Pedophillia is the new counter culture, pedophillia is the new punk rock, deal with it

Pedophillia is the new counter culture, pedophillia is the new punk rock, deal with it.

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Fuckin' corrupted fags. I would show them what REAL far left policies are….fuckin scum with too much free time.



I don't understand these memes

It's a bit ironic Holla Forums who claims morality is a spook calling others pedo.
Is it projection?

not everyone in leftypol is a stirnerite autist

leftypol isn't an individual.

nuu kanter kulshur

I subjectively view morality as a spook but these people don't that is why we can make fun of them like this because it is hypocritical on their part.

the first counter culture was against war and for inter racial fuckin so why can't his nu counterculture be for kidfuckin

Sometimes you don't need to agree with something to take advantage of it to sneer your ideogical enemies.


Does Paul Joseph Watson have autism?

He does things like when a kid just learns sarcasm (ohhh yeah… duh) and fake forced laughs. All his statements are really overexaggerated and stilted.

nice solidarity guys

The social constructs that elevate sex to a status above a mere act for physical pleasure are the spooks. Without them there would be no need for a discussion on sexual consent at all because it would be no different from a massage.


Stirner is a fucking meme.

As long as you admit you're abandoning the "hebe-ephebe-whatever-philia not pedophilia" defense


At least read Nietzsche if you're gonna use a nazi flag.

Pedophilia is medically defined as the attraction to pre-pubescent children. Stop trying to change this.

This. Hold me.


I don't care about your life.

Damn wasn't hakim bay a pedo

child sexuality is healthy

You can't be trusted with a fucking imageboard let alone with a voice. Your diseased kind played a part in destroying the left in the UK. If I ever see one of you fuckers try to get a platform on a leftist agenda again I will forcibly fuck you in the ass.


Speak for yourselves.
It is possible to be a pedo and also have a strong desire to protect children and not have sex with them. The age of consent is a spook (by the proper definition), but that doesn't mean that it isn't able to cause harm. Drug laws might be stupid but you still don't get a child involved in drug dealing.

If you're that kind of pedo then you're fine. Reasonable people only hate those who act on those impulses

Why is Holla Forums so fucking puritan about this, I thought y'all niggas was anarchists.

Unfortunately only a vanishingly small percentage of the human population are reasonable. My life would effectively be destroyed if I came out publicly. It doesn't help that I live in a country where even fictional depictions of lolis are illegal.

Pedos impose hierarchy on children

Normalfags from reddit are shitting up the place rather than ignoring it like most anons have always done.

Do NOT sexualize Yotsuba.

So do parents. There are better arguments you could make.

Wrong! Not all parents impose hierarchy on their kids

What's the original audio?

And not all pedo/ephebes impose hierarchy on children.

Too late. I might go and fap to her again in a few minutes actually.

The same can be said for pedos, especially since not all pedos even interact with children.

Nice collection desu

I bet they don't even fucking hate family court!

Only if we talk about 2D pedos

The ones who buy and sell 3D do impose it


Yes, I agree. The solution to that problem does not involve declaring that all pedos are evil or trying to hunt down people who do not fund or participate in child abuse though.

It is a complex, hard problem and I could write an entire thesis on the ways in which society's "war on pedos" is totally counterproductive.

But I thought sexual consent was just a social construct regardless of age? Could it be you're full of shit and changing your arguments because you have an indefensible position no matter which axioms you rely on?

Have you considered the possibility that you are arguing with multiple different people, or that there may be multiple valid arguments against your idiocy?



you forgot your ancrap flag

I don't understand what you're trying to say. Obviously the idea of consent is a social construct, but I don't think we should discard the idea of consent, I didn't even mention the concept of consent.

I was talking about the spooks that are derived mostly from religion like virginity, purity, chastity, innocence etc. that has transformed sex from being more than just a physical act but something 'sacred' in the eyes of society. I think there should be consent between two parties in most situations, but I don't agree with the idea that capacity for consent to sexual contact should be at such a high level people put it at.

But I don't see what this has to do with misusing medical terminology? Just because consent is a social idea doesn't mean mental abnormalities aren't real.

I despise pedophiles because they lust after children's bodies instead of treating them like individuals and caring about their personalities. Also because a great thing about childhood is being free from sexuality and pedophiles (although the western media already does this) want to sexualize children.

But if children can't consent to sex then logically they can't consent to anything else. The best way to prevent child molestation and rape it's to treat them like responsible free individuals from an early age on.
Just check out these 12-year-old twins leaders of a Myanmar's christian militia and then tell me how children can't be like adults: (here's how they are now)

Fucking this, why are people so obsessed with sex?

Then by all means, counter my "idiocy" with a sound and internally consistent argument. Surely your superior intelligence can muster a simple case for why 13 year olds should be in a universally acceptable age range for sexual relations.

"It's ok because it's an arbitrary moral distinction for this specific physical act" is demonstrably a different argument than "it's ok because this age range isn't as undeveloped as the age range more typically associated with technical pedophilia". That's what I'm "trying to say", hope it's clearer for you now.

If your argument is defensive of Milo or those who would be accused of pedophilia at large, then you should pick one or the other or be dismissed as intentionally obfuscatory. It's not that controversial of a position that you should stick to a consistent argument.

Define "reasonable". I think people who want to physically remove degenerates are perfectly reasonable.

I have never advocated for that. Pedophilia describes a sexual attraction, not an act.

hi pol

People who look at the evidence and apply rational thought to find solutions to problems rather than just screaming and doing whatever their caveman emotions tell them to.

