4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump


Interesting look into the background of 4chan's reactionaries

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this just comes across as an excuse to cry about gamergate

It's just idpol.

Quotes like "user was going to get “SJW”s (ie. empowered women) out of their safe spaces — video games — the place from which they retreated from women by indulging in fantasies in which they were in control (that is to say, ones which demeaned women)" don't belong in a serious analysis, but in a polemic - and that's what he's written. The fact that the author treats 4chan as a coherent whole and is a literal goon is just icing on the cake.


[he = Trump]

seeing this word a lot on here lately, what does it mean in a lefty context?

It means you're a newfag fresh off the boat.

wish white people would stop asking questions and listen sometimes

Something Awful user.

I'm willing to bet that it gets the history half wrong and it'll trigger my autism.

The discussion about Habbo, Scientology, and GG were pretty bad. He has a clear bias in the gamergate thing and his description of it doesn't align with reality at all.

Here's what I feel were important about each of those sagas:
1. Habbo
During the Habbo raids I initially thought it was pretty funny. POOLS CLOSED DUE TO AIDS was as ubiquitous as "ITTY BITTY BABY."
Towards the end it was becoming unfunny and people were regularly "outing" 4chan (for some reason I cared about this at the time, it's pretty cringe.) So moot decided to ban the raids. I think this is the first time that I can remember moot really changing the flowing nature of 4chan. He had always been hands off about 4chan and that was his proclaimed method. Personally I was in support of this ban, so when 7chan popped up in response to this ban I thought it was retarded. But 7chan flourished and I found myself there aswell not long after. I think this says something about the nature of "Anonymous" but more about the nature of the internet.
"The internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it."
Something similar happened with the Scientology protests, but this time the people branching out of 4chan were the opposite kind.

2. Scientology
The culture of 4chan was, like this author says, a cruel indifference. The nature of the scientology raids required a different infrastructure than 4chan allowed. Very quickly IRC networks spawned to organize the protests. These IRC networks had separate channels for every city in the US. What started out as something funny very quickly turned into something unfunny, as what we called moralfags took over. Suddenly there were people who were actually caring about this thing in an unironic way which was repulsive to the edgelords of 4chan. Just as quickly as the Scientology protests started on 4chan, they were driven out of 4chan, as 4chan users distanced themselves from the moral and unironic turn that the protests took. Because the infrastructure was already separate from 4chan, this split was easy and fast. The remnents of it still remain, the community that was built on that split, in places like project clambake and whyweprotest.net.

3. Gamergate
Gamergate was to me very proto-Trump election. When it was discovered that journalists were positively reviewing games of people they were close friends with, and when it was discovered this was in fact a tightly knit group of people who regularly did this, Holla Forums was upset. This is and will always be to me what Gamergate was about. Immediately after several publications were outed through leaks and investigations, the *very same* journalists immediately published rebutals that claimed the movement was about mysogeny, racism, and perpetuated by angry men who thought women shouldn't be represented in video games. The substance of these articles had zero common ground with any of Gamergate discussion I was following on 4chan- it was a completely made up narrative. On Holla Forums there was some drama about the girlfriend cheating on some guy, who was one of the video game creators in question in Gamergate. You know 4chan so you know what the discussion was like on Holla Forums - Calling her a whore, rhetoric about hoes and bitches, whatever. This discussion was very different from the other ones about Gamergate was about all that was used to point to evidence that the Gamergate controversy was due to hating women. I watched as the movement was destroyed by the tactics of those implicated journalists- on Twitter you could see that the two opposing sides of Gamergate had no common ground at all in what they were talking about. On the anti-Gamergate side they were talking about why women should be in videogames and why it's absurd that anyone would follow a movement who's main point is being anti-women. On the Gamergate side you saw people talking about journalism integrity and the conspiracy of journalist and game creators perpetuating eachother.
Soon moderators on Holla Forums had banned any discussion of Gamergate. This censorship and point of view was throughout the moderator community, and we saw censorship and bans on every other board aswell. Something really strange happened during that time. Any threads that talked about journalist integrity were immediately deleted and the OP was banned. But this went to other topics aswell and we saw for a short time mass censorship on anything "anti-SJW" on every board (besides Holla Forums, but Gamergate threads were also banned from Holla Forums)
As with every time this happens, the users route around the damage. Holla Forums flourished during this time as people flocked over with evidence of their bans from every board for racism, hatred of women, or gamergate dicussion.

