Mabinogi Private Server: We Have Maximum Availability but Now We Need this Stone and Castle Edition

Mabinogi is one of those few MMOs that did it right by not following in WoW's footsteps. This private server is a version of that game before Nexon came in and fucked that all up. Here is just some of what this game has to offer:

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Play however you like. Mabinogi is the kind of MMO that excells at letting you do what you want, even if it means the game kicks in your face. Peaca dungeon is a good example of this.
Fomor Scrolls. Mimics drop their scrolls at higher rates than other mobs drop their fomor scrolls, and the quest for mimic scrolls rewards 12000g in this server. Mimics can be found in dungeons of all kinds, but for beginners, Ciar dungeon is easier to get through than most of the other dungeons, and Randal can give you a Ciar Beginner Pass if Ciar Normal is still too tough for your CP. Fomor scroll quests are sold by Duncan in Tir Chonaill If you grow weary of dungeoneering, you can ask NPCs around town for a part-time job. There should be nearby signs saying when they start allowing PTJs. This server bumped their rewards up to 4x, so these jobs are actually worth doing. These are timed on the in-game clock, and need to be done withing a certain time window. Be sure to do jobs for the church for holy water. Blessed equipment doesn't drop if you're knocked unconscious.
We do. It's called "Smug". You can find our guild stone high up on a hill behind the Dunbarton moon gate. Be sure to click it to contribute GP and donate gold. You can join by applying at the stone itself, or by pressing F, clicking "Guild List" at the bottom right, searching Smug and clicking "Request to Join".
Enemies will drop Red Fomorian Coins, which can be traded in for cash shop items and pets at an NPC named Shyla, who can be found in every town.
There's no way of getting more characters besisdes the extra Giant/Elf cards. Server rules allow people to have up to 3 accounts for the purposes of having alt-chatacters. I don't know what the penalty is for having more, but do so at your own risk. lists known ranks of guild members' life skills. If you have excess materials, mail them to someone working on a corresponding production skill, or you have a need for production reach out to them. If you're not currently in the guild, add them to friends to be able to chat with them 1-on-1. If your info on this list is out of date, post it in the thread or contact the guild leader, Aristrea, and it'll be updated.
Yes, when you use a flyer to warp to a seller's house, the flyer will be replaced with a coupon that'll take you back to the location where you used the flyer. This makes them great for going to hard-to-reach places whenever you want. Unfortunately the return coupon only works in the housing channel, where the flyers take you, so here's how you do it. Step 1: Get a flyer from any housing board in town. Step 2: Have someone bring you to the desired place, or go there yourself. Step 3: Use the flyer to go to the housing channel. The return coupon you get brings you back to the same spot you used the flyer, so be sure to use it in a safe location. Step 4: Leave the housing channel on foot/mount; using the coupon defeats the point of keeping the coupon. You now have your free ticket to where you want. Step 5: To go back to your desired place, you now need two flyers. Use the first one to reach the housing channel. Hold onto the return coupon. Step 6: When you've finished your business, repeat step 3, then use the coupon from step 5 to go back to where you started.

We have enough GP for a guild hall, so I'll just set that up after I get back from work, or after I wake up if I'm too tired. We'll have it in time for the banquet, for sure.

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What player is cutest?
What player is sexiest?

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criceto obviously

So how does one get into smug? And how much crap is needed to make Castle Smug?

Though I'm the lewdest and I'm not even a healer.

Go talk to the guild stone and apply and the OP pic says the requirements.

You can apply to the guild through the friend list, too, and good news it's not full anymore.

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Advice from a (fake) priest:
To get /swole/ without getting fat, eat bread and hazelnut mushrooms (from the forest left of the logging camp) in a 1:1 ratio and your arms will get slightly thicker while your legs get lightly smaller and your torso stays the same. If you don't want to skip leg day just eat a few pieces of cheese.

Also, it would be a load off my inventory space if anyone wanted some of these dyes or my eighty six holy waters

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It's hanging onto your top lip

Send any purple or white dyes to me Like that third down on the right side.

I also need holy water…


PvP event is a bust since almost no one signed up, so there will be an event at Connous Arena instead. Play smash tennis with your fellow guild mates, with a player as the ball. One player will be on red team whilst the participants will be on blue team. Whoever smashes the player-ball into the goal will receive red coins as a reward! This event will happen after the banquet ends. I'll be acting as the ball and giving out the red coin rewards.

There was a sign up?

See, klenn, this is why you had to yell in guild chat for like three days straight like I usually do.

Dani reporting in.

Does anyone have a qt cloak item? I'm not really fussy any QT cloak item is better than meh leather armor.

uh oh

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I told you, you had to IM everyone in game.
You're still going to have to IM everyone in game, because no one will notice this post I bet.

Can I have that brown one eighth one on the left?

