[LIVE feed] Rome: protest against "Uber amendment"

Italian taxi drivers have taken to the streets of Rome to protest as the Italian Chamber of Deputies votes on the ‘Uber amendment,’ which was passed by the Italian Senate earlier in February. The amendment would see an easing of regulations for taxi companies, a move which protesters see as a benefit for app-based companies like Uber.

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My brother quit Taxi to drive Uber. This thing is really killing the industry.

I live in a medium sized city in Brazil, and here taxis charge per trip, about R$18+ depending the location. My most expensive trip on uber that had to cross town is R$ 15, and because I am broke, yeah I will take the Uber.

I don't worry too much about uber because their business model in unsustainable and soon their drivers will realise that they are losing money instead of making.

To make the old, boring comparison: it's like postal service workers trying to get e-mail banned.

Don't forget mentioning how knowing the name of the person who kidnapped you helps with investigation, Ronaldo.

The people who drive for Uber aren't the type to consider wear and tear costs on a car, or mileage, or fuel

Serious question: How is Uber still a thing and why hasn't it been replaced by a co-op alternative where the drivers takes the profit?

That's literally not true

I think there's a co op of former Ubers or taxi drivers in Austin that's trying to get off the ground

No it isn't. How is that at all comparable?

Uber is a taxi company that just skirts all the taxes traditional taxi companies pay.

There's no difference except taxi workers organized the old industry.

clashes broke out, naturalmente
(OP link changed from live feed to gore pics & vids)

Huh? On rt?

yup, hit F5

The issue is at the moment theres no reason for a person to get a taxi over an Uber unless they care about the workers which is not the majority of the population.

Not when they start using auto-driving cars, Brazilian comrade. Uberization is no joke and is spreading beyond just Uber the company.

BTW, Uber is already experimenting with driverless cars. It is estimated (according to RDW) that 8 million jobs will be lost due to this only in the US…

As a communist… what about a rational all-encompassing public logistics, instead of highly-individualized poop of shit that Capital currently "naturally" leads us?

That's the most retarded comparison I've read in a while.

Getting self-driving cars into cities won't happen soon, Uber won't be able to sustain itself until then.

bourg. parl. dem. doesn't agree with you

It's always "next year"

That's not exactly what happened. They postponed discussion of any amendments about the uber situation for about a year. That's why people are protesting.
The protest has been going on for 5 days now and today it got a little violent because some fascists infiltrated and sperged it out. (of course the cops beat up everyone but the fascists).
This is one of the longest strikes we've had in the last 10 years and I'm pretty sure one of the reasons is that the taxi drivers' bosses agree with them. Still, it's about fucking time. Uber is cancer. Not that the italian taxi cancer isn't cancer too: a licence costs more than €100,000.

what kind of people do you think work for uber?


In some cities the only way to a self driving car to work is if every car is self driving. What I hear from people that drove in America was that America traffic is pretty much straightforward so it can be more easily automated.
But not all traffic is like America, some require some sort of exercise in telepathy to figure it out what the other driver is trying to do.

You are fucking retarded.

Uber litterally doesn't pay for licenses or pay tax by using loopholes.

Uber is nothing like the IMAP.