Now, how do you define "degenerate"? I'm guessing it's a synonym for "people who offend my caveman emotions".

I seriously hope you are joking

The only joke is that people think they can end child abuse by going after non-offending pedophiles.

Yeah, I never actually argued from this standpoint. But when you swing in with your 'HURR DURR HEEBYJEEBYWEEBYFEEBY' shit, acting like medically defined pedophilia is not any different from being attracted to post-pubescents, you're being retarded.

Well that's airtight logic: there can't be offenders if there's no age of consent.

Normally I'd assume making such disingenuous comments designed to steer the thread towards being centred around yourself means that you were starved of attention as a child but in this case I'll assume the complete opposite is true.

Nah, it's time to clear you out. You have infested the gay movement for too long. Time to go, bucko.

Not being a moral relativist does not make me a sentimental caveman. On the contrary, you shape morality to fit your base instincts.

Correct. Terrible parents don't.

Honestly these threads are pointless because one side is ideologically incapable of even accepting the most basic personhood of the other side. It isn't a debate where people can be persuaded to see reason. It's an argument where backing down is simply unthinkable.

Humans really are unfit to tackle the problems with face our species.

Pedophiles are massive narcissists that would ruin fucking everything the moment they got their opportunity. They have a midas touch but instead of gold it's pure fucking cancer.

well sourced argument here

Pedophiles are not a monolithic entity any more than "the blacks" are. Some pedos are idiots and opportunists because some humans are idiots and opportunists. I can honestly say that I don't think I'd fuck everything up, but I suppose I'd think the same even if it wasn't true.

Take note, spammers: this is how you shitpost on Holla Forums.
I approve of this.

Sources: librechan, 8/b/, on early 4/b/ they destroyed the capabilities of hiding files in images, Pedophile Information Exchange in the UK, getting jobs in care homes and registering as gay and accusing investigators and council workers of institutional homophobia when investigating, leading to Britain's notoriously dimwitted public sector workers covering it up.

Feel free to cite a single time letting pedophiles near anything has had a positive effect.

ancaps.. every fucking time.

These sound very similar to the arguments used to justify "race realism". Oppressed people do shitty things. It doesn't stop being true just because you support the oppression.

Just imagine if the people here are a bit smarter than the average Joe, and they still can't argue their way out of a paper bag, what does it tell you about democracy? Complete travesty. People need to be ruled with an iron fist, by a God-like leader.

love that analogy

Democracy is shit. I'm the only person fit to rule humanity, and I'm not even sure I'd do a good job.

I'm anti-pedophilia but explain to me how jerking off to cartoon children or even having consensual sex with children is immoral? It might be disgusting and damaging but how's morally wrong?
If you are a moral absolutist (like me) then what's your standard for judging what's good and evil?

The true is that the only absolute standard for morality is a person's consent: freedom (allowing people to do what they want) is good and slavery (forcing people to do what they don't want) is evil, everything else is a matter of personal taste. Read my post:

hi pol

I hate punk rock

No, it's an argument used against race realism. Those fucks are cancer, too.


Except here they are in this very thread fucking up any chance of the left wing being accepted back into working class communities by advocating for the one thing that is universally despised in working class communities. It's more idpol than anything tumblr could do too. "Wow your revolution first what about my revolution?"

Well sourced argument there

okay larper

fuck yes

underated post

You're the first person in the thread to have said this.
I'm a pedo and I think the worker's revolution should take priority because it affects more people. There's no harm in discussing it here because the working class don't browse fucking chinese cartoon imageboards.

Bye Prickly.


clearly new here. migrate back to /r/socialism please

^ Fucking THIS. No one likes whiny, narcissistic cunts.

I know my use of that pic may seem ironic, but I like those; they're cute. I'm also a girl, not a pedo

It was an exaggeration, but pedos are always the first to cry here over any pedo getting shit on. Every other trait would be shown the door because of that.

I don't really give a shit about loli and think banning cartoons or even CGI is stupid but pedos have an excellent track record for becoming obnoxious when given leeway.

I'm a girl and an ephebe. It's not limited to men, as we clearly see by the teachers banging their students.

I knew that would be taken wrong, too. Not saying chicks can't be pedos/ephebe/whatever. Just saying both separately.

That's the level of argument you're using. It should really come as no surprise that the overwhelming majority of pedophiles are psychologically damaged from the way society has treated them since they were teenagers, but yet people seem to think it is inherently tied to the sexuality.
Just go and read . In particular:

There's a difference between shitting on Milo for harming children and everyone going apeshit calling for the gassing of all pedos, including ones who never have or never will act on it. These threads always devolve into Holla Forums tier whining about duhgenewacy

Shut up prickly. Put your stupid flag back on.

this is a great post. without thinking of past traumas and the path that leads to a person becoming themselves, you're ignoring the dialectical process of life.

The only time someone can get caught as a pedophile is handling child porn or molesting a kid. It's not like there is a mandatory genetic pedo test with a man with a bolt gun in the next room.

Please, user. It's always consistently pedos whining about muh oppression & everyone else telling you to just shut up about it.
That's never seen in these threads. Unless you're on Holla Forums.

Yeah, it's only the offenders, sure, whatever.

Thanks for confirming that you're new here.

If it's one place you're tolerated most, it's on chans. So the whining is particularly annoying.

There isn't really, given how histrionically the pedo crowd on Holla Forums acts whenever it's brought up


Shut the fuck up about new people. Everyone who disagrees with you isn't new.
These threads have been popping up lately much more, when usually it's only every couple of months when a pedo wants to cry or it's straight up spam like circumcision threads on Holla Forums.
We usually have actual discussion here, not pointless debating on inflammatory topics that shit up the board & invite more spammers.

