Good games for a 10 year old

Picking up my little brother at school today he told me he got no internet at home and it's likely that this situation will last for 4 days or so.
What are some good games I can hand to him?
He's 10 and his computer is bottlenecked by a gtx 650. He has a mouse(which sucks) and a keyboard.
I already got him to play touhou, he has beaten touhou 7 to 10on normal and is currently stuck with touhou 11.
He's probably playing it right now and I'm afraid he will get tired of it if he spends an entire weekend "having" to play it.
Emulation is welcome.

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Kirby D-
nvm he's too far gone now

You are the worst.

wew lad


Doing gods work user

Earth Defense Force 4.1

Nigger what the fuck are you doing to your kid I hope this is bait!

If your going to turn him weeb atleast buy him a MIDI keyboard so he can shitpost good OC

Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony

wait a sec…


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It's better than roblox and all that shit out there today that kids play. I just wanted him to git gud and I guess it worked. When he was 7 I once found him at 6 am with his face laying down on his desk while his hand was constantly pressing a certain key to level his shit on a random roblox mmo. That is some brain melting shit, I had to do something.

Duke Nukem 3D
My little nephew liked it a lot anyways.

Don't worry user, you don gud.

Any Mario game
Warcraft 3's campaign is pretty neat
Any Zelda game

Hell, anything Nintendo really. If you get Breath of the Wild working he'll be playing that for hours and hours.

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Ethnic Cleansing

t. Jews

Nigga he's ruined that kid's life.

user, there's the Monkey Island games, King's Quest series, and maybe Quest for Glory.

Sees Touhou. Oh, I guess my suggestions are too old for him (The old Sierra games have heart, but the graphics didn't age well). There's Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 10, the Tales of series (Tales of the Abyss rocks), and Hyperdimension Neptunia series.

That's one way to see that he'll become either a tree hugging hippy for a goth.

Well, the problem with breath of the wild is that he doesn't own a joypad. I would give him one plus a proper keyboard and mouse but it would eventually end up like his current stuff. He eats while on the pc which ruins his shit, it would be a waste to gift him peripherals. Even with our mother making him have lunch and dinner at the table he just goes to the kitchen at random times and grabs a bunch of cookies and eats it all over his keyboard and stuff.

something flashy and loud

Tell him to go play outside, holyshit. nothing like a 4X game to make time go faster

Please do not infect your brother with your autism

ni no kuni (niño cunny)

What about good games with 10 year olds?

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I loved this as a kid, its dated but fun. Also you can play it with him.

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You saved him from a terrible fate.

As for something to play, how about Streets of Rage Remake? You can play on co-op with him and it's good old 90s beat 'em up action at its best.

10 year olds shouldn't be on the internet. Other than that, pic related since he seems to like arcade-style games.

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Give him some weights and tell him to get /fit/

visualboyadvance emulator
It's probably the most supported emulator on Linux so it should be in whatever distro he's using's repos.
goog gaymez:
pokemon series
mario series
zelda series currently is your best bet for finding roms.

Unteralterbach. Get him interested in girls his age.

Fallout 1 and 2.

Yesss, get him into the good old shit before he risks getting exposed to the shit new shit.

Thanks for all the tips everyone, once I get home I will start looking for these games and download them so I can hand it to him tomorrow morning when I go out. I don't live with him anymore so playing games with him constantly isn't much of a reality.


"Oh it's a kid thread, gonna recommend good old mario64"

Have him learn nip off Dragon Quest and SRW. Make him in a Holla Forums ubermensch.

Don't worry about it, he's long gone. He started playing toontown when he was 3, by the age of 5 he was doing all kinds of bosses even though he couldn't read. He also learned how to bug the game into booting up without having to type in his password(which he didn't know) with specific links. The game didn't have a launcher in our country's server so you'd log in from your browser.

All these kids nowadays never shut up about minecraft when there is a much more superior alternative out there.
Instead of weebshit get that bitch Terraria!

