Daily News Thread 2/21

Russia dismisses 'absurd' Ukraine peace plan put forward by Donald Trump's associates

Vladimir Putin's spokesman dismisses proposal for Russia to 'rent' Crimea as new ceasefire begins.

Trump appoints HR McMaster as national security adviser

The US president announced from Mar-a-Lago Monday that Lt Gen McMaster is his pick to replace Michael Flynn, who was forced to resign last week.

Angst in GOP over Trump's trade agenda

Republican lawmakers are concerned about where President Trump is headed on trade and are asking who in the administration is in charge of policies that could affect their home-state economies.

Pence met with open skepticism in Brussels

“Too much has happened over the past months in your country, and in the EU,” Donald Tusk said, European Council President.

China opposes U.S. naval patrols in South China Sea

China said on Tuesday it opposed action by other countries under the pretext of freedom of navigation that undermined its sovereignty, after a U.S. aircraft carrier strike group began patrols in the contested South China Sea.

China building third aircraft carrier to protect 'overseas interests'

China is building a third aircraft carrier based on American models as it seeks to fortify its claims in the disputed South China Sea and dominate the larger Indian Ocean region to realise its blue water aspirations

Workers in US fired for participating in pro-immigrant protests

More than 100 workers throughout the country were fired due to their participation in the "A Day without Immigrants" protest.

In campaign debut, Martin Schulz leans left

Organized labor leader says SPD’s new man is moving in the right direction.

Ecuador leftist leads presidential vote but may face runoff

Ecuador's leftist government candidate Lenin Moreno looked set for victory on Monday in a presidential election, but slow results meant it may take days to know if he will face a runoff with former banker Guillermo Lasso

Sweden: Police forced to shoot at protestors as violence erupts in an area described as high risk

Sweden’s capital was plunged into chaos on Monday as police were forced to fire at rioters after a violence erupted in an area described as high risk.

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What We’ll Tolerate, And What We Won’t

Milo Yiannopoulos didn’t get his book deal canceled for his bigotry, but for defending queer people.

The supermarket food gamble may be up

Brexit, migration and climate pressures mean our ‘too big to fail’ global food chain could unravel.

Ditching the Deep State

There is no unified “deep state” pulling the strings behind the scenes. The state itself is a site of struggle.

How Colleges Lost Billions to Hedge Funds in 2016

Colleges and universities spent an estimated $2.5 billion on fees for hedge funds in 2015 alone. They paid an estimated 60 cents to hedge funds for every dollar in investment returns between 2009 and 2015, according to a report by the Strong Economy for All Coalition.

Trump Team Fosters Fears He'll Adopt Alternative Economic Facts

The fears about data manipulation also arise from the nontraditional approach the Trump administration has taken to interpreting economic data.

Climate scepticism is a far-right badge of honour – even in sweltering Australia

It’s up to progressives to fight back against this idiocy-promoting rhetoric and save the Earth.

Organizing against the Irish housing emergency

The occupation of Apollo House in Dublin was the largest direct action in Ireland in recent years, but it did not materialize out of nowhere.

Fully Automated Luxury Individualist Anarchism

Instead of using the mass industrial system as its launching point, this mode of insurrectionary technopolitics will look towards an as-yet unformed productive system whose genesis lies in the shops, garages, basements, and pop-up labs in anonymous urban zones and boring suburbs.

REEE when will war against USA start? I want to be a part of that.

Why is my country like this? There have been real tangible effects of climate change here but all our politicians seem to care about is the coal industry.

Ahahahahah Trump getting cucked by daddy

Everyday I look forward to this thread

thanks OP

I like seeing how much OP misses from Reuters and AP bigstory

What did Ecuador do right that Venezuela did wrong?

yes I'm sure somebody was holding a gun to the heads of the poor defenseless piggies they are the victims boohoo

The sad part is they really think they they're the victims and not the people whose lives they destroy

Reminder, he needs 40% and have a 10% lead to the second placer to win it in the first round.

Right now he's at 39,11% and the second has 29%.

Very close

What the fuck is up with this article. The author seems to be saying that what Milo said in those tapes is OK. Saying older men having sex with thirteen year olds is not abusive and useful for helping them find themselves is completely repulsive. If a man was to say this about young girls no one would be defending him.