The reason why Gamergate was very proto-Trump is this: The same journalists who were implicated in the conspiracy were the ones who pushed the racism/misogyny narrative, and, we saw that an entire movement can be completely beyond recovery scarecrowed in this way. The reason why Liberals are so disconnected and baffled by anyone who voted for Trump is because the narrative was changed to racism. In this case it's easy, as a topic like banning illegal immigration is so easily linked to racism. The other reason is that 4chan is a diverse place where there really are a lot of racist shitheads. Pointing to racism threads on Holla Forums is like pointing to the Zoe Quin discussions and saying "This is what it's about!", when really, there is a large group of people discussing something different, discussing deep states, conspiracy, leaks, crimes, etc, and this is really what the Trump movement was about. On Holla Forums it wasn't the racism threads that held my attention, it was the constant discoveries of who was tied to Clinton, which journalists were implicit in corruption, etc.

I agree with you and by the narrative these journalists established they created the monster that is Holla Forums. I mean, sure, the tactic to call someone who attacks you a racist/misogynist/bigot is old as fuck, but the reaction of 4chan was entirely different from what they were used to: Instead of defending themselves and recoiling, they embraced the racism, first in an ironic, eventually in an unironic way.

dreadful post

So are /ourguys/ the mods still around here?

Zoe Quinn is giving me a blowjob as we speak.

How's prickly_cactus doing fam? I know Modcat is still salty he got ousted while /ourguys/ are still inside

I haven't talked to him lately. I can only take so much autism at one you know.

Was the BO serious about helping start /ggrevolt/?

I'm one of the newer mods so I wouldn't know. That said, there are rumors of them having their fingers in many things on Holla Forums.

Don't forget liberals were also accusing Bernie of being a sexist/misogynist/racist and accusing Berniebros of being Gamergaters.

Wish I realized reformists were shit sooner desu.

feels good man


The thing is, when you underestimate opponents you have the tendency to lose.

Sure this meme is good at making Trump look like a fool, but it won't stop his chess moves.
If people just stopped mocking him and actually looked at what he was doing defferentially, perhaps they'd stump him.
But alas, if they did that they would no longer be left wing. :^)
In fact they'd no longer be any wing and would live in the "real world".

I like this one.

You're worse than Holla Forums.

The truth is that this horrible machine HAS NO ARCHITECT.
It's all in your head. Shit has been out of control and the hysteria is building on both sides because the hive is becoming untame-able.

That's the harsh truth about this world's reality.

I really was one of the three or four people agitating to get ggr started. I was organizing it, making placeholder boards, helping select the owner, made the first rollcall thread on it, and so on. I basically did it because I had too much free time and wanted to fuck with Acid Man. Acid Man is the literal scum of the earth.

This also explains the rise in Jewish conspiracy, their little safespace went out of control.

All these safespaces are going out of control.
Remove the internet and they'll freak out.

I wish we had an architect, I really fucking do.

there's no one thing that caused it all

i remember jew for me was just a placeholder for the hugely wealthy and influential sociopaths who basically rule the world, i don't think i've ever met a jew

and the emphasis on nazism initially for me was taking that inital step to disavow common convention and talk about things "political incorrectly" which was meant to mean speaking earnestly about your beliefs without moderating everything, to achieve the closest thing to the actual truth behind issues as possible

now it's a meme and there's actual neo nazis on Holla Forums who are nutcases. pretended to be a jew on there today and had the most successful troll thread i think i've ever had

I think there are equally nutty people on Holla Forums

You're all fucking nuts. That makes you fucking human.
Now how can we combine that into one society?

Sometimes they take the bait, most of the time they just hate you for shitting up the thread.

Just like on Holla Forums trolls are usually shitty shitposters.
It used to catch us, now it's obvious and irritating. I remember when trolls went out of control around 2010/11 on Holla Forums and the posters were just sick of it by that stage. That's how shills or trolls are treated on Holla Forums. Probably the same here.

this is absolutely true too, lol

not sure, it feels like there's a schism right now

they're probably shitposting but Holla Forums on here and 4pol are very different. the gamergate/pizzagate schizos are the ones that left 4pol and they're the most annoying shit of all


I take it you weren't around when they found legitimate child porn links.
It's a broad conspiracy, but it actually is finding some results. I'm guessing the FBI always intended that.
However something tells me we found too many results. Like they didn't expect the amount of results that were found.

I knew from day one though, given I myself was a victim of child abuse. The reality is stark and disturbing. I'm still unsure about the pizza joints but there definitely is a sick underbelly in our society, I know that without a doubt.

Yeah! FUCK Acidman!
who is acid man?

