What would happen to people like Chris Chan in your ideal socialist society?

What would happen to people like Chris Chan in your ideal socialist society?

For those who don't know Chris is a """"high functioning"""" autistic 30 something who has spent his entire adult life creating crossover fan fiction of sonic the hedgehog and pikachu in his comic series sonichu, which after a decade only has 10 published full issues.

He is without a doubt a massive drain on society with no skills, low intelligence and social skills that make the average r9k user look like Casanova.

Would he be forced to make something of himself in your world or would you allow him to wallow in his own literal shit and failure in the name of liberty and simply support him through welfare like what is happening now?

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I… Don't really think I'd want to be the person stuck using anything chrischan had a hand in creating.

Isn't CWCville basically tankie paradise?

Odds are he wouldn't develop. Chris chan is a perfect object.
Think: Would he exist without the consumerism of modern capitalism? The US education or mental-health system? The structure of his parents lives before him, and so on and so on.
Like a plane crash, you just have to break one part of the chain and you avert it.

So people like youtube.com/watch?v=j4PTf7LgsIE would magically be better in a socialist society.

How did you get that out of his post? Those are some very creative thinking skills you have.

I don't see why he couldn't mop floors or something if he had no interaction with people. Chris Chan probably would have a menial job 50 years ago, it's just that the general unemployment crisis makes him unemployable.

Unfortunately Chris is unable to reflect on this in any serious way since he literally does not understand the difference between commies and Nazis they are both just bad guys to him.

But yes he is the absolute and iron fisted ruler of cwcville who brings boyfriend free girls to all.

Holy shit, you're right.
It was so obvious, and yet I couldn't see.


Same as retards. Prevent it before birth or let him have his little house and weird obsession.

His parents were really old (which is probably why he is autistic) and conservative and refused to put him in a school that would address his specific needs because of his autism but instead they didn't want the stigma of a freak kid so they put him in mainstream public school so he never got his issues addressed and now they have an actual freak.

He is also massively obsessed with consumer products but that is because he is autistic if he lived in a communist society he would still get really obsessed with trivial tiny things like sonic but he just wouldn't be paying for shit.

This is a picture of Chris's sonichu creations, which he believe literally exist in another detention that he can interact with through his mind and his comics, executing one of his critics, one of the people pushing the button is like a year old according cannon.

You mention that, but not the fact that he recently bladed his taint to try to make a cunt?

Also, film him constantly and use the footage as entertainment for the masses.

He'd be sent to the gulags

Seems he doesn't really need a professional camera crew to get exposure.


I hadn't heard about that Jesus Christ he has finally jumped the shark he is literally insane.

Is that a fat joke?

But I mean he generally disrupts society and lives on welfare so I guess he is as much a drain on society as anyone else who does those things.

No it's a question. I mean, maybe he's annoying and arguably a waste of money to his caretakers, but can he really be a MASSIVE drain? He's just one guy. And even if we take into account all of the people like him, how many are there? 1 in 1000?

this tbh
This guy would just be a janitor no-one knows about.

Well that comes back to the root of my question in the beginning, should people who are non productive be made to be productive or should people be allowed to withdraw from laboring all together and lay on the cushion society has built for that purpose.

Chris actually had a job at Wendy's where he got fired after two days because he screamed at a black kid while he was mopping the floor.

Chris can't even mop floors.

I wouldn't say so. He's brought people a lot of joy with his autistic shit. He's the number one lolcow that ever lived and his antics and the various sagas of his insane autistic life have enthralled ten of thousands of internet goers

Not to get into the ethics of the people who used to troll/stalk him, but I think it's fair to say he was far from useless

In general a socialist society is not one that worhips efficiency. If so, we may as well euthanize all the decripit old people rotting in senior homes. The number of useless old people far outnumbers the numbers of useless autists

Not yelling, he scared him away with a Donald Duck impression. This story comes from a mix of that, and an actual case of him yelling at a black kid when he was a 'gym trainer' at a Pokemon store and segregated all of the kids by their races. He got angry and shouted at one of them for playing with a white kid, if I'm remembering right.

Chris' father was apparently in the KKK at some point. I wonder how much of that rubbed off on Chris.

This, Chris was almost like a sacrificial lamb for society.

The Caesar of our time, so to speak

Stop posting these duplicate "what happens to weebs/neets in revolution" threads. Fuck off to wherever you came from. Report these threads. They slide genuine ones purposely.