But I did sign up on the pirate pad.

Go look in a mirror.

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I want to head pat Kyoupon
I want to ride Asska

Adniel's trying a bit too hard to be helpful.

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I want to *hold hands with Kyoupon

Do any of you alchemyfags want this?

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so no more smuggling in boxes with lolis?

Hello children. It is I, the Child Protection Tiger.

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the fuck is the LD reconnection code
go LD
says to wait 30 seconds
do that
log in – still connected
request DC "success"
still waiting…. waiting…. waiting

I waited 3 mins to post this bitch
and 3 minutes later I still am connected
wtf is that

koreagame rng; try closing and relaunching the game

Dling now

when grinding windmill, what other skills can you rank up before it becomes a problem? cause i'm getting my ass kicked by skeletons

try upping critical strike

Seconding crit, but if you want to be autistic about it, get Astral Patcher so you can see your CP, then you can look on the wiki to see how much CP skills add and what the CP of the monsters you want to fight is.

Wew. Around 150 iron and silver ingots were used and it only added 10% of the 100 needed to rank up to 8 Blacksmithing. Please send more iron ingots. I also need fine leathers too to finish these Broadswords that will be sold in Dun square to cover blueprint costs. The best way to make this considerably less painful is if we somehow obtain access to Tioz Armor smith manuals. Those manuals were from an event though so getting them seems unlikely. The next best option is Giant armors. With a below 50% chance rate and a 14 iron ingot cost per attempt , I think I would prefer taking the longer route of crafting more fragable Melkas. In short, if this smith rank doesn't do me in then the next one will since common leather will be fully phased out by then.

Polina is my daughterfu.
Reki is for mounting.

I've run some tests. You have autism.

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Cant fix shit taste

the top does too

t-thanks for remembering me I guess

imouto is my imoutofu
tanaki is for lewd dancing with

Thats an enchant for knuckles, useless for alchemy. If there is someone with knuckles give it to him to have dartier burn it and enchant it onto his weapon.

If the requisites are fullfiled it could be somewhat useful, but there are better and easy to get enchants for alchemy.

Still got the light teal third down on the left? Send it to Shizu if you can.

Name please?

Making character now, can you actually ride pets or should i get something other than a horse?

Some pets are rideable while others have something else going for them.

Junk from gacha if anyone wants them

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I'll take that robe off your hands, if you want.
t. guts

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I'd tap rape brown ass in front of you if you want.
t. faggith

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Ah fuck nevermind, looks like i need a pet card

I have 3 of these if anyone wants them.

I want to go on fun adventures and marry kyoupon

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You can buy them from Shyla with red coins.

I'll mail it in a sec

Were you that negro posting on the comment section of Berserk on kissanime?

go ahead faggot, I've got the idolmaster loli harem now

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Send the blockhead to Shotasucks please.

Am i doing something wrong here? Cant enter the doors

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You drop anything at the altar and you'll do the dungeon at normal difficulty.
If you drop a pass you do the dungeon difficulty listed on the pass.
The difficultires are from easiest to hardest:
Beginner > Normal > Intermediated > Advanced

also basic is between normal and intermediate.

you have to do beginner first to finish that tutorial quest before you can enter it normally

Thanks guys, I thought literally any item would do didnt realise i had to open a bag

Sharing is caring, Guts-chan

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Empty your mailbox first

give to kyoupon

Quoted the wrong person.

If anyone wants to borrow a -100 cp hat let Summerfarts know. I also have a two handed sword with 1/15 durability to give away.

Sometimes, I just want to delete the game and play with sys32.

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I'm in love with Jade!

Also, my elf a cute.

Attached: jeria honey drink.PNG (289x598 1022.82 KB, 277.28K)

I applied to the guild, am waiting to be accepted

Jade is mine

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Jokes on you, girls can't love girls!

Chibi Jade was best Jade

Is this thing with 15+ minutes of unconnectability after going LD always going to be a thing? I haven't DCed from this game all week but having done so 3 times now in 1 day I feel like /wrist.

That's a common misconception.

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I've been having abnormally high ping for 4 days and today I've disconnected twice too.
Now I'm eating spaghetti and watching australian documentaries about shooters.
I just wanted to play a weaboo life simulator.

if you are having ping troubles try changing nodes, do >server to check yours and change channel until it changes

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This server gives you a free shire card to start. The mistake i made for the first ten minutes is 'shire' is a specific breed of horse, so i thought i could make any pet instead of just a generic fuckin' pony.

Yeah i figured it out, thanks anyway

go LD
come home. still "connected"

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Maintenance just kicked in.

any ETA on when it will be up?

it seems to be actual maintenance so 2 hours or less

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In my eyes the flames of hell ceased and what burns is the earth.

welcome to the joys of server 2003

Attached: windows.webm (800x600, 9.72M)

why does a "standard hardware reset" take 2 hours

Attached: disgusted sigh.png (500x375, 245.55K)

windows server is fun times for all. i think drahan's making a mistake with his gp settings, but basically everyone has to wait for him to do a proper restart right now.

