The new face of Finnish right-wing

This is actually happening in Finland. This is the right-wing party True Finns's candidate.

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Finns are too good for this world, and we know it.

What are you, racist or something?

black hitler?

First a tragedy…

João Bruno? da fuck? Why does he have a portuguese name? Is he from a former african portuguese colony?

… then as latte.

Has real life become a non-stop satire of itself?

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ze baristas vill have to be selected for zeir sexual characteristics vich will haff to be of a highly stimulating nature


Face of Holla Forums


The ride never ends

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The hard right seem to be in an international arms race to see who can put forward the most ridiculous candidate.

I sometimes feel like I've gone to sleep and woken up in the universe from The Day Today.

What the fuck is up with the Hitler mustache? As if a nationalist party propping up a black candidate wasn't going to be controversial enough…

Pls be real



The pastor, a defender of the environment

For me, the important family and the environment. I would like to improve the conditions of foreign students. I speak French, English, Finnish, Portuguese and a little Spanish.

What did he mean by this





who is the cuck now?
t. swedecuck

why are Finns a meme society? How did this happen?


what are you talking about he looks like the average portugese to me

The truest of all Finns


Black nazis need to be holocausted asap

It's what happens when you make internet access a human right

You literally cannot make this shit up. It's literally faces of Holla Forums.

We need to go farther
Female mustachio'd gay muslim Finnish Hitler when?

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they can't be serious

hahahahahah i can't stop alugihng



the last guy is the only one who doesn't look like a child molester

Have you just woken from a 40 year comma?

not a single one looks like a sane person

alternate pic of Rauno Niemi (the guy two squares to the left of moccamaster.)

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fuck those cucks

Why are even their ties literally cucked?

Kek nice safe space

Not so funny once you realize they are the second largest party in finland, getting almost 18% of the votes in the last national election.

You have to let the city know of protests beforehand (size, when, where). They charge a fee and put police around the participants so they don't start shit. Although it varies from country to country it's pretty standard because not doing so leads to trouble.

To paraphrase famous Finnish author Jari Tervo:

Likely to get severely weakened in the next election - being part of the government usually kills off the populist right for a decade or two.

Lol cucks!

Why are right-wingers such cuckolds?

Since when is Penn Jillete Finnish?

kek what's up with the ties (and shit fits in general)


There was a biracial Gestapo agent. Not to mention the Waffen niggas and Freikorps auxiliaries.


Because they offer simple solutions to immensely complex problems. Then, when they get into positions of power they find out that their incredibly simplistic view of problems is faulty, and cannot implement whatever ridiculous plan they promised to do.
Basically they don't understand nuance.

Or they don't actually have the guts to do it. It's not like left-wing populist solutions (Gas the rich, class war now) are any less simplistic.

Which left wing politician has run on that platform again?




But hey at least they don't need permission, they free right

Yes, we have it worse here. Yet you burgers are still pussies.

that would imply they actually want to do whatever they say they want to do. Remember brexit? the most shocked person was farage.

It's almost as if achieving political reform in democratic nations is much different than the same in an authoritarian dictatorship where you can do whatever you want (for good or ill)

So is this real or what

We are an autistic nation of memes, fuck

… toinen suomalainen markkinasosialisti…?

It looks like a bunch of autistic boys, their concerned mothers, plus penn jilette and black hitler


Does it really matter?



yes, but it's local elections in Finland, so little geopolitical significance beyond memes.


please don't use neoliberal mantra

unlike those BASED neolibs amirite

with the highest incest rates in the world, did they finally realize how inbred they look and start looking to get some variation in the gene pool or what?


All I'll say is cocaine was a helluva drug.

Do you really think minorities tolerate your smug know-it-all racism for eternity?
You would be surprised if you know how many of them rather go with right wing than take your shit.

They can think whatever they want in the gulag my friend.