It's a pretty extraordinary position to be that offended by the use of adhom and then adhom me to hell. But by all means, continue arguing against my "retarded" position. Surely you have a stronger case for the fact that non-medically defined but colloquial pedophilia (specifically around the 13 age range) is defensible than just "you're retarded" repeated ad infinitum.

Histrionically? Non-pedos make more histrionic threads than anyone else. There's always at least 5 eceleb/namefag threads

You're on an anonymous imageboard, and half the posts ITT are defending it. Stop acting like you've stumbled into a Southern Baptist chatroom

Clearly bait posting. That's Holla Forums who wants to mindlessly execute you.

You don't need to be caught to feel suicidal over the way society thinks about you. It's a whole new level of alienation to know that you have to mislead everyone you meet just to remain free.
Also, you definitely can get caught handling only fictional 2D material. There have been a number of cases over the years.


If it's damaging, it's immoral. Even if a child "consents", it is still damaging. If your only standard for morality is consent, you might be a moral relativist. The standard for objective morality needs to come from above, either from the consensus of a collective unconscious of a society or from an ideology.

Lmao. Well, non-pedos are the majority. And you can't blame spam on the base of a board.

the nazi's were correct with their gesundes volksempfinden, legalism based in consent cannot handle it's own contradictions and ironies

Oh wait, that's every episode

I'm against laws on 2D and CGI and while I can appreciate the next level of alienation there is nothing that can be done at the present time. It doesn't help that pedos are marginalized everywhere and act like massive faggots anywhere they're given a voice. Have you seen how much of a shitheap any board becomes when they stop getting bullied?

I'm not even an anarchist and this argument is beyond retarded

does anyone on this board understand dialectics at all?

Both of those things can technically be true at the same time. If someone points out two different mistakes in your reasoning, you don't get to demand that they stick to only pointing out a single mistake.

That said, I would argue that even if there might be no inherent harm from consensual sex, there is definitely harm caused by the material conditions of society in which it occurs.

It's almost like these two things could be related.

Well if neither are going to change then it's pointless.

One's clearly the precursor.

No. Holla Forums is for LARPing as soviets.

Read this, idiots:

This whole thread is proof that they don't.

This is why nobody likes you.

wew you should run a youtube channel

Wew this is every series' bottle episode.

Allow me to retrieve a kerchief for your tears, user.
Please explain to me how allowing pedophilia has dialectic potential.

Yep. The blacks are all welfare queen thieves and that's why they were enslaved. The jews kept whining about the holocaust which is why Hitler had to deal with them. The gays kept having fucking pride marches at schools so they had to be "cured".
History is so simple!!!

First, explain what you mean by this.
What do you think we want?

Constant shitposting gets you banned, fyi. Go to another board if you're bored.

Top kek. This is some advanced shitposting.

I don't advice for it at all.

Yeah, you're definitely from Holla Forums or elsewhere. You claimed people who dislike pedos are undialectic. Explain that.

Then explain your shitpost

Ikr, I've gotten some laughs at least.

You misunderstood the argument, I wasn't talking about the ideology of those, who rule us, but about an ideology like the ten commandments.


Why? Is being a soldier immoral then? Since soldiers are required to sacrifice their lives, therefore damaging themselves.

How so?

Why? And what's "above"?

What's that? Just because most or even all people have a consensus doesn't mean it's true or good. Aren't you against democracy?

Which ideology? Will a consent-based ideology do? What a about a child-fucking-based ideology?



Read the post quoted. Repeat until you understand. It's written in 2nd grade english, you can do it.

We have acended.

No, I specifically said that people who think that pedos are inherently unpleasant people independent of their environment are undialectical. It should be abundantly obvious to everyone who knows what dialectics is. If you don't you can read about it .

As for your previous comment, pedophilia is simply a psychological attraction. By your use of the word "allow", I suspected you were talking about child abuse, which is totally separate. People are legally "allowed" to be pedophiles already - they just face massive alienation and hatred by society.

ITT: Pedos are dialectical and are living through a holocaust

If people actually cared about protecting children they'd be angry at child molesters, not people born with an attraction they don't act on.

It could be a learned trait.

You're almost there. Keep thinking about it.

People here say /r9k/ is full of unpleasant people. Pedos never get laid with the object of their desires, so every pedo is either /r9k/ or a child molester.

How's that for some dialectics.



Men are attracted to women. Some men rape women. This means they're all predators looking to rape women.

It's not, all of it is man made, but if a society accepts an ideology, it becomes an objective standard for morality. Thus an ideology is above a single person's consent for the purpose of determining morality.

Jesus was a communist and u know it.

Can you prove that pedos aren't eternally acting retarded because they haven't fucked a kid and it's actually because everyone is being mean to them or will you just keep crying about dialectics without even posting your own reasoning?


anarkiddie detected

Society not committee. Committee implies a small circle deciding for majority.

Jesus is like the nouvelle droite of semitic religions. Also it's not like he wrote the ten commandments.


this can't go wrong

Then you're a moral relativist because you don't have an absolute/universal moral standard.

No. We can make an educated guess which is more likely to be right than the alternatives.
Also, in case you hadn't noticed, people have been posting their reasoning for half the thread. See for instance.

This is why I pressed you on the matter.

The ideology itself is the absolute standard. Are you telling me that the ten commandments are not objective morality? pls

Oh look, my baseless assertion is being dismissed for a baseless assertion which is friendlier towards the people making it. Maybe if I repeatedly say dialectics without posting an argument at any time, I'll be allowed to post retarded pedoposts here non stop!
We have reached peak meme.

