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Request Anchor.

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Delivery Anchor

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Your favorite vidya character, or character from your favorite vidya, doing something to relax and unwind.

Fuck it. Draw something of Daena from Legend of Mana. Or a gondola version.
or lewds Or lewds of a gondla version

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Requesting a picture of Dagoth Ur, and Kiryu wrestling in the 8chanmania ring. Mark should be in the audience eating a cake.

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Requesting 2B castrating 9S

He's far from my favorite, but he is relaxing now, he is free now, the names have overwhelmed him my friend

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At least this time the OP is not a newfag nigger

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"Your sex chip is now removed"
"I haven't even hit puberty yet you dumb fuck"

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like pottery

I mean technically, it was a banana smoothie, but still.


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Request me something. I'm bored and I'm angry that I haven't gotten gud

Draw pickle rick dressed as mario sucking cuphead's dick.

vidya hooters

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Yw bb

Spreading open Cappy's boypussy

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Think someone wanted colors thrown on this from a previous thread

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Now that's cute

A patient fish.

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gondola taking it easy with a yukkuri

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I don't know what you're doing but it's powerful shitposting.

How about Poppi from Xenoblade 2 shredding on a guitar, kinda like this pic.

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I want to fucking cleave Cappy's asshole until it bleeds profusely


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I'm upset, yet impressed
Drawing hamsters is a pain in the ass.

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Attached: Dan Harmon, when your female writers sue you for rape allegations..jpg (275x183, 7.58K)

wait did the say you hate nazis is like taking a shit man really get sued for rape allegations?
Because that's fucking hilarious

He's microwaving her.

Attached: 15217773447421912819520.jpg (3328x2336, 1.99M)

Literally him.

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You and your gay ass double dubs.

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Best gondola I've ever seen

Got a weird and pretty dark request.
You know how cloud's mom's door is open before anybody comes to search for survivors during the fire Sephiroth set? Well what if right after Sephiroth said "I'm going to see my mother" and stomped out of the shinra manor, he made a fucking B line right to Cloud's childhood home and not only personally killed her with his sword, but raped her while she was impaled. And not only would he be stabbing and raping her, his other hand would be preparing the god damn Fire 3 spell that burns the entire damn town down. If anyone is to draw this, I don't want there to be a single drop of comic relief and there shouldn't be, because it's not a funny moment at all, and he's completely out of his mind.

Attached: sephiroth ff7 remake.png (482x600, 623.34K)

It's time to post gondolas
OC only

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makes sense, good source of food they are

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How go your art gains, anons?
Current project. No decent scan till I've either outlined or rendered. Will probably take a request or 2 next week once I finish up another big piece I'm working on.


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I'm having trouble getting motivated and honestly I haven't even gotten the basics down. Something like what you posted is still far beyond me.

Every time i feel as though i am improving, i suddenly forget how to draw a certain bodypart, or i cannot make the right contour, or the perspective is not correctly grounded to the horizon line, or i just forget the most basic shit for no reason. It's maddening.

Shitpost. Seriously, it helps you feel better, it's like a stream of consciousness converted into sketches.

Do a page or two of quick sketches of something you can always do. For me, I can always do guns and robots no matter how shitty I feel. Once you got a bit of energy going, branch out a bit or maybe practice fundamentals. I can personally vouch for How to Draw by Robertson for all the perspective you need and Constructive Anatomy by Bridgman for human anatomy construction and proportion. If you can't think of anything to draw I could list some basic ideas to get you going.

Use reference for proportions, don't commit until your construction looks good, and redo construction you know is bad. I should follow my own advice more You could always draw gondolas too, especially as an excuse to also work on environments and/or composition.

i tried

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Looks like a tattoo, I like it.

Got a request. Could someone draw Holla Forums's board tan (the one that's a man) in the place of Pink from this scene in In the Flesh. Have him start when he says "are there any queers in the theatre tonight". When he says that one in the spotlight have him point to a green user. When he says that one looks Jewish have him point at mark, when he says that one's a coon make him point at /fur/'s mascot n8 or f8, and pick your own when he says one with spots and one smoking a joint. Maybe /a/ for one cause they're a popular board.

