Holla Forums talks big game about knowing military history, fascist might and all that, but what about Naval might?

Holla Forums talks big game about knowing military history, fascist might and all that, but what about Naval might?

You never hear them talk about complicated military tactics beyond boom goes the dynamite. Nothing about vessels, U-Boats, nothing about Captains, nothing about sailing. I wonder why they jump immediately to the most simplistic concept of might and not worry about the mathematical concepts?

Rhetorical question of course, but I am curious.

The answer is half the U-Boat Navy of Nazi Germany died. Not hyperbole. Half.

yes nazis can't strategy, read the german wikipedia article about Operation Bagration for enough lulz to get muscle ache in your sides.

the real question is who cares



Holla Forums does. Questioning their competency on the subjects they care the most about is a legitimate tactic.

I'm leading up to a joke about how many U-Boat sailors imploded under the ocean.

only a literal guy with aspergers would obsess over something as specifc as naval military tactics unless he is actually in the navy

your tactic is to ask them "DO U LIKE BOATS?" i mean what the fuck pal

I mean, these are people who built not one, but three of the largest battleships after it was conclusively proved that aircraft carriers ruled the waves. As ever, fascists are idiots that value form above function.

That is Holla Forums which is my point. Also, it isn't "do you like boats", it's questioning their authority on a topic they circle jerk on a day by day basis. They pride themselves on military history and what not. But they never ever fucking talk about Naval history.

It's just amusing to me, no need to get upset.


Most of them probably think Eva is deep

To be fair, if I recall correctly they held up remarkably well against Russia for most of the war. I mean, they killed a lot of Russians.

I don't hear them talk about much of anything military history related because I only ever see them talk about it when somebody brings it up and a Holla Forumstard just happens to have ventured outside their containment board. Although, yeah, they don't seem to be very objective about it and I get the impression that they kind of prefer to spend a lot of time fawning over machines and uniforms.

I'd kind of like to see lefties talk more about this stuff, though. I know we don't like the idea of this stuff as much, but I'd be interested to learn more about military strategy and I think ya'll would be a lot more objective about it.

As someone who was just accused of being an autistic boat whore I know enough Naval history, but I wouldn't call myself an expert on it. Mostly just know about Piracy, which is a deeply fascinating topic. Stealing from bougie before Marx and the French.

I honesty feel sorry for them if anything, it's just a bunch of people channeling all their aggression against some made up boogeyman (Jews), and think they have the world figured out. Try watching videos of former white supremacists talk about why they abandoned thier ideology, and you'll realize just how flawed they are. It does the same shit to your mind like being in a cult.

i like this guy

not really, see
russia just didn't care about their people because they were producing new soldiers faster than the nazis could kill them, and their economy was going up as well.
the russian war tactic of "waiting until all germans starved to death" was retarded but once russia changed their mind and switched to the blitzkrieg tactic they had invented at the beginning of the century they could just wipe germany off the map.

there is a board game about two russian generals who tried to each conquer germany first. alledgedly their troops started to shoot each other once they reached berlin.

They killed a lot of civilians. As for troops, Stalin inherited a military that was massively behind. They didn't even have helmets in WWI. He still managed to bring it back.

I think the only people who can say they're not in a cult of some form are egoists

remember they beat people up and sometimes kill them for being or looking different than them.


I feel the same way when I see people cry about porky.

Occupy wall street was a goldmine for people not knowing what the fuck they were railing against.So glad we live in the digital age.

Always the same

that really went over your head since it should be obvious by my flag choice I don't consider myself an egoist

I think it went over your head. I'm calling you a cultist moron.

Yes. We're all literally in some kind of cult. It's not hard to understand.


The point is hardcore white nationalists/National socialists come off the same way scientologists and creationists do. I've never seen a group of people more steadfast that thier worldview, and idiology is absolutely correct, and anything outside of it is automatically wrong. If you can't see that, then that basically proves what I'm saying.

Hello Sargon

Have you never been to a church? "cult"like behavior is normal human behavior. It's so pointless in saying wow that ideology is almost like a cult1!!! as if that means anything.

And I guess it still is going over your heard. I'm happy to admit that I'm in a "cult". Nig we all are (besides egoists)

I'll have what she's having

Holla Forums please stop distracting from the fact you have no knowledge of military history while idolizing it


yeah pretty much

Your argument is "I know you are, but what am I"

I'm Nazi man.


Pretty much this; the Wehraboos/nazi wannabes don't like to talk much about the naval side of things because their precious Reich's performance at sea ranged from meh-tier to getting utterly BTFO.

germany had no real naval tradition. the uboats were effective in what they sought to accomplish


they were not meant to sink the fleets of the allies lol

If you militarize civilians, they are no longer civilians.
Commies really love this deception historically.

Literally what else were they going to do. At no point were they going to starve Britain out of the war.

The British Empire tbqh

only commiefags (>>1399165) are delusional enough to believe you

Strength beats weakness, a strong nation will kick the shit out of a weak nation every time. Notice how it took the combined might of every powerful nation to take down Nazi Germany?

More Russians died than Germans despite Germany fighting the Russians, the British, the French, the Americans, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Yugoslavia and India.

I'm sorry, but one on one, any nation in ww2 would have lost to the Germans, fact.

i go to pol daily and its rare that history threads show up

OP is just using your pol-hate to start a naval thread

anyways the barbary wars were pretty interesting since Tripoli was fucking our shit up and we didn't have a real navy at the time and they exploited an opening in our treaties with foreign governments to attack our merchant ships.

Make that like 2 germans vs 20 soviet "russians" and have about 16 soviets beaten up along with the 2 germans. more accurate.

You must have failed history class because overwhelming your enemy doesn't have much of an effect

if you don't have a plan other than overwhelming your enemy, and built technologically superior, yet cumbersome and unwieldy materials

For fucks sakes the Nazis made the Martians in War of the Worlds look competent.

Half their fucking U-Boat navy died. HALF. Do you know how devastating a loss that is? Could you imagine, if the US went to war, right now, and a portion that large were fatalities.

you're involved in this post, fegget

The German Navy were also notorious fucking oafish drunks