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Lots of good kid games here

Bright future ahead for him, user.
Even if you don't live with him anymore, try and have some co-op fun sometime - it'll be worth it.

This kid… I see.
He just wants to play videogames.
He wants to play videogames so much that he will do anything to play whatever he has, no matter how difficult to play or get working.
I like this kid.
Give him a SNES, Genesis, NES and Gameboy/Color emulators with rompacks from here:
That's a sea of various kinds of vidya for him to explore and taste for himself.
I had a blast "exploring" some 100+ rom CDs I had when younger and they weren't even close to complete rompacks.

Twinsen's Odyssey
I played through it when I was 5-7, so I'm sure your litle brother can.

I´m trying to remember what i used to play that age.

Spyro i guess was a good game for kids i used to play.


Is this the same one who has Sakuya as his waifu? Or are you a different user?

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I wish my 11 year old brother played 2hu instead of fucking Fortnite and other flavor of the month shit he saw JackSeptic playing.

This! Terraria is a great game him.

Artificial Academy 2

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Give him a pack of assorted ROMs with a emulator and let him develop his own taste

Fuck off matt


get him bard's tale, and not the mobile version

Deus Ex.

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NEO-GEO games.
All the metal slugs.

He's that tanned because we were on a summer trip, that's why I was able to see him playing and he's using a notebook.

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Nigger don't post your brother online.

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Too late, already fapping to him.

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that wasn't me idiot

True, albeit if this thread existed in 2005 i'd disagree.

get this skyrim lover outta here

Make him play unteralterbach

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Those old lego racers for the computer were alot of fun, what were they called again?

Nice EXIF faggot

Play Mario Party with him.
Earth Defense Force 4.1 is a lot of fun.
If he's into strategy games get him Xcom EU.
Ni No Kuni 2 comes out tomorrow.
This is really fun:
If you're trying to turn him into a weeb, download some VNs.

Secondaries detected.

You're doing amazing work OP. Touhou games are good introductory shmups. Once he can do the games on lunatic introduce him to the other go-to must play shmups like Gradius/Raiden/Darius.

As I've said, we were on a trip, satan. Couldn't care less about exif.

I know, Akari. It's fine, you can't even see his face or anything.

Get an emulator for either Super Nintendo or Mega Drive/Genesis and show him some of the good games on those.
Get him used to the old sprite based games, so he won't become a graphics whore in the future.
Some to examples bellow. See if any of those are something that he wold like.

From Snes:

Joe & Mac

Goemon (Legend of Mystical Ninja)

Kid Klown in Crazy Chase

Run Saber

Sky Blazer


Sunset Riders

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV - Turtles in Time

From Mega Drive:

Altered Beast

Bonanza Bros

Chuck Rock

Decap Attack


Rocket Knight Adventures

Shinobi 3 - Return of the Ninja Master

And the Sonic, Streets of Rage and Golden Axe trilogies.

I just gave my niece a galaxy Tab and made her deal with it
sometimes I teach her how to draw or something
But mostly she keeps installing and deleting games from Joogle market which keeps her entertained enough she also watches videos about pozzed sluts on youtube to learn how to be a failture in this shitty cucksucking world.

I guess as a guy who makes omega touhou otaku out of your lil bro you know what I mean.

Monster Hunter. Freedom Unite on PSP is easy enough to emulate. Prepare to get gaped by monsters until you git gud

Wouldn't Portable 3rd be a better starting point?

I have a little sister too, every now and then my mom catches her watching one of these weirds elzagate videos. Now, while she is only 4, she already doesn't want us to see what she is watching on "her" phone and tries to hide it from us.
My mom, which wastes my dad's money compulsively can't stop herself from giving my little sister everything she wants. She is spoiled as shit, I'm afraid of her future.

Earthbound, 10 is a good age for that.

