Legendary bad business decisions in gaming

I doubt even going free to play will save Sea of thieves…. every industry and game development decision was embarrassingly bad. No man sky’s wasn’t no where this bad. I Swear. I wouldn’t be surprised if the PS vita and Wii U were more profitable than Xbox one at this point.

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That tablet thing that killed THQ.

Too many people thought homefront killed THQ. Some gets it.

Nintendo deciding to stick with cartridges for the N64 and the restrictive contracts cost them a shitload of developers. Nintendo, again, deciding to use a weird format for the Gamecube also cost them developer support.

Both Sony and Sega deciding, at various times, to use overly complex processor setups meant it took a long time for developers to figure out how to squeeze out performance out of the consoles.

Ion Storm making Deus Ex 2 and Thief 3 for consoles primarily.

Hiring leftists.
It is still fun to watch them fail every single time.

This a hundred times over. The damage that the LGBTQWERTYWTFBBQ SJW community has done to the video game industry is catastrophic. I don't think it will ever be repaired as it only continues to get worse.

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That’s nothing. American comic book industry is literally almost dead.

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Fuck you.

Holla Forums and the rest of comic books fan are genuine cucks that allowed it to happen.

Comic book fans literally have less clout than the grannies who still read newspapers.

ME Androgynous already killed Bioware Montreal, anthem must be a total success or Edmonton is next on EA's shit list.

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Like we needed anymore proof that comics destroyed themselves for the sake of people who don't read them

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I consider it a good riddance. Bioware should've ceased making vidya a long time ago.

Might be because they're complete and utter cucks that don't even dare call out the bullshit, let alone point out the Jew. Let's not pretend Holla Forums wasn't full to the brim with faggots even before niggerwood started his reign.

And? BioWare was never good and they repeatedly kept digging their own grave. They had the next Star Wars in their hands and shat it up because their head writer had a hissy fit and didn't want to change the shit ending, despite biocucks begging them to change it and being will to pay extra for it.

B-b-but Holla Forums is love!

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Sure they do. They were ignored, because while no one was looking for the warning signs, the comics industry turned into an incestuous shitpile of nepotism and favor-trading. The train picked up too much speed and now no one can stop it. Most of Holla Forums is resigned to watching and waiting for it to finally derail even if it destroys the entire industry. And that's not even getting into what's happened to cartoons.

Just remember Holla Forums: no matter how bad it gets you, Holla Forums is always going to be worse.

when will the lies stop?

There's a reason other fandoms can and get heard and Holla Forums gets ignored, and it has little to do with the industry being a cesspit of nepotism and Jews and everything to do with the fact Holla Forums only started to voice complaints when things got really bad. They were perfectly fine with niggers, faggots, interracial relationships and all the other garbage and only started to care about the pozz when things reached critical mass and it finally dawned on them they were past the point of no return.

Like said Holla Forums always prided themselves on being the "nice" board, and this clearly reflects the general attitude of the anons that inhabited it. We all know "nice" is just an euphemism for cucked.

Well, you have to factor in the subversion.
Not all the whores from the Tumblr raids went back home, some of them set up shop on Holla Forums. The whole Holla Forumsmblr meme had a kernel of truth to it, one only needed to pop into one of the threads on Homestuck to see that foreigners had made themselves at home. Redwood was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Canada is a living example of this

No matter how cancerous things get, remember that it was under developed, over budget, mass produced for a consumer base that didn't exist and that all the different consoles at the time had the same exact library no matter where you looked

Fuck you, hooknose.


Holla Forums is literally Israel.

everything that sega did during the 5th and 6th gen

I distinctly remember telling Holla Forums to ban the Homosuck generals because they were tumblr incubators. I said to do the same with My Little Pony, but Holla Forums was too busy virtue signaling to give a shit, which really just illustrates the attitudes of comic book nerds in general. They always were soycucks more concerned with "proving" that comics were a mature medium with serious minority and female characters than they were with safeguarding comics.

Which is also exactly what indiedevs tried to do with video games, only when they failed they resorted to bullying and muh videogame violence.

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Everybody go home.

I hope you're right, user, but Microshill's been sinking shekels into jewtubers and there are some SoT videos out there with over a million views. If the kiddies actually go out and buy the game it might not do poorly, unless they sunk some ridiculous amounts on development with that
but that would be a real feat given how fucking nothing the game is. A small AA team could've produced it in under two years.

And how were they supposed to stop it? Just like we can't stop developers from inviting Anita to give lectures to their employees, they couldn't stop what was happening to them. Its not something to scorn them for, you should pity them instead. They were the canary in the coal mine. We looked over at what was happening to them and braced ourselves for what was to come.

This. They are simply retarded. I mean, the population is always divided around 50-50 right? How stupid must you be, to speak publicly against 50% of your possible clients? The 50% that buys, the 50% that has money.
I remember this one writer for arkane studio. Back then mike brown got shot. He jumped right up calling white people racist. Nobody even knew what the fuck happened. Expressing a position in total ignorance, by default, is always idiotic. If you represent your fucking software house, you are twice as stupid to express yourself like that. And if the nigger you defended was actually guilty as fuck, then the idiocy goes off the charts. How did dishonored 2 ended up performing? Nobody knows, because nobody even knows dishonored 2 exists.

These developers are dumb people. And dumb people don't fly. They can only make dumb games.

That was clearly their goal in the first place. They were trying the old "bankrupt then buy out" strategy.

MS are fucking scum and good thing Nier helped them recover their losses.

Under appreciated post.

That's easy; they've convinced themselves that it's much less than 50% of people who oppose their views. It's easy to think that way when you confine yourself to an echo chamber.
They think the people they spurn with their comments are an insignificant minority of backwards hicks plowing a field somewhere in middle America.

Leftists aren't particularly smart or talented, they get hired the same way Jews always do, through nepotism. One of them eventually gets hired by a company and proceeds to brownnose his/her way up the HR company ladder until they are positioned to screen new applicants. This is the point where they begin selecting hires not based on merit, but political affiliation (hence why leftists keep their unprofessional attire, tattoos, problem glasses and piercings when going to job interviews, it's a way to identify each other).

Soon enough every part of the company is filled with them, and then they start to complain, threaten harassment lawsuits and generally disrupting the work environment. Now you can't fire them because that would paint you as a racist by the MSM, who are fully in on the leftists takeover scheme, so you're fucked.

Basically, never allow leftists to fester in your community.

We can, it's called a boicott, and it really hurts companies. Look at what happened to every company to lisen to (((her))), like with mirrors edge or that shitty 2d she "endorsed"

Capitalism rules.

