Holy shit

Holy shit

Breitbart is going to fire Milo

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As non-american why should I care?


Schadenfreude mostly


How many threads about this faggot does Holla Forums need?

Shut up let us have fun at this faggots' expense. I've been waiting for this monumental fuck up for a god damn year.

Almost everything posted here is about America. That's just the consequence of the user base being heavily concentrated there.


Why was he dumb enough to say that? Was he just trying to be edgy as usual and took it too far?


is this real?





Was self-destructing his brand part of his master plan?

Don't forget

Salt is delicious, that's why

More like: did the drunken peasants know he would do this if the topic of kid sex came up and purposefully destroyed him? /ourguys/?

He can't do that now. The situation is changing minute by minute.

It's no longer Breitbart employees threatening to go if he's not fired.

As of right now, Breitbart is "considering full dismissal" of Milo.

Friendly reminder that antifa putting a big spotlight on this turd is what led to this.

It was the master plan all along because he has defended pedophiles in the past so it was bound to happen again. youtube.com/watch?v=oJhHwspZGcg


Hmm was someone jealous of Milo I wonder

If Breitbart fire Milo what the fuck is he even going to do

His entire brand is increasingly annoying shit. How can he get more annoying than this. It's all going to be "I'M SORRY OK!" and bitching about Breitbart being taken over by SJWS for a year I guess.

it's cool that this news cycle is partly dominated by transcripts of Joe Rogan saying "dude that's fucking pedophilia"

I hope it works and Spencer does position himself as the more prominent spokesperson for the aut-right. Punching him is way way less controversial and having him front and center helps our cause.

are you stealing felix's tweets or are you actually him?

Don't make me laugh. Antifa have not got a fucking clue what they're doing.


I'm stealing his tweets because I agree with him that it's cool.


Antifa are our meme magic incarnate, spawning to wreak chaos and cuckoldry on every aut right representative one by one

typical right wingers, no tolerance for free speech

Hopefully kill himself

'Just fuck my shit up' hair on Milo when?

So who is this Milo and what did he do?

That feel when most of the alt right dont like milo and think he is a faggot jew, and sjw's think this is a victory but the alt right literately does not give a fuck.

only because they're relentlessly contrarian, they were all milo lovers 1/2 years ago.

Alt-light normies that make up most of the actual young Trump voter base love him. Most people irl aren't Holla Forums

He's going bald anyways
Not that it's bad, but in Milo's situation it's laughable

nobody here cares about the alt-right opinion. go back to Holla Forums

He's a "reporter" for Breitbart that says inane shit like "Lesbians are mentally ill" "Trannies are prone to murder people" "Black people aren't intelligent" "We need to perserve white culture"

Just Holla Forums basically But his entire shtick is building up more and more controversy.

Now he just did his typical shit, except he said more children should have sex, and he enjoyed being molested as a child.

And shocking everyone the blowback is massive. he's going to get fired, and Milo is actually crying.

He was trying to normalize older men with younger men because it happens in the gay community a lot and in the process insinuated that'd he would have a relationship with a 13 year old boy.

As someone who likes both vag and dicks, I've been so fucking weirded out by older gay men on dating apps and websites because of this shit. 50 year old men message me regularly when I'm only 23

It doesn't matter because the normies think you're all connected. Enjoy the backlash, nerds

Wew, life comes at you fast

You're clearly offended we're roasting his ass. Join us in celebration of Milo's complete self destruction if you don't care.

and now his life is ruined, like pottery.

No one gives a fuck what normies think.

The alt right consider people like spencer and milo to be controlled opposition and dont take them seriously at all.

Its like right wingers taking deray mackson seriously when he is just some neoliberal controlled op.

Oh wow, thanks for purifying the alt right of jew influence.


You should, because now in the eyes of liberals alt-righters aren't just racists but also pedos. Sucks for you and your "movement."

Stop being mad on Milo's behalf if you hate him. It's pathetic lol

Normies are the majority and they put up with your shit because they think it's free speech. But now they think you're all pedophiles, just wait until they find all your stupid social media with young anime girls with nazi uniforms and have a field day

Seems like he thought with how insane the right wing has got he could say anything but it looks like he underestimated their instinctual 'think of the children' response


I guess there goes the last vestige of his career being the "gay who understands fun must end"

Now he's branded "the gay pedophile who understands fun must end"

0 threads on 8pol, fucking pussies.


i respect it

No worries, he's gained a permanent fanbase among libertarians and ancaps in light of his comments about pedophilia.


guess your a fag then if you can see that

the stormfags and other nazis yes, but 4chan Holla Forums really liked milo. I know, I spent quite some time shilling to convince them to turn on him for being a homosexual jew. Milo was charismatic and fun, by far the greatest resource of the alt-right.

what did he mean by this?

I'll be glad to see these mouth breathers BTFO and ridiculed just like SJWs.

Indeed. The dialectic is nearly complete.

Paul Joseph Watson is next.

defending pedophilia without mentioning it, of course.

and this nigga still calls himself a 'liberal centrist' or whatever

The final nail in the coffin for Gamergate.

Yes please.

Someone tell him that we're not compassionate when it comes to fascists and pedophiles.


Alright update.

They aren't doing it just yet, but they're getting preparations to fire Milo. I'm assuming if the news doesn't get better for him beyond today, he is indeed going to be fired.

Yeah, I don't see how they have a choice since Breitbart basically sits at the right hand of Trump. Milo's career is over.

He's not a fascist and factions of the left (most notably the German Greens in the '80s) were fine with pedos. Then again they were borderline socdems anyway.

Shit's been dead for a year.

You dropped by those threads lately? They just circlejerk about whatever the right-wing topic of the day is while hunting for e-celebs to talk about.

This is like the only thing I've ever agreed with this faggot on, the age of consent is a fucking stupid and spooky idea. The pedophile witch hunt meme is fucking absurd, even Holla Forums falls victim to it, we're not even talking about pedophila, we're talking about post-pubescent, sexually mature individuals, but of course all these retards react like "WOAH YOU'D FUCK A 14 YEAR OLD? FUCKING PEDOPHILE!" because it falls short of the state-dictated arbitrary line that defines when you are apparently 'capable of consent'. Even though something like 14 is the age of consent in a number of developed countries. It's like all logic and reason goers out the window when we talk about the age of consent, every one suddenly turns into Daily Mail readers, we should be passed this moralising sensationalism shit by now.