& learn how to use a flag. No one buys the socialist flag posting about Chris chan.

That isn't as crazy as it sounds. If he had a beard and wrote his ideas up in formal terms he could probably get published in a philosophy journal.

Why is it all the autistic people are white

RIP leftcom. Top of the page, left to right: market socialist, christian socialist, tankie, green anarchist, technocrat.

mental healthcare, if there is no hope for them, just provide them their basic needs/have their family take care of them.

I don't think there's such a thing as a completely unproductive person. They just need to be given rehab and made to do some form of labor there.

We need to armour this guy up and send him to punch Nazis during their retard rallies. He'll be unstoppable.

Forgetting for the moment the specific way he expresses himself, I would think that, if everyone in a commune, or enough people in a network of communes thought like me, we'd suffer through the few Chris Chans who are inevitably born, with more efficient care provided for them, causing less of a drain on resources, until genetic engineering has reached the point that we can intervene medically before a child is born with a debilitating condition.

Is that Chris Chan's take on Pope Innocent X?

Chrischan confirmed tru artist

This. I don't consider him much different from a kid with down's syndrome or a paraplegic. Again, socialism isn't about the worship of efficiency. I have a brother with downs syndrome, I would never have him be forced to work. Yet he accomplishes emotional labor tasks for our family, and he's a great kid. Some goes for "useless" old people

Thinking that "unproductive" people disprove the viability of socialism is wrong

When I said efficiently, I meant more to imply that such a person would be less a "drain" on society, because care would not be so shit. Capitalism has destroyed Chris Chandler.

Autistic NEET checking in. I'm unemployable given the high unemployment rates of society. But I can actually do some labour.

If Chris-Chan is too low-functioning to be able to hold down a job, put him on autismbux and provide him with a basic income and mental health care. What else are you going to do? Let him go homeless or kill him? Is that what we want our society to look like?

I've seen people on the internet say regarding the Fentanyl epidemic among the homeless in Vancouver Downtown Eastside that the government should stop giving out free Noxolone (used to revive people who overdosed from opiates) and just let all the people who OD die because they are useless and want to die anyway. Is that the type of society we want?

What's up with socialists wanting to abandon the people who are the most vulnerable/most negatively affected under capitalism? And then you act surprised when raging autists like this vote for Donald Trump?


Aye, you a BC comrade too?

Nothing dude. His parents would mantain him like they do today just with less Capitalist hassle.

He would be more wealthy overall.

I'm not in or from BC no. Canadian. But East Side. The Fentanyl epidemic is everywhere. Even here in the GTA. But British Columbia, especially Vancouver Downtown Eastside is hit the hardest by it.

My ex-girlfriend's best friend's boyfriend OD'd. He's around my age. Early 30s.

Also, i'm pretty sure his grandparents take care of him.


His parents were just pretty old when they had him.


Yes. Socialism is a better distribution of wealth than Capitalism. Way better.

Go to Sweden which is only slightly more "socialist" you will make more there than with your minimum wage job at the USA.

Christian's parents are sub-urban working class. Everything would be the same just better overall for him.

I more meant that the idea of wealth wouldn't really exist in socialism, as it's very much a way to compare the acquisition of commodities of one person to another. I know socialism isn't "erryone has da same job, but docter is as poor as a janiter" but with a much more even standard of living and nearly equal access to commodities, people won't think of their economic status as wealth.


what the capitalist said

Give him a camera and his own TV show. Tell him that it is all about his original characters. Have him read "fanmail" at the end of every show.

Chris is a gud boi who dindu nuffin wrong, he juss tryna go fast yo. He wuz gon go fast next week after he got his art degree, you feel me? Why you gotta hate on an artistic talent like dat, suffa ass trigga bix nood mufugga

This! I'd watch that shit

ChrisChans can't exist with a steady stream of sugary drinks, superfluous food reserves and a suicidally-altruisic welfare system. Since your commie shithole would have none of these things, your NEET problem would quickly be eradicated.

*without. Doh

In a socialist society, he would have gotten the help he needed, regardless of how shitty his parents were

idk why this thread was bumplocked, but I think it should be allowed.

The problem is that there's been duplicate threads of this "what happens to NEET/weebs after revolution" garbage. It's sliding genuine threads off the catalog.