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Even worse. They did it wrong. Even EA knows you have to build trust with one hit game first before bankrupting the company.

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Not enough people know about and oppose this shit for a worthwhile boycott to be staged. Several big name devs have had her and other feminist/SJW speakers over and have faced no consequences for it. I don't even think the studios behind Mirrors Edge or Sunset are among those she's spoken at.

That's all besides the point though. The point is that comic fans may not have fought as hard as we have to keep this shit out of their games, but I think the results of our own battles goes to show that even if they did it wouldn't have affected much.

worse than sonic xtreme was ignoring and failing to market dozens of god tier japanese games released every year.

That too. DIdn't they have some kind of "No 2D games" rule for American distribution or something?

kind of yeah. It wasn't a rule it was just something they wanted to avoid for the worst reasons. It's not like the PS1 or the N64 were really exploding with their 2D games, it would have been an excellent niche to occupy.


she was (((advisor))) for Mirror's edge 2 development
and it ended kind of funny
there's this character (((Rebeca))) in Mirror's Edge 2 and she's a full blown subversive commie terrorist constantly spouting marxist bullshit 101 in every chat you have with her, thing is, the heroes of the game consider her an antagonist, an unscrupulous terrorist they have no choise but to join at one point in the game but never trully trust, and rightly so because they end up betraying each other in the end
kinda reminds me of Far Cry 4 where they shoe horned this (((Amita))) character and she was such an evil cunt that it only served to make Pagan Min even more justyfied
leftards are so shit at selling their ideology and strawmanning their oposition that every time they try they make their enemies look good
case and poin
pic related

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The left are a bunch of richfags disconnected from the sufferings of the average white. They will never understand how people can become racist ultra-Nazis. The kikes will make sure they are the last to have Somalians quartered in their homes
sage for off topic

Not to mention the bullshit they inserted into the game itself like a tranny.

And then they tried to use it for marketing. Lmao.


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That's basically how PUBG and Fortnite got popular.

Except pubg and fortnite gave you reasons to keep playing while even normalfags say after 11 hours with full 4man crew the grind feels like a chore in SoT

Do they? I thought pubg had no progression and it's the same shit every time. What reason would that be, then?

You can climb the rank if that's your thing, these games have higher skill ceiling than SoT as well so you can simply get better and destroy scrubs later on while SoT has fucking meele autoaim so the xbox babies won't feel outclassed by pc

Modern gaming: taking cool concepts and driving them into the pit of casualization.

I thought that was chinks.

user, I fear there might be another terrifying component at work. A few studies suggest women hire based on either in their sexual preferences for men or how 'safe' they seem while for women they lean toward hiring those less attractive than themselves.

I wonder what will happen to the player population of all the mobas and battle royales when China's social credit system makes it dangerous to play video games. Because that shit is going to be mandatory in 2020. I know their NEET equivalents won't care but the communist party is about to attempt a massive social restructuring that will probably turn them into an actual cyberpunk hellscape. But with less neon and more toxic smog.

user, wasn't Tencent behind the system they're about to implement?
Now check who's publishing all those mobas and battle royales over there. They'll be fine.

You're right. Treating women like humans was a mistake.

They'll just use the system to Jew the fuck out of the chinks. I bet you anything you'll be able to buy "social credits" with real money no matter how shit your behavior is.

user, we already live in the cyberpunk dystopia, only difference is that the big bad isn't megacorps, but Jews.

There are megacorps, and they are run by Jews, who use their power to influence politics to benefit the megacorps they own. It's all the same shit. It's just not "obviously villainous megacorp who puts the same name on all their products" like in the movies. Everything you see on shelves in the US, when you go up the ladder of which corporations own what, is made by like… seven corporations. All the small ISPs who are "competition" to the big name ones are just renting their bandwidth, you're still giving them business. Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, Škoda, and Ducati are all owned by VW. Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Ferrari, Jeep, Lancia, and Maserati are all owned by Fiat.
Megacorps already exist but nobody realizes it.

A simple 2-step litmus test to know whether a company is marxist or not:
1) Does it have Human Resources?
2) If so, do any women work in Human Resources?
If yes to both, congratulations, you have more targets for your firing squads.

you do remember it was shit right?
you do remember it didnt had a qt little girl controlling dinos right?

What do you mean, user? I can choose between Pequod's or Queequeg's, and they're rivals, so there's obviously no such thing as a megacorporation. You're just being paranoid.

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Some affiliate of Tencent is doing one of the pilots programs, yes, but so is Alibaba and I believe 6 other companies. Their government is going to do something in 2020 to consolidate the databases and credit system.
And bear in mind the Communist Government views playing video games as a social ill. Their government is actually concerned about churning out enough productive future members of their society to keep things running. They've seen what has happened to us and would rather have a second Cultural Revolution than go through it.

China's cyberpunk hellscape is going to either destroy them or infect Europe. I'd say Africa as well, but lets be real China is going to make apartheid look like the EU's multiculti propoganda future.

At the end of the day there is the Party and the continuation of the Revolution. The companies are just a part of the Party, a very lucrative part with fleshy replaceable parts running it.

I deeply apologize for causing a sudden shift in this thread towards Holla Forums so polite sage. I would bring up Destiny 2 to be on topic but not even the diehard nuBungie fans or the guy in charge of making it care about that game it is such a fucking failure

Chinks are terrified the liberal pozz that is ravaging the West will get a foothold in their country and take extreme measures to keep it out. If nothing else I believe they will be spared our fate.

Let's be honest, Europe will come up with a more fucked up version of this that will punish you for getting pronouns wrong and not uploading yourself sucking tranny cock at least once a month.

You first need to have actual infrastructure to create a hellscape. The niggers will simply starve to death once the rest of the world descends into a full blown dystopia.

I hope I live long enough to see the chinks show the niggers what merciful masters they are.

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It's almost like they've been preparing to shut down the game for 10 years now, slowly stopping development and disabling stuff.



Pretty sure he means neo pets

Oh, I completely forgot about Neopets existing.

It's ok user, surely the new heads of the site will do something to fix it, right? r-right?
This new Charity Corner is absolute bullshit, and I sincerely hope between it and the plot that's drug on for 7 months it will be the final nail in the coffin.

"of" can also mean "from"

So the sea could have been created by a heck of a lot of thieves pissing in a hole. It would then be a sea of thieves

Its a self solving issue you pansy.

I'm sure Nintendo betraying Sony for Phillips is still the number 1 vidya mistake of all time.

Sega kept fucking up their consoles after the 16-bit era… I wonder if the Dreamcast would have had a chance if Sony wasn't making consoles back then.

still the best timeline

You don't really even do much thieving. It's mostly fetch quest and trading to have gold for overpriced customization that has no character progression so the title of the game is already a lie.