Nobody gives a shit about your opinion and this is why you're unemployed

Don't turn this into an argument let us laugh at this faggot's expense

10 Bucks says Infowars hires him hahahahaha

Holy Shit Sargon that's retarded even for you



Nobody cares. If you wanna go fuck ultra-annoying teenagers with nothing to talk about beyond middle/high school drama, be my fucking guest. You'd have to have magnificently shit taste to want to date a teenager.

That's what I meant. It used to actually have merit in going after censorship happy SJWs and ethics in journalism, and now it's just another idpol cult.

If Alex Jones starts screaming and spitting about the globalists firing Milo I'm going to have a stroke

This is too much

Time to radicalize him and win over his disillusioned fans. :)

wrong square fag


A year only! Fucking newfags

Tbh the desire to have sex is a spook because it's not in yourself because it basically makes you a slave to pleasure not acting own your self interest. Yes age of consent is a spook, but so is the desire to fuck a child. I would think that Stirnerite would know this especially since Stirner criticized hedonism for the same reason.

anarkiddies win again


He's not a Stirnerite. He's a Holla Forumsyp here to justify pederasty and defend Milo.

I am going to print this screenshot out and frame it. It's perfect.


8pol is completely and utterly irrelevant. Anglin, Spencer and Breitbart are the mainstream representatives of the alt-right whether you like it or not. Have fun rebranding yourself again nerds.


So much for the regressive right.

Lmao are you that faggot that said watching anime satisfied your ego

He's been through worse like that one time his anus collapsed back in middle school.

He doesn't realize how deep he's in this shit, does he?

Alright alright fair play faggot, I'm sorry


Why are we supposed to hate antifa again?

I don't think Milo understands just how bad the hatred for pedos gets. He's going to be targeted by right wing AND Left wingers who despise this sort of shit

Reminder that Holla Forums never supported Milo because A: His zionism and B: They already knew about these pedo comments, it was the alt-lite who banned discussion of it on places like The_Donald

This video summarizes the current situation: youtube.com/watch?v=J7dIZmHiEoQ

Thanks for proving my point.

Not what we said at all. We said smashie smashie is useless for everything but short term shock.

Holla Forums is one person

Your damage control is annoying. Fucking clear eyed reptile.

Antifa is like real life Holla Forums. Sure they're retarded, but they cause some chaos and occasionally make us laugh.

The "alt right" that has any political influence is the Bannon/Milo ultra-zionist flavor anyway so it's pretty immaterial what fanfics you've concocted on your own board.


No you guys supported him as an entry level "redpill"
This will seriously tarnish the reputation of anyone associated with the "alt-right"

There is a consensus within a board's culture e.g. leftypol not liking idpol. The vast majority of Holla Forums do not support Milo and see him as a zionist co-opter and a money grubbing attention whore.

That's only because Jews feel entitled to ground floor every single movement that springs up and block any criticism of anything jewish in it.

"Your damage control is annoying. Fucking clear eyed reptile."



Just another way of saying that the people you consider the "real" alt-right remain nowhere near notoriety or power. Even worse than being prominent and then falling from grace tbh

who gives a fuck, zionists along with the rest of your nationalist ilk all deserve the bullet

You could at least point out your board was infiltrated /r/The_Donald but instead you damage control.

What damage control? I'm upholding Holla Forums's already glittering reputation?

All I'm saying is we said "we told ya so" to the BASED HOMOSEXUAL zio-kiddies of the alt-light

Yes, but we would rather laugh at all of you.

This board is more obsessed with this bloke than his actual fans

I don't think I've ever seen Holla Forums talk about Milo Snuffaluffagus before last week.

We're telling you to fuck off, we're giving you the finger, we're calling you fucking dumb, moronic, mooning you, calling you a fag, pushing you

I don't know what more you need to know we don't care about the difference between you fucking chuds


That's because this board is the only place where this discussion is allowed. It's getting deleted everywhere else.

They don't have power because being against Jewish supremacism disqualifies them either through no-platforming or because of people's perceptions being tied to jewish controlled media.

The antifa anarkiddies who say this shit don't even know that antifa is run by jewish supremacists who are only against nationalism when it's by white people.


We literally could not care less we hate all right nationalists. Get fucked, go away.

Ok, so why should anyone give a shit about discrediting something you admit will always be insignificant? Are you just asking us to pity you or something?

t. Trudeu

Fukken saved

You do realize that most Statutes and common law interpretation take maturity into account?

The Age of Consent is a necessary line to protect children who are incapable of giving consent from experiencing sexual exploitation at the hands of mature adults.

Judges do consider sexual maturity of somebody below the age of consent as well as the relative age of the potential offender.

For example, some statutes require a 4 year gap so an 18 year old and 14 year old is legal. 20 with 16 etc.

Milo was fucking disgraceful. He was defending the sexual molestation of 13 year old boys and explained it away with some vague reference to the myth that gays are pedos.

Liek if u cry everytiem.😢😢😢

what makes a child "incapable"?

It's everywhere else on the internet dude, what are you even talking about. You cannot escape it

Stop lying to youselves there are parenthesis in the OP of 3 threads on the whole catalog, compare that to 8/pol/ which has 37.

4/pol/ would congratulate Trump for invading Iran the day it was announced.

/leftypol is obsessed with , Milo and Sargon were special occasions.

What do you guys think of this twitter thread?


What is Milo's immigration status? Should we report him to ICE as a sex offender?

Literally everyone mentioned or mentioning in that particular post is guilty.

Nyberg bad. Milo bad. Holla Forums - I'm on it, but ya'll are total fucking creeps.

Pure ideology


Jesus H. Christ my man

The exact some social incapability to purchase a house, drive a car, purchase airplane tickets, work in a factory, live without a guardian etc.


pretty interesting, she seems like an OK girl.


Errr wut, is Holla Forums actually a place for pedos?


she's talking about Holla Forums

That's a literal pedophile complaining about this, that tranny needs to be put down.

It was more so before Jim took over. Children in thongs with their legs spread open used to be really common.

No, Holla Forums was. Used to be you could post some really on the line shit, there were active boards for it and generals on Holla Forums.

Maybe on shit boards like Holla Forums, I never saw that shit

No. Wrong.

The biggest factor is puberty. That's it, and that's why the biggest reason people still tend to be allowed to consent to sex before they hit the Age of Majority. Most of the social aspect is over 'how much puberty/experience/whathaveyou is enough.'

how long were you here? /hebe/ was in the top 10 boards until it got banned (not mentioning the pedo dailies on Holla Forums).
Not that I mind really, Holla Forums's pedos were cool people, I used to browse /hebe/ at least twice a week.

