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This shit isn't even video games it's no better than 4am threads.

where ar viya gams? i report

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But it's the afternoon in Europe and morning in America.

Board rule 7: Threads made in a template fashion (Foolz posting) and console war bullshit like "PC will never EVER get Bloodborne" will result in thread deletion or bumplock.

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Where do you faggots come from anyways?

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There's a mobile app that shows both 4chan and Holla Forums threads in the catalog.

And said app is barely used by anybody and holds no significant impact on traffic.

Terraria with Thorium Mod.
Forgotten Weapon's latest vid, a portuguese AR10.
Iron Maiden - Powerslave
The Gay Science. It's pretty entertaining but needs a lot of attention.
In a bit.
Not right now.
OK. I'm going to try getting back into martial arts.

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A fuckton of MAME lately, beat UN Squadron, which was fun as fuck.
Great British Baking Show: Masterclass
Area 88 (1989; Capcom) - The Complete Original Arcade Soundtrack, see embed.
A lot of OPL2/3 stuff lately, been getting into MIDI big time.
Threads and work shite.
Energy drink.
Fookin' good, lads. TGIF!

Battlefield 4. I get 1st place every game because I'm playing on console and everyone is fucking terrible, even max levels that have had the game since launch.
I don't know. I don't feel like watching anything. Maybe Space Battleship Yamato, it has been on my backlog for years ever since I heard that it was Anno's favorite anime.
The only good nigger music comes from gooks pretending to be niggers.
Bokko, a war strategy manga. I recommend it if you like Musou or Hokuto no Ken.
Shepard's pie, my favorite meal lately.
I can't drink anything but water since I got diagnosed with GERD.
My insomnia has never been this bad before. I wake up three or four times between sleep and can only sleep three hours at a time. I don't want to take jewish pills, but I don't know how I can go on living like this.
inb4 some retard recommends lift meme snake oil. I'M ALREADY LIFTING, IDIOT. it doesn't cure everything under the sun like you pretend it does. in fact it cures absolutely nothing except manboobs.
i'm trying to write some posts on my /eerie/ board but it's taking me hours because of the sleep deprivation.

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Yakuza 0, its cozy as fuck, i am stuck at business sidequests and kart game
Initial D
Some random eurobeat noises
Holla Forums, but i plan at some point start reading manga called "rookies", if i don't fucking forget, caught my interest
Salad and some meat. But i feel like i overate today like an idiot.
Coffee, loads of it
Random 3DPD stuff
Lazy and bored. I guess 30 hours of yakuza and still being at chapter 6 is taking a toll on me, i think i should make more variety in my schedule.

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First off said app showing 4chan and Holla Forums together was a dev build, second site traffic didn't increase to correspond with the implementation of Holla Forums to said dev build in any significant degree in question. In fact I don't know where any new traffic comes from at all since referrals and other third party means of being redirected is only 7-11% of all traffic. Everyone else links here directly ala typing the address into the address bar.

But as far as the site dieing or not so far all patterns is that we'll know by Christmas.

You're not welcome here.

Hitman and Obduction
The Sopranos S2
Injury Reserve - Floss

Try Rhymester

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this is Holla Forums not facebook

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Newfag goons complaining about friday night threads need to be castrated and burned alive, in that order.

smh tbh

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Getting back into the grindfest that is Warframe

Nothing much. Nothing these days seem to interest me when it comes to WATCHAN something. Must be my autism

Zoning out to some relaxing instrumental music on Youtube.

Useless shit on Holla Forums and /cow/ at the present

Pic related basically

Good ol'… Flouride and Jew free water guaranteed to be free from chemicals that turn my frogs gay


I could never answer this question. For I neither feel nor *don't* feel these days. I would say fairly okay then
Oh and a vicious hatred for cuckoldry and people who partake in such a thing. Then again, it's not personally affecting me, I just hate cuckolds

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It's still a bit early but whatever.
modded GTA 4 and modded Fallout New Vegas.
Drawn Together.
My play list, I need to find more music.
shit posts
a cheese burger with wasabi.
not sure yet still kinda early.
pretty good I guess, not to much to complain about.