Also that betrayal went nowhere, since they didn't use a CD for none of their following consoles. I can only imagine what a CD Nintendo 64 would have been like.

>Look at what happened to every company to lisen to (((her))), like with mirrors edge or that shitty 2d she "endorsed"

You forget the part where all companies keep hiring aposematic whales for some goddamned reason.

Mother fucker, I'm to tell you the story of D2 despite being sleep deprived
>Super dedicated reddit infested fan base for first game, excused every fuck up bungie made, worshiped the director the series Luke Smith because he accidently made a fun raid and a DLC with good background lore that was promptly ignored or rewritten, but we'll get to that
>You are no longer a space wizard because that isn't fun to watch on twitch, says their lead of PVP First game has a higher twitch viewership and, I suspect, overall population
>The character was written by a SJW Marvel comics writer who is so bad the Black Widow comic was canceled because of her ineptitude so basically he was utterly irrelevant and the tie in webcomic was universally hated
And on tuesday the second DLC hits, the player population rises, and then it tanks even harder the following day as everyone that bought a season pass uninstalls the game for the final time. The one good thing about D2 is it has made a few thousand more people refuse to preorder and buy season passes.

will they ever make it?

That dialog is so good and correct I can't believe it was written by leftist faggots trying to portray a villain.

It almost makes one ponder whether or not competition is a myth and that the entire industry is actually a racket.

That's 99% of companies these days.

Can some one give a quick recap on what this THQ tablet happening was? I seriously have no idea, and the search engines are a bit unreliable on this kind of shit.

I believe the E3 2013 show on xbone was the biggest bad business decision ever. The thing that makes it so juicy, is that they believed that this kind of distilled to perfection, super-powered, consumer-rape-fest, is the future.
It still might be the future, but not quite yet.

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Damn, that's a complicated story for a Dreamcast game

Weird how everyone seems to forget about this while stuff like the Gizmondo or that one console that never even came out it remembered.

perhaps making and then cancelling scalebound was really a move by micro$oft to get rid of their competition without buying them out
if platinum games doesn't make good games, then the masses won't know what a good game is, meaning that micro$oft can have third-worlders and SJWs make awful games that make big bucks because of their brand names and their premises and microtransactions and such

That is exactly what happened, I guarantee it. Microsoft is so large and well connected that they could bleed pretty much any other company dry if they wanted to.

Massive Entertainment after releasing one of the best RTS-games in a long long time, decides to sell out to Ubisoft.

Plan failed though if true, because Platinum went from that to making Neir:Automata and now Bayo 3

Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask would have gotten bigger worlds and more elaborate cinematics.

Best part about FC4 is that you only have to "play" for 15 minutes to get the best ending.

I thought the story was that they tried to pull Bethesda and buy a platinum

Thanks for writing that user, really appreciate it.
This condenses the absolute state of games with redditmorons trying to make their favourite dopamine dispenser a "cult game". And devs being so shit, that they promise ANYTHING that those loud retards want, just to get that little boost on sales. And obviously they can't deliver on those promises, because they where based on what "fans" want, not what can be delivered.
This is not how you make a MP-game live a long life. This is how you dress up a dead corpse and shock it repeatedly to make it do a twitchy encore dance for the fans to pay for.
I don't why the fuck this happens, but it's depressing. Fuck.
Pic. completely unrelated.

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They must have truly been retarded if they thought they'd buy out a Japanese studio.

Daily reminder that pic related saved Platinum from bankruptcy.

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Holy shit! Thanks for the link. You are right, this is completely forgotten, and that is absolutely horrible.

The whole "figure this shit out" and "develop games for it" was all pushed to THQ. I think this might have been a deliberate choice to kill and scatter the company - I see no other option really. Shady corporate politics, what else?

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I remember the Gizmondo clearly in gaming mags, but I never heard of the uDraw tablet and I considered myself a THQ fan. Jesus, that thing looks like a block of styrofoam.

Sea of Thieves is what happens when you have retarded liberals who scream about diversity and safety and "Clean fun" all day long

You get an extremely bland and hollow game with no content where the goal is to have "Fun" and there is absolutely no motivation or goal to be competitive because there is no penalties for losing and there is no benefits to winning

I'm surprised games like Fortnite and PugB are even made today, more impressive is Fortnite battle royale was created simply because EPIC games was literally circling the drain and they all but threw out their kid friendly zombie horde mode tower defense game and instead embraced players drive to be the best of the best in a game and it's making them mad fucking cash now

Players want to be competitive, they want to surmount challenges in games, but when you have absolute fucking retards like David Cage making games and being thrown literally hundreds of millions of dollars to make his shit and he's openly running around telling publications "I hate Game Overs, I feel players who get game overs is a fault of the game developers and not the player"

Look at the shitfest revolving around Lawbreakers, a game that came from one of the top FPS/TPS shooter designers of this century turned into a giant cuckfest of "Diversity" and "Fun" and "Social Interaction experience". It flopped so hard the shock waves it's crater created is still resonating throughout the entire industry as a giant wake up call that SJW's can and will kill your entire fucking company

Also guy the problem with Destiny 2 outside of SJW devs who refused to put player chat in their games for fear bad words might make it to their impressionable minds and they wouldn't vote Hillary in 2020 is that Bungie blew literally most of the BILLION dollars they got from Activision with the first game and it's DLC, and you're correct that D2 is being manned/developed by a skeleton crew at Bungie to patch the game and to create content. The shit with the SJW writers etc might have had serious impact of the Destiny player base IF PEOPLE WERE STILL FUCKING PLAYING IT TO REACT TO IT

Seriously, I think the PC playerbase last checked was hovering somewhere around 90K people, and consoles is a literal ghost town and all these upcoming changes is a mad dash to bring back at least some D1 players, but when D2 content is so fucking safe and boring nobody fucking cares because the challenge gamers crave will never be found in it so they all went to Fortnite/PubG/Back to Overwatch

End result is Destiny 3 Bungie has maybe 100 million or so to play with for it's development, which is why D2 was such a blatant attempt lootbox attempt because they were so desperate for revenue, and I guarantee either during Destiny 3's development or soon after it's release Bungie will be near bankrupt/be bankrupt and get bought up

It won't ever be repaired.
the amount of information collected on all of it will always be available, and in turn, people will always nurture a rightful hate against the industry because of it.

