Will there ever be a pirate game as good as this again?

Will there ever be a pirate game as good as this again?

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Yes, it's called Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag. You fag.

No, that's called gay, user.

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I didn't liked it as much as i liked this one.

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It's a really comfy game once you get your ship and are let loose.

Thanks, I'll have to check it out

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What about Sea of Thieves™ for the Xbox One® and Windows 10® platforms?

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I too enjoy this game fellow gamer.

lmao faggot

At least for once the assassin creed mention in a pirate thread is a plausible bait post, but I know you faggots who think it's a decent game when it comes to sailing are out there and you all deserve the gas.

Tropico 2 was good.


The only thing one needs for a perfect pirate game is a Port Royale 2 with a different reputation system that allows you to still sell your stuff somewhere even at a low reputation.

Shit minigames ruined it, the original was better. Firaxis should have remade Covert Action instead, it was so rough that the fat fuck could've actually improved it.

man o war corsair is basically sea dogs/age of pirates: warhammer and proper boarding. and theres that really old buggy game cutthroats where you can false flag people and get hostages with cannons during town invasions

There was.

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- I ended up liking the dancing game. Much easier after getting the proper shoes.
- Entering an hostile city at night was boring.
- Swordfights could get very difficult at the higher difficulties. You could always win by constantly pausing the game.

Found and old game that I had stopped playing after finding the four old aztec towns: I earned Duke ranking in the four nations. Still couldn't get the maximun ranking for land possesion.

Couldn't get the best ship either.

Is there a Holla Forums recommended Pirate games pic, like there is for other genres?

Yeah, OP posted it.