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Discuss xenoblade chronicles/X/2, xenogears and xenosaga also allowed.

Pouch item favorites:


Side quests, owner deeds unique monsters, pretty much all the info about everything in the game:



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Should I just give up, do heralds affinity and then just suck it up and start NG+?

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Oh and before going into NG+ should I delete all my common blades?

I know that feel bruh, thankfully it carries over to NG+

Keep who you'd think will be useful but you'll want some room for the Torna blades.

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Will the west ever get an uncucked version of X


Maybe if they port the Wii U version to the switch and use the uncucking as a incentive for ppl to buy the game (same with #FE).

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But kids love them epic le maymays ecks deeeeeee

Do you think we'll ever get another open world game like XCX? I really enjoy XC2, but it feels more like a traditional JRPG. Being dumped on an alien planet and being told to just go explore and survive with everyone else on the ship was a really cool idea. I'd love to get that without pozzed maymays.

This is what BotW is. Pretty sure that Monolith Soft worked on that game too.

I hear it took 40 people to make Xenoblade 2 this true?

has to be bullshit, if so then there's no point in having 200+ teams of people for any game.

So im playing Xenoblade Chronicles for the first time and im a bit confused about the affinity chart. For example im following the affinity quest with the nopon who writes the kid a letter to be friends with him. Now the grandfather nopon is not a fan of one of the kids because he is picking on the kid nopon. I have not gotten very far i have been running around doing sidequests and shit. Is affinity only linked to doing things and talking to people at certain times of the day or do I have to progress the main quest to further push random NPC affinities?

I love the Nia/Pyra combos.

The affinity chart in itself is just there to catalog at which hours NPC appear and what happened during the course of the sidequests. For instance, way down the line you might be doing sidequests and someone mentions Palolo. You wonder "who the fuck is Palolo" because the first sidequest you did involving him was dozens of hours ago. The affinity chart is here to tell who he is and who he's related to. That's pretty much it.
Now, there is a mechanic that's much more important and that's affinity levels with the locales. It's the stars in pic related. It's similar to the XC2 mechanic with the titans - do sidequests, talk to people, and you can unlock more affinity levels, which in turn unlock more sidequests. It's the main barrier behind which side content is locked, but there are also some main story milestones you have to reach. It's secondary to the affinity level though.

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so its bascially a way to just keep doing sidequests then. Alright, guess my autism wont let me finish the game without making sure everyone is happy/sidequests done.

Honestly the sidequests aren't anywhere near as interesting at the ones in 2, and involve more grind. It's one category in which 2 is the superior game. But if you're doing sidequests in colony 9 without it seeming tiresome then I guess you should be all set for the rest of them.
Oh and also there are two places with timed quests, which are lost if you advance past a certain point. The first one is fairly obvious, the other is much less so since it happens when the plot is turned on its head way late in the main story.

Ok I just beaten XB2 now what do now?
Also whats a good place too grind for levels when your in the early 70s? Another thing why can't I go back to indol after completing the game? I still haven't beaten boreas quest and now I won't be able too. Will I have to complete it in NG+? Whats a good strategy to beat Tiger Tiger?

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Also how does one acquire overdrive protocols

Xenoblade 2 is the best Tales Of game.

nobody is happy in Xenoblade

Obviously NG+?

Complete four-crown commons' affinity charts and release them.

New game plus.

NG+ is fun as hell, but they should had this at day 1.

You think Nintendo will make a Switch port of XB1?

Why does half of the cast look like some generic anime and the rest looks like Kingdom Hearts? Why didn't they just get Tetsuya Nomura to design everybody? The rest of the characters look stupid. They have stupid faces and no noses.

Or even better, use the character artists that have been doing Xeno since Xenogears.
I just cant abide by it.

The Torna heart to hearts are pretty good

I think eventually there will be something like a Virtual Console and it will be on that

Still can't get over Nia getting uncucked by the devs.

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when the fuck is nintendo gonna fucking release virtual console the switch has been out for 5 or so months and there's barely anything to fucking play on it other XB2 and Mario Odyssey?

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It's been out for over a year, user.

WTF are they doing over there? Did they blew their whole budget on fucking cardboard?

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Then there's people like me who never bothered with a Wii-U, so I don't mind the ports at all. I'm not gonna say it's swimming in games, but for a first year with just first parties to work with it was pretty good and obviously the strategy is working. Upcoming stuff looks pretty fun too.