Oh, a little extra, last month or so she suddenly came to my mom and said that she doesn't want to have children.

You need to save your sister user. Rape some children into her

That's a nice one, I've downloaded it.
Might even get him to play actual Castlevania games.

I'm afraid that will get his power level dangerously high. Also, won't these Final Fantasy games require him to use a mouse to move around properly?
t. only played a single SNES Final Fantasy game

Already got him to play Pokemon games through some emulators.
Will look into the others.

While Terraria is a good recommendation, sadly it will have to be turned down for now. His mouse is REALLY bad, mostly straight out unusable, which is making me turn down lots of great games itt(for now, will save the thread so I can get him some other games once I get him a new mouse).

Wish I could save her from the shitty life decisions she will eventually do due to how bad our mother is spoiling her.

That's something I'll do another time, I'll have to wake up in about ~8 hours, just looking through this list asap so I can hand him the games tomorrow morning.

This might eventually be a good choice, when he's 12 or something.

You are late.

Pretty sure his rig won't run Earth Defense Force 4.1 from what I've seen.
Shit, I though "Ni no Kuni" was a joke from the other guy saying "nino cunny" earlier. Will look it up.
I'm not trying to turn him into a weeb, just wanted him to git gud. While Touhou games might be hard, bullethell is a pretty simple concept, that's what made me get him these games. It was also one of the games he used to see me playing that he could play without a problem on his computer.

Hold on there, he's still trying to beat Touhou 11 on normal. He has beaten 8
(arriving before it's too late) and 7 without any continues though.

These are some good recommendations since he won't need a mouse. That's good.

I know that feel

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The first time I looked at porn I was 7 years old
I am severely fucked in the head, aren't I?

She's 4. She doesn't have a fucking clue what she wants.

I hated kids until I got to around 20 years old you clown, that's natural. Mostly because I disliked most other kids when I was a kid. All you have to do is make sure she realizes later on that it's easier to marry someone than pursue some shitty career that pales in comparison to what a male will do, unless she becomes a pop star or a politician.

Anything by nintendo is a safe bet.

mario, spend $30 on a bluetooth snes pad and get him playing

I know, still the shit she is watching on YouTube is already trying to convince her that she wants whatever they tell them to. And they are doing that while she is 4, meanwhile my mom has never even though about talking to my little sister about having children since she's still to young to understand anything about it.

Perfect Dark / Goldeneye 007
Banjo Kazooie / Tooie
Turok 1/ 2/ 3
Shadowgate: Trials of the Four Towers (Puzzle game with absolutely no combat but it's worth a playthrough because the puzzles are bretty gud)
Quest 64 (babby's first RPG)
Mischief Makers
Rocket Robot on Wheels
Crus'n'USA / World
Beetle Adventure Racing
Pokemon Stadium 1/ 2

Crash Bandicoot
King's Field 1/ 2/ 3
Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Parasite Eve
Silent Hill

Link to the Past
Super Metroid
Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time
Donkey Kong Country 1/ 2/ 3
Chrono Trigger
S.T.G Strike Gunner
Battletoads in Battlemaniacs
Demon's Crest
Final Fantasy II/III (i.e. IV easy type and VI respectively)
Kirby Super Star / DreamLand
Secret of Mana
Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars

This is a pretty sizable list. I realize that some of these titles may contain "mature content" but quit being a faggot. I played all this shit when I was a kid and it's perfectly fine. For instance, there may be depictions of violence, but there is no sexual content or anything overtly violent, like graphic and lifelike depictions of a beheading or something. Use your judgement and discretion.

