The Witcher 3: Wild Cunt

Do you think The Witcher 3 is one of best games ever made?

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The grass in this game look very ugly to me. Like it doesn't feel natural

so you were fine with gerald cucking out to every stryng womyn he's met?

It's irredeemable garbage compared to the first.


the first game is the best of series

Its the most progressive yes

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That's actually normal for the witcher
the writer is a huge women first guy and Geralt is canonically a footstool for every woman he meets
the only good book in the series is the collection of short stories, the rest are mediocre at best

Did you just try to nig me?

theyre ok.

Hooktube nigger

Unironically, yes.

haha yes, it's almost as good as Skyrim! I recommend it! Buy the epic DLC too!!!

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What the fuck is this tiv spim and stap shit>

I am gay

Do you think I'll get dubs?

The original Witcher game was the best, 2 and 3 were trying too hard and ended up just being boring.

It's a cuckchan meme.

Arrows are gay, those fired by the enemy and yourself.

It is certainly the best AAA game in recent years.
Which says a lot about the state of the industry rather than the game itself…

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Must have mod


2 was hard at the beginning, it gets easier later on, 1 was hard in some places, but 3 is by far the easiest when it comes to combat but best when it comes to everything else (except sex, collecting the cards in W1 was way more fun than 3d animated scenes)

Boring shit


Witcher 3 is by far best single player game in last decade, and i say that without irony. There's one faggot you run into early on, but you don't even have to hear about his faggotry if you don't ask. There are also mods that let you anally deflower ciri and whatnot but the game, Imo, is good enough on it's own. I have the attention span of a fucking flea and I can play Witcher 3 for 10 hours straight.

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What the fuck happened to Holla Forums ? I thought people generally liked it, when it came out and for a year after the threads were all positive about the game, it's not perfect no game is but it's far from a bad game.
Is this the new ironic form of Holla Forums where everything that was good is shit now and everything shit is good now?

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It's just contrarian fucks trying to fit in.

Are you retarded? you don't remember the graphic downgrade fiasco?

Graphics =/= gameplay.

this, it's contrian douchebags trying to feel cool. The fucking game earned more than most of the top grossing games of 2016 and even 2017 even though it came out in 2015. It has a perfect score on fucking steam.

It's an okay game, but the shit combat brings it down

someone please name me another game that compares to witcher 3, bc I'd love to play it. My hopes for Cyberpunk 2077 have sunk since it got pushed back for a fucking year with no explanation. It was meant to be this year, now it's june 2019.

Should have just made a fucking Witcher 4 or another DLC. What other studio has a fanbase literally begging them to give another add-on and they have no interest.

Also, rights for a series were sold to netflix. Just how many kangz do you think kikeflix will shoehorn in there? If they can make Julius Caesar and Achilles negroes, why not Gerlat?

everyone does but i'm pretty sure 's
part of the post covered that. i've been noticing this trend as well. it's been getting worse and worse to the point where literally no games are good now except the holy grail that are late 80s to 90s classics. being negative is so highly preferred on this site nowadays that you'll be marked a shill or "shiteater" for having anything positive to say about anything released after 2005. it's just a bunch of sad fucks shitting on everything and circlejerking about their free to pay to win anime games.

Kingdom Come


Some games are getting more shit, actually most of them are, but Witcher is amazing. Shitting on Witcher 3 is part of the soyboy trend who take pictures with their mouths open in front of retro neo-geo consoles.

youre a little late for shilling that turd
or is there a steam sale right now

shit, I'd been waiting for it and totally forget it was out. When I wake up, have a game to buy. wish I fucking remembered it before yesterday when I bought another useless VR game. And you return too many games to fucking Steam they will stop selling you shit. Thanks, hope it lives up to expectations..

But Kingdom Come is a good game.

dude, that fucking studio literally has no budget, and they're supposedly at one another's throat right now over Cyberpunk. Maybe I don't "get" how shilling works, but do you really think a studio in Poland (who had basically zero marketing in the US and still sold amazingly well) has suddenly hired shills NOW to come to fucking boards like this in the sewer of the net and what? If they cane somehow trace a purchase back from here to steam, they get a few shekels?

