smashies are underrated on this board


Based smashies really are our version of Trump. Retarded but effective

berkeley black bloc = white bourgie students whom think "Kendrick Lamar - Alright" is a really deep song that makes them think

not my comrades tbh


Yours truly,


For what?

Kicking over a fucking trashcan? Jesus christ man here in Europe we set fucking government buildings on fire and pelt the police with Molotovs and hit them with thick wooden rods. And thats just the regular football riot.


Who should we steer them towards next lads?

They roll the trashcans out in the street so cop cars are stalled. It's like you faggots don't know anything about dealing with the police.

Eh, yes and? Trashcans are kiddie tier.

Do you expect them to pull a freezer or bookshelf out their ass? The trashcan are there and fairly easy to move out in the street.

Im just amused at how butthurt and shocked people are over some riotors, *gasp*, moving and kicking some trashcans.

Ah fuck man, read your posts completely wrong. Yeah it's fucking dumb, but most of the complainers are just angry someone vaguely left got off their ass.

I think you read my initial comment wrong. I said I dont need to apologise for shit.

That would be a pretty good way to end scarcity and thus bring communism faster.

This entire post reeks of Holla Forumsyp false flagging.

I don't have an anime face smug enough.


911 best day of my life

Do you actually think Holla Forumsyps consider themselves alt-right, and not vicious enemies of it?

I'm sorry brave smashers.


I don't care about Holla Forums's pronouns, if it quacks like a duck it's a duck.

Holla Forums is as much "alt-right" as BLM and other neolib idpol movements are "real leftists".

/r/the_donald is aut-right. Holla Forums is something else entirely.

Holla Forums is basically filled with that subreddit though, unless they deported them.

What is this hot new maymay?

Holla Forums is r/the_donald. The only difference between Holla Forums and the twitter or reddit autright faggots is on Holla Forums they can unleash their full autism and make no attempt at dialing it back.

I don't know about cuck/pol/, but cripple/pol/ sure as fuck isn't. Cripple/pol/ is viewed as controlled opposition by the aut-right with goon mods (like learningcode) that hand out p.bans for any well-written posts that go against the neetsoc torture chamber narrative they're pushing.

Is dis nigga an anarchist or a member of the foot clan?

I thought they liked Beyonce

and all that shit

They both are autright, cripple/pol/ is just the alt-right branch analogous to the leftcoms we have here.

You do to be honest. He's saying basic stuff that's been basic stuff for many years now.

Nah, it's shit Holla Forums has been cheering, meanwhile everyone else looks at that primitive, animalistic behavior with disdain and distances themselves from you.

I don't see you bourgie soros funded anarkiddies going out and fucking porky's shit up, I see you retards embracing idpol and violently attacking low hanging fruit.

Put some effort into your bait stormcuck.

Wew. Call me when you spoiled children actually start raising real class consciousness and taking the fight to capitalism by hitting porky where it hurts.

They're playing 4 DIMENSIONAL CHESS

No, honestly I speak to Holla Forumsacks every day and you're the one echoing their sentiment.

This is pathetic, get some new material faggot.

No, honestly I speak to normal working class blacks and mestizos almost every day, and I'm echoing their sentiment. The phrase "spoiled white kids" gets thrown around constantly in reference to antifa anarkiddies.

See, you don't know anything about me or my experiences. Shitting your pants and calling me Holla Forums as an attempt to discredit me without actually addressing my argument when I have complete and utter disdain and disgust for what they do is the same as if I just called you a blue-haired, pockmarked, noodle-armed, mentally ill SJW as an "argument".

I'm just saying, you've accused some guy earlier of being Holla Forums while he holds mainstream (for anarchism) anarchist opinions and you've been expressing Holla Forums consensus.

Yes, the anarkiddie expressed anarkiddie opinions that directly align with Holla Forums, not someone who wants to advance leftism. That was my entire point.

I think the guy who takes long standing and common anarchist beliefs to be "Holla Forumsyp false flagging" while simultaneously expressing the Holla Forumsack fantasy that resistance to the far-right in the streets will make them appear like victims and cause the sympathetic or fearful to join them, is not somebody I would trust with the future of leftism.

Antifa show that the left aren't all pussies, it's about time things got violent

smashies and antifa are good comrades and I respect them.

t. quiet commie

Yes, Holla Forums and anarkiddies are two sides of the same coin. Are you just now understanding that?
Hahahahah. Wait, wait. It's a "Holla Forumsack fantasy" that beating the shit out of women who dare to wear MAGA hats in support of our president is going to alienate the working class? I can't tell if you're fucking with me, or you're just so far up your own ass and completely out of touch that you think those anarkiddie beliefs are shared by anyone but bourgie neolibs larping as revolutionaries.

As I said, I'll take you faggots seriously when you start halting commerce or attacking porky (who has armed bodyguards) instead of defenseless women in the streets for their choice of garb like we're in fucking iran.

except they don't.
If they want to beat anyone up they have to smash their head in while they aren't looking or dog pile the victim with four or five guys.

All they represent is the left having such poor ideas and communication skills that the only way they can communicate is through thoughtless violence

anarkiddes have attacked police, especially in france to oppose militarization and the lengthening of the work week. why does everyone automatically forget everything anarchists have actually done the second they do something wrong like beating up several trump supporters. like I understand you need more working class folk but dont fucking kid yourself

I'm specifically talking about anarkiddies in the US.

Like Antifaschiste Aktion helping hitler rise to power by giving the perfect example of society needing order and traditionalism?

Antifa has never worked, and it's always a minority trying to take credit for a majority.

It's so fucking obvious you're Holla Forums. The way you specifically said "our president" makes it abundantly clear.

Now fuck off.

Nope. Not even close. Also not an argument.
It should make it abundantly clear that I'm a burger. Obama was my president as well, as was Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr. and Reagan.

reminder that the communist movement goes beyond Marx's proletariat-bourgeois dichotomy

both porky and reactionary proletarians are the enemy and must be dealt accordingly

dude there is a flag for that, just use it. using a flag cuts out alot of farting around and assumptions from an argument
I'm not sure where I stand yet

seriously though I'm still waiting and I know there's white folks on here that should be paying up

I used to use the spurdo flag for serious discussions to minimize confusion from post to post, but then that was somewhat hijacked by shitposters so I dropped it altogether.

I really am on your side for most issues. I fully agree that Communism is the destination, I just disagree on how we can best get there

You motherfucker.

I wasn't the one arguing with you I just wanted to mention the flag (but I do agree with the communism thing)

That's why we have gulags comrade

this is the most frighteningly accurate analogy I've heard used to describe full/pol/