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Rhymester is awesome, thanks for recommending it. How do you like Sopranos?

and yet here i am

And yet you should fuck off and die in either order.

maybe next friday thread or the one after that if i remember

Into the Breach, Bayonetta
Annihilation, it was crap, what a waste of time
King Crimson - Red
Shokugeki no Soma
Pork ramen
Pretty good, just back from walking my dog and gonna relax for the rest of the evening

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Raiders/Trolls from leftypol, they are having a shitfit and instead of fucking off back to cuckchan they shitpost here.

This faggot tried to derail too on the Holla Forums games thread (already deleted by mod, thank god), used same image and way of speaking.

i reported OP and you for encouraging shitposting

The only newfag here is you

I had tried it a few years ago and didn't care for it, I'm enjoying it more this time around. I guess it depends on if you feel an entire show can be carried on the back of a single character. Tony Soprano's characterization is absolutely excellent, the rest of the show is just fine.

nah, it's you with your trap threads pretending to be video games and blog threads pretending to be video games (like this thread)

I don't want to spoil it for you, but there are at least 3 others that are as well characterized as as Tony

2hu 11. Haven't played that shit in years and Orin keeps fucking me hard.
Star Trek Voyager
This shit
Ground beef with onion
Gay shit
Eh. Like a lazy faggot. Hopefully this weekend I'm gonna rest and get my shit together.

Thanks for the (you), friend.
Maybe you should go back to fucking Reddit where you'll be welcome among the other retards who like to brag about reporting people as if that'll even do anything.
Seriously, consider gassing yourself, pesky Jew.

Don't you have a containment board or something? Holla Forums is for video games not "hate random things because reasons"

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada
Demolition Ranch on jewtube I really want to fire some guns now
some rock classics maybe
Fall of Hyperion
Chocolate hazel nut biscuits
Coffee, hot water with honey
Probably not but Hyrule Warriors Cia if I do
Got sick as fuck last night.

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Honestly I normally wouldn't even post here but you fuckers have no right to shit up Holla Forums with a non video games thread. Of the 8 things listed in the OP only one of them is games.

Decided to give Age Of Pirates 2 City Of Abandoned Ships another go
Catching up on anime,Overlord S2 so far the series is a more boring version of Konosuba
embed related
no mood
sick stomach flu

Fallout new vegas/ Dragon age origins
Stexhexenhammer666 and Thinking ape
What ever is on my spotify list
Not sure what book yet, besides that v
Chicken parm and mac n cheese
Herbal tea
Tired glad the week is over, and i can relax.

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Granblue Fantasy
3-gatsu no lion
Touhou music

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cs:s, WoW
jewtube shit
just started on The Hunt For Red October; I've been getting a little bit into submarines lately
tuna, beef sticks, almonds and blackberries
milk, water
amputee doujinshi
pretty sore; started lifting and running lately and I'm spent
excited for this weekend; going to see a good friend and we're going to play tabletop games
hopefully some new funs soon when my gubmint refund comes in

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NWN now, Motocross Madness 2 later
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, at least when I'm on the toilet

Warframe grindan relics for golden birb
Yuru camp
Above and Beyond Group Therapy
Holla Forums
Just eaten had pasta
beer, whisky later
Not today
alright, got a fancy dinner tomorrow so Ive been sorting my suit

Your mother's house.:^)

Go back to cuckchan you retarded sack of shit.

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise
Space Ghost Coast to Coast
Toonami Deep Space Bass and Gorillaz
Mein Kampf
Chicken and veggies
Possibly gin and tonic
Glad that finals are over but regretful for what I did while drunk last night.

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working on my gamedev project

preping to go a trip to my family's countryside house with gf

yeah, we will be sure feeling each other a lot

feels good man we can make it!

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Pillars of Eternity
lectures by a priest on exorcism
book by a priest on exorcism
irish whiskey and coffee

Board rule 7: Threads made in a template fashion (Foolz posting) and console war bullshit like "PC will never EVER get Bloodborne" will result in thread deletion or bumplock.

Please explain how this thread is not a thread made in a template fashion.

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lurk moar, faggot

Torment that new one** I like it
just watched some vlog about a guy exploring trash containers of Athens
The Prodigy
cheese & salami toast
glad the week is over

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L.A. Noire
Star Trek Enterprise
WorldClassBullshitters #115
Morning Kumite
Vodka and orange juice
Angela White
ok but tired


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Rule 7 is a case by case basis, otherwise Generals wouldn't even be possible and this is a "legacy" thread so to speak. If you don't like it ignore it.