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Attached: 9b309a090a810ebb364d1b48dd2993007a42a7bdf45fc28ebdc263dbd28239b0.jpg (333x340, 36.76K)

What song is that?

looks like maintenance is over.
time to start maintenance

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I'd agree, but rarely does a 3DPD make me want to fuck her stupid.

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Come to Pantay ruins for some dungeon runs and eventually Dragonfly Token pass if it drops.

Attached: mabinogi_2018_03_23_003.jpg (1139x619, 29.63K)

That's a tough one but I'd probably say Ceres.
I want to ride the guild giants.

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Notice to all Milletians!
There has been incidents of molestation across Erinn. We advise milletians to please refrain from afking or spending too much time behind menus.

Attached: mabinogi_2018_03_23_012.jpg (1304x746 233.86 KB, 334.24K)

My melee elf meme shall rule supreme!
whats actually happening. Pic related

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I'll stop afking in the open now

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Marisa stole the precious thing


When planning an upgrade for armor, should I focus on maxing defense or protection? Or should I just grab a mixed bag of both?

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Here's the original.


When were redead added to the game?

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I see you guys are getting ready for the banquet early.

Defense rate is a flat decrease while protection is a percentage decrease and crit protection. At higher levels, protection is a lot better and if you're upgrading your armour you're doing it for the long road and want what's good for high levels.

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Look here giants can be just as effective, elves cannot as warriors. It's just harder, stop bullying the giant mage.

Attached: fuckoffwiththatshit.png (2068x552, 78.23K)

holy shit elves are about half as effective as a human.

Most of the AP differences is because elves magic and ranged skills are slightly better, and their melee is much worse.

Now to be fair. Most of that shit does not apply because this isn't live. You can be semi-decent with a elf warrior, it's just elves are really not meant for melee. Everything else they're good at, and their speed is a combat advantage in itself.

Actually let's check. Because elves are only good at one spell, not because of damage but because of mana cost.

Forgot the picture.

Attached: ayylmao.png (916x732, 48.47K)

Yes having a huge mana discount is pretty beneficial when you are like a diesel engine that runs on mp 100s

But it's only ice spear, only ice spear that gets this advantage. Unless you're dartier who spams ice spear, most people spam bolts. Most mages, at least on live, preferred fireball and thunder as well. Now ice spear's great, and I don't really understand why people on live didn't use it more. But look I'm not trying to make elves look bad, I'm trying to show that it doesn't fucking matter what race you pick. Just have fun. And stop bullying the giant mage for their mana thirst. Or continue, I don't really care. I just wanted to make it a point that I can deal just as much magic damage as your elf.

I'm pretty sure they have a discount on most spells, including bolts. Ice spear is just the most noticeable one. also I agree with you.

actually I'm a retard and it's just ice spells.

Actually I checked, you're right. They do have a slight advantage in icebolt.

Attached: last post.png (934x323, 16.71K)

Where the fuck do y'all gather, I never see anyone from the guild in game.

Isn't there a no melee elf going around too?
You two should hang out.

Fucking how? We're like half the server population. Tir chonail in the town square. Someone is usually spinning thread, molesting a pig, or burning enchants nearby.

Dunbarton, tara stonehenge, port qilla sometimes for dartier, tir chonail. Hang around in one of these places and you will find us.

Well that explains it, I haven't been to Tir in forever since theres no reason to go there.

Ok I go to Dunby but never notice anyone.

What's your IGN?

So Im reading on the wiki about Dual Guns. Are those only in a later update or are they on the server?

Attached: batmangun.jpg (573x399, 119.69K)

Some dyes I'm giving away.

No guns in this version.

Attached: dyes.jpg (49x121, 28.38K)

Can I get the second blue metal dye?


Top right please


Guns a shit.
Just use a fucking crossbow.

Attached: mabinogi_2018_03_23_042.jpg (1304x746 318.83 KB, 317.6K)


Can I have the the second to the top right?


Can I have the grey metal dye? Shizu.

Attached: LIAR.jpg (280x128, 31.05K)

Gib yellow please.

Here's what's left.

Attached: dyes2.jpg (49x121, 21.5K)

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (638x681, 1.07M)

Who wants what? The 2x4 is for women only.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (95x95, 3.84K)

Go to Rabbie they said.
"I should have fun" I said.

Attached: mabinogi_2018_03_23_001.jpg (1600x877, 350.85K)

Time for hot skeleton dick.

You'll be fine, only one skeleton ever aggros you, more only happen if you attack one with something other than windmill.


atleast it's not rabbie adv

Attached: busty teen slams hot faget rod.webm (960x540, 676.34K)

Spoiler that shit, for fuck's sake.