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I haven't played the new kirby or splatoon 2 so I wouldn't know if they were good or not but come on BOTW was pretty subpar for a zelda game I get they were trying to do something new and hopefully they learn from their mistakes but that was just a disappointment for zelda of all things

Like I said, it's over hyped and I'm not going to say it's the best thing ever or anything, but I thought it was a lot of fun. Maybe it wasn't what you wanted from Zelda but I think it's stretching to call it a "bad" game because of that. I've played bad games. Breath of the Wild is not a bad game.

It's worse than Skyrim you niggers. Even Skyrim has more depth than BotW, even if it's engine is clearly worse.

So the 40 people thing had some truth and about 60% of monolith was working on BOTW.

You're right, it's not good, it's excellent.

Nia is there to teach us the lesson that some people can't get what they want in life no matter how hard they try.

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Except the post you responded to shows she did get what she wanted.

Because they hired a softcore hentai artist as their main character designer. I'm entirely serious, look up Masatsugu Saito. XC2 was made to trigger western SJWs.


Since Malos is a Monado, would Alvis be the third Aegis?

It's the popular assumption, yes.


e-hentai.org/s/5ab3dfa5c5/1191588-1 his art book would make sjweebs slit their wrist

It would explain a fuck ton.

The only problem I have with this "Malos is a monado when it's revealed he's just an AI core" is that the monado in XC1 is pretty clearly revealed to be the concept of the monad in gnosticism - as in, the very concept of divinity that is the bedrock of the entirety of creation, including people. Zanza and Meyneth got to access their monado free, but Shulk accessed his own by his own damn self. The revelation in XC2 that the original world of the space station experiment wasn't outright destroyed but just purged of all life, and that a good half of Zanza worked to create a world without a monado was a really good idea, but limiting the monado to an AI undermines the finale of XC1.

Then again when you look at Pneuma and how she is pretty godlike it might add up

damn only 40% of their employees and they managed to make a pretty good game would be interesting what work they would've done had they the full staff as long as they kept out the BOTW bullshit

Why can't more game studios do this? It would obviously be pretty grossing in terms of sales for people just to stick to it them on the top of it being a good game

Saitom still does Hentai and 100% unrepentant about it.

As he damn well should be.

Has anyone gotten Poppi to light?


In a way they did, all that salt over not getting another XCX was very nice. Got a hell of a lot more salt out of this than Nier: Automata.

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Not really.
Even if they re-release it with unlocked boobs slider, uncensored clothes and dual audio no one will ever retranlaste the text.
Meaning you might as well emulate it now with uncensor/undub patch.

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Nigger, you barged into a xenoblade thread for the sole purpose on shitting on the switch zelda game. And now you're bringing Nier Automata out of fucking nowhere? You couldn't be more obviously a butthurt sonygger if you tried. Back to cuckchan with you.

Kill yourself you unbelievably stupid console warring faggot.

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You don't argue with nintendrones dude, especially since one of them runs this place.

Alvis revealed himself to be the computer of the experiment in the first XB, it's not like they made that up for the second game

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Having them as a trio is a legit gang rape in the world tree.

Did the uncencor/undub patch actually get made? I remember hearing about it a long time ago, but have not seen anything of it since.

True, but it made sense in that context. For all we knew, the Bionis/Mechonis universe was all that existed, so an AI that created it could feasibly be the monad. Making Alvis belong to another universe, and be one of three units, completely undermines him being the monad. The term itself means "the one". Being the ultimate totality of all that exists, it's unique and indivisible.

It's been a thing for years now user.


BREATH OF THE WILD IS A PIECE OF SHIT YOU FAGGOTS! Nintendo can in fact fucking do wrong!

Splatoon and Xenoblade 2 are my personal favorites on the Switch. Kirby Star Allies is pretty fun but it's also way easier than the 3DS games, I hope there's a single player boss rush after I beat the game with no allies allowed.

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Bless him.

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Well yes, but that's got nothing to do with Xenoblade.

He didn't ban evade, he was only banned for two hours.

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In XC2, Is there any point in giving characters rolls outside of their default? Making Nia anything but a pure healer, etc.

Reviews say the partner AI is dumb as rocks (Not switching to healers when you're dying because their cooldowns are still up, can't set up smash combos reliably- again due to cooldowns- and only you can really do that) and I have no reason to not believe from what I've seen, but I'm curious.

Also really seems like there's no other combo for Rex other than Pyra, Roc, and an Axe. Probably Gyorg/swimming guy for the knock down/launch/smash.

git gud

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You also get them whenever you fill out a main character's upgrade charts, and a few chest through the game.