Korea pls go.


You want evidence?
Get back to me when you've read those.

I'm still waiting for the part you explain to me how not ostracising pedos helps my agenda though. Because I'm pretty sure "it's the right thing to do" is the underlying theme haunting your entire argument.

Because it will reduce the rate of child abuse and suicides.

Except I haven't even argued with you about pedos. I simply called you out when you were shitposting that we "don't understand dialectics & if we did, we wouldn't argue against pedos".

Child exploitation and coercion is an objective crime.
You are most psychologically conditioned as a child. Sex twists these kids minds to the point where they don't function that well in society.

t. such a person.

Consent shouldn't even come into it. They are not "hard boiled" enough to cope with these things at that age.

It's just an example of moral objectivity. I do not worship semitic desert gods. Attack my arguments not me.

Oh, I'm interested to see their response to that too. How on earth did you think me equating r9k to pedos was them defending pedos? I was taking the piss and wasn't the guy making the claim.

My morals are precisely "why should I adopt a stance that would enrage my demographics target for an issue that doesn't effect me?". I've stated this several times.



I must have mixed you up with the pedo, my bad.

Body maturity =/= mind maturity.

How can you be this stupid?

Psychological conditioning is a spook now?

Fuck you. I think all pedos need a fucking chainsaw to the fucking neck. You are so lost in the abyss of spooks that you turn children into abominations. When they complain about this conditioning - you cry "you're only complaining because of spooks".

If that's the case, me ramming your head through a door should be ok, because to say it's not is to apply your own personal spook.
Have some god damn objectivity and stop running away through "spooks"

Why not?

Arguing with certain theists is just as pointless as arguing with pedos, most times.

Everything is a why user, the trick is to look at the roughest pinpoint or estimation to a justified explanation or even an objective "agreement".

In order to create a society you need a memetic mesh between people.
If not, it is not a society, but rather just individuals in an environment that occasionally interact and make deals. In order for a society to work, you need the deals to function correctly to help provide for productive needs and the best agreeable result for both parties.

That is why those commandments exist. They were there so the system of deals within society worked.

Psychological conditioning obviously exists. the point is spooks are what makes it exist to begin with. The solution should be to remove these spooks tat harm people to this existent, not to engage in them and hope they don't have any consequences.

That's not what the post said though, you fucking idiot. It was just a simple confirmation of terms because some us are tired of hearing about "DURR PEDO" when the situation concerns post-pubescents. Christ.

Correct, which is how it's possible that you ended up less mature than the average 13-year-old.

Ah, yes like colloquially defined socialism that's just welfare state. Stop being a fucking retard anytime soon. Proper usage of medical terms shouldn't be that hard to get your head around, I shouldn't have to tell you to not deliberately spread misinformation.

I already presented the reason, that unnecessary social constructs were the cause of sex being wrongly seen as something which requires such an exaggerated level of capacity needed to establish consent. I also already told you that I wasn't arguing from the other perspective you suggested, I just don't think there's any reason to be misusing clearly-defined terminology.

You'd have better luck telling that to a Trump supporter. These bigots have repeatedly demonstrated their disdain for scientific evidence and the agency of others. Ironically enough, that makes them more childish than the people they claim to be protecting. A teenager is capable of understanding logic and the scientific method if they receive a proper explanation from a competent instructor. These people, however, are not. Either that or they're actively, purposefully attempting to preserve the culture of media character assassination into a socialist system, in which case they're just looking to hijack socialism and are thus every bit as reactionary as Trump.

Its true. If you are over 17 and not dating someone who's age is in the single digits you are a counter revolutionary.

I didn't say you do. It's one of the commandments. It's an order and orders aren't objective or subjective.

You don't get it.

All stimuli is a "spook" user. That's how fucking retarded the meme is. What is the point of calling it a spook? It's to negatively condition that person away from that ideological point.
That's all a spook is. It's a fucking stupid meme used in the same way as insults or stereotypes.

A spook is not a reality, it's a conditioning tool. Whenever an observation or an interpretation is made, call it a spook and it is no longer valid.

I'm sick of it, you cannot construe a castle without acknowledging the castles own fucking existence.

It was implicit in the word "pre-pubescent". I initially interpreted the period of puberty to be encompassed in the definition of "pre-pubescent children". Clearly we need to talk about "pre-pubescent" and "pubescent" children as being within the scope of "pedophilia".

Puberty should also include mental puberty.

Whenever I talk about this shit I get frustrated. To go through what I did in my childhood and hear "hurr there's no reason for a child to not consent" fills me with such anger I go back to my pre-pubescent behaviors.

I'm telling people now, do not fuck children, or they will be fucked for the rest of their lives. They'll struggle to socialize, to function, to respect legal limitations, to respond to criticism, etc.
That's how much damage sex can do to a child's soft mind.

They're really pushing me towards the gene testing and bolt gun method sarcastically suggested earlier.

The left needs to cut off pedophilia altogether.

Spooks should be a thought experiment, not an argument.

To put it simply, once you realize there is no spoon, then you turn that spoon into something else.

That is the point of spooks, to open the mind. It's useless as an argumentative tool.

I don't like pedos, but this is a shit argument, user. I haven't even read Stirner yet, but a spook seems to be an intangible concept that we give importance to, usually unnecessarily. It might be jokingly used to object to all stimuli, but I'm pretty sure that's just Stirner fan shitposting.

And btw, spam/shitposters are trying to adopt Holla Forums language to lend credibility to their shitposting & spammed opinions. Just call them out on their bullshit if you see it.