How far will you faggots go before the mods start culling us?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (556x846, 40.65K)

You know, archery requires a lot of strength


Pretty sure that was all kusonamae unless someone was using his VC as a source.

Attached: butt genie.png (330x220, 65.28K)

Oh fug the internet has ruined my attention span and I completely forgot who sent me those bloody herbs for health pots.
Who was it?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (78x61, 11K)

Seriously, you're gonna get us banned if you keep posting things like that.

Attached: undertones of yuri.jpg (500x375, 209.71K)

Attached: 346346345654.png (1920x1030, 254.66K)

Attached: force your way.webm (960x540, 6.24M)

Simple yet strangely satisfying.

Attached: clapping.gif (318x318, 104.64K)

Did you get anything from the second run?

Nah I logged out between the runs.

Speaking of faget, how far is he in the cooking dungeon grind? When he unlocks pie making, i want some apple pies for lucl and pecan pies for will, two pretty good food items
T. Healfag of the guild

there's a surprise.

Can this game run on a toaster?

it was released back in 1973 of course it can run on your TI-86

ill take that as a no

This game was BUILT for toasters.

Yes, it's quite old. Your connection is the more important thing to worry about.


Attached: PC toaster crysis.png (630x1890, 261.31K)

I fucking hate this game sometimes.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (238x110, 17.98K)

Probably me, Imouto.
I've sent a bunch and didn't get any potions.

anyone up for Rabbi run?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (569x451 308.09 KB, 317.85K)

Oh and I might not make it to the banquet, again

Logging in right now.

Attached: raep.png (2035x1113, 1.15M)

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (383x543, 318.61K)

>only 10 minutes

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1889x843, 2.42M)

I'm playing on a laptop.
I get a fair amount of frame drops, but it's usually in populated areas.

well shit.

Attached: 567890.jpg (322x240, 24.89K)

Turns out visual chat images have a minimum horizontal resolution of 128.

Winnie the Pooh has arrived.

Attached: wp.png (572x745, 934.82K)

You disconnected a few minutes ago, log in again.

If you have random garbage gear you don't care about, mail it to Deedlit and it'll be fed to my spirit weapon.
Starter gear for instance makes great ego fodder, because it's unsellable but it has a ludicrous purchase value and makes for good ego fodder.

Attached: not much we can do.jpg (1280x720, 93.3K)

Please take these off me

Attached: plstake.png (170x45, 12.52K)

Third top row and second to last bottom row

Second top row and First bottom row

Can I have that purple one

Can I have the blue metal dye and the top 5th dye?

something happen to serb?

2nd to last on top row to Rabbitbust

Skill update for Semifiend

Metal Conversion rank B
Transmutation rank 4
Synthesis rank C
Fragmentation rank E
Alchemy Mastery rank 9
Fishing rank B
Herbalism rank C
Mana Crystalization rank D

Attached: 10174838_439253152880934_5676400490830436408_n.jpg (541x452, 28.02K)

Someone already took that one


Was it me? I already asked you in-game.

I must have missed it, I sent it to Tib because I think that's the purple one he wanted.

for the budgeteers among us :^)

Attached: Tibia Brazil PK.webm (640x480, 3.66M)

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (459x713 385.68 KB, 310.41K)

I still have it if you want it.

Attached: みず[email protected]_nidol070_Oct_24_2017_結局ムスメちゃん描いた。_近くのGood_2_goというカフェのFacebookで紹介されたので色々他の作品も見れるし暇な人は見てみてね。__色ぎれを相変わらず起こし反省点だらけでしたが、きれいなお姉さんと肩組めたのは最高でし.jpg (1200x675, 187.27K)

>Finally get the motivation to finish Red Sun
It's back to converting MIDI with me again.

Attached: 26101e10ad81fbd4261bc94d61ab812e715d85f56758fc35c5278f0a505d7145.png (244x326, 150.84K)

A classic.

I always knew Brazillians are just shit skinned slavs.

Attached: brazil.webm (640x360, 9.28M)

best be here for the banquet fugger

Attached: 1433453193840.jpg (678x720, 152.28K)

Attached: 1405676474432.gif (250x250, 992.8K)

Hey Kormals, post a pic of your character.
Sorry, but now that we have room, I need make sure normalfags don't get in, and you didn't leave an obvious note when applying.
I'm going to bed; I'll check thread when I wake up.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (576x163, 5.25K)

to be fair alot of us are shy

The one in the pink robe is Deedlit.
And that's me, why didn't you remember my name?