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LoZ BotW This is the only video game I own
Japanese ASMR

Attached: smug kate.jpg (512x720, 63.14K)

Thanks for giving a real answer!
Is there a comprehensive list of these "legacy" cases where a copypasta OP is not against board rule 7?

Downloaded Wreckfest to see what they've been doing. It's alright. Camera feels a bit wonky, but it's nice crashing into shitboxes with my own shitbox

Maybe I'll play some Rocket League or pokemon romhack later.
Whiskey Vault reviews.
Nothing right now.
Just lurking.
I had macaroni. I feel full as fuck now.
Water. Maybe some Wild Turkey later.
Wondering if I should buy a bottle of Bowmore 12 or Connemara, both are on sale at 33 and 27 euros respectively. Never had either before and they seem like good introductions into smokey whiskies.
Probably. Not sure what yet.
Decent. A little bit tired.

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There doesn't need to be a comprehensive list, how could you not have seen this thread crop up every week?

Probably going to play some R6S later. I've been getting back into CS:S recently too on some DM server. It's kinda sad that the best arena fps experience I'm getting at the moment is from CounterStrike.
shitty videos on youtube.
I've been listening to Pale Waves a lot recently since the singer is hot. That and DeathSpell Omega have just been on repeat for me.
Forum posts :^)
Had a square of dark mint chocolate that was nice.
Green Tea.
To sex dolls, I'm really tempted to buy one. I just need to work out which sites in Australia are legit.
Pretty Chill, got nothing planned today and no assignments so I'm all good.

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They freak me out man.

you're cancer too, fag

The heads are a bit uncanny but I feel like I could just get away with taking the head off. It's more like authentically fucking a headless corpse then but I can get down with that. The screw holes in the feet are kinda cool, give off a slave vibe like they've been surgically added in for some kind of restriction.

Attached: computer.jpg (1175x1911, 992.68K)

Yeah but think about this: once you're done with that doll (let's say that it's not your thing anymore), how do you get rid of it?

Bury it in your backyard?

I got bored and tried out Roblox just to see how autistic it is, and oh boy, it's fucking autistic. This one game mode was a highschool RP with timed classes and a dance every night. I had bitches all over my dick wanting to cyber and stuff. Reminded me of the old Habbo days.
Crappy grocery store sushi and pork dumplings
Red wine
Dead inside

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I was looking at some doll forums and it seems people sell/buy second hand ones (Which seems silly to me, why wouldn't you just save a little bit more and get a new one instead)

Outcast Second Contact. Gotta say it's a good remake and it runs good even on this shit hog.

Stalker, atleast I'm planning to again.

Deaf Center - Pale Ravine

How To Win Friend and Influence People/Adolf Hitler The Ultimate Avatar. Great books.

Ate some pasta today after lifting.

Water, green tea.


Pretty good, didn't had a job for 3 weeks but I got re-hired by the same company that said they didn't had enough work anymore to keep me around even though they promised me a promotion or at least a course or two on their costs. Don't know what the fuck is going on anymore at that place.

Nier Automata
New Order
Earl grey
Ok, I guess.

Warframe, Monhun World, Them's Fighting Herds
Pacific Rim 2 in a little bit.
Guitar+Harpsichord stuff. I've acquired a taste for it.
some stuff about drawing poses so I can stop sucking and draw porn.
Gyro (A.K.A. "the best god-damn thing in the world")
Extra pulpy orange juice
Not bad. Not great but not bad.
I've fapped five times today and I'm still not satisfied. Jesus Christ the fuck is happening?

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exactly, and like 4am threads, they are a fucking staple of Holla Forumsirgin culture. how could you have possibly gotten here without knowing how to hide threads?

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Granola, mother fucker.

Water and coffee.


Not too bad, not too good. Might actually work up enough willpower to write a bit of my story I'm working on.

Are you horseshoe crab user?

Could be.

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A Certain Magical Virtual-On right now, then later tonight I might finally start up Nioh or KoF XIV to get ready for 3.0
Rainbow trout and fries
no clue yet

Attached: DY_-XAKXUAAFkV-.jpg orig.jpg (466x959, 62.77K)

Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield
DF Retro
Tired, but also like shit. I'm starting to get apprehensive about my job and if it might not be a good fit for me after this first month.