It's a place for shit other sites don't want to host for PR reasons. Including but not limited to pedos.


so like 13

gulag yourself fucking degenerate

I really miss the greentext stories there.
I wish the text-only pedo boards were still up.


I came to this site exclusively for Holla Forums for my first year.

Yeah. Back in the day, it was pretty well-established as 'creepy old men looking at children'-chan. Hell, really I only started coming here (now-and-then at first) when I'd read that most of that stuff was gone.

As the starting line, yeah. Goes up from there.

I don't care that Holla Forums doesn't like him

I just like the fact that this massive faggot killed his career

Liberal media does it again! How do they dew it?

Molesting children is the only time Milo gets to be the top.

wew lad

lol I doxed that faggot when the first article came out.

Also it is weird how Holla Forums has been using that milo pedo shit for a while but only now does it catch on.

That and general Trump supporters who browse youtube love him. See:


Milo is worse than Salon pedo guy. That guy said adults should never fuck with kids no matter what their sexuality is. Milo advocated actual adult-child sexual contact. Ew.


This is going to sound like a conspiracy theory, but it makes too much sense for me not to say it.

Breitbart started out as a fringe site, but it's now become a mainstream conservative news site thanks to the rise of Trump, and by extension Bannon. But mainstream conservatives feel alienated by alt-right stuff, so by associating with the alt-right puts Breitbart at risk of backlash.

Every time there's controversy around Milo, he gets a lot more attention and his fans just love him more.

So if Breitbart makes a big noise about firing Milo, Milo's followers love him even more, and mainstream conservatives feel safer and more confident with Breitbart. It's a win-win.

wait why is anyone defending 🍀🍀🍀milo🍀🍀🍀)?

4 D C H E S S

This was posted after the story already broke. Cool LARP, though.

What did Milo say though?

Sargon can, but won't, condemn child rape. But bad grammar? He'll call that out, no problem.


You're giving them stupid shit. Breitbart hires stupid offensive people for stupid Americans, and Milo is one of those stupid "reporters" who gets paid to say wrong shit that irritates everyone, it's inane obnoxious and for fucking chuds who got home schooled.

jMilo has been fine until now.

He just said that he enjoyed getting molested and encouraged child molestation. He said it because he's stupid.

it was mostly about how its fairly normal in the gay scene for young gay boys to be "adopted" by an older gay man who shows them the ropes (and fucks them lol)

Holla Forums has been talking about it for a year. Guess the MSM were really waiting until he got big enough to throw the pedophile label on him.

Do Holla Forumstards have slow news feeds or what? How do they always fall for the "I'm totally calling this story that already dropped" routine every time?

He said he enjoyed getting molested as a child and more children should enjoy getting molested.

This of course, is far, even by Milo standards.

But you don't know which timezone it was posted from, so it could be from before.

Dang, well played media. How isn't this everywhere on 4/pol/ right now.

wew lad.

*too much credit for stupid shit

This is just begging for an OpEd article.

The Alt Right and Pedophilia

Alright, for whomever makes the next thread: the pearl-clutching isn't about that joke, but about this clip: twitter.com/ReaganBattalion/status/833405993006616576

He basically said that as soon as you hit puberty you're old enough to fuck. He also said in another interview that he was molested by a priest at age 13 and he 'looks back fondly on it'.

He has a misguided idea of how mature the average 13 year old is just because he was sexually mature at a younger age. Plus being raped when you're young accelerates sexual maturity and obviously makes you less innocent than the average young person.

You're looking at it the wrong way. He's basically defending the systematic rape of children by Catholic Priests, the subtext in his statement is "Yeah, I enjoyed it, I don't get why anyone wouldn't?"

The subtext is child molestation within the Catholic Church isn't an issue.

The story broke early Sunday morning. Don't be such a rube.

Link me, please.

He literally did nothing wrong

Normally he would be described as a victim in liberal sjw terms and all of that. But because he isn't PC they're attacking him lol

back to Holla Forums with you!

fucking LOL
journalism at its finest, folks. there are still pro-pedo articles but they've wiped the site clean of that subhuman's name

Defending the catholic church's rampant sexual abuse problem because they have positions of power over young boys/girls and not because of their consent

Is in fact

Fucking wrong, actually. Just because you feel good about it doesn't mean kids do.

People are missing the broader point that "What the fuck did Milo just say" into "If Milo was testing the waters to see if he could defend Catholic child molestation"

Well duh he's a pervert and probably gets off on the sado-masochistic heathen shit.

People here do realize that gays aren't an analogue of heterosexuals and they ARE more perverted right? As in, they like doing stuff that is seen as amoral because it is seen as such.

Anti-GG revisionist go back to plebbit.

Didn't young Stalin live with a 13 year old though?

You are now banned on Revleft and r/socialism.

y tho

Don't make this an argument about homosexuality.

The problem is the Catholic Church, his defense of its problems.


Posted at 8 am EST. That "Operation Destroy Milo" thread in the screenshot was posted at 9:54 am (or pm) EST.

And he's exactly right

I can't load twitter videos, is there a mirror somehwere?
Was TAA in the stream? I'm confused right now.

jeez, just like all of those pepol leavin' cuz trump won.
how mature

Go away, Nyberg.


It wasn't that. And the context wasn't consent. It was a catholic priest who had power over a child, who abused children.

He said he enjoyed it, and other kids should.

You are arguing entirely different than what Milo is arguing. I believe what you're saying is fucking disgusting and missing the point child abuse is about power.

In the broader sense, this is about the worst form of power. And Milo is basically condoning it here. That's not good, actually. That's fucking scary.


I think he has a better idea of it than you. What really messes people up isn't the sex, it's the victimization and social alienation after the fact. Gay people used to go through the same thing and still do in repressive religious circles.

y indeed. Fuck that guy


Regardless of what Milo is going through, he should have seen this coming. And I can't say that he doesn't deserve the hatred after condoning the discrimination of so many groups you yourself would otherwise also defend.

Milo is getting a taste of his own medicine, and that's really what matters here. Schadenfreude.


They are over-fixated on sex. They're obsessed with pain, sado/masochist stuff and overly focused on the physical aspect and how to transgress norms.

They have whole communities about acquiring a fatal disease, because the idea of taking a temporary pleasurable act to the level of being permanently destructed excites them. That is definitely a gay thing.