age of empires II/Age of Mythology (pretty much NEEDS decent mouse)
Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 (wants decent mouse, but was probably one of my all-time favorites as a kid)
Kirby's Adventure
Mario (can be difficult for some kids but if he can play touhou he should be fine, Kart and the RPG games included)
Dragon Quest (final fantasy is trash)
Fire Emblem (GBA)
Golden Sun
Humongous Entertainment stuff (all but Spy Fox are meant for younger kids but Pajama Sam and Freddi Fish are so well made he'd probably like them anyway)
Professor Layton (he might need some help with puzzles since the first game is also the hardest, also not sure how well they emulate, wants decent mouse)
Cave Story
Star Control II
will try to think of more, also
find the poor kid a mouse at a second hand store or something

adventures of lolo on an nes emulator, it's fun (with your help) and is challenging

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Have you gave him Metal Slug or Contra yet? those games are like the most essential Run-n-Guns to play. You could add Cuphead as well, since everyone likes 2D cartoony aesthetics and they don't require alot of processing power to play effectively

Its nice that you have a little bro that shares the same taste as you do, my big bro only plays grand strats along with RTS on top of being a plebbitor

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Is it just me, or no one has suggested any of the Megaman games yet. I should change that.

Yeah, I definitely need to get him a joypad, will order him one+mouse soon.
Don't know which mouse to get really, I have a G402 but I guess that's pretty big for him. As a controller I think an average xbox 360 controller will do the job even if not optimal for some older games.
Thanks for all these recommendations.

I'd also like to say you're doing a great job with your brother. Sorry about your sister though.

I gave a copy of Nuclear Throne to a family friend's kid and he's played the shit out of it to the point my parents are annoyed I gave it to him. He also seems to be better at it than me now.

You'll become his hero and he'll worship the ground youwalk on if not then he's gay and you should drown him in the bathtub and make it look like an accident

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That art is absolutely disgusting.


found the faggot

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I'm not the one who likes nigger trannies

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What is that monstrosity?

user, we don't support eating disorders here.

I thought niggers chugged fast food and vegetable oil, they're usually fat fucks if they're not wasting money on drugs and Jordans.

i bet you're the kind of fag that sucks dick ironically

go harpoon a tumblrwhale

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Man I really wish for kids soon. I'm getting Jew'd out of my money really bad, but once I have enough I'm going to have one and play all sorts of games with him. I'm going to definately move to countryside Europe though. Ameristan is infested with mutts and savages.

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Accent on the O
Games are better as SImulators
Accent on the O
Build Factories
Pollute the enviorment
Industrialize from nothing
Kill Aliens

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I was going to say Ninja Gaiden just so that the kid gets schooled (I did beat it, but only in my 20s), but he's already on my level as far as Touhou goes, so it's not unrealistic for him to beat it. I feel a little bit humiliated for having possibly inferior skills to a 10 year old as far as shmups go. Regardless, he can and should also play the games on hard, then lunatic.

Anyway, make him play Castlevania. Almost all of them, with 1 and 3 being the most important. All the Mega Man games as well. As far as RPGs go, Dragon Quest and the main Megami Tensei games are good. Vagrant Story is pretty cool. Star Ocean 2 and Valkyrie Profile. More shmups. More arcade games. God damn, I will just stop before I make actual lists, because they will inevitably be too big.

You may be able to create the Video Game God. Don't waste this chance.

Super Mario World
Super Metroid
Any SNES game
make him grow some taste.

so is he a CoD kiddy or something?

so he can't play D44M at 1080p, big deal; do you have any idea just how many digits are in the number of games he can play? Like, five to six digits. Tens of thousands of games
set him up with classic Doom, and Doom engine games
give him Warcraft 2, 3, and Starcraft
Might & Magic 4+5
incalculable options for emulation depending on what he's into (if he likes shooters, hook him on Gradius and R-Type)
you have so many options you couldn't exhaust them in a lifetime

From a gameplay point of view, I don't think there are that many games a 10 year old boy can't play, sure there are a lot of hard games, but that has more to do with experience in games, and not age. Besides pornographic games, walking simulators(and other indie shit games) and perhaps extremely gory and bloody games he can basically play anything. When I was a 10 year old(or around that age so 9-11) I played and loved:
Few people in my country had internet back then, but there was a lot of piracy, so at school we would borrow a CD game from one and another, install it on the computer, put the no-CD crack and then return the game. Also, because of this we didn't really know what games were new or old, so we just played what we had.