If I'm off and it actually works like this, please let me know. Otherwise you're just another paranoid asshole.

Witcher 3 is a pile of shit. The quests are nothing but following quest markers and using fucking spidey-senses to follow whatever shit happened. Every location and 'thing' is discovered when you enter a new area. Its shit, there's no actual adventure

I pirated it, played about two boring hours. Never bothered picking it back up.
you need to go back

You're claiming to have played Witcher 3 and not liked it, correct? Tell everyone what you didn't like. And you have to have played in on PC or the Jews edit out a bunch of it.

you never even got out of Velen then and into the good parts you dumb shit.

get the fuck out

Maybe it doesn't have enough "Rap music" for your tastes homey? Sheeiit, who would want to play a game based in a medieval fantasy world and without a single nigger and without being able to have the "hero" of the game kick a whore to death like in GTA?

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Gameplay isn't that great either, primarily the combat. OP asked of W3 is the best games ever made, it not the worst but it certainly wasn't the best either. It's an average game and pale in comparison to Dragon's Dogma

not him but:
I still liked the game, and Blood and Wine actually improved on most of these things (which just makes me wish the entire game was like that), but I get where the other anons are coming from.

it's a good game but wait until it get patched and finished then buy

I thought OP was trying to be ironic

Doesn't change the fact that its an average game. On a Holla Forums scale, anything below good is a shit game

Combat in dragon's dogma is overrated. You just climb a monster and press 1 button to kill it. Search for any DD boss battles on youtube, you will see. TW3 combat is better

dude, that's part of the fun. It's an OPEN WORLD SANDBOX. As you travel, you can accidentally stumble onto nests of insects,bandits, treasure, bears, all kinds of shit. And Nothing is ever "wasted" in the sense of having no impact on game since you level up and get better armor or more powers.

Would you prefer super mario on the original nintendo when the entire thing is just running in one fuckign direction and you always have a purpose? You have caves to expose, mazes, magic, ships to Skellige, enhanced amor to find. so much cool shit.

In 5-10 years, maybe when you can play games like that in VR then you can look back at it as shit. But as far as the video game medium as it currently exists, I can't think of a better fucking game.

I just read in another thread they had to fund it through kikestarter? Now, given how well Witcher 3 sold with ZERO fucking marketing and solely by word of mouth, you'd think the Jews would have been jumping over one another to put money into this thing. Nope, forget it. not degenerate enough.

tw3 combat is shit, all you do is press one button to make a retarded helicopter spin sword attack

It's ultimately an okay game, with a shit story, horrible pacing, and a world that in general is just to big and empty for it's content. The game really isn't hard and the fighting system is meh and can become repetitive and boring really fast unless you switch up with the magic, but even then it never really get's challenging, which I think is die to the enemies in general being too weak and just not mobile, strong or good enough in positioning to keep up with Geralts autistic dodging ability. The best part of the game is definitely doing Witcher Contracts, but even then they kind of always are the same and since the world is very shallow, full of faceless nameless NPCs, it kind of takes away from the experience. Additionally you also have the main story bugging you with it's false sense of urgency even though nothing is actually happening, since the entire game doesn't really have a climax, maybe defending the fortress from the wild hunt, but everything else is really underwhelming and trudging. Apart from the Main Game the Dlcs are far better structured and have a more fitting tone for the Witcher scenario, so they kind of are the most enjoyable parts of the game. While playing it I actually wanted to put it down about half way through, but once the main story is done, the game becomes quite enjoyable. I'd say it's a very mediocre but enjoyable game, which probably makes it a good game in comparison to the other shit that was released, but it's not this mile stone in gaming that normalfags make it out to be. Also CD-Projekt Red cucked and put nigger merchants into it, you only get the good ending if you act like a beta orbiter for ciri and Geralt is constantly getting pussywhipped by strong independent women, I guess he still get's to fuck them but still, definitely cringe inducing at times

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go back to reddit, you fucking faggot. And play an actually good open world game like Gothic

go dick up your dead mother and suck the spiderwebs out of her cunt. so sick of you newb faggots telling someone here since Holla Forumsharbor to "go back to.." when I was among the first people on here when hotwheels had it up. wow, you're just so edgy because of your game choices. Fuck you and your dead mother.