Attached: gohome.jpg (828x828 52.03 KB, 1.09M)

Sorry deelit, I didn't recognize you with a robe I've seen motsi with a robe more often that without

There are still more people just coming into the guild, and I've yet to meet them in game, or seen their pics on the thread. as long as they do shit with everyone else, it's okay if they're shy i've never seen motsi say anything that wasn't in a PM, but she's always there with people


Attached: who the fuck.PNG (380x90, 38.01K)

Who squealed?

It was fun while it lasted.
I guess some people need to learn why you don't interact with normalfags the hard way.

Attached: gondola's last tour.png (1920x1080, 1.38M)

Didn't some of the server regulars say they looked at the thread? This was weeks ago.

I'm not sure why these look so big on Dani but I still really really like them.

Attached: fat bitch.jpg (834x494, 347.47K)

Attached: donald trump cute.png (387x76, 40.26K)

Who gives a shit? People knew we were Holla Forums in age of wushu and realized just because we came from there didnt mean we werent complete assholes. we are, but thats not the point Just as long as we dont collectively sperg out like faggots, we'll be fine.


Oh no! Ebil invaders from the mythical AteChan!!!

The natives knew where we came from basically from the start, and I'm pretty sure they don't really care.

Might be time to do what I do best soon.

Attached: da7728ad7894e7b41f61ed04496110b48e9e9360f705fb4b29ba39a7d840eb9c.png (640x480, 224.96K)

Gimme the blue one if you still got it.

I swear to god the newfags to this thread have raised alarm over the same shit every thread even though two threads back we had pretty much confirmed that the GMs and some players watch us.
They knew about us from day one.

Here you go.

Attached: mabinogi_2018_03_24_001.jpg (1024x766, 268.33K)

I have made progress

cooking dungeon is great for boss kills

Attached: WM5.jpg (1920x1018, 494.41K)

get those multikills you fucking faget those are most of your training


all those boss kills are from a single cooking dungeon


When is the banquet?

2 hours and 18 minutes, roughly.

7PM EST, though it starts earlier.
There will be people at the front of Tara Rath Royal Castle to smuggle you in if you do not use the guild stone to teleport.

I wanna fug Polina and Reki and maybe Yolande.

For the banquet, spread out more.

R5 is easy modo if you know how. R4 is suffering.

Attached: serveimage.jpeg (364x364, 62.11K)

He hasn't heard of your legend! How dare he! Maybe this VC will get him in line.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (653x563 362.51 KB, 540.44K)

alright skill update for Propainwaifu

Healing Rank 4
Party healing Rank 1
Rank C potion making
Rank B Herbalism
Rank 9 First aid
Rank 8 Campfire
Rank A Musical knowledge
Dark Knight transformation acquired

Attached: 1400816111815.jpg (650x809, 105.43K)

wewlad, rip Dart's herb mail.

Do I include healing spells in the (((Life Skills))) pastebin?

Just put it down as Doctoring :^)

>Want to marry someone and run dungeons together because soloing stuff is boring and the ring that never loses durability sounds cool too
Mabilife is suffering.

Attached: mabinogi_2018_03_24_005.jpg (446x419, 87.46K)

where my fellow neets at?

Attached: gimp-2.8_2018-03-21_14-25-18.png (1180x837, 448.58K)


Attached: BANQUET PREGAME.jpg (1920x1018, 707.04K)

Attached: notto disu shitto agen.jpg (604x340, 64.56K)

You have enough time!

It's still like 25 minutes until tha banquet officially starts

Smughall is pretty neat

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (288x448, 213.24K)

Attached: mabinogi_2018_03_24_003.jpg (1920x1018, 652.78K)


Attached: mabinogi_2018_03_24_008.jpg (1152x810, 102.31K)

We GMs knew about you guys since the first thread. everyone knows.


Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1863x484, 2.19M)

Here's the autismal original shop.

1000 Erinn Hours in MS Paint

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You don't have to go directly to Tara now.
Instead, go to Dunbarton and click on the guild stone. It can teleport you to the guild hall and you can step right outside into the banquet.

Even in his Sunday's best, he doesn't remove the helmet. A true soldier.

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Why the hat?

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For those of you who are new to Mabi, Lorna and Pan are iconic for their guides and tutorials. If you play live, they're the first NPCs you come across after meeting with Nao.

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i'm here for the gangbang

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Played live, never seen them in game during my time apart from the vids on the site

Lorna was made a permanent NPC some time ago. She does Saga Coupon trades. You might have stopped playing before that time.

It's clear where the life of the party is :^)

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lorna is cute but she feels out of place in the game

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Was there ever any doubt?

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holy fuck

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Late to the party, I'll join in a few minutes

Yeah, the soul of her character is misplaced in being some vendor. It's best if she's just a tutorial element that people can be kinda fond of.

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ten-year-old gangbang

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i found me

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We crashed or hung the server long enough to time everyone out.

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Semifiend is stronkest, tho

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Head to Filia?

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the forced logout was with eins (again) if you have a good connection to the servers i'd recommend not using that node frankly.