I'm already imagining anons imagining themselves filling your little brother's asshole with prostate pudding and turning him into a Holla Forumsidya semen demon. Turn him into Felix you sick pedo OP.

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Jesus christ, I hate faggots. Everything is about sex to you. You are not a sexuality, you are just perverted.

That tends to happen when a fetish makes up your entire identity. Just like furries.

Honestly why is homosexuality even a sexuality? It shouldn't be. There should be normal people and perverted deviants who like to sodomize/get sodomized.

Gay people are lucky that for some reason we even have the concept of "hetero-homo-sexuality", because for the longest time we didn't. We just called you perverts or sodomites and that's it.

Oh boy here we go

Megaman Battle Network
3 = 6 > 2 > 5 >>>>>> 4 > 1

Learn to read faggot. He's saying making any fetish your identity will make you into an unbearable faggot. This is a common problem among furries.

Is that the kid with an attraction to Sakuya?

*anyway, force him to play Rome: Total War, faggot
Make him appreciate manliness, so that his weebery is balanced out.

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Loosen up user. Most people here are just here to laugh at stupid shit, troll a bit, but mostly don't want faggotry or ugly women ruining our fun. Right?

You gay or something, faggot?

What the fuck is wrong with you? Give him a copy of Treasure Island or something.

You don't use accupressure and deep tissue massage on your best bros? Jeez.

What's wrong with encouraging children…?

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A homosexual and a pedo.
Somebody please call the exterminators.

Video games and smartphones/tablets/etc. are a fucking cancer on childhood. If OP cared about his brother he'd streer him away from video games and interactive electronics as much as possible.

Share the love and your underage siblings user. I just want to relax them.

Well let's see. I watched a lot of cartoons on 90's television and my parents bought us gameboys to keep me and my brother quiet. However, I can understand that the Web 2.0 (((social media))) element in everything is pretty fucked up because of all the (((liberalism and progressive))) garbage shoved down their throats. Not to say that there wasn't a certain level of faggotry even in the early 90's.


Go back to the shitty Q user board, boomer faggot. And stay the fuck off of Holla Forums, too.

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This is the only correct answer.

video games can enhance childhood through imagination if used in moderation

10 years old is too young to be a shut in playing video games all the time, user. 10 year olds need to go outside and have friends and do exercise.

Nah fam, taking care of kids is too hard for a mom with a career. We should let the internet raise children after it has beeb cleansed of wrongthink.

Good idea. Tumblr raises children better then any of us could.

Sorry for my absence for the last 30 or so posts, I was sleeping. Going to take the 7 or so games I downloaded yesterday to him.
Will read and download all the other recommendations to him eventually.

What games did you play when you were 10 nigger?

When I was around 10 I was into Warcraft 3 (as has been suggested), Gothic 1-2 and Morrowind.

get him a stick holy shit

What's a good stick for shmups?

Find a stick that has the following: A square gate, balltop, any kind of push buttons. Parts are made up of sanwa or seimitsu parts or something as similar and reputable, ask the fightan general.

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You said his computer was a potato? You could download a GBA emulator and let him play pokemon, Fire Emblem, Zoids Legacy, other stuff like that.

make him go to the gym and get >>>/fit/

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Listen to this penis tester OP, but it might be too late for your shota, since you introduced him to autisctic weebfag: the game.

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i'm starting up an internet daycare, $10 per kid per hour.
i'll teach them only wholesome things, like how assassin's creed is a fully accurate account of the past.

Attached: strawberry2.jpeg (830x1164, 225.28K)

You are.

