potato rocks and loads of dlc characters that are just fucking clones of each other, seems like quality control or just Nintendo trying to sink the Fire Emblem franchise.

I'm gonna buy it. Again. Because Cia is the hottest game character that has ever been created and I need to support that phenomenal brown goddess of T&A with my wallet so that there might be a scarce chance of someone in the industry recognizing that sex still sells and telling SJWs to fuck off.

you had me until the hamfisted politics at the end

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Fuck off faggot. This entire site is based around it.

Stop being a cringey faggot holy fuck

we are anonymous we are legion

Fire Emblem is currently run by a fucking retard who never even played the old games and can barely play the new ones, even with the easy mode she had added in because she's fucking incompetent. Compound that with the fact that the characters she uses in new games all come from her own stories instead of the lore and history of the franchise that came before her and you will begin to realise why the japs have started petititions against this cunt in their grorious homerand for ruining Fire Emblem.
I don't have the copypasta handy but hopefully someone can provide the shitlist of fuckery this retard has piled on to the series.

Because whoever was in charge of the FE warriors put the kabash on allowing anything but awakening and fates characters, alienating the actual fanbase of FE.

Not a bad decision. You get a shitload of free updates, though you gotta get the other DLC with money.

I also suggest grabbing ZombiU. Unlike the re-release on other systems it actually was made for the WiiU and has some pretty neat aspects with the game pad.

It is but don't type like 12 years old who just discovered cursing holy shit


▲ ▲

▲ ▲

Hypothetically speaking, how can I get a dragon scale for Ruto if I accidentally sold the one you get in the arcade mode?

the unlocked weapons become random drops

>Supporting (((Koei))) and their Judaism will surely show those sjws
Your brain on waifuism

Did you read the dev interviews pre-release? They're a fucking ride in hindsight, I'll post some later. In the meantime someone explain just how bad it is, because I haven't played it and only know about the fucked casting and clones. Which, given its a musou, already puts it in the shitter.

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wait for piracy
and use a save editor because grinding is for niggers

has any of the Links manage to get their dick wet?

Commit suicide immediately, you stupid motherfucking sack of genocide supporting shit.

Holla Forums is not one person, cunt

Does Midna lovingly raping Twilight Princess Link every single night count?

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Kill yourselves.

You aren't from here. Leave.

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i'm pretty sure wind waker link has descendants in phantom hourglass

I guess that Skyward Sword Link could have eventually fucked Zelda unless Groose cucked him.
Also it is implied that Spirit Tracks Link started a relationship with Zelda at the end of the game

I like to believe that Tetra and WW Link repopulated the new Hyrule in Spirit Tracks

You can guarantee a new one dropping if you play the same Adventure Mode square that unlocked the weapon in the first place.

Close; it was Spirit Tracks, like says.

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this post made me cringe tbh

With possibly the exception of Nioh, Koei Tecmo games should be $30 a title, ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM. Maybe for their licensed anime games. I'm almost certain they still use models, animations and textures from DW2 still in their games.

▲ ▲


smh fam

Any chance of being able to transfer data? Had a decent amount of time in the first one (not that much compared to some) but I'd like to have that. If not, I might get it anyway, just to have another game to play that isn't bad.

Fucking gooks ruined Berserk Musou, that shouldn't have been tough to Fuck up

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Unfortunately, no.
Each time they've ported it, they've included the previous versions' DLC in the base game, and then significantly altered the EXP / levelling curve and re-organised all of the unlockable shit based around its presence.
That's their excuse for not allowing any kind of save-file transfers.

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Time to do it again.
Once I get a Switch that is.

How's getting Ruppees in this one?
HW had that glitch and Legends was a slow painful grind if you wanted to get every character to 255.