You won't fit in no matter how retarded your insults get. Your arguments and dicksucking clearly mark you as a redditor, and you actually argue that witcher 3 is the best game ever made. Just fuck off already, this is not the site for you.

I don't recall a single nigger merchant in the game. in one of the DLC? I haven't placed it in ~8 months, maybe will spend today playing it again. If there really is a nigger, will be forced to change my opinion but the only degenerate I recall in entire thing is the faggot you have to find in one of the first missions when you are sent out to find where the Gfiffin nest.

i really don't give a fuck what a piece of filth like you thinks of me. filtered.

I can't tell if you're a literal redditor, or if I fell for bait

yeah it's in the DLC, he's not part of the actual DLC storyline, but you can do a quest for him and there is another nigger runesmith that can enchant your shit for tons of cash

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In the DLC storyline an irishman tricks you into killing a frog who is actually a persian/arab prince, which leads their wizard to kidnap you. You kill them and escape and that's all the required brown people. As for the runesmith, he just sits around getting high all day. I don't see why they see that as a victory for diversity. Olgierd was a bro.

That's part of the reason its not fun you fucking faggot, everything is an after thought. Trying comparing W3 to Zelda: Link to the past, both are sandbox where you can go anywhere but the world in zelda is carefully design to make the dungeon look different than the other. In W3, no matter how much bandit camp you discover, all of it are just copy paste of the previous bandit camp, same goes to the monster nest. Sandbox RPG is a mistake.

As a Pole I can assure you that Sapkowski was always a die-hard leftist, and he cucked hard for women and minorities since the early '90s. Nowadays, he's also pretty buttblasted about his own shortsightedness, and not getting any royalties from the Witcher games. They are way better Polish fantasy novels than Witcher as well. Piekara's Inquisitional series is fucking great. Jesus Christ comes down from the cross, kills all the Jews and establishes Kingdom of God on Earth, and you as a German Inquisitor are tasked to protected it from heretics and demon worshipers 1000 years later.

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hahahaha fuck off

I don't like the open world shit. Everything looks the same (and the game really isn't that pretty post-downgrade), there are way too many trash monsters around for the Witcher setting and replaying the game is a pain in the ass. Didn't care about the main story because no bookfag. I did like the witcher contracts however, and DLC stories.

I'd play it.

Are you implying the swamp witches and baron quests aren't the high point of the game? Because they totally are up until the dlc's.

That sounds pretty great

Why does Holla Forums get triggered by niggers? You guys are a bunch of uppity niggers that get butthurt about blacks being in your video game from Poland. There's roughly 3 blacks in the game and they're all virtually pointless so I don't see why a nigger trigger is required.

Regardless the story makes sense for Geralt because he's always been a bitch who falls for chicks into that mutant ass. He basically has to be a beta orbiter to nail because he's fighting with a sterile sword so none of the other babymakers want anything to do with him. His whole storyline was already outlined by Andre Polandlandman and he's been a fucking queer bitch the entire time. The Witcher wasn't really valuable until these video games took off and they didn't take off until the second one because the first is trash.

Witcher 1 sucks cock and always has so all you uppity niggers with your boxer-briefs can take a sitdown and pontificate on your endless faggotry while I play my mediocre video games.

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One nigger is one too many.

That sounds pretty great. Tell your government to turn it into a video game

This. I don't remember them being in Gothic.
In a medieval setting they don't even have to be mentioned.

Sounds fucking good

you're thinking of it too much in the format of a traditional game. There can be a said to be a number of "high points." the first time you bang Trish may be your "high point." When you're able to remove the stone from the sword on the island in "Blood and Wine" and fulfill the prophecy, that's another "high point." Also, depending on if you decide to kill the spirit in the tree or let it go, the entire scenario could turn out differently.

