Once, someone asked why I refer to myself as “cash poor” instead of “working class...



I'm done. This shit has gone too far.

idpol is one hell of a drug.


the biggest mistake in history

But this is completely right. Even zizek agrees that there needs to be a reexamination of class politics to include precarious workers, refugees, the unemployed etc.

Fuggen libs, I swear

That doesn't mean doing away with the whole concept of "working class" though. Even Mao saw the internal contradictions.

and you completely misinterpreted zizek like every other idiot out there.

These people are not serious about actual organizing. They're highly malignant types who are worried about looking "pure" or angelic simply by tagging themselves with a particular identity.

He literally says that exactly

We told you intersectionality was a reactionary ideology, just save it for use next time someone calls them leftist

and yet you take his words literally, instead of what he's saying in essence. Stop reducing his thoughts to just words, he's talking about redefining the class struggle in a clearer lens so that the material contradictions can dissolve the divisions of labor. What he's not saying is "prostitute and miner have nothing in common class struggle doesn't real,"

Do you flip out every time Breitbart publishes another variant on "PROTECT THE WEST AGAINST IMMIGRANT HORDES" too? I'm not sure what's new to you here.


Thanks for wonderful thread, OP!

too bad it's literally core marxist theory straight from Der Monies

New winner of the Worst SJW Writing award.

hello darkness

This is why everyone thinks Nazbols are fucking retarded

Diferent times Nazbol buddy…different…times.


what channel is this

The article is probably targeted at "berniebros", where an attempt is made to connect to this audience by using words Bernie Sanders would also use. This causes the target audience to recognize the situation and associate what the author says with interesting truths.