Is it worth having a Titan V for Vidya/VR??

The other night, was drinking and taking too many pills and put down an order on Nvidia site for Titan V, not expecting anything to come of it since they sell them all to (((merchants))) to add $1.5k to the price.

Much to my shock, the fucking charge went through (have shekels I kept I managed to sell off before the great ctyrpyo-crash). My current card is a Titan-X, which is pretty shit, and some of my VR games have lately been giving the message that they cannot run the game (sub-nauticia as an example).

Having said that, is it worth putting $3,200 shekels into a fucking GPC pr should I return it and wait for the commercial version to come out or get….2 1080 tis and SLI them?

From what I've read, would be good for the VR and esp the with the new one coming out in April, but as far as games, probably not worth it. Any thoughts? If the Jews at Nvidia will take it back, should I just return it?

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There is something wrong with your setup, mate.

Keep the new card since it can't hurt. Or flip it for a little profit, if you are bothered by the money.

it won't improve the VR enough to be worth it? I didn't think it would make much difference with games, but was trying to prepare for the new version of HTV vive in mid-April. VR is fucking amazing for me because I get to look around my favorite European tours without having to actually travel there and deal witht eh bullshit.

If it will make the new HTV Vive that much better, might be worth keeping…the games….unless there was a Witcher 4 or I found another series I really liked.

Not with the current bitcoin shit driving up prices it's not.

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You'll need high end CPU and mobo supporting 64+ gigs of ram.
Otherwise your entire system will bottleneck it.

Could it be the motherboard? The intel I have is i7, one of most recent versions. The fucking Vive, I tried cleaning it with expensive eyeglass cleaner and managed to really fuck it up, touch time even seeing through it. So, I know I need to get the HTc Vive Pro, much as it kills me though I fucking live for that in my downtime so fuck it, I've given up on women since my divorce at 24 and have few things to keep me from blowing my brains out anymore.

Just not sure if it's spending stupid money, not to be maudlin but I doubt I'm gonna make it more than another 2 years without swallowing a shotgun so at this point I really don't care I guess.

When I built my PC I remember having plugged my video card in the PCIE 2.0 slot instead of the 3.0 one, which bottlenecked it. Silly mistake.

I've got 32 of RAM, motherboard not sure, CPU should be good to go.

Titan x outdated as fuck It has a lot of raw power, but it's just old tech. Even gtx 980 is better for video games, which is in itself outdated.

i7 isn't indication of anything. Which one do you have? Chances are it's outdated.

intel Core i7 6850k 3.6Hz Six Core 15 MB 140w overclocked

motherboard is asus x 99 deluxe II (probably need to replace this)

I ran everything fine max settings with a GTX 670 for years, I'm thankful shitty unoptimized new games on 4k and VR aren't my priority.

Yep that won't do for the new titan I'm afraid. I mean it will work, but chance are you won't get any performance boost in general against even basic 1080.
Problem is new CPUs are cucked by microsoft and installing pirated windows 7 without telemetry might be difficult and they still will spy on you.

What "everything"? Witcher 3 at 4k @ 144 fps?
Come on mate, you need new tech EXACTLY because nobody optimizes shit these days.
So you gotta brute force it.
If all you want is deus ex 1 at 1080p @ 60 fps then sure as fuck you'll do fine with 600 series and i5 cpu.

You can contact valve to get new lenses for your old HMD. Won't be free, but probably faster than waiting for the new model.
As for what's wrong with your setup: You'd be best off learning how shit works. VR is an enthusiast hobby. You'll get much more out of it if you understand the tech involved. Also consider learning some basic 3D editing and how to use Unity or UE4. If you like exploring other peoples virtual worlds, you'll love experiencing your own.

are you the retard that keeps on going about his nigger prebuilt and his faggot asus monitor

And why would I want "these days" games?

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Vr is fucking amazing if you love (or used to love travelling when married) and have since become agoraphobic as fuck to where you don't want to leave the house. In a few years, hoping the tech gets to where you can tour almost anywhere in the world. You can already do almost any city in the world on street view.

Used to love seeing European Cathedrals, hopefully the thieves and scumbags who run the catholic church now will let them film all the cathedrals and the vatican in VR for shekels before fucking muslims blow them up. They came within a cunt hair of getting Notre Dame last year and the press barely noticed.

I like weeb shit like tomato, nioh, dark souls.
I'm also looking forward monhun world and that one front mission spin off.

It ried mate Totall is like $350. The new one coming out next month is a lot more powerful and improved in every way. To blow $350 or more and then have a far better version coming out in mid April seems insane. I forget how much better the pixelation is but its major.

VR is never worth your money.

When I built it I was living with 2 other degenerates and basically trading parts depending on what people needed. I wonder how many shekels will have to spend to make the fucking thing work properly with the motherboard and CPU. Am I correct in thinking the motherboard is a bigger priority than the CPU at this point? I knew the ASUS Motherboard was shit when I traded for it, but was desperate just to get it up and going at the time.

You need to consider both.

You probably need the right kind of autism to enjoy it. But, I could have spent ten times the price of my whole system for the first ten minutes of walking through one of my TS3 worlds in VR, and I would still feel like I got a bargain.

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if I do keep it will check with the guys on overclocked. Most of them are in 30s or 40s and either work in tech (but aren't cucked) are are into flight sims or that kinda shit and they know their business. If anyone ever needs real help with a tech issue, recommend going there bc you won't encounter any of the edgy teenager bulllshit you will on here sometimes when you need real help with something.

thanks, wrote that one down to consider. Haven't been able to get subnautica to work on VR but meant to be amazing according to people who have.

For some people it's more than worth it. The idea that you could walk around and interact with the Enterprise-D from TNG is the only thing keeping them from ending it all now that modern Star Trek has been killed.

Otherwise I agree with you as the porn isn't very good, the games are just glorified tech demos and the hardware required/googles themselves are still stupidly expensive for how lackluster the whole experience is.

For 3200? FUCK NO, use that for smart investments or getting into stocks to generate another source of income. What would I recommend? Wait for the new gen which is predicted to come out early at the second part of this year (Julyish), the Titan V is just a public prototype for the Volta lineup. If you get another card, don't because GPU prices are high right now but thankfully are going back done (finally). But if you are going to get one anyways (please don't) then go for a 1070 or a 1080. Of course consider AMD if you can, only reason I stick with Nvidia is because of my expensive monitor with gsync.

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You can just be patient and wait for the next graphics card line from AMD or Nvidia.

Not in the current market.