Good Goyim


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Without physical strength or stamina, you need brains.
Brains get you money. Money buys you stuff so you don't die.
They are jews by nature rather than doctrine.
Unless they have rules of acquisition.

The AI's priority is to make blade combos. It's the most effective way to do damage, so yes, it makes sense they would prioritize it over switching to a healer blade when you're hurting. In the meta, the tank is supposed to dodge damage at least half the time.

The (((Nopon))) love good goys like you.

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So then making sure Tora has extra HP or Def is a bad idea? I should be building him like Brighid?
Should I give Poppi Alpha dodge boosting things instead of HP/Def? Or should I save that for QT and QTPie?

It's unironically the hardest thing about the game. I suck terribly at it. It's the stupidest system going - making leveling up one character's stats reliant upon a twitchy, poorly realised 2d shitfest.

Magnificent digits. Basically Tora is a better tank initially but Morag's the best tank in the meta. Her, Brighid and Ageaon are insanely good tanks. So there's really no point trying to out-tank Morag. If you're going to play Tora, go for attack.


When I get to NG+, I might try to play as other characters more- like Tora and Zeke. Thanks.

Only just unlocked the Dragon Vatican titan, and had a sleep over. Met the clearly not evil pope, then I kept doing merc missions.

Yea they pretty much are I remembered I talked to the captain of the ship in Argentum and he was talking about how Ardainians are conspiracy theorists for writing a book how wars profit nopon. I instantly got vibes from the protocols of the learned elders of zion when I read that and you can buy the book in Mor Ardain aswell

was meant for this >>14537683

> Turns out he deeply loves the blade despite her appearance, not because of it. The items make a gift for her.
Vess 2.0, but whatever.

you get better controls if you undock the damn thing and connect the controls on the switch

so you want to play as the bandits that kill drivers that have qt looking blades to sell to fat business bastards?

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NG+ allows you to exchange bonus xp for ether crystals. I'm never, NEVER, touching tigertiger again

i havent played ng+ yet, can you buy those super duper rare cpu chips for popi?

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Holy fuck why wasn't that in the main game?
Don't get me wrong, I dropped Tora like a rash once I got Brighind, but fuck me that'd make life easier.
Might convert him into a healer to put him back on the team. Depends what element combos I need

God fucking damn, I though the dub VA's sucked.

I said sidequest not whole game. Anyway, Zeke did basically say this happens in so many words. It's why he was attacked for Pandoria.

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I do wonder why Pandoria was so special to the Genbu titan.

They did this in Xenosaga 3 too I think.

eh? they used her to control the titan.

I've got the next gimmick for a Xenoblade game. You've had robot waifus, and giant robots, but now it's about giant robot waifus. For bonus Xeno- points, guys get girl giant robots called Anima and girls get guy giant robots called Animus. Please hire me Monolith Soft I'm full of great ideas. I could at least be a final boss in one of your games, I've got the personality for it.

I love Xenoblade 2 but how can an annoying faggot like Rex end up with 3 fucking hot wives and I am stuck with a fat ugly one in RL. I mean all that gay cunt does is shout " WE ARE ALL AMAZING!"

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Become a gay cunt who shouts "WE ARE ALL AMAZING" then.

Every time I look at this thread I think the title is nopan edition instead of Nopon

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Rex is one of the few MC's of recent time end in a fucking foursome.

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Yeah, I feel the same way about anime tiddies.

You don't have the power of friendship.


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Blade Nia a cute.

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Have you tried shouting "WE ARE ALL AMAZING!" at all?

default nia is cuter, tbh

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Because they didn't want the game to look like shit.

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Still can't believe Nia went from cuckqueen to becoming part of a foursome.

Based nips get it man.

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Why did my salvaging shop stop selling premiums? I used to have them there and now they're all gone?

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The premiums hify around anytime you stay at an Inn I think. Keep staying at Inns until they become available again is your best bet.

huh really? That's pretty dumb

They need to patch it.

That's not answering the question. How come Pandoria in particular could control Genbu?

I don't think they explain that.

Why skell of all things trigger people the most?
It sure as fuck better than doll or whatever retarded term was used for gears in Xenosaga.
Gear is still the best term though.

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A.W.M.S, A.W.G.S, and E.S. because acronyms are cool, you see.
But really, skell is pretty lame. Doll is as well, but at least it's the original intention.