I think that it's because gays get a bigger reverse psychology effect from the strictness of catholic culture vs protestant, which makes it more pleasurable to break the rules.

fucking this

again, this self righteous moralist pedo witch hunt meme needs to fucking die. when someone makes the next thread just use the subtext of ACTUAL rape by being held hostage in the catholic church instead of this "muh pedo needs gulag anal rape" shit



Who is this semen demon?

more like the risk of getting HIV was unknown and ignored as a public health hazard so now they need a support group to help fight stigmatization

this is literally no different to any disease or an STD transmitted heterosexually. stop with the homophobic shit faggot

So are heterosexuals. What's your point.

Most gay people aren't into s&m but statistically your neighbor is into being a sissy.

I think you've been at home too long and truly don't understand what the conversation is about.

Which is Catholic Child Molestation.

Yeah I don't feel sorry for Milo in particular but I hate the hypocrisy and selfishness of the press like that pedo who was deleted from Salon. Most reasonable people seem to agree that we need to put an end to the moral panic and stop the rabid vilification of pedos but then are more than happy to do just that when it can be used to sink a public figure they don't like.

This isn't about Milo as an individual saying stupid shit, this is Milo as an individual defending the abuse of the Catholic Church simply because he said he enjoyed it.

If you think that's cool you're a sick fuck


Milo was an useful idiot for the alt-right, they don't need him anymore so they are getting rid of him.

There are stats on that?

at first I wanted yo destroy milos career but now I dont fuckiny care. I seear half of the people in this world are fucking pedos. like what fucking teenager hasnt fantasized about an older person. I guarantee over half had at some point

I have no idea, but I wish I did. Found it a long time ago.

??? I agreed with you

My point is Milo isn't doing what you're thinking he is. The subtext is, he's giving tacit approval of the rampant molestation the Catholic Church engages in. Even as a joke that's way too fucking far, because people get their lives ruined by that for even daring to come out it happened. So outside of the sex, it's an ongoing disgusting problem by bougie entities.

The problem is that its subtle, what he's doing here. And that's all the more disturbing.

Must have misread. Sorry user.

Has anyone here ever actually known & seen what rape victims are like after they're raped?

It's very possible that Milo was aggressively raped by a priest and he is in denial. It's very possible that he could telling himself it was an 'act of love' as a coping mechanism.

Rape victims are like a different breed of person once they've been raped. I know because I've seen it happen. It's not just an arbitrary physical exchange and the real damage is the taboo of people knowing the victim was raped, it's the rape itself - fo real yo.


It's hilarious that most people will learn about Milo for the first time by hearing that he got his shit canned for being a pedo

lol get fucking cucked, nazis

I want to pop a couple of 9 mm in to back of the Milo's head.

That doesn't condone one to go out of their way and accuse other groups of people of being child molesters.

Milo has gone out of his way to accuse gays, lesbians, hell, even "mentally ill" as a conglomerate entity, of being child molesters.

Which he knows is a gigantic accusation that will piss people off.

Now here is saying "I loved being molested"

It's just, at such a point I can't see myself being sympathetic to someone who spouts slander who's hypocritical about it.


Stop forcing this meme you dumb faggot

Mobile posting. It's hard to tell where a pargraph starts and ends. I'll try to be better about it in the future. Sorry.

Whoops that was only for the one guy

Nazis advocate the culling of jews completely. There are virtually no people who actually support that.

Not wanting open borders or wanting to keep a white majority = not nazi

Pointing out that propaganda which promotes open borders is largely spread by Jews taking zero-sum tribalist actions because they want to cut out white competition and benefit their racial group = not nazi

National identity as a race isn't really in the best interest of communism, stateless or otherwise. The goal here is labor rights>


We need to make Milo disappear.
Throw him in to a van get his cellphone and destroy it.

Drive to a secluded location, kill him and dissolve his soft body parts in lye (sodium hydroxide) and than boil the liquid to evaporate all water.

Than dissolve bones and other hard stuff in hydrochloric acid, than add baking soda to resulting acid solution to neutralize it and than boil it to evaporate all water and than scrap everything that is left in the pot and bur it in fire.

I can confirm.
Soros actually pays me $10 an hour just to post on leftypol. Beats the shit out of my old job.



People are conflating two things. He made a joke about a priest abusing him when he was 13 by saying that at least he gives good head now. On a separate matter he said that he didn't think upper teens having sex with older men was a big deal because he had a positive relationship with a 29 year old man when he was 17(remember age of consent in UK is 16). He also stated that age of consent is fine where it is.

The fact that Holla Forums and Holla Forums are both swallowing the media's bullshit on this reaffirms my position that you're both a bunch of gullible retards who suffer massive confirmation bias.

you know, i've never heard of an adult come up with one of those lengthy excessive execution stories. only children. if you want him dead just say so without the ridiculous fanfare lol

Milo being kicked out behind the wall would be glorious pottery.

Why go to all that time and effort?

In the time that takes, we could be supporting stuff and building things.

Why don't you look at the FB video and see he reaffirmed everything I just said about relationships with young men lol Dude's a pedophile and there isn't such a thing as heebiejeebiesphilia

Good job, egoist. That's fucking hilarious. I hope this takes him down as well.

Holla Forums BTFO
Haha, now that their gay, Jewish, BLACKED, pedophilic leader is gone, what's the next step?

I hate faggots tho so what's happening to 🍀🍀🍀milo🍀🍀🍀 is great


Define young men.


but they didn't like him either on 4pol he was absolutely despised

i don't even know if anyone liked him


The goal of mass immigration to white countries does not benefit communism and it isn't meant to. Anyone who says it does is just Jewish supremacist co-opters or cheap labor junkies.

The goal is simply for jews to have a three-digit Autism Level monopoly so they can go full manifest destiny with impunity. Sure maybe after that you'd get communism, but you'd have to be jewish.

The best solution is co-operation between civic nationalist states, with immigration caps to prevent balkanization. People are crazy if they think mass immigration is going to lead to racial equality when it's going to lead to genocide either through actual nazism or Jew elysium released a pandemic that only the other races.

All you have to do is look at timelapses of border changes throughout history and you realize that humans are zero-sum group-racist savages if left to their own devices and that goes for everyone.

does anyone know a good place to order ushankas lol

Pedophile has basically become a colloquial term for sex with minors though.

See, people do the "sex isn't in a vacuum" thing, but in reality they're applying a kind of special status to sex that they just don't to other things which could be as harmful or more harmful. Most people factor in other things, but that doesn't mean they'll always come to the same conclusion that you do.