Attached: 1ecba8422875bb256e34c8e6a056a06b3094f0f3ab4e0bad7c1becd28eaa3829-v.png (1182x956, 709.45K)

I know it's copypasta BECAUSE it's posted every week.

World of Warcraft running around on my Tauren (Protection) Warrior
Altered Carbon
A Happening by Hyperstory
This thread
Had a decent sub and some chicky nuggs
Water, maybe some Rockstar later
dunno yet

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Played some MHW and just beat bloodbourne!
Nothing, give me suggestions.
My ceiling fan and the sound of me typing out this post
this thread
Ate some oreos earlier.
Anyone know some healthy alternatives to that?
I want a relatively cheap but tasty and healthy snack to eat.
drank sweet tea earlier
I've been fapping too much recently, ive been finding so much good videos nowadays.
OK. I need a worthwhile job to give me a purpose in life thats all.

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Dragonball Fighterz. Maybe some Okami.
Solitude Aeturnus, Burzum, and Bolt Thrower
Wanna finish the first Ghost In The Shell but I also wanna restart the Elric Saga.
Maybe 2B
Not sure how to feel. Found out my girlfriend is attracted to my bestfriend and somewhat enjoys being around him more than me. It's extremely complicated and I'm trying to not be irrational and kick her the fuck out and cut them both out. Don't wanna cuck mtself either, for lack of a better term

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Dungeons and Dragons
Arby 'n The Chief
Embed related
5e PHB
Still nothing
Stressed about taxes

Alternating between Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Payday 2
E;R's latest masterpiece, and a podcast featuring a couple of nigs and their friends shit on the new star wars movies
Hotline Miami OST
The games
Baked Chicken Wings with some rice and green beans.
Cherry 7-up
Maybe not.
Pretty good

playing tomb raider games. To be precise, after I played the first two some time ago, I got in the mood again, played the 3rd, and now I'm going to do the bonus content/addons/expansions of all 3 because I didn't do it back then, probably because it was too much at the time. I love it, fun as fuck except when I get stuck due to being retarded and missing things
yu-gi-oh gx ep 144
anime tits and ass

Attached: 20180323135700_1.jpg (1921x1080 323.47 KB, 367.75K)

Sauce on pic

Painting videos on WHTV
All sorts of stuff, Nier OST and idolshit at the moment
The Bible
On that subject, though, I feel like with the NoFap and workouts I've been attempting lately, my dick has begun getting bigger.
I suppose I'm okay
I have to begin the tedious process of stripping paint from my figures again, kind of lame

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nothing, maybe art of war later
no, doing nofap again
kinda bummed out, I was gonna have my gf over and we were gonna bone, but her mom told her to stay home, then I heard about the trump shit and that got me more black pilled. Hope you guys are doing better

Attached: 0 days without jewish tricks.jpg (439x290, 21.18K)

Better work out something fast with them before your life becomes the plot of an NTR manga.
Or just drop your girl for a new one if you have any other girls who are into you.
Or just be a queer and tell her how you feel

Attached: That_fucking_cat.jpg (600x524, 38.62K)

does your best friend know?

It's not complicated. Sorry for your loss

Deep Rock Galactic with bros
Finishing DOS2 with bros this weekend
Rewatching FMA Brotherhood
Reading through some of my old SNES instruction manuals
A dozen Taco Bell soft tacos. I'm in for a bad night.
Baja Blast. My night's going to get even worse.
Shemale on female porn
Bretty gud, thanks for asking. Have a good Friday, bros.

Attached: taco.jpg (436x420, 40.4K)

Attached: 1521435168049.png (163x191, 40.29K)

Treasure of the rudras, been playing some of the lesser known SNES jrpgs. Including mystic arc and metal max returns. Been thinking of also playing bahamut lagoon and treasure hunter G.
The new series of robot wars. Carbie is too OP, plz nerf.
homemade meatballs with tomato sauce and pasta
green tea, replaced coffee with green tea recently. Man, this is seriously some bitter stuff.
trying to keep up a nofap.