How many games can you name where decisions you make can genuinely change the entire plot? You can't look at it through the lens of a "normal game" with a climax and a "boss fight" and then a resolution.

There's so much…you don't have to rely on my word. BAsed on the Jew's own marketing research, a fucking game made by Poles with zero PR in the Us should not have done well. Not only was it the top selling game in 2015, it outsold every "big franchise" save for 3 in 2016 and was still in top 10 as of Christmas 2017/2018. All from word of mouth.

And obviously, the Jews aren't happy about it since instead of reacting to the market and trying to make more games like it, they are trying to shove more pozz down out throats. And obviously some of the executives realize it since they are trying their hardest to redo fucking MW games from over a decade ago since no one wants to buy their pozzed negro/feminist bullshit. Yet they STILL keep shoveling it and fucking gaming conferences and magazines learned fuckall from GG.

Yes, by the end GG became a pathetic joke, but the grassroots uprising against some jewess cunt Skankeiseen trying to shit on the "fucking CIs White males" who are the cor audiences of these motherfuckers! Zoe Quinn was just a hooker who ended up embodying just how much "gaming journalists" despised what was meant to be their core audience. Nothing even came of it, and it anything they turned even harder toward SJ.

Anyone have that screenshot comparing the nip developers from the (now defunct) Ea montreal and the WOG wishing for White genocide?

$35 million dollar marketing budget versus a $32 million game budget. Stop lying asshole.

t. muh diq nigger

In the US. There was no big fucking launch, there were no "toy gift baskets" with commemorative coins and commemorative collectors edition # 10 like fucking EA does.

Now check how much it fucking made.

there is NO FUCKING NUMBER on what they spent in US on advertising, and my bet would be a large number of it was geared toward poland and other areas of eastern europe. There was no big launch bullshit in the US like the big JEw studios have with "commemorative gift packs." Considering how much it ending uo making, it's fucking remarkable.

Since it's current year politics and having that in a game about some middle age fantasy land, inspired by middle age Poland, is really bad for atmosphere.
It's the same tired marxist brainwashing propaganda that reminds you on every goddamn corner that your country should be filled with shitskins and I'm not tolerating it.
I know that they were basically forced by the publishers to put the tokens in but I'm still mad at the level of this propaganda that permeates every media.

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Are there translations in English or German?

take a guess mate? If they've already sold it as a series for kikeflix, don't you think the Jews would have it available for you to read? I've never read and as polis user said I've head it's a pretty shitty series. The developers really took the story and made it gud themselves…

i asked about:

there was a lot spent on marketing. The game was everywhere at launch. Even the witcher 2 got a lot of marketing. The series has been AAA shit for a while.

b…but user Gothic is full of niggers and swarthy muds, didn't you know? The game is set in a prison colony after all so it kind of makes sense.

Did Project Cd Red buy everything outright? From the sounds of him, I'm hoping the studio gets the kikeflix royalties rather than him. Then they'll stick kangz everywhere and wonder "why are the goyim not watching???"

It's perfectly fie of course to have movies about "wakanda" with all niggers. That's "diversity." But if they made a series of "the Witcher" with all Whites, that's racism."

It's too bad Amy Adams isn't about 5 years youngers, she'd be perfect as Triss.

Un Catzo. Compared to fucking COD? Which didn't make 1/10th of what Witcher 3 made?

I don't care. It was still AAA shit. Stop deflecting.

You're trying to come off as some edgy purist. In reality, you come off as th neo-geo soyboy. If a game if fucking shit (as 99% of them are), I have no fucking problem saying as much. They're made their shekels, they have 10/10 on Steam, thy don't need you. You're trying wayyy too fucking hard to be edgy and contrarian, and you just come off as neo-geo soyboy.

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you must be new here, the witcher games are shit with god awful combat and try hard fedora atheist writing.

