Prisoner Liberation

Prisoners are indisputably the most oppressed class of people inside the United States. The US imprisoned more of it's people than any nation in human history. Prisoners suffer the most blatant dehumanization, terror, and violence from the bourgeois system out of everyone in the US. The bourgeois state has the power to force any prole into this miserable slave class at any given moment.

Why do prisoners receive so little focus, support, and even analysis from the radical left? And don't go mentioning the small handful of "political prisoners" the left praises. ALL prisoners are political prisoners. Their liberation should be our first priority.

"The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons."
-Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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Quite simply- because it's difficult for people to have sympathy for them. People just see them as reprehensible monsters and even when you present facts that most are in there for drug crimes, not paying child support, theft and other nonviolent crime, it isn't enough to override that preconceived notion.

Just wait for the obligatory "fuck those lumpen scum"

prisons don't work. either the crime is minor enough where resocialization is possible or it's severe enough where only a bullet is an answer.. All pedophiles and everyone involved in the drug trade deserve a bullet btw

There is absolutely nothing wrong with pedophilia :^)

Fuck off pedo

there are so many innocent people in prison in the US, basically i'd say let them all out because the few actual criminals can't commit enough crimes throughout their lifetime to justify what we are doing to the innocents.

US has what, more prisoners than US and Russia combined?

i mean more than Russia and China combined


Yes. The largest prison population in the world, often used as effectively slaves. Kill your masters.

I like how the 13th amendment contains an exception for prison labor. They are LITERALLY de facto slaves
>Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

theyre actually paid for their labor

Literally de facto is redundant whoops

yeah, like ten cents an hour

They're paid 0.23-1.15 an hour

A wage that would barely buy them ramen. Like charging slaves for their own clothes and shelter.

Nor drug trade

You raise good points but this rustled my jimmies.

Prisons are typically a black hole when it comes to outside oversight and awareness of what goes on within them, and the way the US prison system is structured means ties inmates have with the outside world are typically weakened and severed. It also doesn't help that a solid portion of the public practically salivates at the idea of inmates suffering, and politicians pander to that sadistic streak.

Side note, working as a corrections officer at LSP-Angola and seeing how horrible mass incarceration is firsthand is what ultimately led me towards being an anarkiddie. If anyone has questions about that shit/life inside major US prison farms, ask away.

What is the worst thing you've seen?

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America was a mistake tbh

Since this is what would actually tug at normies' heart strings, proportionally how many people were imprisoned for stuff that no reasonable person would say they should be, or had much longer sentences than a normie would consider reasonable?

Tell us some bad ass jail house stories fam

Why should the public allow blatantly awful people to wander around freely?


It's not the 'public' being questioned, and the 'public' has no real say. The only time the 'public' ever factors into judicial policy is to help authoritarians and fake charities gain power. See : Carceral Feminism + Christian conservative love affair over punishing invisible sex traffickers.

I have family rotting in prison so I obviously hate them. Problem is I don't know any viable alternatives to it

we'd still need to lock up people, even in a just socialist world

If you mean in general, somebody tried to kill another guy in his dormitory block by mixing sugar and honey in a cup, heating it to a boil, then pouring it on his rival's face while the man slept. It went down his nose and in his eyes. What's worse is that he survived. The TU (Treatment Unit) is another horror show, think a sparse concrete dungeon where those who are criminally insane are kept. I swear, you couldn't come up with a better environment for driving insane people crazier.

If you're talking about exploitation, look up Prison Enterprises LLC and the inmate slave labor produced goods and services they offer for an idea. They're quasi-private, quasi-public corporation running the onsite fields and manufacturing facilities and making bank from it while the inmates provide all the labor. Starting pay was around 5 cents an hour, and the highest paid inmate I ever knew, a skilled auto mechanic who taught other inmates how to repair and maintain state vehicles, made 50 cents. For comparison, a 10 minute phone call from an inmate to their family could easily cost $15 on both ends. Frankly, there's so many directions I can take on how they fuck over the inmates and their families that it's hard to pick one.

Tricky to say, since the etiquette between guards and inmates is that you never ask somebody what they're in for. Weirdly enough, the murderers are usually the more normal and stable people, while the scam artists and rapists are the wild cards. The dedicated Angola inmate prison population is around 80% lifers, and Louisiana hands out life sentences like they were crack candy. They had consolidated two smaller prisons that housed people with a broader range of sentences into Angola not long before I started, so there were some people in there on minor drug related charges and the like. I want to say there were roughly 4,500 original Angola inmates plus 2000 that'd been recently jammed in from other facilities.