I thought eins was the good node

it's the faster node, it crashes more often i think

eins is the fastest node, but the least stable node
(possibly as a result of everybody wanting to be on eins)

Zwei master race

i'm fine on any of them, but if there's a spike/crash it kind of sucks

Can I into the guild? Just started this shit.
I await to be hanged for accidently hugging an elf too

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We have enough rapists as it is.

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here we go again

Feed me Zweihanders.


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I think these are the days I'll remember the most.

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Observe, absurd abuse of Weight, Upper and Lower size categories.

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why am i playing this game

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the bars going up and completing are the only reason you need

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Is it just me or is Rabbi dungeon actually a parody of the holocaust? The whole thing is a catacomb, the windows look like ovens, its filled with rats and skeletons. Oh and Terminators, those fuckers are there too.

even a holocaust kike wouldn't think there were as many dead jews as dead skeletons

Because you're a nostalgic weeb NEET fuck who's too poor to pay ten bux a month for FF14 and too hipster for FF11.


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max comfy

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Motsi is cute. Cute! CUTE!

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love is over

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If you get a fireball page 10 mail it to Deedlit

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Can you still see me?

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Bunch of screenshots from today I haven't evaluated nor screened. I got a bit late to the banquet, so there's some missing. Then the arena and springs. Pick out what you like.!bY9wDQhI!-ZP8fFFwAjObxci7nJ35kA

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God damn it.
Well I can't be fucked making it shorter or re-encoding it so here you go.

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N-no! I didn't mean to! I was too busy taking pictures to realize it.

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anyone interested in this

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Is anyone still there?

fiodh adv complete

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Why do you have so many extra stats listed?

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you mean the durability and color code stuff? Its from one of the patches on the site, it also lets you see your exact cp level and of monsters

fug id
Life skills for Without
Playing Instrument Rank 5
Musical Knowledge Rank 7
Composition Rank 5
Thinking about carpentry to make more instruments.

can we post mods here? i have some stuff like unlimited autoproduction

What about a zoom mod? Astral still feels like it can't go far enough for my liking.

Can't you change astral in the .ini to zoom out to 5000? or is that still not enough?

Eyyy I see me

Only around 400 zombies left until the next circle of spin hell. Kill me Due to a shortage of fine leathers, I've got a bunch of unfinished broadswords inside my pack mules. Heck, I'll give finished swords to guildies who supply me some fine leathers. I just need the rank exp. I recently learned that unknown ores can be transmuted into iron ores so please send me your blue rocks to that I can fill Zahr's inbox with them. The price of giant armor blueprints from the fancy loli is 131k. That's nearly 4400 gold per attempt with a high failure rate at my current rank. Luckily, I think I can avoid doing that thanks to the server's 2x exp I think.

Life skills update:
Production Mastery 1
Blacksmithing 9
Remove my other skills from the pastebin. I'm saving AP for top Windmill.

If anyone's good at Handicraft, I can smith Finest arrowheads or boltheads. They can be crafted into finest ammo which should help our rangers do better.

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You can buy up to finest arrow/bolthead at most smith shops, so at best you'd just be saving the arrowjockeys money. I can also tell you as of handicrafts B, you can make finest arrows but only fine bolts.

Shizun, my elf, is working on handicraft at the moment but really just beginning. Going to go into carpentry at some point as well so with any luck I'd be able to make some nice bows and ammunition for our rangers.

Anyone know how to extend the draw distance?
I figured out how to make you zoom out in the astral patcher but not draw distance.

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You have to use bPatcher.

did the server crash? I'm frozen in place

Guild chat died for me.
Can't speak on guild, and I haven't seen a message in a while.

shits been happening to me all day i have no idea whats going on

For klenn.

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Some time in the dead of night, Shyla decided enough was enough and started beating up the giant that was hanging out with me. It was a real battle for the ages. I think she also pulled out the Soluna Blade at one point.

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is barde one of us?

It is not.

No, I don't think so, she didn't mention anything about the thread or our guild's association with it. She did however ask if she should join Anime or Smug, so I directed her to Anime.

What the fuck.

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Okay so, I'm level 12, I've deranked my every skill to F. I ranked up windmill to D and accidently ranked up counterattack to E.
Also some kind user gave me a check for 50k gold yesterday, he mentioned getting some magic skill book but I've forgotten which.
Also, what should I buy inventory wise? Should I just load myself with backpacks?

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In addition to the bag you're given at the start, you can get the 6x8 bag that's in gook runes, and the 8x10 knapsack that expires. It'll expire 30 days after you get it, and by then you should be able to afford the extension keys Shyla sells, so you don't have to worry about it poofing on you.

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You can derank as much as you want before your cumulative level(C>Additional Info) reaches 100, so don't worry too much.