You know, this is a perfect example of .

I bet nobody here has even looked at . You are all willfully ignorant.


Seems reasonable.

Respect is earned not demanded, to force it would be going against the child's free will therefore immoral.

People that disregard and violate others consent have disregarded their own consent so they are allowed to be killed.

People are free to associate with whoever they want, if someone doesn't want to associate with an unfaithful "monogamous" partner then they should disassociate with them.

Stealing is wrong because nobody consents to being stolen.

Lying is wrong except if someone consents to.

People are free to covet whatever they want, to force them not to (which would be thought policing) would be going against their will therefore immoral.

Agreed and the best mutual agreement would be respecting other persons' consent not the ten commandments.

Ideology written in form of commands does not stop it from being an ideology. It could be written in form of a haiku, it would still be an ideology.
We're talking about morality being objective or subjective, not commands.



Hundreds of pages!
No pictures even!

That famed pedo narcissism again.

I don't wanna exploit or coerce them; I don't even want to interact with them at all. I just wanna be able to own erotic fictional representations and fap to those without that being illegal.

No I disagree. A spook is a mere thought experiment when you take the idea to it's extremity.
Say I had an apple. The reality is that it is not there until I perceive that it is there and acknowledge it's existence.

I think i've spent too much time on IPs lately..

read the bottom of
Children are malleable. Sex corrupts their mind, sexually stimulating their minds from an early age. As they develop with this aggravation of their sexual organs early and what they associate with the feedback response system of sex, they have the potential to become more and more behaviorally erratic over time.

I fell so far that death seemed sexual to me user. That's what it did to my mind.
For the past year and a half I have slowly rehabilitated myself to the point where I am becoming more functional. I don't engage in sex 24/7. If sort of began the process of "purification" of the mind and physical response system.

That is why I am so against child abuse and any engagement children have with sex. It needs to be kept to as minimal amount as possible. I know that sounds extreme, that is the hard truth about the reality.
Otherwise the children begin to deform emotionally and mentally with their response mechanisms.

Honouring and respect are two different things. Respect is more of an emotional thing, while honouring is directed outwards. You may still resent them while honouring.
I'm no expert on religion, but pretty sure that exceptions are implied - killing in self-defense, etc.
Adultery is not victimless, therefore it is wrong. The person who got cheated on is the victim.
Then it is not lying.
It is a guideline to stop breaking the commandments above. Once your mind covets someone's property or wife/husband, it is open to committing crime. It's basic self-discipline. Obviously it is not a crime on its own.

Anyone that still has a pure gut reaction to pedophilia is from reddit.
You are a newfag, ie: you haven't been on imageboards for that long.

I disagree with the last part. Children are malleable and easily coerced. They can be conditioned in a "monkey see monkey do" fashion.
When they develop they obtain deformities in how they relate to human beings and what is appropriate or inappropriate behavior in certain behavior. This negatively impacts their ability to function with other human beings socially. That could cripple their productive capabilities and general "ability to live".

And that's where my post from another thread comes into this
Fictional representations may condition a person to become more likely to carry out the real physical behavior in real life. They associate the object, the child, with sexual gratification. They may feel the urge to try and play out the activity in real life.
You may say "I can control myself" but many people do not over time as they engorge themselves on this form of pornography over time. Many do end up feeling urges to real forms of the "physical object" over time.

Deformity against what? Your le imaginary friend? Delusional psychosis is a symptom, not an ideal.
Maybe. That's a tipper-tier argument. Slippery slope arguments are most often employed by those who wish to preserve a status quo that's functional to them against the legitimate interests of others.
Aside from that, there are studies, not merely theory, that porn serves more to fulfill erotic wishes than to aggravate them. How are you on a fucking imageboard, not a liberal agitator in denial, and not seeing anecdotal evidence everywhere you look?
Give up, liberal. Your era is over and you are useless.

I challenge anyone in this thread to tell me why Redditors shouldn't be barred from having sex. Their minds are too easily molded by corporate media propaganda for them to be able to make their own decisions, after all.

I know where this meme came from

Pedophilia needs psychological examination.
I think we all need to revise our psychology a bit.

I said it -
Fucking read.

Much like that as a "retort".
And they're a harsh reality that people do not like to admit. Memes are malleable to conditioning user. Once they are conditioned to one conclusion by one stimuli, they are more easily conditioned to go towards that conclusion with similar stimuli. Slippery slopes are not a logical fallacy, they certainly do exist.

Fulfillment goes hand in hand with aggravation. The more aggravated the physical emotional stimuli, the greater the orgasm.
No person seeks a "half assed" orgasm user.

So the man criticizing me for "logical fallacies" resorts to mudslinging? How very intelligent of you.

But that implies Redditors have sex.

Also anecdotal evidence is the only evidence that really be relied on for how sex affects children. There are no scientific observations of the actual action taking place.
All you have is the aftermath.

And I'm telling you my first hand experience as a child and pulling apart how that experience may have created what I am today - half the fucking person I should be.

Serious post time.
Damn, I'm sorry, comrade.
You're not half. Those experiences don't make who you are. The person who did it should carry that burden. Keep in mind many posters in this thread are just shitposting/trolling, taking an unpopular position to banter on it or trigger people. This issue rarely comes up here, believe it or not, despite recent threads about Milo, etc. It's usually just not a topic we talk about much.
I was also a victim. Do what you can to just push it out of your mind. I don't recommend drugs at all, but I use them to make me feel better/forget things. We all do the best we can, to live as well as possible. Try to find something constructive though, since that could land you an addiction.
Do things you enjoy as much as possible. And sincerely talk about it with someone. That goes for any trauma. I used to think talking about it wouldn't make a difference, but it does. It makes a big fucking difference. Talk to a friend or even someone online. Just getting it out at least, lifts some huge fucking burden off of your shoulders. It's totally worth it. Just be sure you trust who you tell, or are anonymous, so you don't have any stress about it. Just knowing someone gave a shit, helped me.