Attached: cropped-carbide-robot-wars.png (640x357 830.82 KB, 64.4K)

Yeah, you are right. You are in for a bad night faggot

Thats what I've been thinking.

Attached: FAT.webm (480x360, 135.58K)

Dude you're going to fucking blevy.

what the fuck is wrong with you

Attached: 3625984d0f7696556e1c773c37e1f7eeaf76b92862c7f620ecb6f885cc4e994e.png (392x336, 129.37K)

is that you mark

Haha holy shit

Attached: lollin.gif (404x416, 194.88K)

Bioshock 2 maybe
Space Dandy
Not sure yet
No Fap
Tired and upset. I've been playing some vidya with my friends way too late into the night and its been cutting into my exercises. I've done what I consider to be the bare minimum each night and it makes me feel wrong.

Attached: How to not Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police.mp4 (320x240, 7.43M)

aw shit nigga it's finally friday
I just beat MGS2, maybe I'll play some Path of Exile or Diablo 2 later
Mad Men, I'm on the last episodes, gonna miss Don and company
Just had some pizza
Grapefruit juice
Alright I guess, it's fucking hot as fuck tho

DMC1 or Vermintide 2
Hand of God
One Piece
Tacos soon
Water, vodka later
My libido disappeared
Mentally ill.

Attached: __mordred_and_mordred_fate_grand_order_and_fate_series_drawn_by_ranma_kamenrideroz__35219f44a490be52fc33ac4ecb37c0eb.png (946x1289, 808.68K)

Godspeed user. Do the right thing and cut your losses.

FFXV, recently got Royal edition. Also, Smite with bros if they show up later.
Yu Yu Hakusho, The Greatest Story Never Told
Awful, awful ska.
The Whisperer in Darkness
Loaded nachos.
Maybe later.
I need a wife.

'Cause I'm too poor for PC. It's still a good game, apart from being unchallenging as I said. I'm bad at live-action games anyway so it's for the best.

How can MHW entertain you at all with how difficult Bloodborne is? New players to the franchise beat Kirin on their first try with no carts because the game just tries so hard to make it impossible to die. It's like a phone app.
I don't know about your jewish cookie problem. I hate sweets now. I eat seasoned corn as a snack. You can buy a bag of corn frozen for a dollar and it tastes fresh.

Attached: Taemoo4.png (1224x1632, 748.2K)

Gotta dump the ho bro. You don't need to become a walking NTR meme.

How much did they cucked the game? I haven't played since forever.

Remove the whore.

I was going to play RDR again but my (free) Xbone won't download my profile for some reason and I can't be fucked hooking the 360 back up.
Probably gonna start Red Dawn in a bit.
Memories of Tokyo-to
Probably not
Jack shit. Not much to eat in the house and my back hurts too much to get groceries.
Probably. Got some pictures I'm pretty into and I might give it a try later.
Just been a rough few weeks emotionally. I need a break.

Attached: 1458718754456.jpg (869x943, 249.59K)


Why does your back hurt? Normalfag job? I have scoliosis and stiff neck. Nothing helps. I tried physical therapy for three months and it made the pain much worse.

Cuphead. It's pretty fun and weirdly relaxing.
Random shit on youtube.
See above.
Nothing, recently.
Dark chocolate with coconut.
Earl grey.
Mad about life in general. Burnt out on the world.

Attached: cuphead ribby.gif (369x354, 848.83K)

this thread needs to be gassed

Silly furfag, Bloodbourne being hard is just a meme. As long as you have a high VIT/high STR build with Ludwigs great sword, that game is also ez pz.
I guess the difficulty lies in people neglecting to level up their vitality and dying in like 2 or 3 hits?
Deviljho in MHW has suprisingly been giving me a lot of trouble though, even more so than in the previous games too. Everyone else says that its easy though so I guess its just me?

Attached: 1520095877990.jpg (373x600, 69.71K)

Making CAWs on Fire Pro Wreslting World, Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, Dead Rising 2
Nitro, W.A.S.P, Sabaton, N.W.A,
Western pulps
Honey Select
Done for this week
I want to go back on track with the several projects I'm working on

It feels like I pulled something, kind of, but a lot more painful. Started about a week ago and I can barely sit up and can't sleep on my side right now. Been on some of my leftover pain meds from an unrelated surgery.