Roll off the tongue too.

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I think its because her electronic waves sync up with genbu's brain thus using her to give him orders like not descend into the cloud sea or at least that what was explained

I'm at the begging of chapter 4 and find this game so far to be very hit or miss. Really having a hard time getting to like any of the characters. It has its moments where it starts to get cool but then it falls flat. Also its full of oddly awkward complex systems while still being painfully easy making the necessity to understand the systems unnecessary.

Is it just me? Is it the fact that I didn't play the original Xenoblade Chronicles or Xenoblade Chronicles X? Does it get better? Is it just poor localization? Why does it feel like a single player MMO?

The art aesthetic is great, and I want to like it but I keep getting put to sleep with boredom. What am I not understanding?

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I tried that a few hours ago and some random tiny kid called me a faggot.

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It's completely disconnected from XC1 until the very end, and has nothing to do with X wholesale. XC2 is more about the side content.

I wouldn't say its not connected to X. Klaus explains there is a shit ton of other alternate universes. Basically he is aware of XenoGears, XenoSaga and the X universes.

You ought to focus on getting some rare blades for a while. Once you can blade switch in combat, it opens up worlds of combinations.

The artist must really like the smell of armpits.

Also there's a monado in X, though only as a toy. It's likely connected as being an alternative universe in the same "world", but probably there'll be more connections revealed in a game or two.

that is a perfect example of the oddly awkward complex systems. So far I only botherd crafting two blades and they where generic crap. But the game has been easy enought that I haven't needed to try and bother to understand the mechanic fully.

I'm not even looking for a ultra rare drop but the game does a shit job at explaining how to roll something cooler then a common blade would be nice. Would have been really nice if there was a in game in game log of the tutorials because I honestly didn't really pic up on all the details fo the mechanics when they where trying to explain them. Still very confused about how the elemental chain-attack combo system works. The whole Inflicting an elemental orbs and breaking elemental orb is very confussing. I seem to pull it off only by accident most the time.

I'm going to start a NG+ soon for a 100% run. share driver/blade pairings for the ideal team

I wonder if Pyra could become a Monado or if it's male only, since Malos and Alvis are Monados.

The problem is they never really explain what it is, and what it does, and what to do to do it.

Get special to level 1. Activate it.
This chains into 1 of two other elements-think branching path. For example, level 1 fire can chain into level 2 fire or level 2 water.
As alluded to above, you chain into the higher level. Every element to chain into gives two possibilities.
So to take Fire for example, you can do level 1 fire, that lets you go into level 2 fire or water and both level 2 fire and water let you chain into level 3 fire (as well as 2 other elementals-remember, you keep branching!)
When you activate level 3 fire, you do your fancy pants minigame, get a pretty explosion. More importantly, you lock an ability of the enemy's.
Fire locks 'Self Destruct'. So if a monster ever tries to activate that ability after you've done level 3 fire on them, it won't work. That's niche as balls but there's others-level 3 dark locks the ability to call in renforcements, another locks the ability to aoe knockdown (Blowdown) and so on. You're still at the beginning of the game, arguably so you've given leeway right now but later on the ability to lock an enemy's move (especially the unique montsters) can make a fight trivial instead of a colossal fucking ballache.

Oh and the Chain Attack thing is you breaking the orbs for loads of damage. Get it right and you can take off over half the cunt's health in one go. Just remember, opposites are easier at breaking orbs, so a water orb will go down in 2 hits from a fire blade, but take 3 or 4 from, say, wind or earth.

The White Whale hauled ass away from earth before it was destroyed in X, even if the ships differed in XC2's cutscenes it could have been klaus that accidentally the whole planet. Or whatever he did was strong enough to pierce through reality and fuck up X's earth.

Seeing as the conduit is pretty much the Zohar it makes me wonder if Klaus started the xeno multiverse.

Doesn't the Vita have one? It's at least a big fucking glowing sword thing that the retarded pilot can't use.

Given how fucked the Xeno- timeline is, and the fact that the Zohar (and probably Conduit) is older than the known universe, odds are it's a never ending cycle of some sort. I don't just mean the eternal recurrence from Xenosaga. Imagine that but going completely off the rails. We'll have to wait 7 more games to understand the plot of Xenoblade 10

Xenoblade 2 pretty much insured that the franchise isn't going to die anytime soon.

It only took them giving up on making a multi-part epic video game for them to be able to make a multi-part epic video game. It also helped that Xenoblade was pretty much finished, but still.