I don't mean to preach or whatever. But that line you dropped hit me.

I'm a girl & this board has been my home. This isn't some other shit board where you have to keep a stupid front up.

Nobody should go through that shit man.
Solidarity comrade.

shit taste opinion discarded

And there you have it, folks. Ephebophobes explicitly advocating for feels over reals.

Protip: Nobody here supports whatever was done to you, except maybe some Holla Forumsack trolls whose opinions should be disregarded. But simply because you were victimized doesn't give you the right to say that everyone who's doing something the mainstream doesn't like must also be a victim.

Lmao, this is getting ridiculous.

It's not possible for a scientific experiment or observation to occur. They'd have to literally observe the act in fucking practice.

A kid would need to be fucked to observe the act properly. That's not possible without:
1. Breaking the law
2. Breaking the kid

And I'm telling you even if the kid likes it, it will still negatively impact his future development. Hell if he accepts that behavior, he'll be all levels of fucked up.

Don't open that pandoras box.

Mate I can't even take the trolling. That's how much it's affected me. The thought or the mention makes me emotionally incapable for a while until I settle down and discuss it properly.

That's the damage it does.

I do and that does help. But it can also warp people's perception of you.

Try being a raped boy then. It's worse because you're expected to fend for yourself. So people just look at you sometimes as a weak manipulable man.



Completely understandable. Just know a lot of us have your back on the issue. I heard this for the first time yesterday when looking for a meme origin. Turns out it's fucking beautiful. Music really helps, too.

Unfortunately true, because a lot of people are shallow POS, which is why the trust or anonymity is important. It's invaluable when you find someone to talk to who is above that shit.

I can definitely empathize. It's more taboo for boys & you're told not to cry, etc. Fuck those people who adhere to this, it causes more damage. Tbh, one of the two times I ever saw my dad cry was when he talked about how it happened to him, too. I've seen the effect it had on him & it tore my heart out. I hope these stereotypes die out.

I don't really care, user. It was just a funny sounding & imo completely unnecessary term.

I don't like that song. My sister used to play it constantly loudly while I was trying to study. Sorry it's just a personal irritation reason.

Lmao, damn. ;~;
Hopefully I find another one I can share later. I love music & it's one of the only things that can lighten my mood sometimes. Don't know what I'd do without good music.

wow so deep, such domination of will, very Nietzschean!

Deeper than your mothers pussy.

Sheeeeit, missed your reply.
No, being a soldier is not immoral if it's voluntary and if you do not engage in immoral activity. Following immoral orders is immoral though.
Since the consensus is that a child cannot consent, you accepting his consent would make you a moral relativist. It's either never okay to do it or it is always okay to do it.
Unconscious is what's part of you, but you don't know about it. For example, most people are repulsed by pedophilia, but they don't know why. The unconscious can't be changed with a snap of a finger, because it's deep inside your personality. For example, you would need decades of memetic attacks on the collective unconscious, to make homosexuality accepted.
"Good" is directly linked to morality, if something is moral, then it's automatically good. Something moral can't be described as true or untrue, for example, "consensual sex is moral" can't be interchanged with "consensual sex is true," thus it's not applicable.
I am. It's not appropriate to equate moral consensus with a political system.
Any ideology that would get accepted by the collective unconscious. Yes, in ancient Greece pederasty was morally objective.

Post feet.

Well Jesus did live quite communally as well as early christians pre-constantine and advocating giving up everything and living according to needs rather than wants. Doesn't sound particularly right wing aside from the revisionist treatments of it by the more structured hierarchies that came later.

Threadly reminder that the point of attack on Milo is that he was raped.

Ubermensch transends his racial bonds

Any credible citations to this claim? :^)

Nothing tankie-fies me more than the fucking pedos ITT. gulag. all of them

Agreed, the backing of this by the alt-right could end up being there downfall.

most of leftypol is reddit cancer now, so thats why. Back in the day there were real leftists here, and yes real leftists support abolishing the opressive construct known as childhood.

Yes. The accusations that Milo "thinks it's okay to fuck kids" come from him relaying a story to joe rogan about himself being raped by an older man when he was 14. Milo chooses not to characterize it this way– he says he is not a victim, but was a mature and consenting participant in something he wanted, but this leads him to the unavoidable conclusion that in some cases (namely, cases like his) men having sex with teenage boys is okay. A properly empathetic human would acknowledge Milo is allowed to decide he was or wasn't raped, but that from an outside perspective that comes with a non-negotiable point if view(he was raped) it's a crucial distinction to note that his statements are the only conclusion that can rationally be drawn from his rejection of victim/survivor identity and nothing else.>>1400436

typical fake masculinity, "muh women and children"

you know what makes me angry? hierarchy and capitalism

Hi Holla Forums
not an argument

It's no coincidence that as the amount of "kill anyone who questions amerilard sexual taboos" on a board rises, the amount of knowledge and insight drops dramatically. This has been a constant pattern since the early days of 4chan. At some point we have to hit back. Probably should have done it a long time ago. But for whatever reason, the Reddit mentality of self-righteous posturing was allowed to fester unimpeded, and now we have people on Holla Forums unironically saying "freeze peach" and acting like they're some kind of supreme moral authority even though they've openly admitted more than once that they aren't going to discuss the topic rationally. They have every intention of continuing to ignore scientific facts and responding to well-thought-out logical arguments with "kys pedo" or "everything I don't like is Holla Forums", and the moderation supports them. The current incarnation of Holla Forums is nearly indistinguishable from /r/socialism.