Leftists aren't even 10% of the population, user.
Never believe in the lies of the media.
They are a small minority that is only speak loudly and all the time.
And they manage that because of the deformed kikes backing them up.
It is even more idiotic, as developers actively spoke against 90% of their customers, to appease 10%.
See the current bankruptcy of Toys R Us.
the deformed kike that owned it is even dead (cheers), but the idiot donated to Planned Parenthood, to increase the amount of abortions in America. The result: less children, so less toys sold. Then, bankuptcy.

Which is a good thing.
The giant control that the 2 big ones had will end, and there is chance of newr comics being made by talented people (that is, White People) and maybe we will be able to get hid of this jew infested medium and recreate it to our tastes, without characters made by jews to turn people into leftists.

Any company that grows too much will actively fight to end competition. That is why it is imperative to never let smaller, still good companies to grow too much. But only after taking down the giants.
True competition can only last while everyone is small. And they must be kept small, forever.

There is no such blind idolatry.
If they always keep going back to this failed industry, it is because they are interested in it's propaganda potential, and not the quality itself.
They are not fans. They are hired militia.

Soyboy exposed.
They cold have FOUGHT.
-Refusing to buy.
-Organizing massive boycotts.
-Going to cons to denounce leftists.
-Register on camera every single panel while attacking leftists on them and putting them all against the wall by pointing out their bullshit.
The list goes on. No human being shall pity the weak.

"It would not work."
And that is why you fail and why you don't deserve any pity.

And both are reason enough to act against them and make sure that everything ends for them, so they can never return to neither medium.
"Mature" is just a code for "subversion approved by jews".
No entertainment needs to be mature.
All MUST be fun, and that is all.
If any fanbase purses "maturity", it is guaranteed that it already has jews and leftists infesting it, and their pursue is just part of their agenda, and not a will to improve the medium.

Not passing any judgement, but I was watching DSP play Sea of Thieves I am addicted to failure and it does seem more competitive than I expected. I watched him get annihilated by some cheeky crew that camped outside of the outpost he started on as soon as he left the dock on his first quest. Then at another point he was completely cucked out of his objective (find chickens on any given island) by yet another crew who got there first and stole all of the chickens. It seems like they wanted to take Guns of Icarus and make an adventure game out of it. The quests seem like they get old after a few hours of play time though, and it is POWERFULLY padded with sailing time. Like, even worse than Windwaker.

But there's no penalty for losing, no benefit to winning

Even getting your ship destroyed, which should be something major is fucking nothing to the game

I just think it's funny that a console literally funded by the Swedish mafia gets talked about more than the textbook definition of typical starry eyed casual chasing publisher hubris.

Guildwars 2 brought a fuck ton of SJW writers and designers onto their team. They skullfucked the lore of the first game and are the reason we got demisexual plant elf faggots over bad ass bird people.

Also the game part of the game was trash.

I've seen some screenshots of that game and it looks like someone took the tumblr style of "just throw color around willynilly like you're freebleeding" and decided to actually put some effort into it for once. Was a pretty big red flag for me and I'm glad I didn't get suckered in since MMOs are my Achilles heel.

Yeah, that was the other major problem I saw. What's the reward for looting random islands? A small amount of gold? Random chance for a piece of gear? No, it's just fucking cannonballs and health items, literally the bare minimum to keep you playing the game.

People forgot LUCAS ARTS their suits made the most horrible decisions, damage and mistakes. And this all started in 2004 by cancelling all Point&Click adventures and later on ignoring almost finished Star Wars games despite demands.

I've heard that George Lucas himself is mostly at fault. Rumor has it the reason that the main character in Force Unleashed is named Starkiller and is generally an edgelord is entirely thanks to him walking in on meetings unannounced.

P&C adventure was a long-dead genre by 2004 though

You can steal loot and supplies off other players' ships, if they have any. I believe you can also find random small loot on islands, but you can only get the big stuff by taking quests or raiding fortresses when they're randomly "ready". The real problem is that loot only does two things: let you buy purely cosmetic items, and let you buy more quests to get more loot. There's nothing to progress towards, except getting more lucrative quests.

I'll have you know Garfield: Attack of the Mutant Lasagna was met with rave online review.

So you don't even get better weapons like a blunderbuss or different melee weapons? Fuck me, what the fuck did these idiots do with all their dev time? Shitpost on Platinum Games forums? I definitely expected there to be at least a small variety of weapons based on how the armory was set up.

So what did you expect? Holy fuck! Your post sounds like a facebook blog. This is an anonymous illegal cockfighting registration phonescam, so be more specific. Also:
Is best choice the devs ever made, since this is a multiplayer game. You make it sound like you want to teleport to next encounter, you fucking retard.
Extended sailing time is the best way to make this game feel like a real game. It's fucking atrocious shit, and cannot be fixed. But let's pretend for a paragraph.

On a long journey, boredom makes people do the stupidest things. Like gamble all their money with other crewmates. Maybe try that super hard crafting that takes 3 minutes simonsays in game. Maybe just fix the ship and train sword fighting. I'm pulling this shit out of my arse, so there might really not be anything like this to do in the actual game.
The coding and the engine are fucking amazing, or so I've heard. Too bad you can't really enjoy them with this PoS.

Attached: Face28.png (666x666, 335.65K)

You heard wrong.

Unlike the beta, the blunderbuss is unlocked from the start. You only get the one type of sword, too. You have absolutely nothing to build towards. All clothing is cosmetic. All the different buckets, compasses, mugs, etc, are purely cosmetic. You don't even buy better ships. You're automatically given a ship when you log in, the size of which is determined by how large a crew you're rolling with. You only get a full-sized galleon of a ship if you have a four-man crew.


I'm guessing you haven't seen casual games lately. I was expecting Trove with shitty cartoon pirates, i.e. super easy casual co op game where everyone gets tons of loot and flashy rewards all the time.
Uh… OK. I am a master ruseman, I guess. You chose to be mad.

That's why I gave up on Western writers for the most part. They're so busy trying to outdo each other in the pretentious and cuck department they forget to write a fun story.

Best example is Joe Abercrombie, who is the living embodiment of the typical Western writer. All the characters in his books are disgusting people you can't help but hate, they constantly fuck up, they constantly engage in morally repugnant acts, there is no moment in the story you can actually sympathize with them, cheap profanity is everywhere so the people reading this trash can pretend they're consuming mature literature, scatology is also a prevalent element so you know he's a Jewish golem writing Jewish propaganda. What's the fucking point of bothering with something like this? I'm not a masochist, I want to experience stories that are fun, not this depressing filth.

user, a fucking paraplegic toddler could win against DSP.

Leftists approach development of games the same way they approach running countries. And by that I mean ideas and competence starve just like the goyim do during a 5 year plan.

The point I was making is that they literally camped outside of the starter island.