Pokken Tournament. Playing Blastoise has been good for me today, I feel myself climbing again.
I don't really have a mind to watch anything in particular
Some J-Rock
Bits of Pokken discussion about how strong each character is. It's funny to see everyone argue about it
Spicy Peanuts
Root Beer
not feeling it tonight
Pretty content

Attached: butt ascension.PNG (285x731, 148.46K)

BF4 is meh, I don't really like the progression system. Bad Company 2 was the last time I really had fun in a BF game. I wonder how bad Battlefield 5 will be.
I had the game since day one but I never finished it. I have to play with a guide because of the facial capture I can't make the difference between doubt and lie

Know when you hurt your back? Where does it hurt?
If it's getting worse or if the pain is not going away after a week you really gotta have it checked out dude.

I pulled a muscle down at my lumbar once by simply standing up a couple years ago. Freaked me out good. Back pain is serious shit.

Grimrock 2
Whatever's in the webm threads
Not hungry
Not right now
I have transcended the need to feel.

Attached: hopeinman.jpg (1000x668, 83.07K)

I don't remember hurting it. I can't afford a doctor right now though. I barely have money to eat.
Midway up my back and slightly to the left of the middle. The amount of pain is still the same but my range of motion without causing the pain is getting better slowly.

You mean kangfield wuz, the sequel that though adopting Microsoft's idea of number was a good idea?

Attached: Git da watuh nigguh.webm (600x338, 831.96K)

No, I'm talking about the next BF game coming out this year.
Rumors say that it's set in WW2 so expect Dice to make more historical revisionism than SledgeHammer with CoD WW2.

Binny Soon
Good ol bowie
Learning german
A crappy microwaved pot pie a little bit ago
I jacked it to that braixen animation but it was really shitty so i feel bad about it

Attached: Judgingcat.JPG (229x464, 19.32K)

Attached: Fatt Hardy.webm (1280x720, 3.35M)

I honestly have no idea how DICE is going to gin up interest in yet another fucking Battlefield game. BF1 was basically WWII, since 80 percent of the weapons are automatic or semi-auto. They could dig up the corpse of 2142 like they hinted at in the last BF4 expansion, but that would mean competing with Battlefront for "sci-fi multiplayer shooter," and that just can't be allowed.

Most likely the mediocre sales of BF1 will translate into outright disappointing performance of BF:Two or whatever they decide to call it, and EA will panic and finally greenlight BF2143.

Either that, or remake BF Vietnam.

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Youtube videos on puzzles and riddles.
CIKI - Syndrome
Looking for a better translation of Made in Abyss
Fell off the wagon again so ryona
Alright. Mate of mine drowned at work (touristy thing on white water) and I didn't find out until today because I don't watch the news. Not sure what is going to happen with the company considering this is their first ever death in however many decades. Some of the other staff are taking it really hard but we still don't know the exact cause of death.

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Or for that matter, Titanfall, which is the same shit, but without the star wars branding.

I think Titanfall got away with it because it's more like a (good) scifi Call of Duty. The new battlefront games are basically Battlefield: Star Wars because DICE is lazy. They'd never release a scifi Battlefield game while Star Wars is still (kinda) printing money because the similarities would be instantly obvious.

Yeah, they'll probably go with Vietnam next, especially since CoD already blew their load on that one with Black Ops and won't be able to release a parallel game. I'd bet good money that a year after EA shits out whatever WWII shooter is coming down the pipe, we'll be getting the usual Creedence-blaring trailers again.

Oh, and they'll make sure you can play as a woman, because those Swedes at DICE aren't quite done spitting on the graves of dead draftees yet.

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DMC3 Bayonetta and monster hunter world
YouTube and anime
The new Judas Priest record and Earth
The disaster artist and probably some jojo
Maybe 2D Girls
Ficking great

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Just finished fapping to a bundle of hentai games I got. New vegas later
Chips, and peanut butter sandwich
Energy drinks
Hentai games
The horniness won't go away. I think my added training has made me hornier. I've cum 4 times since getting home, and twice before work and I want to keep going.

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God damn graphics sucked back then.