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Happened to me too, must be a server issue. Make sure you switch to Zwei when you get in.

How and where though?

If you have Astral it has a feature that lets you change channel to the one you're already on, this lets you change nodes also.

I forgot to mention you check what node you're on using
in chat.

I only saw one choice when I checked the channel tab

Yes, changing channels may also change your node, Astral lets you change to the channel you're already on.

Post your IGN if you want this hat.

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I no longer need cheap leather for weaving. Please send it to Aristrea or Aurous instead.

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It's not like I wanted to start playing today. Seems like most downtimes are when I'm asleep thank goodness.

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We're all in our own personal hells, aren't we?

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why you grinding in a dungeon and not in shadow mission?

Because this is the place I Was told to grind and I don't know better places?

Here's auto production uncap. For you guys ranking life skills this should be useful. Also if you want r1 production mastery just make a bunch of paper cranes.

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Send it to Mephy

You're gonna want to bite the bullet and buy healing potions. 1400 gold for a stack of 10 at a healer's shop.

I did rabbie dungeon for strong enemies up until rank 3 when I switched to alby basic. For ranks below 5 kobolds in math dungeon should count as strong and they have less health so I'd go there

Where's math dungeon?

Northeast of Dunbarton.

And already this is faster than what I Was doing. Should I keep the common leather drops for others?

Yeah, no need to waste good materials.

Conductor I have a problem. I can only select 12 years old, I want to go back to 17 like I had it before my first rebirth.

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You can only rebirth to your CURRENT age or younger. Since I picked 14 on my first rebirth, I can pick up to 16 when my next one is available.

My first rebirth I was 18+, I picked 10 for that, now I can only pick 12 for this rebirth. So i guess its always current regardless of your starting age?

Yes, you can only be as old as your current age when you rebirth or younger.

Is it too late for me to get started with this? I want in on some of the fun

This game just does not want you to have fun right now. I'll still be around Tir collecting cobwebs for weaving if you decide to suffer through the lockout time.

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it's never too late to begin grinding

Come on and join the fun.

i never played this game, what the fuck is going on

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I checked what the game looks and plays and i must say I am pleasantry suprised. Add me to guild, Charname: Zanaphar

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Talk to Duncan and learn the basics, I'll come by in a bit to help out.

Apply to the guild via the social panel or the guild stone in dunbarton.

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You just started out. the quest you got tells you to go to the graveyard and kill some spiders. The pink square/diamond shows you where to do the quest. Not everything is translated, so if you get a bunch of text in moonrunes or gookrunes then you either need to know them to read em or just look things up in the wiki. Howeer, the wiki is for the current game and not this version. If you can look up things as "ne" as March 2011, then you can get a better grasp of whats is and isn't there.

So heres my questions:
1. Where/how do you store pictures for visual chat?
2. If im melee what should be the best armor that I can get?

1. you can save pictures by clicking on the save button when they're being presented and make your own with mmluna

2. heavy armor has best defense/protection, light armor gives the best damage through enchants. heavy armor is 6/2 and light armor is 4/1.
the best armor in the entire game for not taking damage is not getting hit whatsoever

The game puts a "Mabinogi" folder in your windows documents folder. That's where your visual chats and screenshots are.
There's not much difference between any armours other than max durability. With accessories, clothing has 2 less defense points than heavy armour and the same protection points. What really matters is the enchants attached to it. Str, will, min and max damage are the stats to look for.

They are stored under your documents folder if you're using windows. You can save them from in game as well.
You can't drop your edited images there directly, you need to convert them through mmluna since there's a four color limit. You can also download the ones from the site and drop it in your folder.

Alright, thanks.


its fun, see ya tommorow, requested to join guild if i didnt fuck something up, add me later

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I'm looking for a low-level grinding partner to help train up my ranger.
Send Shizun a message if you're on sometime. I'm mid 20s at the moment but have next to no combat skills.
Also if you have that travelers guide book please give it to me so I can make it into a hat.

What are you trying to say?

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So I've reached the point of a new mmo where i'm kind of going 'I don't have time to do the grinding involved, even with the 2x'. I want to do my melee elf meme, but honestly, I think I just wanna be comfy and do music/crafting as an elf and maybe just heal botting, I don't know. Any suggestions or should I keep the Melee Elf Meme going?

If you don't have time to grind WM just memeing with music and lifeskills is fine too.

It's not so much the time to grind WM, it's the fact that I honestly don't know where to go after getting windmill up. I want to hit r5 because I want the range increase, but I keep thinking that what's the point because PvP in this game is retarded and I would probably be 100% better off de-ranking and going for ranged to actually make sense of me being there.