I have a fair amount of confidence that the average, childless user would do a better job than Tumblr, just because they'd actually try to equip the kid for the real world, instead of treating it like a pet, or a peon to be indoctrinated. He'd probably turn out stunted, but at least he'd be able to handle himself.


Visited him again on my way back home to see how he was doing.

He has beaten the first 4 bosses, then he decided to play some Earthbound. He named the blonde girl "Alice".

Get him to play with your penis

don't waste his life and tell him to go get out and make some friends you fucking autist

I played tons. Not counting handhelds I had eight consoles and a computer by 9th grade.

Encouraging a kid to play video games is like telling them that candy is good for them. Candy rots teeth if you eat enough of it and video games rot brains if you play enough of them and because children are hedonistic little bastards they'll try to get away with all of the bad habits that they think they can and it's the responsibility of the adults in their life to keep a lid on those things. I'm not saying that OP should go destroy his brother's computer or anything, I'm just saying that he shouldn't feed his brother's habit. It's good that OP is trying to steer his brother towards video games that aren't garbage but OP should be steering his brother away from video games in general as well.

Unteralter Bach

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You're doing god's work user. Try to get him into some of Cave's shooters once he beats 11 on hard.

In between that, get him a controller and have him play Einhander and maybe some of the older Ys games.

I believe the best course of action is to remove yourself from this child it is already too late.
Seriously though, play some sonic mania, preteen boys fucking love sonic.
That or what said, he'll hate you for it, but he'll thank you when he gets mad slash and ==you== are the reason.
Oh and kirby but you knew that didn't you?

Attached: yuyukirby_by_arlmuffin-dc6j1j2.png (1453x1020, 989.51K)

ur brother's gonna be murder-raped user.

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Hello, newfriend.

Ban and whatever you don't like from his router. Then tell him to use hooktube instead. Result is his front page won't indulge him into watching literal shit. The only gameplay videos he will watch then will be the ones that he actually wants to since he will be having to actively search for them too.

Will get him some of these games, though.

To be fair, I think I could've done things way better. Sure Touhou was a good way to set things back in the right direction but I let him astray for a few years.

Morrowmind is a good one.

Get help.

Yeah, I need to get him into megaman games.


Jokes on you, he has been on Holla Forums for 3 years now.
I got a custom CSS that turns fullchan into a text board so he can't see the images and intentionally broke it so he can't post.
It's a joke.

Again, you are too late.

Read the thread, we were on a trip. Couldn't care less about that exif.

10yos can't get /fit/, retard.

This, it will fuck up his height.

I suggest DMC 1 and 3 when he gets a bit older since they have a little bit of gore to them, if you can somehow swing it. I only suggest playing 2 if you want to test his patience for bullshit. Godhand is also a good game when he gets to his teens. Viewtiful Joe might be a pretty good game for him to try too, if he likes playing beat em ups.

I trust that you don't need a list of which Mega Man titles to play, but tech him how the classic series and X series differ as platformers, and show how that extends into the Zero series. The Legends series are great action/adventure titles that I'd mention in the same breath as Zelda any day. BN is pretty damn fun too.

Try getting him into F-Zero and Metroid, as well. Also the DKC games are pretty great to co-op, if not play solo. Above all though, teach him the value of taking better care of his controllers.

Have good games with your brother, user.

What the fuck, how terrible can a mouse even get?

Also, if he's got a controller I've managed to get MGR to run on a fucking 540M.
That game must be ridiculously optimized.
10 year olds kind of suck at these kinds of game though, not that it matters if he's still having fun.

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Ignoring smartphones/tablets/etc., why are videogames a cancer on childhood?


I'd suggest Cuphead, but some nigger beat me to it. How about some stuff like Panel de Pon and Shovel Knight?

Is he fat

This has been disproven



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Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door

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the holy trinity
super metroid/zero mission/am2r

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She's 4, she's repeating whatever Jewish propaganda gets autoplayed on youtube. Odds are also good she's consumed a fair amount of fetish "frozen spider elsa" videos

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You can enjoy multiple things, retard. Don't you have some ingredient labels to search for soy emulsifiers?
Holla Forums's tryhard nofunallowed crowd needs to be hauled off back to t_d and gassed.

