Is the critique of leftcoms really that they read too much theory and realize communism can't happen quite yet...

Is the critique of leftcoms really that they read too much theory and realize communism can't happen quite yet, so they don't bother with trivial anarkiddies and tankiddies movements?

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LeftComs are the only true genuine Communists and this makes immature LARPers mad.

The greatest self-fulfilling prophecy of the past 150 years

If you believe communism can be achieved right now you are LARPing.

When's that gonna be when the capitalists find a way to automate all labor decades down the road? Better let all these kids starve in the meantime…

What you mean they found a new way to utilize new technology in order to commodify labor power (again)? Fuck…

The overlap between Dengists and Leftcoms is hilarious. The horseshoe theory of right "communists" and left-coms confirmed yet again.

It will, at least, be after the time where we stand no chance going to war with a first world government. Everything in the meantime is futile.


I want to gather all leftcoms, throw them in killing fields where they do nothing but slave labour whilemI keep their surplus value, aswell as brutally rape and torture them, so that when they ask me why am I doing it I can reply with the smuggest tone "Its not time for communism"

this flag consistently shits out the worst posts on the entire board

Leftcoms are annoying but I think they have good hearts pls no bully them

Thanks, I try my best

So do you literally advocate no action?

No organizing? No reformism? No violence?

Is your plan to just wait till capitalism falls apart, and then get out of your armchair?


They're just justifying their inaction.

Not once has """left-communism""" been explained to me on this board. Never have I seen a genuine argument from a leftcom
They read less than the fucking succdems

The double twist of hilariousness is that that meme was made by leftcoms to make fun of leftist strawmen of leftcom positions

They read a shitload. It's just an incoherent mess. All I could get out of reading Bordiga was that the language was unecessarily complex and vague at the same time. It's almost like it's meant to be a challenge to your reading comprehension so that people can jerk themselves off to being so smart. communism

*while not actually conveying a meaningful idea

That's how you hide shitty non-ideas. If you've ever read any Hegel, of Marx's critique of his philosophy of right you'll know what I mean.

fucking triggered

No, not really. Leftcoms on here just never argue or contribute, so I'm not sure why I should take you seriously. It's no skin off my nose either way.

Yes but I got the impression it was also aiming for smug superiority. It was a while ago and I didn't care to commit much to memory, but it boiled down to "you guys are stupid and wrong for doing things."

They don't contribute because the one time (I saw) they posted links to leftcom lit they got laughed at for it being so shitty.

The reply I got to my comment was that communism can't come until there's no chance that communists wont be involved in a war with the first world government. Which will happen on the first of never since the most powerful imperialist nations in the world have an interest in stomping out communism wherever it arises.

And apparently we should do nothing in the meantime, so that sorta makes me curious how we'll ever raise a counter-force against capitalist militaries if its pointless to even waste your time with any kind of mass agitation.

Honestly, I agree with some left-com critiques of some shit like anti-fa, activist culture and pedestrian Third world cultural nationalism, but unfortunately your bad reputation is something you've earned.

"The revolution will not only be spontaneous and complete; it will happen without any human involvement :DDDD"

Most LeftComs here are dumb LARPers who, ironically, have not read Bordiga and take his stance against misguided activities as an encouragement to never do anything. Bordiga's Italian communist party had tens of millions of members at its peak and was heavily involved with the working class.
t. Bordiga

Huh. This is very different from what I read that leftcoms linked. So different that I wonder if maybe those were false flaggers linking fake Bordiga.

True but bordiga fucking sucks lol

Because nobody actually held a revolution in the last 150 years and had it turn out completely miserably.

You want communism, first you need capitalism to collapse. Accelerate or reform in the meantime.

It's funny that within the socialism world the more "left" you are, the more conservative you are, in terms of orthodox positions. And the inverse, how socdems and stalinists are right-wing menaces that play it fast and loose with theoretical orthodoxy and so on

I'm not so sure that it's LARPing wannabe LeftComs so much as shitposters pretending to be LeftComs. Either way I've mostly stopped using the LeftCom flag because of their nonsense (also because I'm tired of basic marxist theory being declared left communist by retarded tankies and mutualists as a result of LeftComs defending it).

Bordiga needed to read Lukács. His defense of the "invariable party programme" isolated from the working masses is undialectical af.

I've found you can make people disagree with and object to almost anything by putting a 4 next to it

If you think that nothing can be done to advance the cause of communism and increase its chance at being successful then you are larping to.

I'm pretty sure it's just one retarded "nihilist".
I miss n1x so much :^(

That's not a leftcom position
Those in the first world will overthrow their own governments

There are several posters on this board who use the leftcom flag and spout anti-leftcom positions

Also not a leftcom position

Onorato Damen corrected Bordiga's errors

It's one mutualist sperg pretending to be a nihilist.

what did the butthurt user mean by this?


Anarcho-nihilism is a specific tendency you fucking spaz. It's not a combination of mutualism and nihilism.

nihilist anarcho-nihilism

My problem has always been that bordiga was an authoritarian shitbag, more than anything else

So Bordiga expects rigid dogmatism and refuses to adapt Marxist theory to the changing material and social conditions of capitalist society? Got it.

And what exactly is this party organization he speaks of, where every worker is expected to participate and organize but is not allowed to express dissent or individual desire? Are workers supposed to act like eusocial hive insects? Is leftcommunism an ideology for ants?

Lol nice comeback, I don't really have an opinion on left communism but you are a joke.

No you don't get it. "Rigid" Marxism is precisely the theory that allows you to understand the changes in material and social conditions and deduct the correct course of action from it.

You are basically saying:

Exactly. The laws of mechanics have time dependence but are also invariant over time. So it is with historical materialism, that the theoretical framework specifically accounts for different and changing material conditions, in a way that is itself invariant over their course.

Marx had never imagined a smartphone, but his analysis of their production remains fundamentally correct because it doesn't depend on anyone's concept of the product. That's the strength of the theory, that we should seek to cut out requirements for subjective experience and value judgements whenever and wherever possible. "Cultural Creationism" simply fails to do this.

Wew, so many strawmen of left communism in here - nobody actually has read anything lmao

what is the conquest of bread leftcomm equivalent?

A furniture catalog.

There is none, since leftcoms don't have any shit theory.

This fuckmuir video
It's leftcom cus fuckmuir teases the bp but never gibs the bp

hmmm i see thank you leftcomms

literally the dumbest idea ever

Using leftcom logic Communism will never happen because capitalism will just keep reforming itself to make the proles comfortable enough to avoid revolt. The notion that if we just sit back and wait for conditons to be just right for communism it will happen requires bourgs to be universially so stupid they can't think long term and avoid letting shit get so bad the proletariat revolts. Seeing as they're already painting themselves as "responsible capitalists" willing to sacrfice their own money to save the enviorment and provide employees with good jobs to a somewhat successful degree, that assumption doesn't hold water and following leftcoms the best we'll get is social democracy with UBI.

vulgarism discarded

leftcoms are fucking retarded dude


Panekoek is just one leftcom.