How does that prove the game is competitive in any shape or form? They kept fucking with a certificated spic retard by camping the starting location, which only proves the game is going to be a grief fest like the Division once it launches.

Most non-competitive games don't allow griefing, or even open PVP for that matter. You even lose all your quest items when your ship sinks. Are you being intentionally daft?

Are you retarded? Conspicuous griefing is just proof the game was badly designed.

Alright, you are being intentionally daft then. We were talking about spawn camping remember? Even Rainbow Shit Siege, a game which is "supposed" to be competitive tries to mitigate this (and still fails, but of course they try).
You seem to think I am talking about Counter Strike levels of competition even though my posts clearly indicate that I was not. Again, I was expecting an extremely streamlined game with "wasting the players time" (losing all your quest items, dying due to circumstances mostly out of your control) being forbidden. Instead it's the opposite, the game apparently seeks to "maintain" players by wasting as much of their time as humanly possible with no reward. This game isn't going to appeal to anyone.

That is true. But in fact this reminded me of an old iPad, Android, something-game, maybe over 5 years ago, that had pretty much the same art style and same game play. It was obviously 2D, but looked and played really well. It was a lot simpler too, but the main gameplay was that you formed a crew, got a ship, went on a lootfest, and fought other lootfesting crews.
I think the game was fairly popular, atleast for awhile. If you know this game, tell me the name! It had some really good agdg-design choices in it.

Sorry about this. Your post was just so coherent, and well articulated that it got my eye bleeding.

Attached: Face21.png (555x666, 274.57K)

The act of preventing another player from progressing is still a competitive act, even if it's the bare minimum. There is competition in the game; it just barely matters. All it means is that some players will need to play longer, to get their cosmetics, after being raided by another crew.

Reminder that this is a full-priced game, where you can't even freely customize your character, that they plan to add microtransactions to, if I heard correctly.

You forgot the game's ad campaign. Apparently they didn't think the gameplay could sell because none of the ads show any of it. It's just B (or just high C) list stars endorsing it without saying anything about it.

Disney Interactive was basically a long chain of shitty decisions.

You can't make a difference by bitching if you're still buying it. That's the problem; comic book fans are usually idiots who will just fucking buy it anyway.

wait they got sued, got any news to read? I want a laugh.

Attached: CISbusters died.png (1262x657, 393.78K)

You mean that one black girl that has been in all the progressive games as of late?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (869x846, 192.03K)

Bungie has, or had, a tradition of doing live action advertisements that are pretty good.

The sad fact is that if they had just stopped at the Wii version and didn't make a 360/PS3 version they would probably still be around.

The stories about last LA seem to be that the suits were movie executives who couldn't understand game development and were also complete "yes men" types to Lucas. I think there's a stories of employees having rehearsals for meetings with Lucas.

Diversity is definitely a reason why it flopped (among many retarded decisions) but they did not shy away from skill (see: "skilled af"). In fact, they tried to market this as one of the main things that made Lawbreakers better than Overwatch etc. That said, I agree that a non-competitive game design is one reason why Sea of Thieves is shit.

I like you

except for the fact that it's a 3d game you can walk around in, sea of thieves is kind of puzzle pirates if you took the puzzles out.
that game had you make a group, man a ship, fight sea battles, then land on an island and swordfight to get treasure. iirc it actually had a lot more quest variety than sea of thieves does.

Same user here.
I have abandoned western entertainment completely.
I still read news about it, but i don't consume anything from it. Not even for free.
What you described is pretty much all of current western literary "works" (propaganda). The same with Martin's Game of Thrones, and Bernard Cornwell's deconstruction of classics to turn them into scatfests with rampant hate for beauty and filled with repugnant characters.

Lucas was the sole reason for the Fall of Lucas Arts.
Even though Disney is making worse Star Wars movies than George's prequels, he still is a literal man-child that only cares for presentation and visuals. He stormed meetings and demanded rewrites of plots to include dead characters fighting in different timelines just because he liked their visuals, all to accommodate his deranged mind and his need for "cool looking characters fighting together".

And that is reason enough for that industry to end completely.

Don't be a faggot.

Turning Sleeping Dogs into an MMO called Triad Wars and then cancelling it killing the series forever.

Attached: say it one more time fucker.png (960x862, 560.31K)


learn how to fucking reverse image search you faggot.



Had the original release been decent nobody would've cared about the game. Making a piece of shit, intentionally or not, and then rebooting it into the safest bet possible turned what would've been yet another forgettable WoW clone into an underdog redemption posterboy that helped inflate it's success. Don't expect them to ever pull something like that of ever again though.

Pretty sure hes asking for a source to that claim, not the image. Because I'm curious about this "Triad Wars" as well.

The Vita memory card is a good recent example. The absurd price was probably one of the biggest things that held back the system in its mid and late life. There's a price point where even someone as stupid as the average consumer will refuse to pay, and Sony clearly crossed that line. Combine that with localizers almost always choosing to release digital only in the west, and it's no wonder the system never went anywhere. The icing on the cake: rather than realize the Vita failed because Sony had priced themselves out of the tastes of the average consumer, they assumed it was because people preferred smartphone games.

Even our Holla Forums has a large number of Gwenpool apologists.

Bitch better have a dick

Attached: 1454884379428.png (556x592, 334.15K)

The entirety of Atari after the 2600.

Oh shit I remember that.
For awhile I legitimately confused that thing with the WiiU before I found out the WiiU was a console and not a drawing tablet for the Wii.

It's funny how the PSP saw a resurgence in popularity when it became a cheaper handheld alternative with a thriving homebrew scene so they decided to follow up on that by making the next system more expensive and even more locked down. They had to know because they made the exact opposite of a good decision.

Don't forget how they suddenly stopped producing the PSP despite it still selling well.
Fuck Sony, they intentionally killed that thing early to push their shitty handheld nobody wanted.

>the fucking WiiU is there

Attached: kermit laughing at your pathetic life.jpg (262x263, 9.98K)

Something tells me Nintendo is going to go into a manufactured "failure" to "success" console cycle now.

Vita is good now that it's more or less fully broken though. Only gotta wait for 3.67 support now, and the 3.65->3.60 mai fiasco means we might not even need that.

Well it was their mistake of not announcing it or commercialize it properly and everyone thought it was a Wii accessory. And people say that the GC was their biggest plop.

Attached: Thwomp Whomp.png (500x344, 29.63K)

He's not a spic, he's a guido. There's a difference you nigger.

Attached: N64 Disk Drive.jpeg (400x314, 103.76K)

If you hear a guy start complaining with
that guy is a faggot every time

Attached: Screenshot_20170926-192619.jpg (1242x1674, 545.2K)

There are even less of you goons. And, though you're enjoying the view from the top of your ivory tower, the base is beginning to corrode from all the shit you've been flinging downwards.