And just make it a comic cause I don't expect you guys to animate. Sorry for big request.

Nice! Thanks, man!

That actually sounds pretty doable.

/r/questing the sea emperor playing chess or vidya with red user

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Please don't make me into a furry user.


Accept what you are.

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hottest shark ever

She has breasts
I don't understand this
Sharks are not mammals
Also nipples are only that erect when they're producing milk, 0/10 no realism here I hate it

Attached: You are already a furry.png (1200x3234, 2.36M)

And sharks don't have human limbs usually either, what's your point?

Can't you just google it and crop them?

Holy shit. Wrong thread completely.

What were you looking for? Ha ha

It was for the 8chanmania thread, I'm doing avatars for my dialogue boxes, ww2 soilder is proving to be difficult

Aw, drawfagging can't help?

Hey I will ALWAYS accept Drawfags for 8chanmania, you wanna draw your favorite victory or anything of that nature I am so down for it.

Peacock and Dagoth Ur still don't have an 8chanmania Belt picture so if anyone wants to do that I'd be super pleased

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Requesting a "Jesus Christ how horrifying" picture using Capitan Briggs and Cranny Faggots from Limbo of the lost

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Attached: gomdola.png (735x857, 112.69K)

Is that dobson?

no he's too happy

I want you to kill it, that's my request.

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I wonder what the kemonomimi version of gondola would be, like if in some anime where the protagonist suddenly became aware of the gondolas everywhere but one got turned into a human girl for whatever bullshit gimmick legs and thighs

You've somehow made a worse Scrappy Doo. Congratulations user.

Requesting the titular Metal Slug

Attached: vlcsnap-2018-02-24-20h26m25s561.png (636x480, 191.43K)

Is that supposed to be a parody of that russian nu-polandball? Polite Sage.


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protip: never try again. just kill yourself

But user, that's a monster girl.

personified max stats (one for 100 str, one for 100 int, etc)

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Ragnarok Online art style was always pretty neat.

Do not lewd the gondola


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pic related but with yuki from orange juice wearing the glasses and QP in the trunk seen in the reflection

Attached: stupid dog.png (640x640 165.87 KB, 42.31K)

Gondola will never know the joys of leg lock.

pic related parody, or template
last panel probably doesn't need text, just a reveal of a character

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Honestly good stuff user!

Requesting Mattias Nilsson slumped over in a Seoul bar, having drank heavily to wash away the pain of his dead franchise. Maybe an IRL peninsula war will save him

Attached: Seoul_bar.jpg (800x1185 89.13 KB, 76.99K)

Requesting Triss attempting to pour an entire bottle's worth of vodka into Ciri's waiting mouth. Level of 'lewd' and 'drunk slav' up to the artist.

Attached: triss 01.png (2560x1600 188.56 KB, 1.69M)

Requesting Spinal busting a sick 200 hit ultra on Sans.

Mood music: youtube.com/watch?v=cIwkc1l_ygk

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The text in that image is Japanese, guy.

All of East Asia looks the same when you put enough money into it

Attached: Tokyo, Hong-Kong, Beijing and Seoul in 2030.jpg (611x480, 79.87K)

If anchors looked like this I'd become a sailor.

for what purpose

That's a poor attempt, yes I get it, but that doesn't even look like 9s wtf.

Not what I expected, but it'll do.

Attached: Vanquish-Review-Sam-Smirking.jpg (1920x1080, 208.54K)

Attached: gondolastock.png (647x877, 92.84K)


Attached: f915132024e35aaa2df1fb50833e815489565f22256a069813eff0f699e389e6.png (255x239, 10.31K)


Attached: Solid.jpg (200x279, 8.46K)

stop now before you go too far. there's still time.

Would this be considered furry?

If anyone has a good background idea I'll try and throw that on

You could also always draw more anchors.

If I could draw like that I'd be doing a lot more than anchors, I just other peoples color shit because I'm a lazy fuck who can't into drawing

Attached: cjiDzvRjtMlMHB7rqWhz-x9_ITrDFg3S2OQ3Dixj5xQ.png (540x663, 519.25K)

like this?

