Who here /wishing & hoping/ that wikileaks actually drops something nuclear one of these days?

Who here /wishing & hoping/ that wikileaks actually drops something nuclear one of these days?

If there was ever going to be a complete reset, a real revolution, it would be if an illuminati pedo ring or the plans for a population control virus got leaked. Imagine how fun it would be if it was worldwide open season on bankers and politicians with nowhere friendly to land their private jet… hehe

There is literally nothing that WikiLeaks could reveal that would result what you're describing

Take a look at the long list of evil shit WikiLeaks and it's prescursors have put out. If only exposing the ruling class would be the tipping point for world revolution it would have already happened

Also, even if a video came out of some banker or politician eating a baby alive or something like that. It would only result in a witch hunt for that one offender.

People need the prior knowledge that it is the system that neccesiatates the shady shit done by the ruling class, it isn't as if revolt against the system is a natural result given the proper impetus

If someone starts putting two and two together, Porky will double down on insisting there's nothing wrong with his cabal and throw the other Porky under the bus.

If they got hold of the nastiest, most egregious shit that spanned enough of international finance and politics that people said they're all in on it… If Assange got one of his director friends to explain it in a well made video you could get Kony x 1000

The existence of aliens that control the government (not something I believe) would result in at least some kind of panic. Even just passe knowledge of aliens existence hidden from the people would probably result in something large.

Credible knowledge being reveled about a foundational conspiracy like the above with aliens, but joos, Illuminati, masons etc. Inside job/9/11 truther evidence would make a big stir but not a revolution.

Pedo rings would be a bomb shell especially if it nets a lot of large names at once. I'm not saying it would start revolutions, but heads would roll in some sense.

I think something large and nasty involving food could make for some kind of mass revolt. Like corpses put in the meat grinder, something substantial like that, that effects people daily and is entwined with their survival.

I just want a fucking happening tbh

But it would have to be unrelated to economics, there have already been leaks that showed pretty much the whole ruling class is involved in tax dodging, financing militias, etc. and there hasn't been open season on bankers yet

If big names were leaked the establishment would cover it up in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways that would incite anger and riots via the streisand effect. The surrealness of the sudden shift in understanding would make many ordinary people spring into violent action.

Not really, don't you remember Jimmy Saville?

The media made sure not to connect him to politicians until years after everyone got sick of hearing about him.

Yeah, that's what I'm saying. People are apathetic to this sort of thing. I was hopeful this would lead to an investigation of at least a few executives in the BBC, but fuck me.

Blair is gonna get some.

If the revelation that Worst Korea is being ran by an illuminati-tier secret society couldn't rile the gooks up enough to revolt, I don't think anything Wikileaks could say is going to spur us lazy westerners into action.

Wikileaks could come out tomorrow and reveal that congress routinely holds black mass along with ritual child sacrifice and I honestly believe that even that wouldn't be enough to motivate even 1/10 people to take action.

They did have massive demonstrations though. But their culture is weird and fake af even more so than America so they're probably too nihlistic and far gone

This in a sense, you need to have something to lose in order to feel loss. People feel relative privation, which is why the most well off complain far more than the least off.

but this was already leaked. what you fail to understand, is that when these things really are exposed the majority of the population believes they are too "sane" to see it
if every confidential document made up Obama was released tomorrow, 95% of Americans would be easily lead to believe that it was fabricated by Russia.

yeah no. that psy-op was pretty much intended to build distrust for any 'call to action' in the american people

Is there a conspiracy theory about this? I remember thinking it seemed awfully corny and fake for the subject matter. Gave off vibes like glee or TBBT.

Maybe his whole nervous breakdown was part of the COINTELPRO? He was an actor wasn't he?

I think he was just a con artist that wanted money. If anything the orchestrated failures of the Arab springs was more likely meant to discourage people from being international revolutionaries even if it was obvious Us and Saudi's were ruining everything for everybody as always.

I'm pretty sure governments would have to start sending law abiding citizens off to camps before people would actually start giving a shit. There is an eternal sense of hope that things can get better that prevents us from going apeshit on every government building.

They've dropped lots of explosive shit, it's just that the people it usually concerns are so politically entrenched there's no way they're going to face legal repercussions. There was a ton of shit in the DNC and Clinton leaks that if a normal person had done one one-thousandth of they would never see natural light for the rest of their life.