Attached: spergkin raep.webm (760x428, 436.25K)

Did it go to shit in the last few issues? It was a fun romp at the beginning of the run…

That damn memory card bullshit is what kept me from buying it for several years. It's one of my favorite systems, now. Fucking stupid Sony.

I like strong female characters but they always seem to be interested in men who are stronger than them, and I don't like that.

Honestly, I probably could have just posted the picture. After the Genesis, SEGA has done almost nothing but fuck up. Even when they do something cool, like start bringing many of their games to PC, they fuck it up with something, like shoving Denuvo into a lot of them.

Attached: SEGA_logo.png (3066x1024, 318.34K)

Sorry you can't handle the truth, as long as normalfaggots exist so will shitty companies and business practices.

Attached: Butthurt.png (640x480, 418.24K)

Attached: f713823d6910e1fe6b731775c42a3b6dcd838987638ea1975025faf8a0d2f436.jpg (300x192 27.51 KB, 1.36M)

Someone post the comic

Attached: DmC ending.gif (972x1408 1.81 MB, 432.29K)

If the N64 had used CDs, we wouldn't have all the romhacks like SM64O or Star Road, memory/value/frame hacks and exploits, or gimmicky accessories like the Transfer Pak.
It didn't sell, but it was a blessing for autists nonetheless.
Still though, i think Nintendo should have made a CD-Addon for it, instead they oddly chose to make a floppy drive instead, which stayed in japan and just had a very few games.

It's funny to me about how that flopped but black panther did fucking amazing.
Proving once again that black men are better than jewish women.

Attached: EHfuckedwiththewrongcommunity.png (1024x536 64.03 KB, 75.87K)

Could also well be that admittance to one's own faults is seen as a weakness, rather than a sign of wanting to improve.

On that note, one of the few good things SCEA did for the Vita out here was finally just ask owners what games they actually wanted to have out here, resulting in them pressuring particular companies to bring the games that got high requests over. Too bad Bamco didn't care to keep 8-4 on anywhere near as tight a leash as prior when it came to Tales of Hearts R (being that Bamco really didn't care to bring the game over in the first place, even on the DS years prior), and just let 8-4 have their way with the script instead.

I know kids are prone to playing M-rated shit anyhow and parents are lazy, but I'd think that game would surely have enough of a reputation to keep it out of a literal toy store. But that's just me.

THQ, what the fuck was this decision and who the fuck did it

If you didn't do this shit DOW III would be good

What if I like stronk female characters?


Attached: 3d2f692c501de405f1c5cff8b059b83cbc4560ec8383bc49ac33a13f3d8b3d06.png (296x596 297.82 KB, 76.21K)

More please.

Pffft, like Toys R Us ever followed their rules. They wouldn't put Hatred or DoA Voleyball on their shelves (which makes sense being a family store), but adds DmC: FUCK YOU EDITION or even Diablo 2 (which makes no sense with D2 being a M-rated game).

I also forgot to add that they hired one of the best UMvC3 guys to work with their fighting game division, and all he did was piss everyone off with wonderful gems like, "Who remebers the X-Men?," or, "They're just fucntions;" despite the functions he shilled played nothing like the functions people wanted (Wolvering and Magneto). Oh yea, said guy got fired after MvCI flopped hard only to work at Arcsys now.

Anyway, while I'm bringing up Capcom:
It's fucking amazing. This company needs to die.

Attached: autisticfaggot.jpg (1000x563 145.87 KB, 154.97K)

The best thing about MvCI is that you just know they were planning on milking the fuck out of the game based on the layout of the roster with the last DLC characters.
More marvel than capcom characters without shifting the character around to make it somewhat symmetrical like they did for MvC1.

Attached: mvcinfinite-character-select-screen-dec2017.png (1920x1080, 2.45M)

And they were going to add SjwMarvel characters like Ms Mudslime and TumblrSquirrel to replace guys like Skrull.

Too be fair they never said they would never do another disc. They just said the launch disc will be the only disc you ever need; which they have been keeping their word about so far.

Technically they still lied about that (note technically).

Disney aren't completely innocent in this either. Don't forget "No one remembers who Wolverine and Deadpool are, here's some Inhumans instead." because they're still assmad Marvel made a supershit deal with Fox a couple decades ago.

The blame game is still going on among Disney, SJWMarvel, the fgc, and Capcom. All three of them don't want to be held accountable. The best thing about SFV and MVCI being shite is it showed people how scummy the fgc is in and out of SoCal even though a lot people knew that.

I can see that happening, but I'd like a source on that.

Attached: 20171212_182706.png (268x327, 84.9K)

Attached: letitburn.gif (500x221, 980.87K)

Odd, I could have sworn there was something about him joining Arcsys. I might be wrong on this one.

I..Is he telling the truth, Holla Forumsros?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (668x1764, 416.49K)

Can Holla Forums not into multiplayer games? I always see this retarded "No progression" argument. Like grinding away at pixels is a good thing runescape is a shit game. Maybe some people would rather play against thinking humans than AI that will do the same thing over and over again since there's an actual element of random to it. Not to mention skill levels vary so you can either stomp or be in an uphill battle (something e-sports MMR has ruined)

I don't even play pubg, and yeah, every multiplayer alive these days is either aids, or the community has played it so hard to death it's a cesspool of meta. It's just the attitude on here when it comes to multi-player is so fucking retarded. There was a time when multiplayer didn't suck.

Attached: 6f74225609cd71c3f0854215b3d2282a744e4f0f64b0eec2a893dc826df7c8a7.png (283x324, 90.37K)

They did the same thing with Seth Killian for SF4, and they're gonna keep doing it because apparently everyone besides me is fucking retarded.

Except Seth didn't go out of his way to fuck with the community like Chris Svennson and Combofiend even though he was told by Capcom to give those answers. Peter was hired to talk about the games and deal with the community. They threw him under the bus by firing him, but with the shit storm that happened, it would be suicide just to say he got fired (hence why they said, "he left"). I'm still trying to figure out how John D. has a job.

Shina's human form helped get me into /fit/ gals

Attached: Shina the Leopard.jpg (1024x768, 137.19K)

If I told you "one of the guys behind Crash Bandicoot" would you believe me?


Attached: cliff (1)

the tablet was already happening and rubin took over the company before it fell apart. rubin didn't have anything to do with it.

The point of a boycott is to tell people they should stop buying from a company, or not buy a product. A game having a shitty release like ME:A is a perfect example of this: the game didn't fail because there was some organized "boycott" tell people not to buy it, it failed because it was an awful game and people got wind of it before release.

