Sports Manager Games

Anyone know why these sports manager games from SEGA never end up being well received? I want to know what you guys think about them as well as the other reviews so I have a bigger picture. The gameplay looks fine to me.

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pick one
It's getting bloated with useless features every single release.

Read pls

They now have gay-people in the game, buy it gamers! Isn't that what you want in your little manager-simulation?!!

The manager games hit the high-point in 2001-04 where they were fast enough to just play through without having to manage small details every game and it became a second job.

I don't believe you.

He's right. In '18 they added possibility for players to be faggots. It's only for newly generated players though.

fuck off fifag


Like I get it dude, some yuros are faggots and I get that they were trying to add immersion but I feel like, I don't know, the palyers orientation is so personal and pointless to mention anyways. Is SO something they ask for in players now? If so I can kind of forgive it.

Didn't the most recent Football Manager have some pro-EU shilling in it?

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More likely to get AIDS and waste away from it.

Sports Interactive have a habit of making their games worse with each update, usually by adding a fuckton of bugs that never get fixed. The core idea of the game is good enough to make it fun, but I can understand why fans are always pissed. The games have been badly optimised for a very long time.

I've played the game for almost 100 hours and I haven't seen this.

Haa, you almost got me.

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he's right though

What're you talking about? They're routinely in the Top 5 on the Steam's most played list.
I can tell you about it since I have experience with both the game and the players who enjoy this sort of thing: it's mostly normalfags or sportsball autists that get attracted to the series, with the former religiously playing offline and the latter online. The game is a glorified spreadsheet sim, but every new iteration brings something fresh to the table in terms of stats rebalancing (each new game has two or three broken ones that need to be exploited to win all matches, I recall a decade-ish ago it was Goalkeeper's ability to sweep) which seems random but it really forces you to keep changing your strategy and experiment, since the meta is constantly shifting and there's no guarantee that splashing the cash will give you the best results; the game is also ridiculously easy to mod (to the point that buying the DLC is considered sort of a meme in the community, only for those that really fucking want to caress SEGA's dick and long for more multiplayer shit) and once you get past some initial confusion, it's also got a low skill floor and an ever expanding skill ceiling. It does suffer from shit like rubberbanding AI, where Bumfuck Nowhere FC can somehow effortlessly beat your star team even on consecutive reloads, or how the graphics have the same problem as Crusader King 2's where everyone looks like they've got alcohol syndrome, but overall it's a pretty unique title and there's barely any other game that is as in-depth as FM. Also they make some pretty baller ads.

All sportsball games in the current year have plenty of pozzing, from the >Respect banners to having to shoehorn wymin soccer as if they mattered. But the sportsball Bread and Circuses are too lucrative to fully subvert, most of its userbase is high test men who only stand their own niggers because they're representing their own city (even though it's meaningless cause it's professional sponsored teams and they're not made up of their own volk) who can take and dish some bantz. Also, Legia Warsaw is the official Holla Forums team.

Diversity Quota. They've got their normalfag crowd locked in, they might as well try and get some tumblrette faggots' money so they can virtue signal how good it is to have LGBTQMAXIRPTR+ representation in their fictional vidya.

So basically no matter what they try they're not going to win this one? That's comforting at least.

How could they win? They have routinely attacked every macho activity until only soccer, as far as Yurops go (murikans still have Amefuto and Baseball) is the acceptable virile way to settle some scores, they tried to BLACKED.COM their way into subversion but the niggers that eventually came over and fucked beautiful caucasian and slavic women realized that Europe is immensely better than their shithole and being a tad bit more intelligent than the average groid (in that they realized they're only good as sportsmen and entertainers) they don't mingle with other niggers anymore, the more the federations try to clamp down on hate speech the more Yuropean soccer fans despise the federations themselves and there have been more wars and political uprisings initiated and ended via sportsball than via any other mean, how could the Kikes win, even if they own the whole thing?
BTW, /icup/ soon, fellow user

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Ironically then the normalfags are actually our best ally in this shit. Who knew?
Oh nice.

Normalfags are a tool in the hands of those who can use them the best. I mean, even if the Kikes own all the media, you gotta remember that a lot of times they got hurt by the the mouth they so preciously fed because some outsider gave the Eternal normalfag a taste of something better. Holla Forums gets it completely wrong, as they think that it's all a matter of information when it's really only about giving the people peace of mind.

You are a mean man

It's true, they put in a function of players coming out of the closet into the latest installment.

We even had a thread on here a couple of months ago.

Sure, they decided to tank the brittish economy to shill against brexit. Fucking faggots over at SI-games.

Man, i wish for Championship Manager to come back.

disgusting, are you a yuro?

Dude i went to my team i grew up with (and my father and grandfather has cheered for their whole lives) game last year and they were celebrating fucking Pride. The captain even wore a Pride-band instead of the regular captain-band. That's fucking disgraceful.

Meanwhile there was a whole section of the arena bordered off for free-loaders. As in, they let a whole bunch of "refugees" sit in for free at the arena for some shitty project.

