When is Zizek going to debate Molymeme?

When is Zizek going to debate Molymeme?

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He isn't now shut the fuck up bitch

Chomsky already rekt Molytard and so he wont bring actual intelligent people on ever

How did he rekt him?

He was just totally outclassed, Chomsky would bring up context, arguments and so on that Molymeme wasn't able to address or comment on, because he doesn't read any theory or study history of course, and looked like a child. Chomsky spend like 5 minutes at one point educating Molymeme about Libertarianism and such and he could just sit there and nod and listen.


I still don't understand why Chomsky even agreed to go on the show. Molyneux is a fucking hack with a youtube channel and cult whereas Chomsky is a legendary academic

To completely fucking annihilate him obviously

He sure has no arguments there.

Holy shit, Chomsky went on Molymeme? I mean, don't get me wrong I'd love to watch him get BTFO, but that's wild. Chomsky is world-renowned.

Because effective change requires actually engaging with the public at large, not just the often closed circle of academia? How many Molyneux viewers would be exposed to Chomsky's ideas on their own?

But tbf, these aren't typical right-wingers anyway. They're fucking nuts that advocate for pseudo-feudalism and/or fascism.

All the more reason to try. It's often easier to radicalize the far-right than the center-right. A lot of ancaps even think they reject the state - why not show them the contradictions inherent in upholding property without it?

Haha, Chomsky was also on Alex Jones and "The Rebel Media". He goes to all of those right wing lunatic shows.

when is moly going to write 50 books?

Not a bad idea tbh. He might've converted a small amount of viewers.

It wasn't a debate so don't say he rekt him. It was an interview and Molyneux never tried or intended to argue back. If only it was an argument, that would've be worth seeing.

are u okay buddy?

moly doesn't deserve to be debated. he is not very bright, unfit for open debate and doesn't actually want to debate. the guy is an attention whore and likes to hear himself speaking.

Dude is old and bored. I doubt he even knew who Molyneux was.

When is Kimbo Slice going to fight my dad?

I dunno, it's your dad, why don't you arrange for the fight?

Why leftists lose.

That is true tho

Thanks for reminding me that Kimbo is dead ;_;

Molyneux is, individually, not very bright. He rambles endlessly about very basic ideas.

You're right. We continue to engage our political opponents as if they can comprehend our arguments when we should just be talking to them like children.

haha.Zizek is light years above molly.