The only thing similar to a boycott I can think of in recent memory is Battlefront 2017, and even then the loot box predation was so bold and poisonous it was effectively the same thing.

That kind of behavior is embarrassing. It's just chivalry, or worship of the feminine, only without the self-awareness.

You forgot the part where Bungie halved the XP rewards of every enemy, but the numbers which popped up were the same. One guy noticed something was up and counted the pixels on his TV for a week and a half and made a dozen charts showing where his experience bar should be compared to where it was.

That nonsense killed Lawbreakers before it was out. Did people not learn from Mass Effect's death that lefty SJW shit that you see in the movies does not fly in games. The liberal elite might slap you on the back but your game will fucking flop harder than a Magikarp.

Attached: Magikarp.png (250x141, 39.55K)

Who even defends Xbone anymore? I generally only see it owned by total casuals who don't care for gaming and just happened to buy one instead of a PS4, and the only guy I know in my country to actually exclusively game on it this gen is a 30+ year old manchild who spends his time online autistically screeching on online forums towards kids literally half his age who don't consider GTA IV the best and deepest game ever made.

China has more affirmative action bullshit than the US. You need a full score on the Chinese SAT basicly to get into a a school in Beijing as an ethnic han. You get in as a minority just by writting your damn name on the paper in Xinjiang.
Also the government gives subsidies to ethnic minorities.
That is incorrect. China is like the Iluminatti portrayed in Deus Ex. There is always one main person that is holding up the big players in the industries. The second that person falls, his entire entrouge is purged.

Xi is taking the new Socialisim meme to try and replace America as the world power. Also they made some mistakes in Deng's reforms. Mainly allowing western culture to be a thing there His traditional culture bullshit ain't working for anyone but himself. Everything is still about america this, america that and how it's better than chink shit Which is pure bullshit, the America Qin's I've seen suck. It's too late already for them.
What is confucious values.jpg

I do, I am an ameri Chink who's lived there for half a decade, and also read many a chinese classics. For fucks sake I know more traditional cultural values then some Chinese themselves. I'll still take American as my identity because we have guns, and guns= the ability die fighting for values you believe in than rather be bent over backwards on a table all day

Xi proposed using "political power to solve economic issues". Just look at Hainan airlines. Also, you are forced to use your version of the SSN to sign up for anything. On top of that, the government can arbitrarily ban you from all games if they wanted to, censor all your telecommunications, and track you down anywhere in the last 24 hours and find you within 7 minutes provided you live somewhere that has a population larger than 1 and has a road. You literally have to live in the fucking jungles in Yunnan to be away from the gov and they can still find you.Case in point that arms factory making black market RPGs and helis.

Welcome to the brave new world. Soon enough, we will all be brothers and sisters in this hell hole. Good luck, commander.


People make fun of Heavy Rain, but the amount of effort that went into that game was simply amazing - Fun fact. If you have the "international version" set it to French.

I like Heavy Rain because it's intended as an interactive movie from the get go and everyone knows what's supposed to be. If you complain about it after willingly playing it you only have yourself to blame. On the other hand "cinematic" crap is cancer for poisoning what used to be richly interactive games.

Implying EA doesn't just sue you for Copyright infringement somehow and fucks you over.

I remember when they said the first Destiny would be a 10 year game.

Source please. I need to see this my self.

Notice the shift of tone once 2015 hit.

Attached: Gamesradar.png (843x303 489.36 KB, 20.44K)

While not big enough to be considered legendary, wasn't the last guitar hero game a major flop?

I went to a Toys R Us last friday to see if they had anything worth buying in their going out of business sale and the electronics department was completely ransacked except for some copies of that Dropmix board game, at least two dozen copies of Guitar Hero World Tour, and at least 30 copies of Sunset Overdrive

I'm sure the gamecube's weird-ass controller didn't help much, either. I would imagine it was a pain to take a game that used the ps2 or xbox controller and try to make it work with a controller that has fewer buttons and a weird layout.

I dread what EA is going to do to Titanfall 3.

I've seen polls where they pick a bunch of random people and ask them to describe themselves as left-leaning, moderate, or right-leaning and they usually showed something like 20% left, 40% moderate, and 40% right. Though to be fair, polls do seem to be more hit than miss, so who knows.

It's because leftists have gone so far down their rabbit hole of insane, degenerate bullshit that the harder they try to strawman someone as the most evil right winger of all time, they just end up making well adjusted people with good arguments and reasonable views.

Fuck every Hollywood reject that thinks a virtual toy is the key to being famous and respected.
I'm liberal as any flaming pansy but I would play Hatred a million times before I touch Gone Home or some other non-game. The problem isn't any one person's ideology. The problem is a booming industry of bloggers, "activists" and other useless fools trying to make a buck by commenting on nonsense. Nobody will pay for a fair, unbiased review but everyone will retweet a review with the headline "WHY DOOMGUY NEEDS TO BE A GAY BLACK WOMAN" regardless if they agree or not.

The real way to cure the 4th estate that devolved into clickbait and lies is a combination of allowing anyone to write reviews like on the Steam store page and to restructure news organizations so their income does not depend on ratings/clicks. This is a culture where tabloids are indistinguishable from "the news" because they're all after the same thing and will stoop to any level to get it, without offending their overlords.
Exceptions are Project censored and Democracy Now!

As for the comics industry I hope it crashes and burns completely. Let it die. The Batman has been fighting the Joker for 50 years, anything clever it could have done with the medium has already been done.

Fuck every Hollywood reject that thinks a virtual toy is the key to being famous and respected.
I'm liberal as any flaming pansy but I would play Hatred a million times before I touch Gone Home or some other non-game. The problem isn't any one person's ideology. The problem is a booming industry of bloggers, "activists" and other useless fools trying to make a buck by commenting on nonsense. Nobody will pay for a fair, unbiased review but everyone will retweet a review with the headline "WHY DOOMGUY NEEDS TO BE A GAY BLACK WOMAN" regardless if they agree or not.

The real way to cure the 4th estate that devolved into clickbait and lies is a combination of allowing anyone to write reviews like on the Steam store page and to restructure news organizations so their income does not depend on ratings/clicks. This is a culture where tabloids are indistinguishable from "the news" because they're all after the same thing and will stoop to any level to get it, without offending their overlords.
Exceptions are Project censored and Democracy Now!

As for the comics industry I hope it crashes and burns completely. Let it die. The Batman has been fighting the Joker for 50 years, anything clever it could have done with the medium has already been done. Maybe if they didn't charge 20 bucks for a stack of paper the thickness of a dime it wouldn't be seen as such a meager source of entertainment in the age of the internet.