Also we know fully well that most media is compromised. We're now taking the effort to double check links and post multiple sources.

The problem is that there is no mainstream media source with:
1. Strict evidential burdens
2. Correct procedures of producing the evidence (using primary evidence, using hashkeys to clarify)

The election is a distraction from the biggest issue - we have no accurate media source.

Also by "we" I mean both Holla Forumss.

But still I mean we managed to infiltrate the janitor ranks big time. Not only that but /ourguys/ are ramping up efforts to silence cuck/pol/ as well. Them letting all that Milo spamming up for hours just bolsters how much we really run the show.

I'm not claiming there's an architect. But the msm was implicated in working with the DNC, and they were and still are spreading misinformation and perpetuating the racist/sexist narrative. This narrative was even outlined in the DNC's campaign strategy documents. This much about the media is undeniable. All I'm saying is that a parallel can be drawn.

They do also run legitimate stories aswell since Trump is pretty terrible in reality too.

Why is this already being fictionalized? Are there that many newfags and normalfags here that they don't even remember what old Holla Forums was like? Btw this article is absolute bollocks failing to take into account the ideological progression of anons towards moral faggotry. It was most likely written by some redditor that decided to visit /r/4chan a year or two ago and then subsequently came to believe they know the entire ideology of 'le anonymoose man'. Kys OP.

Why is the left focused so much on subversion rather than debating the ideology with persuasion?

I'll tell you why, because the left memes suck. They have flaws. You need inspiration, innovation.
You need to stop attacking Holla Forums for trying to scrutinise the media and actually catch out some hideous acts and crimes.
You need to focus more on how you can create a country that could give people what they want while being at least pragmatic.

Think big and broad. Think "what if we could have homogeneous and heterogeneous systems side by side but still under one banner?"

They've been working with the establishment for decades, we just finally scrutinized it this time around and now they're autistically screeching for being caught out.
Frankly, we need to kill the MSM and have a new structure of resource definitions and classifications. We need a classification standard that a media source could obtain by meeting audits of evidential/procedural standards.

God dammit, we need journalists actually doing work for the first time in their lives.
The thing is, the terrible things he's done is overshadowed by the terrible things he's trying to beat and overcome.
Both Holla Forumss are going to hate trump one day, simply because he'd have fixed those larger problems and then his own personal problems come to the fray.

By then the Holla Forumss will be better educated .. hopefully. Things are gonna get interesting as we read more and more and become wiser.

At this point in time we're becoming more and more powerful as we as individuals do more and become more influential. What the Holla Forumss need are more newfags though send them to the 4chan filter first.
4chan is fight club, Holla Forums is project mayhem.

Kys you fucking cancerous nigger.

I started calling people moral fags when that sjw shit started to really annoy me.

y tho

I made basically this same point here about gg mirroring the election about a week ago. I think the world has been made very easy for con artists like trump and Ironic fascists because when they peddle a small amount of truth in comparison to the other side whose financial ties prevent them from doing so. This crippled Hillary, standard Republicans, games "journalists" etc. Their entire way of life is tied to an ideology of lies and obvious platitudes . Trump and GG's one eye of truth made them kings in a world of obvious liars. (And a lack of real alternatives.) Also patrolled in the overtly mean capitalism vs. Feel your pain identitarian capitalism with a human face.

I disagree a bit in that I do think the hatred of women was an inherent part of GG yes there was also a congruent serious side to the movement that adressed the fact that game journalists had dropped the pretense and became unvarnished advertisers. There is no denying though the movement didn't really surge until five guys burgers and fries/Anita's videos both of which were marginal forces in gaming that were better left ignored rather than inflamed. GG would attack irrelevant female targets much more fervently than they would males with real power in the industry. You can acknowledge that and still acknowledge large sites were lying to people for monetary gain. There was an ugly side of GG that became its own worst enemy.

oldfag here (was around before moot went to mexico) and is right. The reason I liked 4chan Holla Forums then was that the whole no rules (except illegal) thing was real. but due to eternal september it was doomed to go moralfag.

Tip my hat to you, man, I took GGR's side after Acidfag went full lockdown on GGHQ moderation. It's amazing that the GG community on Holla Forums survived something like 6 board transitions, 4 of them caused by BO spergouts, but what ultimately killed it was Acid splitting the community and driving everything away, by the time GGHQ's numbers went into tailspin GGR had already been turned into a spam-riddled ghost town due to neglect, and now the Holla Forums general is almost a 4am/LOL-tier circlejerk thread. Worse, this coincided with leddit going full cuck as a site, causing KiA to be watered down since they were too addicted to their precious karmawhoring to leave the site like Digg.

