Whos the killer?

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Is there an actual a whodunit game?

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Danganronpa of course.

ur mom

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Some vidya site I frequent shilled something called The Sexy Brutale a while back, I think it was a murder mystery in an eccentric casino. Go check that if you want.

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I remember a multiplayer game where one player is an assassin and the other is a spy, the assassin is up somewhere with a sniper rifle watching a party while the spy has to go around the party and complete some objectives, and the assassin has to find out who the spy is while the spy blends in as best as they possibly can.

town of salem


>tfw there'll never be another fun b/ town of salem thread ever again

What are your worst matches in this sort of game?

The Dark Brotherhood quest in Oblivion was like this, and also one of the best quests ever. So many ways to finish it depending on who you killed, who you talked to, what information you shared, and some other shit. Good stuff. Quest is literally named Whodunit?


"The Ship" is what you're looking for. Anyone could be the man trying to kill you. Though you yourself are also looking to kill a man.

Deceit is what you're looking for unless you want singleplayer. It's free too.

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Yes faggot, Trouble in Terrorist town

The game went to shit shortly after release

We live in one user

But to be a killer, you gotta kill something. What did we kill?

Quality discussion.


Why live?

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