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Attached: nice.jpg (532x542, 102.88K)

Draw the last character you played as doing weird shit I don't even care what
It could be Master Chief slitting his wrists or Doomguy singing karaoke it doesn't matter

Dubs approved.

Attached: hyperspacedubs.jpg (602x481, 42.17K)

Time to learn then. For the cute anchors.

i wouldn't dare user.

Attached: iwouldn'tdare.jpg (720x960, 67.66K)

Is she pissing, because that's fucking hot.

I got impatient.

No, she's blasting flames out her cunt like a rocket.

Pretty sure a squirrel crawled up there.

I'm sorry

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Draw Haydee butt bombing someone you despise

Attached: maxresdefault (7)


Get unimpatient then.

I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about it


You do realize he turns to dust after the first hit right?

I thought she was dragging her ass through the snow and leaving a vagina-shaped lump down the middle.

I want to see solaire riding on a wave of Hamon Or sun energy

Attached: Jolly.gif (200x310, 184.98K)

Beautiful. Thank you much my dude

Brian Fagioli eating out marks
Hot, Juicy, THICK, mouthwatering, tight, hot, milky, wet, moist, irresistible, delectable, flavorful, ecstasy filled
A s s p u s s y

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Attached: Untitled-1.png (246x352, 119.3K)

/r/ing three different kinds of draenei girls like the the pics, dressed as magical girls and posing

Attached: c360f1e9-5c8b-4768-a6a4-8fa40c5da281.png (352x810 229.31 KB, 213.83K)

I can't get off to this unless one of them is tied up and being turned into delicious bologna foreverially and loving it with sausage eyes meatball nose ham lips and loving it

Here a shitty trace.

Attached: m8.png (447x480, 7.8K)

Fool have you never played Killer Instinct? Ultras can only be activated upon death and keep your opponent alive for as long as you can keep the combo going.

So Sans is about to have a bad fucking time.

Draw your favorite vidya character eating a healthy salad.

It's time to post Nigra's.
OC only.

Attached: WOW!.png (3023x2053, 3.43M)

Does drawing from life count as OC?

Attached: Animu To Real Tut.png (650x550, 20.23K)

i was playing Pirate's Curse

Attached: shantae salad.png (896x1096, 195.51K)

salad, mmm

Attached: shantae salad NO.png (885x643, 173.84K)

god damn it i meant to reply to sometimes I think i legit have brain damage

la noche…

Attached: n.png (666x666, 3.89K)

Now just make it ambiguously brown and give it a red nose and call it a popular character and you'll have mastered the tumblr school of art.


Attached: Malevich.black-square.jpg (600x420 41.17 KB, 50.54K)

drew some vidya related stuff

Attached: chunners kikosho.png (575x654 178.1 KB, 148.95K)


Attached: 2854e8173b34eda7a31f05dd81deb5d3f015d06178115637930968c0299982e6.gif (308x283, 93.72K)

You can't handle my waifu.
No one can.

Attached: IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES.jpg (1280x720, 46.27K)

I don't want to be a furry user. I can't see the paws with that pose and if I don't look at the face I can ignore the snout too. The ears and tail I can just pretend it's a catgirl so I think it's safe for me to enjoy this without cross the line. But I'm warning you it's borderline. Good shit user I really like the shading(?) and tone(?).

I like your work I think?

Attached: d34489810fefb965836ccf4bf0c5ccdf6e9ff32776ad390a6ab87963822ddfbe.png (1578x1050, 971.89K)

Alright, if there are any Drawfags on right now who watch 8chanmania I have a request that shouldn't take too much since the art is shit
I need a picture of this cunt, crying, or at the very least emulating this picture.
I don't know that it will actually happen, but I'm hoping with my anus clenched that it.

But if it does, and I have the picture at my disposal it will make the story 1000000x better

Attached: WHY.jpg (200x200 97.36 KB, 37.42K)

Not bad user though you should practice a bit more on the head.

Yeah you need to give good head with art that shitty.

Attached: carlos does it again.jpg (600x600, 33.65K)



Attached: 8533aa6af5ad2039aee2add918a0e.png (1000x649, 177.48K)

I fucking love you so goddamn much in this instance.