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Come on, spit it out!

stfu he's right. There was a lot of marketing. Can't be denied.
The 2nd was the best even through it crashed quite often and was laggy as fuck.
I don't have a problem saying: "Elex was made by Jews and Cucks" either because it's true. Nothing of the original piranha bytes is left and they outright put "But that's VölkermordTM"(word only exist in connection to the hollowcaust in German)" in the game.

Sadly, I don't think so. Piekara's books would need to be adopted into game or a movie first to ever be translated, and released on the English market. Consider this, only after the first Witcher game became more or less a success, some of the Sapkowski's novels have been translated to English. Not all of them mind you. Also, the translation is mediocre at best, especially in the first one.

Sapkowski's shot himself in the foot while dealing with CD Project. They offered him to pay a very small percent from every game sold, but he declined thinking that the game would bomb immediately, instead opting for a fixed sum of 100k Polish złoty (more or less 30k US dollars). To this very day, he still feels kind of raw about it. Also, ffter the international success of the first game, Sapkowski made the Witcher games non-canon simply out of spite.

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It's nice to see you drooling simpletons have finally awoken from your buyer's remorse. Now, kiss the ring.

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The nigger in Witcher 3 is arab, not a nigger. And you kill plenty of his kinds.

Also Heart of Stone is pretty great.

Amis are too busy writing jew books
read the first two short story collections in German

*I've read

I'm not even a Christfag but that sounds cool as fuck.

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Razorfist hates fallout new vegas and likes dragon age 3.

Actually, the witcher 3 is hot garbage because nearly every female is unrealistically attractive, which is psychologically damaging to any womyn who happen to see the game. Also, they are doing a collaboration with the extremely problematic Soul Calibur series, who unbelievably refused to edit Ivy's costume to be acceptable EVEN AFTER the director was told what year it is.

very true, pic related is a real woman.

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I know the Witcher is garbage seriously, even the books are complete trash, but that's saying a lot. Also, it's a crying shame about Piekara. They sound like something I'd genuinely enjoy, but I'm not learning Polish just for that.

Fallout: New Vegas is objectively bad and Dragon Age: Cisquisition was better than DA2 & DA:O, despite being a bad game.

And lest we forget, there is a sidequest which can be resolved by getting into a fistfight with my brethren from r/atheism, thus showing Gerald to be truly Unenlightened.

what a shame

What a shame.

untrue, it was too realistic for my taste

You murder commies in Witcher 3.

No, plenty thought it was shit when it came out and it is shit. I actually agree with the bell autist on this because the combat is pants on head retarded.

Wrong, the slavkike lied about big battles and the game was a massive let down.

Not an argument, strawmanning is for niggers.

What's with this shill thread here?
It starts off with lel de ebil germans, giant lag spikes, had to turn graphics to low on my GTX 980 to maintain 60fps on fucking 900p, constant high drive usage while turning around or walking, shit controls, lel realism do boring bullshit like irl, lel no saving without beer and so on…

Such a beautiful culture. Let them in.

Opinion dropped, it's obvious you're a shit eating retard with poor opinions.

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Yeah, you are right. I think German translation came before the English one.

It's a pretty good story. Jesus Christ waltz into Rome, and takes control of the Roman Empire, previously exterminating every Jew in Judea and forcing the rest to flee to Persia and China. He channeled the spirit of Holla Forums so much that from now on, Jesus Christ is known as the Butcher from Nazareth. After enacting his bloody vengeance, he departs from this world leaving the Empire in the hands of Saint Peter, who promptly fucks everything up. Also, there are no Muslims either. Prophet Mohammed got killed by a patrol of Christian knights somewhere in the Levant when he tried to spread his faith there. After his death, Islam kind of fell apart. The main adversary are the Persians. Arabian Peninsula is a shithole full of unimportant, nomadic goatfuckers in this timeline.

Sapkowski doesn't have the best writing style in Polish either. However, he kick-started the Polish fantasy scene in the late '80s. There were no fantasy books during the commie times. I guess communist didn't want the masses to dream.

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Yes, it is, and no amount of desperate shilling will change that.