If only we'd shifted successfully to GGR on Holla Forums and Voat for KiA, GG might not have been coopted by such a cancerous mix of Holla Forums and ultrapozzed Twatterites so bad.

Man, why the fuck would you further divide GG? Have you learned absolutely nothing from leftist history? Here are a bunch of barely organized spergs and you fuck them over worse than any anti-GG ever could, for God's sake.

I don't even remember the name of the BO of revolt, but I do recall he was an immense autist. It doesn't matter what you think about Acid Man, because the revolt idiots were objectively worse. And even them ran away screaming from revolt. The end result is that both GG and revolt were worse off in the end.

If things had moved to GGR and Voat, GG wouldn't even exist by now. Revolt unsurprisingly was even more Holla Forums than GG was, and Voat will never get off the ground because it's just a Reddit clone that offers nothing new.

Revolt's history, as I vaguely recall it, fits into roughly four phases:
1) /gamergate/ just had a meltdown due to BO spergout, options are a new board (/ggrevolt/ from a humble user promising light moderation) and /gamergatehq/ (now back from the dead after being claimed by AcidMan)
2) /gamergatehq/ eventually wins, /ggrevolt/ starts losing numbers after it's clear victory has evaded it. /gamergatehq/ is mostly okay, but noticably more rulecucked than previous boards.
3) After a Twitter spat, AcidMan goes full rulecuck in terms of moderation, brief revival of /ggrevolt/ and other rival boards in protest. Nobody wins, all gamergate boards start bleeding numbers, /gamergatehq/ plunges out of top 10.
4) /ggrevolt/ becomes home to various groups of trolls, become perennial boogeyman of GG general Holla Forums threads.

And regarding Voat, I'm not talking about Voat as it exists (right-wing circlejerk full of dead subs and constant 404s to this day), I'm referring to how Voat theoretically could've been if there was a full Digg-to-Reddit-tier exodus from Reddit, or even a substantial halfchan-to-fullchan-tier refuge.

The movement didn't start to surge until Quinn started using her connections to stifle discussion and sjws making it about hating women instead of the obvious corruption involved. If talking about it didn't get banned on Holla Forums and elsewhere or would have just been another joke and forgot about in a week.

Gee thanks. You fucked with a whole lot of people in the process.

(Though I guess GG was always destined to die out once the election rolled out and every culture warrior left for greener pastures.)

Yeah, it's not like something extraordinary happened like mass censorship on 4chan and reddit, and a dozen of major gaming sites publishing articles attacking their very audience. It was totally the burgers man, must have been the burgers.

You are clearly not real.

This. The simultaneous, unprecedented shutdown of all threads on Reddit, 4chan, Youtube, every major gaming forum, and the comment sections of every major news site, along with the Gamers Are Dead barrage, was what turned it from a scandal-of-the-week filler story into a raging dumpster fire.

If anything other than Airport's Law white knighting on a seismic scale could've caused GG, it would've happened years before, from stuff like the ME3/DA2 "entitlement" furor.

Still trying to figure out who our other contacts inside cuckchan are? Modcat/Asan was one, Prickly_Cactus was the other, but both of them I feel fucked up. Asan because he got cocky and Cactus because he left an internet trailed that revealed him to be some 19 year beta virgin from /r9k/.

Only other ones I personally can think of would be ALTERNATIVE, Troid and maybe RapeApe.

I just remembered, it was Zan, wasn't it? That's the thing, he wasn't a "humble user", he was a borderline cow even before revolt started. We loudly told them so, right at the start, that GGR would at best be pointless divisiveness, and most likely a haven for goons and trolls. Lo and behold, they spent their time doing nothing but doxing and harassing GGers with some Twitter footprint.

And I distinctly recall that Acid's banning spree that prompted revolt started because autists were stuffing the board full of Holla Forums-lite crap that had nothing to do with GG. I was among the people who urged him to purge.

Are you really a grill?

Please, do not be retarded.
Oh dear.

4pol is a festering shitpit. The biggest problem with 8pol is the mods because if you ignore the memespouting retards and only reply to serious responses you can actually converse with 8pol when the mods are asleep.

If you consistently BTFO 4pol eventually a robot will appear to derail every thread. I'm pretty sure that sort of weird shit, COINTELPRO and the FBI worship is related. Am I the only person who finds it odd that a board swings towards an ideology that is 50% FBI informants and then starts endlessly worshipping the FBI?