Hebephilia exists or pedophilia doesn't. The foundation of both is medical, and if you ignore the actual medical explanation then you also no longer have a line to draw or a reason to consider attraction to prepubescent children abnormal.

Maybe I can get you in good with SD Soros. What's your number?

I don't care if he actually condoned pedophilia or not: as a leftist, my only interest in this matter is that Milo has his brand ruined.

But that's stupid and scientifically wrong.

Socialism has basically become a colloquial term for welfare state though.

In fairness Milo explicitly makes this point in the clip he's getting grilled for.

Then call it hebephillia.

In the same sense that "Communism" has become a colloquial for anything on the left.

Yeah, this. Remember that time a pediatrician got "pedo" spraypainted on their property because someone thought those were the same thing?

But it's incredibly stupid. That's capitalism, not Jews.

which has nothing to do with race, btw. Meant to add that

I had no idea tankies could get worse

I didn't know we had so many people that wanted to start the revolution so they could have sex with teenagers

I welcolme any Kurd. They are comrades. I welcome any African, they are comrades.

This is not about liberal sympathy. This is about destroying the structure you wish to uphold and fundementaly changing the way materials and labor are organized and distributed.

Individuality doesn't matter. Superiority in social settings, will not matter.

Before you attempt to understand what Communism is or is not meant to do, first you have to understand that what you're saying isn't true.

Beyond that. Israel, America, Saudi Arabia, they're all buddy buddy in this perpetual war for dollars.I don't see you complaining about America or Saudi Arabia.

I didn't know we had so many Daily Mail readers that were morally repulsed by the idea of having sex with teenagers.

remind me why you should do that

The first people to mention Holla Forums ITT were Holla Forums ( )
They are indeed, Milo was their main henchman and probably solely responsible for them ever being mentioned by the big media in the first place.

kinda like spencer was despised until he got punched?
Those people are the alt-rights' face, they are the ones who give your talking points popular attention, it doesn't matter if you disavow them or not.

Not true pedophilia. This is ehehhhehhehhehbephilia.

Prove me wrong. You literally can't because there's no scientific evidence.

Why do you care about defending Milo? He's a pseudo-intellectual POS. We're just here to laugh at him finally having it bite him in the ass. This triggering is what he claimed he loved, which makes it even more delicious.

oh hey milo

why is sargon so fucking dumb

I have to dissagree, as someone who frequents tumblr (pls no bully) they fucking HATE pedophiles

I can already have sex with teenagers. The AoC is 16 here, and the highest AoC in this country is 18. I don't, but I do I think 18 is draconian, but then I don't live in a place where it's 18 so it's no primary concern to me.

Youth rights in general are a concern, though. I think our drinking age is too high. My first job was at a bar, but we enforce the drinking age so tightly here that I had to wait an unreasonably large amount of years beyond the legal working age ~and~ the age of majority just to get work. That's unacceptable. In my utopia, you would be able to fuck before you were draft age and able to work in a bar before you were 21.

Because the way the world is currently organized will balance out the power that humans have achieved. This isn't new age shit, this is fact. For every advancement we made, we impact the world, you cannot change what is observed etc.

In our case, global warming is our biggest thread. So is the acidification of the ocean and mass extinction of ocean fauna, now, and into the future.

It's going to fuck things up.

I think the biggest justification for destroying what we have and rebuilding is if we don't, we might as well have engaged in nuclear warfare, because the deaths from every little detail of climate change's consequences will cause everything from starvation to plague. On a level eventually far worse than the Soviets could ever starve out.

We are headed towards Armageddon, and your choice is to trust traditional power structures and the power structures we have now. It won't work. Think I'm being melodramatic? That's fine. But it's the truth. Traditionalists like you always go on about the survival of the white race. You are ensuring the white race does not survive. Nor any race. Beyond theory already established about labor, how Capitalism operates, etc.

With all this information and its conclusions at your finger tips, why do this? Why not just educate yourself on the opposite opinion?


not wanting people to fuck someone still developing mentally and physically makes me a shitty moralist liberal now.

let me tell you the truth about people who fuck teenagers. they're stunted men and women who crave to have power because the're so insecure to be on equal ground in a relationship, but they're too weak willed to handle someone on the same emotional ground as them. so they prowl spaces for kids, pick one up, and then dish out the emotional and physical abuse to them until they graduate and move away. none of them just want sex. you're attracted to young people for a reason and it isn't just aesthetic

Oh I guess it's alright then.


that's a very nice looking pepe


ITT, no-one here had sex as a teenager and so now thinks of horny teenagers as innocent children devoid of personalities and agency.

To the faggot in the TAA thread who said he doesn't contribute anything… I hope now you see. :^)

I love that DP is getting free publicity from this & they were calling him out in that clip.

scholar.google.com/scholar?q=ptsd and sexual abuse as a child&btnG=&hl=en&as_sdt=0,5&as_vis=1

You're really trying, huh Holla Forums?

nice false dichotomy. again, anti-hebe people twisting themselves in knots and sounding as though they just ate a bucket of lead paint chips trying to link hebes with pedos

PTSD is a meme

No we just don't think they should have sex with someone 10 years older than them

Or is it >>>/liberty/?
That's not even the issue here. Again, we're just here to laugh at Milo's downfall.

That's a cute little theory you've got there.

The thing about you is you've obviously fallen for the "sex is a big deal" spook. That teenagers can't consent to this big bad thing that should be saved for two consenting 30+ year old partners who have been married for at least 5 years prior before they sacrifice their purity and virginity blah blah blah.

It's just a physical action for mutual pleasure. It's not a mathematical theorem, I believe a teenager can understand the situation and therefor consent.

Fucking this.

Now that just gotta get someone from here on, and then we're set.


Not saying anything about pedophilia here, but PTSD truly is a condition. It affects some more than others, but is of course true.

and people say that theyre still developing, but they never consider that teenagers have already passed the development mark when they van consent. just because you havent finished the 100m race doesnt mean you didnt pass the 50m mark dumbass

He's not talking about two teenagers consenting. He's talking about an adult and a 13-year old.

Shell Shock is a meme.

Why they changed it from Shell Shock to PTSD I have no fucking clue. Shell Shock is the more appropriate description of the phenomenon.

Why are the biggest pedos conservative? For example look at the Roman Catholic church, Jews, and Islamists.

same difference. how does the other partner being older actually change anything?

