Oh fuck yeah baby come here...

oh fuck yeah baby come here.. i wanna give you some jesus humps… *hump hump hump* oh fuck yeah feel the burn feel the holiness.. feel the power of the christ as it compells you.. want more jesus humps, baby… oh.. *hump humphjumhphupmhp*.. oh gfuck… i just sprayed a million spermessiahs all over the place.. all over my desk.. i will clean them up with a bounty napkin.. bounty.. the quicker-picker-upper. next time we'll have you guzzle a mouthfull of spermchrist.. i jerk a good load when i have the power of the jesus rock.. the jesus rock.. fuck yeah bring that shit in

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This was the most Holla Forums thing I witnessed today.
Please go back to Holla Forums.

it is my time

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