Space Thread: Tranquil Rest Edition

Welcome back to another space thread Captains, Admirals and Emperors.

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Also are there any new space games you guys are looking forward to?

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Outer wilds finally had a new trailer, right? That ought to be good.

Star Citizen

Not really new, but star trek online update is what i am looking for.
Playable cardies hopefully soon.

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Fuck, i meant to post this.

I was just about to call your nonsense out.
If X4 is bad, I'll be quite upset.

Devs said people thought x3 was too confusing because it had too many ships to choose from. I wouldn't expect too much.


Freelancer 2

Starsector 0.9
Star Traders Frontiers
Cautiously, X4.


Anyone know anything about that Hades 9 thing Issac Arthur was shilling recently?

Nexus had so much potential

It wasn't the amount of ships but the designations if I recall. M1-8, m7m, ts, tl and such.

What do you anons think about space engineers? I've got about 550 hours in it and while i do have fun, developer stagnation is getting a little annoying despite the fact that I've more than gotten the value for my money.
Also, in other news, I'm going to request (if someone will humor me) an old 2D space game that was freeware, but I can't remember the name. The world was sectioned off into quadrants I think by some kind of laser barrier; you could terraform planets, colonize them, all kinds of stuff. Pretty sure there were planet buster weapons, and a few different ship sprites and races to choose from.

Nexus is the biggest case of blueballs ever for me. It was perfect, then they fuck it all up with the Angelwing shit.

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There's nothing that gets my dick harder than just solar system level war and months of travel between planets and stations at a minimum
Give me Martians or Earthlings fighting off gov't X or Toyoto's Neptune Division sending nukes into GM's orbital facilities on Saturn

The latest update for Stellaris™ of course

I would play this.

Back on earth, some said that two wasn't enough. This will be.

Weekly spaceship, too lazy to render edition.

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Slow thread. Let's spice things up while we wait for a good space game.

Post your ships and empires.


its fucked

Am I missing any good ones? I've heard Stellaris could potentially be great but is hampered by shit devs that have no idea what they are doing.

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dont get stellaris combat a shit


Space Empires IV
Imperium Galactica 2
Star Ruler, not sure how the sequel was

r8 my next captain lads

My last playthrough came to a crashing halt when I surrendered to a military vessel out of habit without realising it belonged to a faction that fucking hated me. One summary execution later, woops rip etc. Also, muting the game music and streaming lofi hip hop radio in the background is well comfy.

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Seconding SEIV


What game?

looks like Star Traders
still in EA

I want to play an star wars fighter sim but i dont know wich, i would try tie fighter but i like rebellion fighter more than than the empire ones.

I want to play a star wars bounty hunter game, with a gameplay similar to hitman but with more hightech gizmos, droids and aliens, where you have to use cunning and your gadgets to catch your mark without stirring up too much trouble with the local cops.

TIE is objectively the best of the fighter sims for star wars, but really why not pirate all 3 since they're on gog and easy to grab

i dont understand the difference between all of them, i know that TIE fighter has career mode whit all your progress, stats and you can ascend between the ranks and also that TIE VS X-Wing fighter is desgined for multiplayer, i dont know about its multiplayer mode.

X-Wing, TIE, and VS all have campaigns
honestly, it's worth playing all of them

Can't you get the Frontier Liner instead of the Galtak. More fuel to travel.

wat gaem

Star Traders

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Flying Microtonal Banana
just beat a very large ship that landed filled with sectoids and floating discs. only lost one squaddie, and managed to capture a commander and a navigator. i didnt capture any leaders because i already got one on an earlier mission so i just killed them with the rest. now im just catching up on research.

Keen basically said they were giving up on SE and starting SE2. It's Mining Wars all over again.

On another note, does anyone remember the Gundam game where you are in an asteroid field as a Zeon Zaku and have to listen to the Gundam murdering your teammates one by one on the radio? You couldn't do anything besides hide.

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X4. I really want to believe that they learned from their mistakes with Rebirth or that it was just some failed console project they shat out for a quick buck, but I'm not so sure. I won't be pre-ordering it or buying day 1.

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Me too user. I will be day 1 pirating until they've patched it to a point that its usable. I just really like how much work they put into the UI and the graphics, but mother fucker if there is head "pop-in" I will have a fit. If they can design some proper fucking models for people and faces it will be Christmas.

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I'd like more done with Halo on the space level

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The Sins of the Prophets mod was mentioned a few days ago. It has you managing the UNSC (or Covenant, if you're a fag) fleet throughout several starting scenarios in the Halo timeline. The Mac guns, plasma weapon devastation, and the 3-1 ratio are all held true. Early game is usually spent slaughtering Innies and claiming their worlds. It's still in development, with the Forerunner faction and hero units yet to be implemented. Must-play.

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Devs for Thrawn's Revenge are aiming for 2.2 release this Thursday. 2.2 has an updated Era progression system, more scenarios, and more ships. No Assertor dreadnoughts till 2.3 though…

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Yeah man, so much potential even for a quick mission-based game in the style of WC.

I will definitely be trying this out.

Anyone know what's going on with Star Control Origins? Did Stardock and the devs finally cool down their autistic screeching and reach an agreement?

Apparently they had an update a few days ago user

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has anyone mucked about with Star Ruler 2? How does it compare to the first game?

They had to push it back to the 12th fairly recently.

How is Gal Civ 3?

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