If kids spend any significant portion lives consuming media they become depressed, whiny sacks of shit like you you


Yeah, and since we are such shining examples of human life, we should leave this degenerate, depressed board. You go first

It's true, of course, we'd all be better off it we were to throw off degenerate habits like videogames.

And i insist, you first

Soon, user. Not now, but soon.

In the meantime, you can start by leaving this thread and this board

Soon, user.


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Holy FUCK feed your brother less shitty food, fatass

Let him try a visual novel

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Try degenerate.

As a Sanwa diehard, I'd argue in favor of Seimitsu: The LS-32 is still widely used for STGs because of it's incredibly short throw and higher tension.

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I wanna massage his soft malleable little boypussy as my cock grinds against his tailbone, hearing his light wimpers as he beats flandre, then I'll inch closer to him and start kissing him in the ear and whispering lewd but innocent things to him, seeing his tiny pinky sized erection poking out of his shorts.

Try fuckable

You're a good brother for not just throwing current year shit at him.

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Play 'Hide the trouser snake in your mouth lil' bro', easy game, hard to master, has a good sense of a progression and an awesome *climax*. New game plus gives you cute frilly little outfits to put on too.

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Pajama Sam
Putt Putt
Pokemon gold
Ecco the dolphin

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Those are all fantastic recommendations

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Whether or not video games are degenerate is not relative to the levels of degeneracy of the individual claiming they are degenerate. If a retard says the sky is blue, it's still blue regardless of his stunted intellectual state.

Let him outside. Don’t let him turn out like most kids raised on vidya, a socially stunted autist with great taste in game but no hope of ever being in a meaningful relationship. I know that I dodged a bullet by discovering a love of books in 2nd grade. Still socially stunted, but with any hope I can at least make myself a career.

So here's some PC games:

And here's some shit to emulate:

There's more but I can't think of anything else right now.

Care to take a video and show us how it's played?

The personalities of furries are what's sickening, not the fetish itself.
It's one of those things where the person becomes the fetish.

Dragon Quest VIII.

I wish I could have experienced that game as a little kid.

So comfy.

My little brother (13) loves AM2R. It's a hard game for a kid by today's standards, but he's beat it twice already. If your kiddo can beat touhou this shouldn't be too hard.

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>tfw you are a family man at heart and good with kids but no real waifu to start a family

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OddWorlds Abe Odysee (the 2D original version)
Shenmue on dreamcast

let him play doom classic and see what happens.

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Suppose any of us makes a kid, what games should an average Holla Forums user introduce to him? Start from NES and DOS at age 4 and slowly move towards the end of the 6th gen? Occasionally feed the kid bits of history if he's genuinely interested? Should there be a difference of games between a boy and a girl? Maybe I should do a chart.

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Teach him how to play sports and things to do outside, away from video games.

I'd be sure he'd never become a PC fat and he's be going outside more than anything.

That's also a more than viable solution, but he'll definitely be introduced to vidya at school and, assuming most kids now are playing something like Minecraft and the latest AAA garbage, he might inevitably start pestering the dad-user for those. The question is -
should there be preventive measures in order for the kid to have at least better-than-average taste in vidya?

I will beat my child if he plays video games.

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Monster Girl Quest :^)

I really don't get shit like this. My friend said that he first fapped when he was like 7 or 8. We didn't have internet in my house until I was like 11 and it was piece of shit dial up that just never worked. Didn't get "working" internet until I was about 13.

I'd seen tits in movies by this point but nothing too crazy. Terminator and Total Recall were the only ones I properly remember and some film where some whore goes into a car wash and gets fucked by the attendant or some random dude and claim it was them "making love".