That can be interpreted at least two ways

Wow, impressive, user.. and colored too

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1047x571, 431.08K)

that's the point

Attached: my waifu messing with some dragon guy.png (902x662, 99.42K)

That's pretty damn cute.

Attached: doushio.jpg (600x600, 20.3K)

Attached: Oekaki.png (500x250, 5.15K)


Attached: This is a gondola he is more whimsical than spurdo _3f6ae3fba4f74adb5bf30147589fd9d5.png (326x217, 39.81K)

Someone please do this.

Attached: tips hedorah.png (676x572, 282.55K)

/r/ to know why I'm shit, my form is shit, i can only draw with a reference to babysit me, i cant shade ,and it takes 10h to do something that should take minutes

muh loomis isnt a valid answer go fuck yourself

L- Vilppu

I request a knight with a fire bolt in a yellowish beige circle above his head laughing at a wizard


Practice your basic forms and problem areas. Try to build an understanding for visual presentation.

Also, draw the shapes first.

how did I do on the colors


Attached: mayonaise.png (562x631, 183.68K)

Requesting Emi-Nash, that is: Emi Ibarazaki fused with Kevin "I tore my quads" Nash
It's for 8chanmania

Attached: Nash.jpg (793x587 126.04 KB, 1000.19K)

Colors themselves look quite nice.I like the gradient on the heart and the eyes are simple but nice. Little flat overall but I think it's better than going all crazy with something simple like this. Looks good

Attached: lTMXcrc.png (792x882, 387.85K)

I need you guys to post helmets. I need to design a helmet, and I need some inspiration.
Bonus points for dark knights and paladins

someone draw jim personally destroying all little girls

All it really needs to be is Kevin Nash but with the sprinter prosthetics


Attached: 1522044030368955003978.jpg (3752x5376, 4.45M)


Oh, Oh Geez Rick Rick, I don't know if we can save planet Popplumbustar together, I…!! I'll try my best ha ha! I'm not too shabby for a Morxy, dawg, haha

Attached: 15220460298241102734359.jpg (3752x5376, 4.54M)


Attached: nash-ibarazaki.png (450x800, 88.07K)

I dunno, the head always comes out wrong, I cant seem to shape it or the ears properly, even with a character and superior nippon pixiv art as reference. Shading just looks muddy and blurry too. Supposed to be a rockruff

Theres also this wonky ass shit where i have to choose between fur transition and shading? Look how it loses definition.

Attached: unknown-2.png (2000x2000 39.28 KB, 1.06M)

you fucking nigger

Attached: 16.jpg (1456x1038, 351.11K)

What? Nsfw is allowed on Holla Forums if spoiled, anons like smut, and its pokemon related

Yes it is, go do more studies fuckwad.

Attached: in56356365dex.png (440x333, 320.91K)

Time to ruin this thread with shitty doodle.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (800x600, 59.34K)

You're way above my skill threshold, but here is something that I hope helps. Good luck faggot.

Attached: Coyotemange - Fur Tutorial (1)

Also, I recommend sketching on paper more to get a more solid idea of what you should use. Moar guides

Attached: Doxy and Seel - Stylized Iris Rendering.jpg (515x705 61.67 KB, 163.31K)

Also, use real boys as your inspiration, the butt of your animal looks like it's drooping too low, unless it's an artistic choice then I'll leave it alone. I draw some of the guys I talk to, they like their juicy asses being converted into delicious 2D. Always use real world references until the proportions are iron into your mind just enough that you won't need them as often, you can also use different references and alter them to suit your bidding, for example, I can alter the girl in the second picture into a male, or in your case, a furry animal.

Attached: 3a4164e4-f04c-4be1-a5f7-d21c394130a3.jpg (1600x1196 1.1 MB, 1.89M)

If some anons here want me to draw them, let me know, I don't actually care about your body type, if you're a fat fuck then step right up, I want to learn your proportions.


Attached: Agent Hitler.gif (600x339, 4.87M)

Listen here you cunt, you don't just start posting faggot furshit porn and expect people not to tell you to fuck off.

