There is literally nothing wrong with being a Nazi. In fact, it's the way forward for humanity

There is literally nothing wrong with being a Nazi. In fact, it's the way forward for humanity.

Thank you for this constructive and pretty original contribution OP.

Reminder that fake patriotic fags that jerk off to this "ideology" created by an austrian junkie will be killed or deported to Germany.
I will not tolerate this cunts living in my country.

People are getting sick of you cunts, more people are turning on our side while you are making enemies every where you go.


I'm not a state capitalist







This is clearly the same guy who made the communism doesn't work thread
just some random (probs from pol)just ignore it

Nazism and Communism are both retarded.




t. American who never left his state.

I never understand this.(and Holocaust denial, too)
Isn't your ideology required mass murder in the first place?
Why are you ashamed of that?
If anything you should be proud of that.


Reminder that Gen Z is on our side. They are the most conservative generation since WW2. I've already got my two little brothers redpilled to a conservative level and they have sympathies for the Nazi Party.
We are only ever going to gain support from here, the Fascist revolution is coming.

Uhh… no.

Communists aren't opposed to divine violence, but it's far from an absolute necessity.

I mentioned the 6 gorillion because you mentioned other gorillions. All gorillions must be acknowledged.


Remember that Hitler was a very caring and loving man.


You damn right i would love to either kill you all or deporting all of you to Germany.
Hitler had plans to invade my country and to kill everybody here and substitute us with retarded germans.
You are all fake patriotics that jerk off to aryan garbage. Aryan garbage is not a part of my country culture.



If you want to kill capitalist, reactionaries, and religious people, you will end up mass murder no matter what.
Well, unless you are a SocDem.

And still you'll do nothing because you're a weak coward. Our movement has a lot of Ubermensch strong hard working class men in it and all would kick your ass to the curb. Fascism will rise again and the world will be better off for it!

You sound really deluded.

Do Commies seriously opposed to religious people?




None of that is strictly necessary, what we want to do is seize the means of production.

While reforming the mode of production so drastically is certain to create conflict with the old order, it isn't strictly necessary to spill even a single drop of blood. It is simply the unfortunate fact that such a change typically leads to violence.

lol you're extremely cringy man.

in all honesty when anti-fa, anarchists, socialists, etc punches your group of socially retarded people that browse 4chan or stormfront it feels like they're just bullying dumb ass dweebs. Because they are dumb ass internet dweebs tbh.

None of them collect welfare from soros though which makes them legit in some fashion.

GUYS this dude has created two threads. He is just a random from pol who isn't here to debate. ignore him/her

Seriously? Your movement is all full of internet neets that don't want to work for a living, just look at any anarchist, socialist or antifa group and it's full of retarded Neets and socially awkward people.
The Holla Forums section of Fascism is full of retards but they're okay because their heart is in the right place. We have some real ubermensch on our side. Based people who are willing to contribute to the new society they want to build.
Try again anarchist scum, you'll be kicked to the curb with the rest of your kind.

Make that three ;)

And this is the only thread I've made thus far.
Didn't realise how pathetic your board is, it's like everything you guys do you want to compare it to Holla Forums in some way. At least you know your inferiority.

Who the fuck wants to work? How many layers of shoe polish have you eaten?

I'm going to pretend you're not this retarded. Wew this board really is full of fluoridated drop outs.

So if your boss told you that you got the day off with full pay you'd be sad?

Men want to work, they want to work and earn to provide for their families. Otherwise you'll be living in a pointless life where everybody gets nothing for harder work and the future looks pointless in every way. It would drive people insane.

Yes.They want people suffer so they can have "class consciousness".

I know there are nonviolent sect,
but most communists are not.

Well, I do indeed want to provide for my family if they cannot provide for themselves, that does not mean I enjoy work itself. I enjoy reaping the benefits of work. And those benefits are minimal under capitalism.

That's capitalist retarded mentality. You're too much of a corrupt faggot to understand things.

Wrong, in a Fascist society people are rewarded for harder, better and smarter work. It's run like a Meritocracy. Now I think you're too much of a retarded faggot to understand things.

Why would that happen in fascist society my clever nazi friend?
Why would the captains of industry who are now leaders of the state let people better than themselves take their spot?

ignore him he thrives on attention

Okay I'm going to pretend you really aren't this retarded. I can't believe you'd say something like that while championing communism. You people are truly the bottom of the barrel.

That doesn't happen, in fact, captains of industry now become elected in labor courts by the workers, thank mussolini the ex socialist for allowing this to happen


hey I can post LARP pics too

wow look at me so informed and free thinking

I'm going to pretend you're just about to make an argument and keep this thread open.

but wait what about the reverse? can i mock le nazi with a funny me me?

haha le fucking commemeism

I'm not even an anarchist, but most anarchists I know IRL live in squats and try to use as little money as possible in their everyday life, by for example knowing how to restore electricity in abandoned buildings, getting their food from dumpster diving,, building their own furniture, etc.

If anything, their DIY ethos would give them a significant advantage for survival in a post-nuclear-holocaust society.

Source on this claim?



Accepting the violent nature of Revolution =/= killing actually being necessary for communism to succeed


Kids are fucking dumb for the most part and grow up you numbnut

[citation needed]

Hey OP!


Op and other Nazi trash keep forgetting that the Russians fucked his great Aryan nation up so bad that their leader killed himself in a bunker like a pussy.

Can't wait for that sweet Beta Uprising.

I don't understand the hate for good ol Adolf tbh

Nearly the opposite. They're full of oversocialized, student government weasels who major in political science or sociology and have active social lives because they "put themselves out there". So they're actually much, much worse.