So was I. The age of the other sexual partner doesn't change the 13-year-old's ability to consent.

Fucking hell,
Teenager here (please don't ban) to clear things up, we don't want to fuck you Holla Forums. No one does. That would be traumatic as fuck.(USER WAS BANNED FOR POSTING UNDERAGE)

this amount of straw manning is pretty pathetic tbh even without considering your agenda

you're still talking about children numbnuts

t. george carlin

It's a condition that isn't understood or dealt with properly by modern psychology. One of its greatest failings really.

Because shell shock is specific to bombardment trauma. It was changed to PTSD to generalize the condition

no one does [2]

Please tell me straight why you don't think a 13-year-old should be allowed, or isn't capable of consenting to sex.

And a post-pubescent isn't a child by scientific definition.

Did not expect this to happen but im laughing hard as hell.


Two 13-year olds are on the same level, while an adult has a much greater deal of power in the situation. And on that top, our culture doesn't socialize youth to be ready to have sex at this age.

Is this site just gonna be filled with pedos forever

Can confirm, never had sex as a teenager.

Eighteen or nineteen of course, right?

It's an imageboard, so yes.

I don't care I'm just eating some popcorn.

Correction. It was originally classified as shell shock as medicine advanced to adress the condition as veterans from World War I near universally came back with the affliction.

It was only later we realized it effects a large broader portion of the population then what was once realized. I think it should be kept as "shell shock", because post traumatic stress abstracts the real meaning of it. Shell Shock doesn't. It is exactly how it sounds.

In a grander sense, would more people support war, if we changed it to shell shock, or ptsd

1) you dont explain this power dynamic
2) change the culture

that fucking simple

kys man


An adult and teenager relationship isn't inherently oppressive, forceful or manipulative if that's what you're suggesting. This doesn't change the ability to consent to the act.

eh. it's like, what reason would an older man have to date / pursue a 13 year old besides reasons of a purely sexual nature? it's exploitative.
i think a 17 year old dating a 24 year old is fine. i think that's legal in most states. a 17 year old dating someone in their late 20s/early 30s is questionable and most of the time illegal (i think) but i don't see it as a big deal. in a year they'd be able to legally consent. but ofc this argument could be used in japan, "13 is the legal age of consent so why not 12? just a year difference!" and so on

not an argument

Man, I've followed and involved myself in this debate for a decade. You can't win arguing with the hebes. There is too much of a grey area. Don't let them bug you and don't worry about it. Age of consent isn't going to change from a few autists arguing on the internet.

It's either Holla Forums or /liberty/ posting pro pedo shit right now. Holla Forums generally isn't condoning of that shit.

I suspect Holla Forums tbh, trying to derail & shitpost,.to ruin our fun.

you didnt make one goofy

1) why is that exploitative? adults do this all the time
2) why do you assume all relationships between 13 yr. old and 18+ old are purely based on sex with no evidence?

But what does that have to do with their ability to consent? If they didn't want to fuck an old man they wouldn't and if they didn't consent it would be rape. This could be any relationship, reasons of a purely sexual nature isn't limited to age gaps.


accidentally meme arrowed

Conservative pathology. Conservative idea of a human is inherently negative, thats why in their view people need tradition and strong state/community that enforces morality on them. Why? Because they know that they are themselves incapable of morality, and thus project themselves and their urges on humanity as a whole to create a "human nature".

Similar reason to why so many male anti-gay activists get caught with male prostutites, and why they think homosexuality is a choice; they are gay or bisexual, and "choose" to only partake in straight relationships.

You don't actively change the culture in this regard, you stupid fucking heebiejeebiephile. Lifespan, among other things, naturally shapes it over time. If we were talking a 1000 years ago, there wouldn't be an issue because people were socialized/brought up in a different manner, along with poorer material conditions.

Young teenagers look up to people, and there's a dramatic power imbalance. Go ahead and molymeme shit like "not an argument", even though you know I'm right.

You're right. Idk why I even waste my time. Just legitimizing them.

That's an imbalance that could be seen anywhere, finance, status, class etc. No one is really equal, if you decide like this no one would be able to consent to having sex whit each other

and why cant you change the culture? public support for homosexuality radically swung in favor in less than 10 years.

and what do you even mean by "naturally", because the only way something changes is by an outside force, and I dont see why public discourse cant be apart of this. way to be fucking vague.

Prove you're Marxists. Otherwise, you're just here from Holla Forums or /liberty/ to subvert/

Reply with some basic concepts from Marxist theory.

True. I just self medicate. Opiates help me live, day to day, by blocking shit out. I know it's not healthy, but it's the best treatment I've found so I'm sticking with it.

Yeah, you don't really have an answer as to why 'children' shouldn't have sex with 'adults'. Because you know it's just grounded in this spooky religion derived moral ideology you can't rationally explain.

Holla Forums has always had supporters of hebephilia with a couple advocating pedophilia. These debates crop up every few months. I think it's just an imageboard thing. Remember having these arguments back on 4/a/ and 4/b/ years ago.

teenagers can EASILY be gaslit and manipulated. they often genuinely are attracted to the people but then realize that the people were predators and whatnot just using them.
manipulation =/= consent.

it's exploitative in adults as well but when adults are pursuing children and teenagers for purely sexual reasons it's even worse dude

an age power imbalance is not comparable to an every day social status one. there are different levels of social and self-awareness that can only be gained with age.


You can't win the argument because your position is based entirely on arbitrary social mores so you will just ignore it and hope society won't change is what you're saying

Remind me why I should perpetuate a system that doesn't work in my favor or the vast majority of people's favor first. The free-movement of people and labor for a society centered around a production for use is significantly more attractive to any person than toiling my life away at a company for a meager wage.

hey just wondering but why do you wanna fuck kids

The left in general always had. Spartacus League comes to mind as a quick example.
And yes it's a imageboard thing.

Answer this guy's question right now

You fucking pol infiltrators


Because they can't convince adults to fuck them so they turn to children, hoping they will be more naive thus easier to convince.

Dude, I'm not anti-hebe. I honestly don't give a shit about aoc anymore much less debating it. Don't want to fuck teens and don't really care who they fuck. Was just letting the guy know it's pointless arguing about it.

private property is a social relation between individuals, that is resources used to make personal possessions that give quality to life through personal use. when this property is privately owned, it allows the owner to control other individuals quality of life by dictating their ability to gain personal possessions, tilting power in favor of the owner, regardless of the labour put into the possession by the actual worker. this is exploitative.