Perturbator, JK/47
Count Zero
Sure did
Like my whole life has been thirty years of missed opportunities

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Full Ace Tennis Simulator, Granblue Fantasy
Marathoning Gintama again
Yua Mikami
Pretty good

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Actually the game sold pretty well but the playerbase died really fast. I was looking at the numbers the other day and it's quite scary

Estimation of the player population in February this year (last year):

What is really interesting is that there are less players on PC than on consoles.

Did you die?

Factorio and Painkiller
seasonal anime
Nine inch Nails
Nothing at the moment
Not today
Pretty mediocre

La Wares and Far East of Eden: Zero got fan-translated somewhat recently if those might be of interest. Just a thought.

probably some NES games or SOTN
something silly from the 80's
webm related
mashed taters and tiny little beef steaks
mineral water
my cat got some kind of urinary infection and couldn't piss or shit all morning, vet stuck a catheter up his dick and a plastic protective collar. We had to lock up the poor guy on the closed balcony so he wouldn't involuntarily piss all over the apartment, the whole family is feeling down because of this and I can't even comfort him now since I'm at work

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I hope your kitter gets well soon.
>Work on Saturday

and sunday

What job are you working? You just going it for extra money?

receptionist/security, day/night shift, irregular timetable, sometimes I get a shift once a week, this week I happen to have 6. It's mostly about keeping an eye on the building and receiving calls/emails. Drags on, but at least I don't have to break my back and poison myself every day anymore.

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Well, alright, user. I hope your kitter gets well soon, and I hope you can get through the week without having to deal with some criminal faggot.

t. conspiretard mouthbreather

Like with any delicate and inflammatory situation the instruction go:
STOP as in, stop this sissy shit and be a man
DROP her ass
rock& ROLL


you almost make me ashamed of playing Warframe
well at least there's that

stream or record some of it, post results in a webm thread

hope you feel better than your steak soon

be sure to fuck your GF, your GFs mom, your GFs pop for dominance and the earth itself to mark your territory

Zero. Fucking. Self-awareness

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PS4 players were always the biggest cucks in that regard.

your mom



Who even cares about that anymore?

Was playing Ni no Kuni II, but Holla Forums told me not to anymore.
Any amount of happiness drain from my life.
The sound of a TV in the background.
Shit opinions everywhere
Trail mix
No fappin' today.



Ni no Kuni II looks fun, I wish i could play it.
Fuck what Holla Forums says. If you enjoy the game, then keep playing it.
They told me not to play MHW but I had over 200 hours of fun with it so far.

I know that feel

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They say it's just for kids and it doesn't get any harder later. They put people down for wanting to enjoy the first one. I mean, I believe them when they say it doesn't get any better, but I don't care; the world's pretty enough to keep going in. It started out with them saying it's a better FFXV, but then post screenshots of disappointed Steam reviews. I don't know what I want anymore.

I just beat Odin Sphere. I didn't expect the ending, but I guess I should have.

Velvet best girl.

Vanilla Skyrim and L4D2. My go-to's when hung over.
Uzi videos. I'm gonna do a parts-kit reweld for my next project, probably.
Paranormalfags. Nephilim stuff is interesting.
Looking up my local Freemason lodge
Protein shake a minute ago
Ice coffee
To my sisteralways regret it afterwards
Alright. I wish I had time again to spend days researching esoteric topics like I did when I was a neet.

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user you're fucking gullible if you actually are listening to all of those people constantly shitting on it. Just play the game and see for yourself and make your own opinion about it. You're on Holla Forums I expected more from you.
Also look there, the game is well liked. It has a 90% positive score on steam and that says a lot about the game.

You're right that I should form my own opinion on it, but you do know Steam scores are rigged, right?

Things everywhere seems rigged nowadays, including here.

Wasted trips.

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I wouldn't be mad at you if you didn't pay for it, but you did, and you're ruining one of the good things left.

If this is bait I laughed pretty hard.

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Ah you fucking cunt,that hurt.

Thank God.

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I want to buy Chie a steak dinner!!!

Does drawfagging Pokemon count?

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Why is this stealth anchored?

if it helps, I think I somehow completely ruined how it's supposed to look because I'm retarded and can't into knowing how older games were supposed to look and intended to be played. With emulators and pc modding options there's lots of ways to unintentionally make it worse, even if it seems like a straight forward upgrade


What pokemon is this?

What day is it user.


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