Football-teams now works more like corporations than something recreational. That include kike-things like "social-funding" and "social-work" like supporting politically correct shit like this. I fucking hate it and i've refused to watch another game of my childhood team. Fucking disgraceful. Football is filled with pozz, each fucking time it's on tv they show this fucking (((Uefa)))-commercial of saying no to racism. A bunch of rich fucking cosmopolitans, mercenaries without loyalty whoring themselves out for Uefa to shill against their own people. A bunch of fucking losers who have never achieved anything besides playing good at a kiddy-sport, a fucking hobby like football.

Fuck them! Let them all burn! Btw, all of them are doped up, but that's an internal secret Fifa and Uefa try to keep under wraps, i've got my sources so trust me on this one. Start by looking into the pro-cycling scandal of 2006 and Spain and the doctors involved and where they worked before and after.

Yes, they deliberatly have wrecked their own game to shill against Brexit.

Fucking faggots, i wished i never supported them over Championship Manager-series back in 05.

And btw, i'm embarrassed about this but i looked up my playing-time on steam. This franchise is highly addictive, it's like crack. I've got around 3000 hours in total on the 2010 to 2014-games.

Then i've spent just about the same time on the earlier editions aswell.

They pozzed it up with propoganda. Football is loved by brown people and they hate homos.

dont know about the soccer one, but the baseball one has been pretty good. it does a pretty good job of scratching that itch of managing numbers.

Out of the Park Baseball? Yeah, the fictional world generators in that game are fascinatingly fun.

People loved them back from like 08-12, after that it was just the same game but worse year after year until it was just a cash in shitfest with broken features no one asked for.

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Does he just crumble when he sees the other team running at him?

No, it just means he will be shit in important matches.

He got good determination though, would totally make him a tutor to a youngfag.

I would shill for Eastside Hockey Manager though. Good spreadsheet game, no shitty gimmicks, pretty easy to just set up a database and play.


Which league? I'm assuming it's in Bongistan or France, but just don't make me rethink of the sport I like.
That is correct, hence why most Ultras groups (from my areas) are labelled as hooligans and thugs when in reality they're just opposed to the disgraceful treatment modern sportsball gives to what was once supposed to be a way for families to come together and a way for their shitty Bumfuck Nowhere to shine among other Bumfucks for their athleticism and maybe bring some glory back home.
lmao this has been known for ages, the one man they set up for a show trial so that the rest of the soccer world could wipe the slate clean of their sins pretty much foretold about half the shit (((FIFA))) would pull

Yes FM is a curse and a blessing, since there's literally no other alternative that isn't just a bad copy of it. I recall there being plenty of fantastic soccer sims back in the old PC gen and they all had some unique features.

The Chelsea one gets me every time, people who root for the top league competitors instead of their local teams are absolute losers.

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yeah, i like the historical sims it can do, too. being able to set how the league strategizes is interesting. introducing moneyball in 1970 is funny.

It's Sweden i was referring to.

I miss the days before the Bosman-deal. I mean, players didn't use to just hold teams hostage for more money, neither did they use jewish fucking agents to hold teams ransom just so they can move to some shitty chinese-league and waste their talent.

Besides the known franchise there was good games like Total Pro, Sven-Göran Eriksson-manager game and my favourite, F.A. Manager.

It was good shit. And i mean, FM was good aswell, a bit goofy and buggy at times but if you played lower league levels it was fun. Used to play like 30-40 years into a save just for the heck of it. Good time-waste while doing homework or other stuff like that back in the day.

Was that the thing in the UK that allowed players to transfer at the drop of a hat?

Didn't your Ultras group start wearing Hijabs because wearing masks is illegal but wearing objects of the Islamic creed is considered "tolerance"?

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If you throw the ball in to the net does that count?

It's an EU thing (the original dispute was between Belgian sides of a Belgian player) that allows players to walk at the end of their contract

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I remember playing OOTP a little. Its boring as shit, but damn, being able to create a baseball team in any country of your choosing without limiting yourself to murrica or japan was cool.
If only it wasn't a spreadsheet simulator and actually contained some gameplay, and matches weren't stat/luck based shit.

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Smallball is the superior sports management game. Everything else is for dick loving fags who want to get pozzed.

How accurate is it compared to the actual sport?

pick one

It's because (((Miles Jacobson))) is an SJW faggot jew. It's funny how the game is setup for anyone to come out to be revealed as gay, even if the players are straight and married in real life.

Football Manager went way down hill. basically hits it on point.

Nothing changes from year to year.
FM2017 is basically the same game as FM2018

No, what it basically did was to give all the power over to agents and money-hungry players. Which caused the world of football we see today with teams filled with mercenaries instead of playing for your local club.

How do you stop it then?

Depends. It doesn't show the match itself in physical detail. Ball and players are just an infographic and icons on the field.

Cause it's a game for autists, and autists are never content with anything. Where FIFA and the other EA sports brands are catered to normalfags to systematically part them with their money every year, football manager is for the people on the other side of that spectrum. The real gaymers. In order to seperate them from their money on a yearly basis.


Nice digits but he's right, you know. Sportsball autists are no different than other autists but other people think they're sociable.

Look up fantasy football. Just because normalfags enjoy a thing doesn't mean there aren't fanatical autists who also do.