The inmates make bootleg alcohol in their toilets using fruit cocktail and preferrably yeast jacked from the kitchen if they can. It looks and smells just like vomit; the prisoners will shit and piss in cups and pass those to the neighboring cell to flush in exchange for giving them a cut of the end product. To counter yeast theft baking pans have often built-in rulers; if the bread doesn't rise as much as it normally should it means someone is skimming it.

Criminals' communes.

The public already allows it. Everyone accepts that murderers and rapists go free after serving their sentence.

wat? who wants a cup of shit? I don't get it.

It makes me feel fuzzy inside knowing just how kind and empathetic leftypol users are.

Wait, as in the Angola three, the prison that put three of it's inmates in decades long solidarity confinement?

My god, I imagined that place was hell on earth and your stories confirm it

Do you have any inside info on the Angola three by any chance?

In part because we don't use the death penalty as often as more populated countries

I've known a few correction officers one thing I head from them that surprised me is they would talk about prisoners admitting prison was the nicest place they have ever lived. On top of that they get three meals a day a better healthcare access than some of the poorest Americans. just incase any of you guys end up imprisoned for whatever (probably justified) reason. It's for UK prisons but most of this shit should work anywhere

you're a lying piece of shit

China executes dozens of people daily As where the US may only have a few executions a month

The radical left cares about prisoners, has for years, but the radical left is small and tiny. Politicians don't care because prisoners don't vote and so it is rarely discussed in the media.

I agree, just shoot them in the back of the head and be done with it.

remember that anfem flag = bait flag

Fucked up the wording; because they produce the alcohol in the toilet, they have to come up with an alternative way of disposing of their waste. So the guys making the booze offer the neighboring cell a deal: you take these cups with our piss and shit in them when we pass them over and flush them down your toilet, and we'll give you a cut of the final product.

Yes, same place. I never saw any of them, but the remaining two were kept in the hole because prison administration was scared that if allowed to mingle with the general prison population they'd quickly win over tons of people, organize them, and radicalize them. Wardens were absolutely terrified of anything even remotely similar to the Black Panthers or emergence of solidarity between different subgroups behind bars.

Neo-Nazis and the like were considered basically a joke, but they'd freak out big time about black power, people converting to the Nation of Islam, etc.

ooooohhhhh, ok kek

Surely any self-respecting anarchist recognizes that the government is no more legitimate than human trafficking gangs.

This is good news:

I'm pretty sure the general public almost universally agrees that if you steal shit you deserve Tyrone's dick up your ass.

The general public are sadistic imbeciles. Time and time again they make demonstrably bad decisions.

This is true, but we shouldn't lump theft in with victimeless crimes like drug dealing.

It depends entirely on the circumstances. Some theft is good while some is bad. The same is true of drug dealing. For example, selling drugs which have been cut with toxic substances is definitely bad. I suspect that most of the people in for theft did not cause anywhere near as much suffering as the prison system has caused to them.

Typically speaking, theft doesn't get a lot of time unless you were doing something like stealing a shitload of credit cards. It is drug crimes that are disproportionately fucking people over. You shouldn't get 10-20 years for dealing pot. That's the kind of time people should do for diddling kids.

Unless you're stealing someone's personal property theft is a victimless crime

All property is someone's personal property.

I disagree:^)

You're wrong

How could they accomplish it, leftypol? I mean seriously, practically, what is the reality of a modern jailbreak

Idk im even surprised or mad that a Nazi thinks this

There was one very recently. It happened during the Milo riots at Berkeley. Of course that bullshit completely drowned it out

Theyre both literal slavery in all but phrasing I dont see the point in picking teeth



link plos

I don't know.
Now tell me why financial districts are a thing.

Literally what. It's not like we don't know each prisoner's record, you can let out the non-violent ones and keep the actual scum (who would still number in the hundreds of thousands) safely caged.

Europe has abolished the death penalty, yet has lower incarceration rates than the U.S.
Even India has a lower incarceration rate, although it still has the death penalty.

The purpose of prisons isn't resocialization, it is deterrence and satisfying a sense of justice, which is a sentiment that everyone except for autistic anarcho-sociopaths has..

Communism won obv

U.S. has the largest prison population because it has a private profit oriented prison system. If you have private prisons they have no incentive to reduce the crime rate, but rather to increase it, because more crime means more profit for the prison corporation. Thus they also don't have any incentive resocialize prisoners.

Jesus Christ.

Castro released all of his prisoners into Florida and the state's crime rate was tremendously high for like twenty years. There are dumb laws, but the majority of people in prison probably deserve to be there. You can victimize a lot of people before you're arrested, too.

That has very little to do with their approach towards crime, and more to do with the layout of their society.