TNA-user here.
I'm laughing so hard I spit out my drink, welp guess this is what it's gonna look like now

I like it. Looks good but maybe your unsure about it cause the lighting and shading are muted. Though you could work on it more and add more contrast to make things pop out more.

Show me a picture of the ss13 clown and Chen honkhonk doing the fusion dance into Cheown?

Amazing user.

This is perfect, you are perfect

Attached: aj_styles_crushes_the_gay_community.gif (368x208, 6.75M)

The butt droop is mostly because I was using this pic as a reference. Actually even my colors I'm using are borrowed from it

Maybe you should use real life as reference for anatomy, or at least an anatomy manual.


Attached: IMG_4632.PNG (640x480, 312.77K)

user, you really should post this in /fur/'s drawthread instead. So far one user is helping you and every other one is expressing their disgust.

He deserves no help. A furry I could stand, but a faggot I cannot.

Attached: IMG_4720.JPG (679x547, 62.81K)

I'd bet /loomis/ would be helfpul too. They're give him shit but also artistic advice.

Probably, but if I remember, /ic/ wasn't the fastest board from back then either, so I imagine /loomis/ would have quite slow PPH, no?

I don't like posting on /fur/ for certain reasons.

Anyways, someone ended up giving me a redline either way, so I can see where I fucked up, and how to give it a little more energy. It's too late to correct it though, but I still need to draw the head which is giving me problems, and also still have that blending issue so I dunno

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (2000x2000, 2.44M)

And we don't like you posting here for certain reasons.
This is a drawthreads for dumb vidya requests, not for you to ask for advice on your furry porn.
/loomis/ is slow but postable, it's about the same speed as this thread is currently.

I am drawing a vidya character and asked for art advice. How does that not belong? Because nobody asked for it specifically? Do you want me to break out a VPN and pretend to ask for it so its (((kosher)))? Calm your tits

Oh come the fuck on user, don't play dumb. You know exactly why you're getting this negative reaction here.
What was acceptable to post on Holla Forums four or five years ago isn't the same now and you damn well know that.

Do you see anyone who could give you advice that they know how to practice in this thread right now?
You're better off seeking out threads on boards that can actually tend to your specific needs.
This thread is meant for drawfag deliveries and not inquiries about improvement.

Also, gas all furries.

Attached: Das Ainsley Gas.png (400x595, 160.02K)

Use REAL anatomy as your inspiration you fucking hack.
If you're gonna be a faggot, at least be a high quality one.

You know damn fucking well why no one wants you here. We even tell the waifufags making porn requests to fuck off, so I see no reason at all to let the furfags shit up the place. Die.

Attached: drinking braixen.png (600x600, 22.33K)

Attached: rapist.jpg (800x598, 71.76K)

For some reason, I pictured this as a dream daddy dad for Emi, then I just got sad.

Attached: vlcsnap-2018-03-03-23h26m21s093.png (628x480, 327.5K)

Your request is now on queue


Attached: c_hooters.png (804x1240, 253.48K)

Good shit

Attached: fc454c95a96de3df09d193e961ea9b684e16ceb8d3f0afcb61c9d5ac183c28e7.mp4 (1280x720, 1.15M)

nice try

Attached: forged.jpg (800x646, 111.9K)

Is that a fucking fidget spinner on his jacket?

It' s a tribelt duh

Can't argue with that, tripsman.

Given SAO's audience, it might as well be a fidget spinner.

Attached: d4eece08387efe995321b6af287668987a6b42758251a5579e0657b506ad7afd.jpg (720x716, 57.24K)

Attached: SHIEET! 2.png (4000x3000 34.53 KB, 4.33M)

here yuo go

Attached: Oekaki.png (500x250, 48.87K)

ah shit i messed up
oH well

lol other way around yeah, but that's fine, I am amused. Thanks, user.


Attached: c93.jpg (600x720, 72K)

on an unrelated note, whats a good program for drawing? i've only started to use tablets and boy i somehow draw worse with this compared to simple #2 and paper

fuck i shouldve went into these threads more often here

Maybe i'll try remaking it someday when i got the hang of this tablet thingie

Krita is free. Paint Tool SAI is still viable but a bit old. If you can shell out cash Clip Paint Studio is the best.