Pretty disappointing, but not altogether surprising since the left has a long history of hypocrisy and opportunism when it comes to throwing marginalized people with legitimate gripes under the bus because they'd rather court reactionary idiots. See: Fidel Castro and Joseph Stalin being homophobic, Che Guevara being racist, and all of the current Tumblr bullshit where self-proclaimed socialists blame white people for all the world's ills. Even Bernie Sanders caved to the Tumblrites more than once. At this point I don't really care if Holla Forums destroys the left, because it's obvious that any leftist society run by these people would just be USSR 2.0 - which is ironic, because as has been pointed out often in these threads, the Soviet Union set the age of consent at puberty. Far be it from Reddit tankie LARPers to have actually read history or theory, though.

Bottom line, all of this "people under this arbitrary age can't do anything for themselves even though 95% of adults are complete fucking retards who are in no position to criticize anyone's maturity level" is just an excuse for totalitarianism. That's all it ever was or will be, and anyone who advocates it, no matter what economic or political system they support, is only out for their own personal gain. There have been countless similar statements over the centuries and they've all led to the same place. Capitalists will tell you that we need capitalism because the people can't handle workplace democracy. Religious organizations will tell you that you need their God to run your life. It's all the same shit, time after time, and it's gotten pretty damn old, but it's even worse when it's coming from people who claim to be educated and progressive, people who come here and post stuff like "how do I get through to these irrational Holla Forumsacks when they respond to every statement I make with FUGGIN COMMIE GIT OUT", and then they turn around and do the exact same shit whenever someone posts anything that triggers them. Of course, when we eventually win - and we will - they're going to act like they were always on our side. They're unprincipled cowards whose only tactic is snark.

Children shouldn't fucking enter into a relationship with an adult since they have no legitimate understanding of relationships or the world. It will turn into a fucking exploitative relationship

It's been explained to you over and over again that first of all, teens aren't children, second, teens have more understanding than you think, certainly more than the boomers and quite frankly more than most of this board, and third, you could make the same argument about almost any kind of relationship. The way to stop exploitation is through education, not through banning everything you don't like.

Why do I even bother talking to you, though? I fully expect you to move the goalposts of what constitutes maturity as far as you need to in order to preserve your witch hunt. You people don't respond to evidence. You just keep regurgitating the same stupid arguments we've BTFO dozens of times.

Alright, so let's ban violent video games, movies and literature, as well as any sort of media which involves any other form of undesirable behavior. Only then will we be safe from conditioning which will override our rationality and induce us to do terrible things, as is made plainly obvious by the dozens of Call of Duty induced shootings every month.

Don't give the tankies ideas.

trips of truth


Gulag yourself

Children shouldn't fucking eat ice cream since they have no legitimate understanding of health and the digestive system or the world.

the amount of "it takes one to know one"

I mean… you really gotta hang around these people to understand this.
Normies don't just automatically associate extreme behavioral disorders with pedos

idk, do they?

It's gulag time, pedo.

The taboo against adult-child sexual relations originated in 17th century England at a time when overpopulation was a serious issue. Religious and cultural norms were effectively re-branded to discourage sexual activity as a means of population control.

After essentially conquering the entire planet they inadverently imposed their culture, as it existed at that point in time. When feminism showed up it found it could gain considerable traction by hysterically shouting about child rapists non stop. The only cultural change since was the sexual revolution which was forced to adhere to the feminist narrative, To illustrate, in 1979 the LGBT movement removed abolishing the age of consent from its agenda.

And so here we are in the 21st century, the "damage" from a sexual act exaggerated to the point of absurdity. Children mentally abused by people who genuinely believe re-traumatizing and increasing the humiliation to astronomical levels is the right thing to do.

What did he mean by this?
Are you hanging around with pedos, user?
Are you retarded? It would explain why you typed sage in the name field.

Children shouldn't be forced to go to school. I was forced to go to school without my consent and all it did was to cause pain and trauma that I still carry to this day.

So what you're saying is there is a perfectly good reason the standards are in place which has nothing to do with all the reasons being argued?

That's because you're a nerd, user.

It has nothing to do with the reasons being argued, yes.

The girl in this pic just wants hot guys to go down on her. Absolutely degenerate.

I don't think it would be obsolete if we got rid of it. Teenagers are stupid fucks who think they're smart, are likely to think their first love is important and like babies. Liking babies should be a serious sign of mental immaturity. Babies are stupid, worthless, pants shitting retards.

If you don't like little girls you're either gay or a cuck, tbh.


Sounds like Reddit. knows the score.

In fairness to them, abolishing the AoC outright is going too far unless they have something like a sex test to replace it with, and as far as I'm aware they never advocated for that. Some type of measure does need to be in place to prevent exploitation, but there's no question that the current US laws are much too restrictive.

Please chemically castrate yourself you fucking cancer on society

It's not about morality, it's about shit taste.

MILF master race

Hmfph. I can't tell if this is reddit, Holla Forums or reddit Holla Forums flyover. The lines between redditor, Holla Forums and the aut-right have been blurred.

