The deep state totally doesn't exist!

What the fuck is wrong with this magazine? All of the Jacobin writers I follow on twitter have quietly disagreed with this direction, but Jacobin keeps publishing this blatant disinfo anyway. Is it Bhaskar Sunkara's fault? Are they being bribed, blackmailed? Are the editors just retarded?

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This is what happens when you want socialism without the stigma. You end up publishing fluff pieces to appeal to DSA, ISO, and left-wing democrat types to stay within the realm of respectable opinion. Then you end up a stooge of the CIA because they've been dabbling in spreading fake liberal leftism to cover their asses since before most of us are even born.

Everyone who always wants a normie-friendly message put out there to advance our cause, instead of thinking that we should try to change normies instead of them changing us should take note. Just log onto Porkbook and read the comments on any Jacobin article to see what I mean.

They're petty booj tbh, Phil Greaves is right for once about them

What's so ridiculous about it is that normies just think you're talking about the USSR anyway, and then you have two options:
1. go fullretard and tell them it was state capitalism, which they won't find convincing anyway
2. actually be a fucking communist who is willing to defend the USSR while recognizing (and keeping in perspective) its flaws. If Holla Forums can convince people Nazism is good using MSPaint conspiracy pictures, we should be able to convince people communism is good using actual evidence.

no they aren't. you don't know what that means.

It fucking was, nigga. State capitalism is still preferable to market capitalism though because at least you have fucking planning instead of people following what amount to nature spirits.

Serfs don't care how efficient your command economy is

Jacobin will never be successful so it doesn't matter. Dull socialist garbage repeat with idpol delusions from ivy-league feminists. Nah, autistic dipshits making pepe memes are more influential on the world of politics than jacobin ever will be.

This is probably their biggest problem. Their headlines always make me click on their articles, and then I never read it, because Jacobin is fucking boring for some reason.

I find Jacobins print mag much higher quality than their blogs but holy shit are you right about the fedbook comments. I remember during/immediately after the US election when they were doing pieces on the "white working class" or how spruiking identitarianism was becoming counter-productive and the comments on those posts were serious turbolib shit.

So, how do we make Jacobin great again? it was never great btw

this thread has better resources

I don't think it was state-capitalism, I think even under the Stalin-era there were major problems with it, I think it became revisionist and slowly became capitalist. I might be more appropriate to say it blended elements of the corporatist-capitalism and the state tbh. Even that shit was superior to Western capitalism where born-rich bondholders and do-nothing shareholders determine everything and make asshole CEOs look like paragons of virtue bc they actually show up to work to get their 20 million dollar annual check.

There were market-oriented ways of making money like selling farm produce or getting in with the mafia etc,etc. selling used equipment and means of production. But its not a surprise we don't hear a lot about that because Western elites just want us to hate socialism in all its forms and fear le big ebil gubermand that might potentially be used to check their power. Meanwhile, they make fucking bank off the tax payers by collecting interest off bonds and then demanding governments cut back and privatize their assets.
Recommended reading:

Can't convince classcucks about any of that though.

Speaking of that I think this article gave reddit and leftist kikebook a heart-attack:
Mainly cause they couldn't refute it and it meant they might have to get off their asses and be something other then self-appointed tone police.

Read this book

"""""Deep State"""""

They're fucking trots

The Jacobin is a way to introduce liberals to leftist thought. It has a classy name and design, it has this "objective" way of writing. It's like the Economist but with leftist articles. You can't convince them with a radical article from a publication called "Counterpunch" or whatever since they will not take it seriously. They are a bit booj on purpose, that's the only way booj liberals will read it and take leftist arguments seriously.

I feel like when people talk about converting liberals like this, their forgetting we should be appealing to the working class first and foremost.
inb4 the 'why u assume no workers are liberal/all Trumptards non-argument

They're definitely settling with a social-democratic line, and I think the elections are part of the reason for that. It showed there's already popular support for it, and the Jacobin people realised they can help articulate this instead of staying further to the Left of most americans and building something from scratch.

That would be a perfectly reasonable objection to your dumb post tbh

Whelp guess I'm the only one here who notices that the middle class is the class basis of liberalism especially people who identify as "passionate liberals" but whatever

Don't appeal to the working class directly though! Appeal to the liberals bc their left-ish and some of them are workers :^)

Is it the actual Jacobin writers of just their trash tier guest writers?

Deuce dubs are reliably made of shit.


The working class doesn't read.

It's not just liberals.

Even as a leftist it's hard to read left-wing press.

They almost always have some sort of "tendency" and the outdated lingo to match it. Plus they inevitably are tied to some bizarre fringe position that has nothing to do with leftism, like organic food, 9/11 truth, vaccines, whatever. And the less said about Anarkiddy literature the better.

First, your understanding of class (as if middle-class in mainstream sense and "working class" in Marxist sense are not usually overlapped) is terrible.

Second, even in the terms you're using, you're wrong. The Democrats have a firmer grasp on low-income voters than Republicans:

So the narrative of "Liberalism: middle-class and Conservatism: working class" is a lazy stereotype, and isn't true in the US or virtually any other country. You might want to deprogram yourself of that, or your entire worldview will probably collapse whenever you stumble upon your first Ben Shapiro video on Youtube. :^)

Ayyy lmao


He doesn't say that. Read it again

For a group of people who are supposed to sit in their armchairs and read all day, you guys seem to lack fairly basic reading comprehension.