Niggers like movies. Feminists only like social media. Unfortunately for (((Hollywood))), social media isn't profitable for most companies (How Twitter is even alive is a mystery, Yahoo bought Tumblr to try and turn it around to no avail, etc)

government subsidies and foreign investors.

The problem IS the ideology.
Liberl/leftist ideologies are what make shit like you and your cohorts ruin anything that you try to do.

For the last 25 years, Sega has been a company that has no equal when it comes to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

And my favourite story:

I didn't play the game, give me context on the "Bad guy" and why you would fight him

Attached: killme.png (507x640, 295.16K)

Do you have the original webm of this, or any of the edits?

I just wanted to write an adventure but I can't write well enough to really do it justice.

Attached: 0721259b6b944f105dff55b8d9f9a14654db8b8f83303e9fbc233bcbff48e4b0.jpg (450x600, 36.92K)

haven't heard of the guitar hero thing, nana on-sha made the first music games on the PS1 because there was a hardware quirk that allowed for disc swapping during the game whereas something like the saturn would return you to the bios once the disc lid opened up. The PS1 would continue to play whatever it had in memory until it needed to retrieve something to advance. PS2 even works this way with plenty of games. Nana On-Sha observed this and pitched vib ribbon to sony, saying they could load the game program into the memory and stream songs from CDs so people could play their music CDs to make levels in vib ribbon. Games like Monster Rancher also used it.

Source on this?


they made parappa the rapper/lammy first, but vib ribbon was the logical succession to their existing technology.

What I find really intriguing is the fact that in the not-so-distant-past, say in the 70s and 80s the villains were clearly defined. (((Hollywood))) portrayed them as the stereotypical over the top evil Nazis hellbent on conquering the world while indiscriminately killing civilians and raping women in the process. Some white guy was the hero, saving the day and getting a beautiful girl as a reward. You can argue that's the most common male fantasy and our inherent desire; to be the good guy, the save your tribe and get the girl. It's not the case anymore. Now the average White is the enemy.

That wasn't a CD add-on, it was a magnetic disk like a ZIP-Drive that only held 64MB of data.

I don't even get this gender neutral restroom stuff. They say trannies are the gender they identify with and should be treated as such but then apparently they need special bathrooms?

I blame the jews.

this is just like "bake the cake" situation, the point is that you have to bend over and destroy another form of normalcy in your life. 2+2=5

Yeah I am not even part of gaming anymore really.

I don't understand online games, Twitch or lootboxes.

Attached: 5688-197754681.jpg (456x367, 41.95K)

Watch crowbat's videos on loot boxes and what not, he explains it really well

Attached: 0ba425e5a1568695cf21d337e95abbeeea6258f4eb1669c28c810248f17136c8.jpg (250x250, 14.25K)

I want to not do this if I ever work in the medium.

I'm glad the only comic book series I read was Punisher MAX and that's in. In fact, I might read it again. I'd highly recommend other anons to read it as well.

Bronies went hard in the other direction. They all became the shitlordiest of shitlords after the SJWs fucked with their daughteru and they've only gone harder as time has gone on. Now they pretty much all hate the cast and crew of FiM and it's only their Sonic like autism and their love for their waifus that prevents them from abandoning the show entirely.

Attached: Lcz2zDW.png (479x435, 156.66K)

Holy fucking shit, this guy. Look at this fucking guy. He's either genuinely ignorant of the fact Toys R' Us was the victim of an LBO, and thus has ab-so-fucking-lutely no business talking about this subject, or he is actively disinfoing.
This fucking guy.

>Let's make a sequel, but shit on everything that people every liked or respected about the previous game

Attached: Metroid - Fusion.jpg (640x652, 83.3K)

got any proof of any of that shit? It seems kind of unlikely that a bunch of people whom fap to coloured ponies and watch a kids show like a religion would not turn out to be controlled SJW rabid leftists. Like…basically any fandom.

Hate to agree but this is more or less true. They're all faggots but they're devotion to autism is jaw dropping at times. Even the earliest days had some insanely fucking devoted shit. Also pics are spoilered for a reason. You've been warned.

There's a difference between MLP fans on tumblr and MLP fans on image boards. Unless you see stuff like pics related on tumblr. I wouldn't know I guess.

Attached: out of hand out of this earth.jpg (2000x4500 1.43 MB, 1.76M)

It's not even as good as that; Other Mother Fucker retcons every chronologically post-1 'Troid. Sakamoto's version of events is: Space Pirates are dumb animals when they have no Mother Brain to order them around, so no firthy gajin Prime series, and no Super either.

The delicious irony is, this means Fusion, the thematic sequel to Other M, can't fucking happen. Other M's plot retardation extends far, FAR beyond this, though; somebody will probably have the screencaps with the dozens of plotholes and inconsistencies. It's a fucking circus of how NOT to do videogame story.

Cut to the last couple years, and Nintendo remakes 2 and announces Prime 4, slamming the door on Sakamoto's fantasy of Samus being his pure waifu who goes to pieces after seeing Ridley, a monster she's torn like twelve new assholes for.

that's some fucking dedication…has any other (((fandom))) gotten anything going of any such degrees?Jesus lad.

Now im curious what separates bronies from other fandoms. Is it something we can harness? Can we steer it into something good? Is it just autism?

Attached: 35656235254.png (306x428, 213.85K)

>has any other (((fandom))) gotten anything going of any such degrees?
Google Ken Penders. Also, don't google Ken Penders.

I see complaints about the GameCube controller all the time, I never had a problem with it. In fact, the GC controller is probably the most comfortable to hold in my opinion.

He probably meant the ABXY layout being really nonstandard. It's really comfortable to hold.

This is not a Terraria thread though?

oh fuck me I thought I clicked on the Terraria tab, I have it right next to this one
The fact posted creatures from Terraria doesn't help

Good, the game was shit anyway and racist towards us hong kongers.


I only have myself to blame.

Attached: Life is like a black and white film....png (527x600, 635.96K)

Fuck Penders, fuck that guy hard.
What writer gets asshurt about a comic using characters he wrote for said comic?

And these exist? Mostly I'm just seeing the leftists/retards/marketers with connections jump ship to ruin another company and everyone else leaves the industry.

I will say that wasn't entirely wrong about the initial inroads of MLP having a subversive undercurrent. It's just that it didn't take. The "pegasisters" were hoping that the newly minted bronies would become good little gender nonconforming allies; Things did not go as planned.
Fun fact: the failure of bronies to flip politically and socially was the underlying reason why Ponibooru was taken down by its admin.