There's idiots in every group. It is an imageboard thing though. Holla Forums having kid threadsstill clothed, but provocative for instance was a good normie barrier, tbh.

Quick question: Why are you advocating for heebiejeebie?

No deflection, just answer the question.

Agree. Same with the general loli worship on /a/. Always a good way to scare away normies.

prove you've read bookchin right now otherwise you're just reddit here to subvert

I like older women with nice asses, who is with me?

Finally someone is talking sense

Their retarded arguments are proof enough. People should stop fucking replying to them already. The trhead's been completely derailed from mocking this cunt.

You're the normalfags.

Keyword being 'can'. ANYONE CAN be gaslit and manipulated, the safest thing would be for no one to ever have sex with anyone so no one will be exploded, I guess.

Anyone can be less self-aware aware than someone else, it's just not limited to age. I suppose stupid people shouldn't be able to fuck smart people? Because that's where you end up with the whole 'but power dynamics' shit.

because youth liberation is essential to destroying the culture that propogates class society and upholds capitalism

Lmao, *exploited

and in a less melodromatic sense, people really should just he left alone when its clear thry consent to the actions theyre doing

Nope answer the fucking question hebe.

1 - Bookchin didn't contend the vast majority of marxist economic theory.
2 - Vast majority here haven't read Bookchin

It's blatantly obvious that you're subverting. Answer the question.

Because I'm not a spooky statist fuck

Nice try, but I'm not stupid enough to debate a pedo on an imageboard. Fuck off already. This thread is supposed to be about Milo's hilarious destruction.

what if it's milo arguing with us? we were on track all along.

Yeah you're right I'm subverting your circlejerk by not submitting to your mandatory Marxist theory literacy test

Use both normie and normalfag. Normie caught on on /jp/ and /a/ some years ago. Not sure where it started.


neither did you

you can't manipulate a child in the same way you can an adult
you can't trick an adult into sucking your dick or else you'll tell their mom they took a toy and they'd be in trouble
sure you could threaten an adult employee as a boss with heir job but its not the same

Are some niggas seriously defending pedophilia? Go merk yo selves.

You're confirming my suspicions tbh. You just rewrote the same thing basically over and over.
One more chance: explain the LTV, and falling rate of profit.
Because it's really fucking obvious at this point that you're subverting.

Got it. So to be clear you're a Holla Forumsack

My "literacy test" is incredibly fucking simple, if you're actually a native on this board.

this is why we need gulags

I feel like that doesn't quite apply to libertarians. They actually seem to think that, unfettered, people naturally fall into a prosperous capitalism.

But certainly for the religious, nationalistic, militaristic, traditionalist and authoritarian wing of the right, it seems to apply. They are very mistrustful of people.

It's an image board thing, but I think it's a contrarian or counter cultural thing too. Society decides that kids aren't very knowledgeable and so should be a separate class of person from adults, adults who interact with kids in certain ways shouldn't be trusted because they have more experience and power than them.

But this also becomes a self-regulating conviction that it is creepy on the adult's part to be attracted to teenagers, and some people still feel attraction to teenagers, so they have a contrary reaction to this and say "this is protestant moralism, it is ok to admit you think teenagers are attractive, and maybe the age of consent should be lower" etc.

I don't think the self-regulating is total bullshit, like some people would claim, but I think it usually operates mentally rather than in phsyical attraction. Yes, 16 year olds can look attractive. But, do you want to be involved with a 16 year old? I don't think most adults actually want to, because 16 year olds are immature and that is what makes it feel strange and creepy. You start to feel their inexperience and immaturity the older you get, though you really don't even have to be that old to start feeling like sophmore high schoolers are immature and largely unrelatable.

I have no idea about the 13 year old thing Milo was talking about. That is pretty damn young. When my sister was 13, she practically hadn't changed much since she was 11.

Why are popular right wing figures universally morons?

The right don't even admire economists half the time. The closest they get is "muh successful businessman(tm)"

You are aware we're still talking about teenager? Teenagers have an understanding of what sex is. And how exactly are those situation dissimilar? They're both forms of exploitative blackmail.

Honestly I've always wondered if Milo has browsed this board before. I know that there was a board which he created on this website when the first exodus happened that he would frequently interact with people on. There is a milo tripfag on here that used to be a lolcow though he seems to have gotten a lot better recently though from what we know he is not Milo Yiannopolous.

I'm not from Holla Forums but I can see you're autistic. Nobody has to waste their time proving anything to you.

most Holla Forums regulars don't. I'm not defending him but you're overstimating this board.

Holy shit
His book deal was worth


Ah ahahaha

nigga how??

and LTV is when the value of a commodity is determined by the amount of socially necessary labor it took to make it

and falling rate of profit is when the profit made from a commodity diminishes over time when more and more workers need to be hired and paid to continue to produce more of the commodity to keep up with demand?? im more sketchy on this one admittedly

I'm talking about saying "normie" like all newfags do, dumbfuck.

I'm pretty sure this dude could self-publish on Amazon and make a similar amount.

fuckin delicious


It's hilarious you have no idea you're showing that you're new by giving a shit.

/r9k/ started it and you used to get told to get the fuck out if you used it on any of those two boards you mentioned.

How the mighty have fallen.
Newfags don't even call out greentexting anymore.

What makes you think I'm a heebiejeebie?

at this point, self-publishing may be his only option. i don't think any publishing company, even a far-right / alt-right / whatever one would want to be associated with milo for the sake of their own image at this point, even if they were fond of him.

You clearly didn't read my post.

This I agree with to a large extent. We have a problem of exercising way too much power over teenagers and young adults and trying to keep them children forever. If we had any self-awareness it would be creepy as fuck.

16 is actually the most common single AOC in the US.

meh, normie is much more natural to use, the -fag affix was meant to caracterise channers anyways so both are wrong.

My side of the discussion was not about the specifics of why adults having sex with children is wrong, I was pointing out the deliberately dishonest manner in which you are discussing this. The fact that you are accusing me of being unable to form an argument for a certain point that I had not even been attempting to make is a further example of what I was talking about. Putting up a smokescreen and arguing one point while your opponent argues another issue entirely. A dishonesty and bad faith rooted in your desire to justify your desire to have sex with children. I'm also an atheist, so religious spooks have nothing to do with this. Nice try with co opting our language though.

"Normalfag" is pretentious as fuck. "Normie" is both pretentious and makes you sound like a retard.

I only gave him a slightly tougher test, cause his answer was worded weird as hell.