I'm glad he disowned the games, I find the stories of the games better than his books, it's not full of his leftist shite, although i'm not saying it isn't in there, because it is. I find them their own separate entities, and enjoy them for that.
Kind of like how Disney made all extended Universe stuff like KOTOR non-canon, yet I find those stories/ games superior to the "official" canon.

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I understand the context and why they're popular in Poland and certain other eastern European nations, but it's sad people were stuck with him instead of literally anyone else.

Cisquisition may be shit, but it's better than irredeemable trash.

No. It's alright. The issues with the game almost entirely are blamed by the scope. They made it to goddamn big leading to the need for garbage like quest markers, a watered down combat system, some really tedious afterthought quests to populate the world, story falling apart in third act etc. World's really pretty though and some of the side quests are great. Blood and Wine basically improved everything from the base game so there's that as well.

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That's nonsense. There is no reason why the games should be canon.
Also he didn't make them "non-canon" in some aggressive act of defiance. It was just some journalist asking him if he ever were to write another book would he consider the games as canon to which he answered "no".

3 > 1 > 2

If a game becomes popular people will start shitting on it.
If the Witcher 3 would have only sold 600k units people would be a lot more lenient with its flaws.
Try naming one widely popular/successful game released during the last 10 years that people don't generally shit on on Holla Forums

Did they ever announce a release date?

Wasn't this done by the guy who wrote the books? I'll just ignore the kike-fest. The director or whoever the fuck already posted enough progressive shit on twitter for me to not care.

Yeah, they also cucked and have you kill their nigger Prince, then kill their nigger General together with their nigger military unit and sink their nigger ship. Strange how you didin't mention that.
Zerrikania also is not something they just made up for the game.

Because they are animals incapable of not destroying nice things. Every country that has niggers will get worse until it turns into a hellhole once it reaches peak nigger.

It's almost as if every game of the last 10 years is garbage. Hm. Really activates your almonds.

Except that is bullshit.

nah, it's really not

Damn Holla Forums has really sunk

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The stench of niggers gives me Nam flashbacks.

Wish it were translated.

The majority of games today has been decline shit ever since the release of the Xbox 360.

What a fucking stupid thing to say.

I don't know where to go anymore

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Not only did they turn to complete shit by the Xbox 360 time, but they were already getting there little by little. It just astounds me how an industry could go backwards so fast. Nothing but garbage and now, garbage mixed in with politics, and the worst kind too, commie/socialists rats.

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it is
being butthurt about lore is as retarded as it gets
start caring about Redwall, no? fuck you

Nier Automata was released last year
Dragon's Dogma was released in 2012
Demon Souls and Bayonetta was released in 2009
Bayonetta was

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Yeah okay, the games you played when you were a dumb 12 year old kid were really fun for you and your life sucks now.

That doesn't mean game's today are bad. Sure there's a lot of shit out there but we're also on the fucking internet and there's more than 3 companies making games.

It's also convenient how you guys always seem to ignore the massive, massive piles of absolute shit games back in the day.

There's a very long list of other reasons.

The games I played back then were all incline. Why? Because there wasn't as much exposure as we have today, so the good games tended to survive. When did I say there weren't any bad games? There were, now how about games like back then that revolutionized gaming being made today? Exactly. You have no knowledge of video game development to know why they are bad today, it's a subject that's well beyond your capacity which is why you are arguing a completely different subject and seem ignorant.

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No, it's a generic open world shit. The Witcher 2 was far better.

Whatever faggot. Have fun posting your statues and talking down to people.

Get out.

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Same here I figured when we got delisted from jewgle we would be safe but then kikewheels brought in a bunch of redditors, there is no salvation now and If I did find a good place and wanted the cool niggers from here to come I couldn't bring it up on any board because all the redditors would come there too

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you faggots think this is bad? Look at what happened to Holla Forums

Maybe in the future it will get better, but since we have people like you contributing to the problem, it's going to be hard. There are too many people like you out there and honestly, it's hard to know what to do to get rid of you. But the market will sort itself out and you and your ilk will get cast out eventually, fear not.

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He didn't say that at all. Also Arno Breker did nothing wrong.