He says we must ditch the idea of a unified deep state, instead see it as composed of competing interests. That's vastly different from saying that it doesn't exist. It's a more nuanced view, and more appropriate to the times.

"""""""""deep state"""""""""

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm scared of the Jesuits
And also the Jews

Yeah they do. What fucking world do you live in?

One where his worldview frequently goes unchallenged

Most workers are liberal or left leaning. You're a retard.

Read Bookchin tbh

Honestly Jacobin is bretty good. They are a bit lax about the people they let write for their website, the print version is better.

As for your criticism:
You are massively misrepresenting what this article was about. The author is saying that there isn't a monolithic deep state with unitary interests which is obviously true. Re-read the article and gain some comprehension skills.

This criticism seems to all come from one shitty article and I agree Jacobin's reporting on the Syrian Civil War and foreign events in general is subpar. They made the mistake in getting thearticle written by a sunni arab syrian expat and these people are near universally rabidly anti-assad, pro-fsa, and pro regime change (I know a bunch of the IRL).

If you look at most of their worst articles you'll notice that the writers only have one article up on Jacobin to begin with

You'll notice they'll bring on a normie article every once in a while to appeal to outsiders - and they still get shit on for it, even on normiebook.

fuck off.

It's idiotic. It vaguely asserts there are different interests in the deep state without even describing them. No history on FBI/CIA rivalry, no mention of recent events such as DIA intelligence support to Syria. It's purely an article meant to get people to shut up about the blatant CIA intervention in US politics.

Point out to me where it tells us to shut up about the deep state?


good article

non white leftists and merchants are too bitter to accept it though

Jacobin sucks ass on foreign policy but it's a good entry point into socialist critique for left-liberals

No it's a direct counter to cheerleaders in the liberal and conservative media that purport that politics exists only on the level of the "deep state" and electoral politics. Which IS being used to depress civil and social unrest.

They are COINTELPRO, always have been, they just get lazy sometimes.

Did you mean "replete"?

And now they are trying to revive the Free Tibet meme. Fuck these CIA stooges.

Hi Phil.

The first two claims are stupid, but FDA we're the good guys at first

Jacobin is doing a lot for US socialism and all their editors are marxists. If you read any interview with Sunkara he will consistently re-assert the goal of socialism will always be the abolition of class society. Sunkara himself is probably one of the better editors politics-wise. It should be noted Jacobin and Sunkara are against intersectionality since they see it as totally impotent and think all indentity-based politics should have it's basis in class or else it is trash. Have you seen some of their encounters with prominent left-libs on twitter? They all hate them.

It is worth noting too they are for a united front, not a popular front, even though everyone loves to overplay how liberal they really are. Most criticisms of them are from autists who are angry that a socialist publication isn't always perfectly in line with their own views. Some can't seem to conceive that right now engaging with mainstream politics is what a publication like Jacobin should be doing considering the political climate.

Some of their internet articles can be trash or boring to already well-informed socialists, but for most Americans these are new ideas or ideas that they have never seen articulated before. The print issue is way more challenging than anything they post online and I always come out of it learning something. They always skip over entry-level marxist terminology and stuff in the print issue.

Saying they are CIA shills is beyond ridiculous. They are anti-stalinist, and so if you are a tankie or sympathetic to tankies you won't like them.

I'm leaning toward guest writers but it is a mix. Sometimes they bring on people who aren't actually committed socialists if they are experts in a field.


I think Jacobin is alright, they have plenty of good reads. Definitely have a liberal smack to them, but they make up for it by grilling liberals a lot.

I liked their article on the whole Meryl Streep anti-trump speech.

The meme about the CIA controlling American left orgs is bullshit and needs to stop.

It was always the FBI doing all that.

My sources tell me NSA, CIA, and FBI are all bickering over who controls which leftist org.

wtf is a deep state

A group within a state that isn't made by formal politicians but exerts control over political matters, e.g. the army.

A reminder that Jacobin magazine published sefveral "gamers are dead" articles where the authors denounced the hatred of women of nerd and geek culture.

Jacobin magazine is fake news.

A mindful state that people at NSA achieve with yoga before they decide to drone-kill some leftist revolutionary.

The DSA is a democratic party front group, I don't know what you expected - meaingful leftist criticism?

There's a reason I stick to WSWS these days (even though I'm not even a Trot and skip over most of the sectarian stuff.)

A group/groups and/or ideologies entrenched in the unelected state apparatus/bureaucracy.

you mean denounced idpol?

why is this bad?

good, nerds suck ass and videogames are for children

No, they engaged in idpol and ran with the mainstream harassment narrative pushed by the fake news corporations.

Engaging in idpol IS bad. Not doing proper research of a topic you are writing an article about IS bad. Participating in a propaganda op of the neoliberal establishment IS bad. Being as retarded as you comrade IS bad.

Clearly you aren't skipping over the conspiracy stuff in WSWS.


That's what happened.

>>>Holla Forums

It was usually the FBI but not always.

People got upset about that? What a fucking joke.