Intentionally pitch a bad reboot

Out bad pitch me Holla Forums.

How old are you, OP?



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It's pretty much what mobile games do already.


*Cliff Bleszinski

Still better than Zero and the ds one

Fez 2 by Phil Fish

Any game by Phil Fish.



o wate

>releases worldwide so the (((treehouse localization))) works with the japanese devs to ensure a progressive and meme-filled quota is met
>mario appears as a cameo

A 3D Fallout game that favors shooting over role playing. This new Fallout game wouldn't have any perks or skills, and speech would be nothing more than a few choices with only one of them having any effect. Oh and it would be filled to the brim with le references because a Fallout game is defined by things like the Bos and nuka cola.


oh and

So Fallout 4?

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Bayonetta 3 is coming out soon .

but that sounds good OP

This is currently the most realistic and disturbing one in this thread

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House of the Dead Reboot following the Uwe Boll cinematic universe.

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wasnt the lastest one already like that?

You know when you do stuff like this you increase the possibility of memeing all of these things into the world.

Meme responsibly please.

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Oh come on, that's fucking easy.
>through some cruel twist of fate, it ends up being a fun game
>shut down the game before it ever releases because you didn't advertise it at all

That actuality doesn't sound as bad as it should, and it scares me.

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I mean, 70 players who spawned at Banor Glondo or whatever it'd be called this time, getting into a massive brawl with broken shit they find around would be pretty cool to see.

Wolfenstien sequel with no multiplayer and a preachy politicized plot for soyboys that distracts from the classic action.


It hurts lad.

EA loses their minds and has Bioware develop a Madden RPG


I'd play it.


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I can't see anything that can go wrong with this. We'll make millions.

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Cannon Fodder but it's a PUBG

>>>Holla Forums

conker, but he's in augmented reality

That's Tap My Katamari.


Make it worse. The narrator is Vaati.

But 1 and 2 were crap anyway.