Welp, that's it guys pack it up

Socialism is bad

It's hilarious how worked up American porkies get about a moderate increase in milquetoast social democracy

American journalism.

Stopped reading there




Won't somebody please think of the poor, oppressed, hypothetical corporations.


Socialism triggers liberals. More news at 11.

user I'd say it's pretty apparent doctors being paid the same as janitors and illegals being given free mansions is bad.

hm actually both of those things are good


Is this satire? It's so poorly written. "That's bad because socialism is bad".



I like to think of these as Beltway job applications written in the form of a comment. Based upon his command of the discourse, I see a think tank copy editor and coffee boy position in his future.

Maybe we should attack capitalist media to spread class consciousness and increase the spread of communist sympathisers and supporters who hate both democraps and republicans for exploiting and oppressing the workers class, while at the same time criticizing pro-capitalist liberals and soros goons, together put them in the dumbster with aut-right and trump zombies?
It would be "terrible" if people actually stood up and not pretended, isn't it?



USSR fell, and with it the credibility of socialism and communism in the mind of the average classcuck. Capitalist states fail all the time, but not first-world ones, so the classcucks don't care.
Until USA, UK and Germany disintegrates, we may speak words, but they will fall on deaf ears.
Sit down. Get comfortable. When USA is ashes, you have my permission to be an activist.

So is the left the new counter-culture again? Are we /punkrock/ now