It is. There used to be a joke about banks from back when the only way you could get a loan is to not need one. The people who most want to breed are almost certainly not thinking from a place of creating a new adult for society, but a place of creating a new society for their stunted adult.
The biological clock is an entirely social construct. Baby pangs are nothing more than other people expecting you to join their miserable, controlled lives.
Any revolutionary with minor children is already an agent of the state. We don't need 'em and we sure don't need more life forms to feed to porky.

It's all the same. They're just a bunch of fuckwits who won't admit that they're wrong, because if they did, they'd not only be exposed as fuckwits, they'd have to admit that their bigotry ruined the lives of god only knows how many people who did absolutely nothing to deserve it.

That is not a post that you would see on reddit, you autistic fucks.

Thank you user. It's not easy being right when everyone is stupid.

Does your eternal victimhood get all the preschoolers moist?

Isn't the whole idea to spread the white genes and all that?

>act surprised and pull a much less justified victim act of your own when they get tired of your shit and put you up against the wall

the idea is that the whole world is doing it except us so we're going to die off like pandas

Nice roleplay there. Unfortunately you'll never get anywhere because the moment you open your mouths around the working class in pre-revolutionary conditions you'll likely get you wig split. If you do manage to organize eventually you will have it all come crashing down on you as one of your comrades fucks a twelve year old and a torrent of hate pours upon you.

Funny thought that you imagine the opposite to be true.

This pretty much only holds true for America, and America isn't long for this world. America will soon implode on itself and become irrelevant partly because of Trump, and partly because the rest of the world is sick of the US meddling in everything. Once American interference is no longer a factor, it will become very easy to implement the changes we want.

in america you'll get beat up, maybe crippled, in the rest of the world you'll disappear>>1410024
this is bond villain tier talk

You should look up the ages of consent in the rest of the world.

14+ and it's not gonna go lower

I'd be fine with 14+ though. 18 is fucking absurd.

14 if the other person is max 3 years older, other than that 16 or 17

No, fuck any of this grey area shit. 14, no exceptions.

My name is mr.pol, but my friends call me lefty.

And it should be you can only have sex with someone no more than 2% of a race different from their own. Same diff.

retard, nobody cares what your child molesting ass thinks

You mean except for all the countries where the AoC is 14 or less?

Eat a bullet.

like I said, 14 for 15/16/17 year olds, not your crusty old ass

That's not how it works in most places, actually, but keep pretending the world is okay with your puritan ameritard bullshit. The day you figure out that everyone else fucking hates you will be delicious.


I'm not an American, I live in a European country where 16 is the AoC.

Now see, this faggot here has some mighty shit taste. How any right-thinking person could like old bags more than fresh teen hotties is beyond me. After all, there's a significant gap in age and wisdom between him and them, according to my own personal supposition and literally nothing else. However, as I'm not a totalitarian psychopath, I respect his right to have shit taste.

You sad fuck. Just move a country or two over. What's the matter with you?

Who said anything about children? Teens arent children. Age gap laws are fucking retarded. Just ban all sex under an age that can't physically handle it without major risk of physical damage and judge everything else on an individual basis. If a minor has sex they go to jail.

Why would I move? I agree with the AoC.


teens are children, pervert
fuck off

Don't know how to tell you this but 16, 17, 18, 19 are also teens

You said you're fine with the AoC where you are which is teenaged you sick fuck

ah, I get it
you caught me making a logical error and now your wish to fuck a 13 year old is actually justified

Straight white missionary sex with the lights out in a monogamous Christian marriage with someone born the same year and month as you only you sick fucks.

Maybe so you can interact with some people from a country where it's lower and see that it's not as bad as you thought. Then again, you should be able to do that over the internet, which says to me that you don't really want to acknowledge anything contrary to what you've been told to believe.

human aren't animals, we have reason
and reason says that 13 year olds aren't mentally mature enough to enter a "relationship" with a 30 year old


Ever thought about becoming a YouTube personality? You could be the next Sargon. All you have to do is say "reason says" before any completely unsubstantiated bullshit claim you make and you'll be rolling in cash.

I didn't say it was my desire, I'm saying if you're okay with someone having sex at such and such age you really shouldn't care about who that age and older has sex with as long as it's consensual and not one of them being used. You're so far caught up in idpol and spooks you dot know what you're saying. This should apply to all ages. Anyone at any age can rape or use anyone of any age. In fact most rapists first start raping or taking advantage of others in heir teens and you called teens children so you approved of children taking advantage of other children. So it is very suspicious you not concerned over teens and adults that can't give valid consent to people their own age for one reason or another you pervert.



It's not only that they are mentally immature, but physically immature too.

I think the best way is put the age of consent a year or two after puberty, like 14. And, considering that 14 years don't know a lot about the world yet, we must have the consent of the guardian of the teenager too. This prevents some shit to happen. When the person can hold his own ground, he won't need the consent of a guardian or something like that.

You think puberty starts at 12/13? Hate to tell you this but you were a bit late to start puberty.


Irl that's used by homophobic parents to keep their gay kids from dating the gender that they like. I think we have to accept that there is no easy way to set an age of consent, and that communities and judges should assess a teen's physiological, emotional, and sexual maturity in these cases. Prepubescent children go without saying though.

Puberty starts differently for everybody.

Perhaps browsing lefty subreddits has changed my opinion on this over the past year, but I believe the AoC is right at the moment, and that much younger than about 17/18 is too open to abuse by power abuse relationships.

Childhood is not an oppressive concept, however the concept that children are not sexual beings is naive.

Well then why not simply mandate that any adult-child sexual relationship be monitored by another adult?

yes but most it's earlier than that. Also girls hit it younger than boys.

Are you saying I can fuck a little girl while her mother watches?