Probably was 12 when I saw my first porno but it was because my brother stole my grandmother's credit card to pay for the XXX channel on Sky and it was just lesbians eating each other out and messing around with dildos. Plus you didn't see any pussy.

But yeah, porn didn't really become a thing for me until I was like 13 or 14 when my brother discovered KazAa and filled our 500mb hard-drive with low quality porn.

Maybe I was more sheltered about this sort of shit? My friend fapping at that age I just really don't believe and seems wrong. Maybe his uncle showed him how to do it, I don't know.

How about the DMC series? The first 2 games could be easily emulated, the other two have okay ports. That's a pretty fun edgy game for a kid, but not dangerously edgy.

The three NES Ninja Gaiden games, Classicvanias, La-Mulana- original version (he probably won't finish it but he'll have a great time), Shadowgate and Uninvited, Maniac Mansion, Shadow of the Beast, Duke Nukem 1 and 2, Illusion of Gaia and Chrono Trigger (if he has patients for story), Heart of Darkness, Cave Story, classic Spelunky, any of the good Mega Man games, Adventure Island and Wonder Boy, TMNT 2 (hell maybe TMNT 1 as well) Rampage.
He's probably too young for Nioh.

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You didn't figure out that touching your dick feels good as a kid? I was fapping before I could ejaculate, so I remember being freaked out the first time I came.

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You're a cool brother, make him play earthbound or barkley gaiden

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I freaked out the first time I came too and then fapped straight away afterwards because holy shit was it good. The earliest boner I can remember was when I was 10 or 11 to be honest. It felt good but even back then I wasn't exactly sure why I kept getting them. Didn't have sex ed until like 12 or 13 I think?

I also remember pulling back my foreskin for the first time and thinking my dick fell off. That was fucking weird.

Fuck, I forgot about that.

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Anything from when nintendo put out good games is fit for a kid, and easily emulatable on a gtx 650 computer assuming it has a comparable CPU.
If he's 10 in 2018 he already got showered with leftist propaganda in school anyway so I don't see why it would make any damage to just let the kid play GTA or some shit, though.

Warcraft 3

Holy shit lmao

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Ni no Kuni II
Fortnite Battle Royale, with all the other 10 year olds

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Does no one remember the last time an user asked this wtf? I remeber last time user asked about the little kid playing touhou everyone was happy about it. Now theres a bunch of faggots saying hes done something bad or memeing. Fuck dude am I the only one who thinks that this question has been asked already or am I mixing 2 stories.

I bet this thread would have half of the replies in it if everyone who hasnt been on for at least a year was gone. But I guess thats pretty obvious as to what type of people are on here now, since people are saying weeaboo unironically, and confusing the Nips with the jewish Gooks of Asia.

Kids like games where you can just run around doing crap, with no missions or scores. Any platformer, 3D slasher and fighting games do apply as well.

Spider-Man 2000s.

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Marisa approves of using sticks for Touhou

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Long past but:
Older Blizzard titles have a good mix of story and are easy enough to get into for kids.
LEGO RACER 1 and 2 or Star Wars Episode 1 Racer though the older Need for Speed titles work also.
Fallout 1 and 2 for Roleplaying or maybe even Systemshock 2 if he is into being spooked
X2 The threat in case of spess autism Freelancer works also

I know a 'game' you can 'play' with your brother. It doesn't even require a computer…

This kid reminds me of Narcissa Wright

Hokey Pokey!

older brother.. so like 13 right? you jerked off right? you like girls or boys right? what's your skype?

no seriously the both of you get the fuck of 8ch and go the fuck outside. btw that pic.. what the fuck is that bathroom and that desk is what $5 at walmart or whatever? .. get the fuck outside and get swole


First time I fapped I fucked up and tore my frenulum, thought I'd fucked up bigtime but besides a small scar it seems to be fine now.

let him play with your joystick

Play hotseat HoMM3 with him fag