Do what you enjoy, my man.
Look into something like charge for your melee. Then maybe mana shield. You can train those two at the same time and especially charge gives you a lot of utility as a melee.

the reason why people get WM up early is because it's basically your only AOE for most of the game and is pretty useful in practice
although don't do anything that you don't find fun

Melee caps out pretty quick compared to everything else. I'd actually suggest just going into ranged after and using melee to be the best multi-role utility you can get.

I looted it off a zombie and I needed the space. You should do the Thriller dance with that.

When you rebirth, destinies add another 2x exp to whichever combat style you prefer. 5 looks like a good stopping point for Elf.

The original goal I had in mind was to get a rapier because I Can't dual wield and work on a specific bolt spell so I can focus on one target, and when I know they're using a counter, I can just magic them. After learning that rapiers are dropped from the last dungeon, I'm trying to see what else is good for melee because all i've done is windmill fucking everything and barely use anything else.

Whats your Ign, I might be able to help you.

Melee elf meme sounds like hell with no upside. I'd either switch to ranged, alch, or magic, or start over with a human or giant. The nice thing is you're new so you have plenty of time to reset skills and try to find a role that works for you. I mildly regret not experimenting more myself.

(I was going to give some advice about refining, which rangers should train early, but I think you should go ahead and have some fun experimenting before your next autism grind. Let me know if you want to hear it.)

It's more time efficient to skip windmill for now anyway. When you rebirth, you can pick a destiny which provides an additional 2x training to certain skills. So I'd just have wait the two weeks and pick warrior destiny for the training boost if you decide you want windmill (you can always change destinies at the next rebirth). "Windmill NOW" is more for melee characters that plan to use it immediately, and to be honest I haven't been able to make much use of it as a ranger so far; I simply can't load it fast enough after a missed shot to use it as a soft counter.

I understand how you feel. I didn't even play at that fast of a pace and I still got a little burnt out from the "YOU MUST GRIND THIS NOW OR YOU'LL FUCK UP YOUR CHARACTER" shit combined with the looming fear of the TL 100 wall. But stop hiding your ears you pussy.

If you really want to be a rapier-wielding swordspell, you can buy one off housing like Koroto did, but be prepared to spend a while raping wolves for cash.

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Just starting a ranger now. Why does everyone say this?

it's harder to raise when you have more dex (or prod mastery)

but what's stopping me resetting my skills whenever I want to train refining?


if you're over tl100, you can't reset with duncan anymore. once a week from the daily advanced items, you can get a reset capsule, but I think that's only for 1 rank per capsule. If you want to wait weeks to unrank all the skills that get in the way, go ahead.

Right. Where I got mixed up is I didn't consider pre level 100 "early."

You keep pushing refining for dex, but handicrafts is easy to grind early on and costs less AP; weaving is also cheaper, but fuck a doodle does it need grind.

What do I do with this?

Attached: 1.PNG (63x62, 2.76K)

You want refining for the nice DEX boost it provides, and kinda like windmill, refining gets harder the more DEX you have, as you need to fail to advance most ranks and DEX increases chance of success. Don't worry too much about the DEX you get from levels, but you really want to make sure you finish it while you can still reset your skills, as the additional DEX from your ranger skills and especially the production mastery bonuses would kill you.

Refining is also hell but it is at least a less stressful hell once you get the hang of it. The key is to focus on metallurgy (collecting ore from beaches and riversides) and take it slow but steady. Rank 5 metallurgy gives you the chance to collect 3 ore fragments at once, so that should be a top priority. Beyond that, it takes a long time to train the higher ranks, but by the time you do, you will have collected enough ore to advance a rank or two of refining in one shot, so it's a good way to time your trips. You also will never be stuck in the scenario of needing more ore to finish a rank but worrying about the additional DEX from metallurgy making refining harder once you have said ore. If you alternate spending an hour or two collecting ore while listening to music with taking IRL breaks to end the monotony, you can make a lot of progress in one day with very little suffering.

You will easily end up in your 40s or 50s before rebirth if you are playing regularly, so you'll hit the level 100 wall in around 3 or 4 weeks. I have to repeatedly suicide to keep myself under 100.

It is hardly just me pushing refining, and you missed the point that (like windmill) refining becomes nigh impossible if you didn't do it while you could reset your skills because of the failure requirements. It's pushed so that people get it out of the way before it could become a problem. Also refining provides more DEX per AP than handicraft.

If you right click and use it a message goes out for when a field boss will appear.

thread saved

Nah, same dex bonuses, at least until refining rank 1.

Discard. It does nothing unfortunately. It's not the same as the field boss info one.

I misread the wiki, but the point stands that you want both in the long run, so get it out of the way before 100 unless you want to spend weeks trying to fail 99% success iron refines.

I got a couple of dyes to giveaway, tell me which one you want and your ign and i'll mail it when i can

Attached: dyes1.png (24x49, 3.13K)

Can I have the blue material dye?

sent, I still have the deep blue metal dye if anyone wants it