Do these people not know thirteen year olds, the vast majority are way to immature to have an equal sexual relationship with an adult. Is that author gay? Can someone who is gay on this board tell me whether this type of attitude is normal in your community? I've had gay teacher and friends who I respect but anyone who tries to normalize this thing is a serious degenerate imo.

I'll be the first to admit im attracted to newly pubescent girls but I would never act on in or try to argue it would help them to sleep with them because I know its wrong.

Oh boo hoo, they had no other choice! O woe and such misfortune those poor innocent little piggies were FORCED to fire at those evil, awful disobedient """civilians"""

Can't call them civilians if they aren't civil, free will must be beaten into submission, daily reminder that your life has no value.

Interesting news. Shit article. Been checking local sources, none of them mention any correlation with Trump, nor what they were rioting about, so that is presumably all speculation. From the local sources:
Seriously, wtf

Pic related.

Holy shit, someone actually is defending Milo?

Copied this from another thread. Dunno how true it is because I honestly don't give a shit about Milo enough to care.

Here's the lowdown:

Milo was the kid in a gay pedo relationship when he was 13-14. He talked about the experience and said it didn't fuck him up and he didn't feel like a victim because of it. He, personally, was okay with it happening to him at that age.

That's it. He never advocated for anyone else to do it, never advocated actual pedo shit. He told the story of himself being the victim and his own experience being not so bad for him.

What got added to this were a pair of clips put together that make it look like Milo is shitting on age of consent laws, but it was a clip from another stream where they were talking about affirmative consent in college rape cases. A seriously dirty fucking play by the media. But when you put the three things side by side, it paints him as a pedo defender if you don't know the context.

Why is the first link in these threads always Russia shit?

Russia is more happening nowadays.

t. cretin

Not an argument

I haven't even clicked the link yet and i'm already raging.


But it's basically correct, there are several competing deep state factions. The one thing they can agree on is anti-Socialism.

Well to be honest, it already does fail, it's just that first world people don't notice. It just happens that, unsurprisingly, developed country can outbuy a limited food supply while poorer countries get stuck with shortages.

This basically happened back in 2007. There were food shortages all around the world, but its effect on the developed world extremely limited.




Because it was, you puritan retard.

Great, gotta link that article in each thread your ilk spammed on this board. Of which there's like 20 at this point.

Trump wanted Putin to RENT Crimea?

Trump getting cucked by Putin

Love it!

From the article their reasoning was that it would be a way to end US sanctions on Russia. It was floated as an idea by Trump advisors who have financial interests in that happening

Convenient. Just enough time for the US to tamper with the results.

Why does every hebe-defender rely on lazy ad hom? You're not even being silenced you're just responding angrily for no reason.

Your hypocrisy really is limitless, isn't it?

…ad hom users? Lazy argument makers?

If calling you a "hebe-defender" was an attack then you need to get a thicker skin. I made no value judgement other than defining what you were.

It's a dramatic mischaracterization of hebe-defenders, so it's arguably worse than just calling them names.

I guessing this time will be longer and a more noticeable?

It's not a mischaracterization if every response I've gotten on the subject contains a knee-jerk "retard" response for daring to question their arguments.

fucking LOL

Impossible to predict such a thing. Maybe there are some bio-engineering advances that would alleviate a shortage, or maybe not. You can never tell from the outset, only be vigilant and prepared.

Yeah it's kind of fucked up. He basically talks about his experience being kid-raped but said he doesn't consider himself a victim and this is the response. I know what your going to say: "I'd care about this if it was someone besides Milo." I know. Don't waste your breath.

This is not an ad hom, you retard. Compare:

"You are a puritan retard, therefore I'm right" - fallacious, the latter does not follow from the former.
"You are a puritan retard" - a simple statement of fact. May be true or false, but is always logically consistent and as such cannot be fallacious.


John Oliver says we should go to war with Russia.

Not understanding the difference between insults and ad homs is reddit-tier retardation and should be a banworthy offense.

I actually liked him when he was playing that drunk teacher in Community.

But holy shit, he became a literal spokesman for neoliberals


my favourite thing about john oliver is that he never connects the dots between all the shit he covers. HBO would never let him say capitalism is bad he is too much of an """edgy"""john stewart to actually do it.