These programs have a stabilization function, which means it prevents pen tremors from registering, giving you a smoother line.

I never claimed otherwise, I am indeed madly in love with fuzzy cuties. Key difference being I don't come in here and make furry porn requests/ ask for help making furshit.

Attached: gondoloa.png (500x250, 4.52K)

Seconding krita, it even has animation. MyPaint is fun on linux but I haven't experimented enough with it. I like the idea of a canvas without boundaries and the many brushes, though.

Attached: mypaint.jpeg (1919x1080, 69.13K)

what is this feeling
I mean come on that was excessively shit

Because I was the one who pointed out the spelling error and thought it was funny

thanks. yeah, I'm a bit afraid of using colors with high saturation. But I'll get over it as I color/value more.

I'll give that a watch, thanks for the help.

Attached: NewCanvas1.png (642x754, 263.88K)

Get out, Bernd.
Just because KC is dead doesn't mean you gotta come here.

Requesting a Quote.

but can you fuck it?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (312x388, 105.77K)

Draw your favorite vidya character with a huge horse dong

Attached: 2157911_Anhes_the_incredible_hunk.jpg (600x1020 196.54 KB, 157.04K)

When will I learn my lesson?

Attached: opening spoilered images.webm (480x360, 267.05K)

Monster Kid has one already…

I've never understood horsefags. They look disgusting.

Evil Gondola!
Hand over the benis and no one gets hurt!

Attached: ic-9669.jpg (874x1015, 166.67K)

Alright thanks, in the meantime i'll just use photoshop

I don't know what kind of game you're playing but here ya go. tbh the dog came out better than the cat
You can thank me by saving this image

Attached: 4u.png (1355x1138, 983.2K)

oh shit forgot to anchor again

How do I avoid shonky linework like this? Otherwise I like how the coloring happened

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I'm so shit that this looks good to me, but if you want advice, then zoom in and erase the extra hairs or make bolder lines.

Work on your line weight and maybe use a program that has a stabilizer.
If you want to go the extra mile work the linework into the colors so it disappears and instead leaves a gradient that gives the illusion of a line by contrasting with the background.

Would it be worth it to do the linework in eg Sai or Krita, then bump it over to PS for the coloring? I've always tried to avoid stabilizers if I could

That's an option, too.
I remember there being a paid 3rd party stabilizer for Photoshop.
The question is, do you want to keep the linework visible?
If yes, then a stabilizer might be your best choice right now.

Out of curiosity, do you draw with your wrist or your full arm?
Usually lines get wonky when you try and force your hand to do lines that go against its natural pivot arch.

If you'd like something to read on this issue, you can probably check out Scott Robertson's books or his youtube channel.

I usually use my wrist. If I have to draw a circle, I do loosen up and try to use my shoulder but it doesn't usually look much better. Either way, if I try to draw a straight line, it usually ends up fairly arced

You can try and counteract that with some traditional practice on some paper.
Mark two points some distance apart and connect them with one straight line.
You can then repeat that digitally.
I found that it helps both your hand and eyes.
The trick is not to slow down and have it be a quick motion.

Here you go, user.

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Ha Ha, an user would need to have really low standards to ever find something drawn like saying those comments attractive.

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If you are talking about by hand with pen and paper then its a combination of working light to dark and dawning with your whole arm at a drafting table and using rulers, compass and whatever other tools you discover. When working with a Tablet it's hard to avoid shaky hands and even harder to not resort to drawing from the writs. I found a plugin called Lazy Nezumi Pro that works wonders. The other solution is to incorporate the sketchiness of your drawings into account for your style so that it complements the design. So, for example, Katsuya Terada or Yoji Shinkawa work. Another solution is to work more painterly as if you are working in Oil and ignore linework altogether.

wast of time to do that.

good advice

yeah, it comes with a demo, and it's pretty good. You can adjust all manner of setting that help to normalize the line so you can adjust it to be a very subtle effect of being very pronounced.

that is an entirely different discipline. Useful advice but not related.

are you the same user who graced us with this?

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Dangerously cheesy / 10

The style is completely different, user.

This poses an issue.

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final boss approaches

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Get him in the van, we'll deal with him.

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