Game is still fine tbh.

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soon it will be time to withdraw from the cucked world completely

that's quite literally your job as a witcher, what the fuck do you think geralt should be doing?

It's lazy as fuck type of side quest that are copy/paste ad infinitum. You cannot just fill a huge world by just sprinkling the same quests over it or the player will notice the repetitiveness. And when you add a boring combat into the mix, the entire thing become slog to do

You have to go back

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Go kill monsters wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't such a generic Grind. Every monster quest should be a unique challenge that requires a different strategy.
How it should be
This is how it is in practice


Have patience! Maybe we'll switch to another site…

I will.

No. It's not even the best in the series.

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I like it quite a lot.

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That'd be 2.

Fuck right off.

There are good things to be said about 2 in comparaison with the other ones when it comes to story, but yeah gameplay and balance throughout the game was really eh.


So you think 1 is the best? Ha, fuck off, you hipster sperg. What a fucking joke.

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bigges sales were on gog and premiere hardbox edition not this jewish mustard platform

No he doesn't, If you actually watched his video instead of that just that Webm that cherry picked a clip from it, you would know that he said he loved New Vegas at the end of that very same video.

It's a decent action game.

As far as RPGS go it's anything but my favorite

well one of the good things about Witcher 1 is introducing us to Elf Remover Siegfried. though the mother fuckers removed him by Witcher 3

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The witcher senses 3: No Fun

Do you guys think CDPR returning to the world of the Witcher should happen? If so, a follow up with Geralt, a spin off with Ciri or something new, like playing as the first witchers somewhat akin to Bloodborne's Old Hunters with their primitive tactics and weaponry.

i don't think leftists should be given an expression medium tbh

no, it'd be beating a dead horse

would like to play as Jacque De Aldesburg as he REMOVE NON-HUMANS NOW

Nice evasion faggot

Most fun RPG I've played recently.

It could have been.

Precisely this tbh
When Dragon's dogma came out most shat on it and now there's always a thread up for DD.

Though Witcher 3 had indeed one of the worst starts in games I've seen. I literally dropped it right away and picked it up two or three months later and came to really enjoy it mostly due some patches fixing some horribly things.

Though the combat is still shit, mostly because swinging your sword is not fun and the glitchy distance and close ranged attacks being done automatically ruining it as well.

None of these games are good. They are either tryhard shit meme like demon/dark souls or feminist shit like bayonetta

You should play TW3

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Of the last few years, sure one of the best. Of all time though I don't think many 3d games make the cut.

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Sone of the areas are absolutely beautiful. They did a really good job with environmental effects and making the world seem real. Everywhere felt like a handcrafted gem.
I don't get why everyone shit on the combat so much. It wasn't great, but it still felt satisfying and I got used to predicting the moves. Using runes really helps.
The story was pretty entertaining for the most part. I was engaged until the end which usually doesn't happen with generic fantasy stuff. Although I supoise it could be considered sci-fi fantasy with all the Ciri shit.


Is Toussaint the best place to live in The Witcher universe? The only flaw I see in Toussaint is the lack of non-human races.

Certainly better than the north. But it just seems like death by monsters is an inevitability if you live anywhere in that world though. Especially if you piss off a vampire and he brings his vampire army to fuck you up



That expansion does what I wanted in the vanilla game, having a home base to call my own. I know Geralt and being a witcher lifestyle is meant to be more of a nomad, but it's nice to set roots down and relax with your slaves tending your wine groves while I bask in the sunshine.

Nobody likes niggers.

The only flaw was they still allowed dwarf-kikes to own banks.

And the fact that they are a free range human farm for vampires.


Virgin or Chad?

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But 2 is the best.

Here's the hooktube since he was too lazy.

Not worth a pirate.

Sure is cuckchan in here right now.

Cd projekt red is a japanese company
of course it treats their employees like shit

kissing a nigger is better than 2 and 1 and 3

No thanks, I don't like goons and or ResetEra users

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No but it's one of the better games made in the last five years, maybe even in the last decade.

so no flaws at all, then?