Eh, good enough answer. I'll admit your're lefty. You still need your teeth punched out though. Also:

It's when a capitalist increases constant capital to get a short-term profit (ex. a firm developing a newer, better commodity), and rate of profit decreases. Competing firms then also develop this newer commodity to keep up, and their rate of profit decreases. This is across all industries and the system as a whole, causing instability, crises, unemploymeny, long hours, low wages, etc.

What the fuck has he done in his shit-tier existence worth writing a book about?

Do you really need to be such an obnoxious edgelord? Dude's just arguing teens are worthy of consent. He's not fucking your kid or something. You can argue with him without being a petty faggot.

No he can't. ;]

Diddling 13 year olds


Are there people in this thread that actually want to fuck 13 year olds, or is this all just sophistry and contrarianism?

That just kind of baffles me if it is sincere. They're so immature. I feel uncomfortable just having had one night stands with dumb, drunk and dysfunctional adults.

How tf am I the edgelord? Regardless of who's right, heebs are obviously outside the mainstream.

And what do you think motivates him to do that…? He/They want to fuck teens. The slippery slope to straight-up pedophilia is barely away.

Provide examples

I say normie and pleb because it's a bad habit I kept from /mu/


anyone at any age would feel uncomfortable with someone like that

I'm pretty sure it's contrarian sophistry. But this site is filled with heebs.

And either way, it doesn't matter what they really believe since they still enable it.

Giving a shit makes you an idiot who can't function without memeing.

eyup. It happens from time to time on all chan boards, they'll latch on to a discussion and derail it into an argument ober whether they can fuck kids or not. they'll leave eventually.

I couldn't even comfortably be in a relationship with a 14 yearold when I was 16. I'm aware that the age diff isn't that much and I was just being autistic but any legal adult wanting to fuck a 13 yearold must be fucked in the head to not feel like complete scum.

That's not what book deals are for. They're usually sham payments for piety and service to elite class interests. Anything that goes to press will typically be bought up by think tanks then given away or pulped.

You know the slippery slope is a fallacy, right? If the proper distinction between hebephilia and pedophilia is understood then one won't lead to the other.

how low do you have to stoop?

I'm not the one speaking like a retard and still using memes in this day and age though



It's only a fallacy if it's baseless. And it's not. Exhibit A: This site. Since CP is illegal, a heeb board was set up and they had heeb threads in Holla Forums.
Puberty is often the difference between literally just 12 and 13 in boys. There's barely a distance between heebiejeebie and pedo.

It seems like most people agree.

difference between hebe and pedo. and inb4 ancap meme bc not an argument

are you serious? is your reading comprehension off? My last two posts were exactly that. What do you think you're playing at here?

most certainly not a slippery slope fallacy in this case.



DP is covering it right now, if anyone's interested.

Nigga, stop trying to hide the fact you a pedo, get the fuck outta here with that hebe bull shit. You can hebe this dick, nigga.

This is not how you spookpost m8. There are some spooks we just need to keep around.
And I'm an actual Stirnerist.


Hint to all fake stirnerfags shitting up this thread. Physical things like brain development and the fucking passage of time are not "spooks" and you sound like a giant autist for arguing that

so if hebe is wrong, does that mean we should raise AoC above 18 bc "18 and 17 have bssically no difference"?

and theres a thing called "asking someones age". its really not that hard.

I feel sorta bad for milo. If that priest hadn't raped him
(fuck off) he might not have turned out such a fuckwit.

It is baseless because there is a well understood difference between pedo and hebe. Merely stating that the difference does not exist doesn't make it so.

blatant strawman. we're talking hebes not murder. and no ones proved anything beyond moralism. niggas on this board are literally saying "we should just keep some spooks" without explaining why besides using more spooks

If you're not going to contribute to discussion other than 'lol strawman xD' then just fuck off. The person I was originally replying to was just strawmanning himself, building a dumb theory as to why men want to have sex with teenagers and stating people want to 'start the revolution so they could have sex with teenagers'. So excuse me if I found it a tad taxing to rationally argue with this. I just went with the most likely reason for this attitude, call it an educated guess ;)


They have a point about how media bans people, but to that I say 'no duh' since private companies will censor anything they deem unprofitable.

Demonstrating there's a difference still doesn't demonstrate that one is good, so you're just wasting your time

milo even says he was sexually active with an older man when he was younger. Dude is as mentally unhinged as they come probably partly why

Can Milo just go away now? He's spread nothing but inane dumbassery, he made my one friend retarded, and I hate his dumb stupid face.

no one is denying this. the problem is that not all the way developed doesnt mean not developed at all. 13 arent done developing, but that doesnt mean they havent passed a benchmark that allows them to give "reasonable consent", whatever that means.

This post says it so well

Now you'll say this is a spooky strawman fallacy.

I'm saying the distinction is insignificant. 12-13

Do you know what strawman means…? I'm making an analogy.

I'll speak for myself.
What ~I'm~ saying is that the AoC could be as low as like 14 and that would be ok. The ultimate ethical line for me about sex and age is puberty, and 14-16 is a fair range for AoCs because I believe having a couple years to experience puberty and adolescence is optimal.

However, while I don't think 13 is a good AoC (for where I am), I also don't have strong moral feelings about it and see it as an ethical gray area. I do, however, think that it should be recognized that from 13 on up people are actual human beings with sexuality and sex lives.

Moral panic and misunderstanding about this stuff (AoC, philias, and sex) is used to empower gung-ho cops and to target gays. And that bit is personal anecdote - I don't take the risk that a 14-year-old might hook up with some old guy seriously enough that I'd see my own friends entrapped in targeted stings on gay hookup sites for just agreeing to meet someone claiming to be two years under the AoC. I wouldn't have fallen for a trap so clumsy at 14 - what does it tell me that grown-ass men I know are stupid enough for this stuff?

But as it stands, the lowest I have any care to go, should the opportunity arise with someone I liked, would be 16. Perfectly legal here. And so it should be. But it's not about my right to fuck teens (which I already have, and therefore have no need to advocate), but rather teens' rights to their own bodies and the need to recognize that they have a primary role in making their decisions.

and theres an entire slew of comments ITT that discuss that

Sorry that happened, comrade.

ancaps here actually believe that socialists care about ""consent"".

our worldview is not arranged by contracts. fuck off pls

Giving this a little more exposure.

No but it does make the slippery slope inapplicable in this case. Lowering the AoC down from 18 to 14 doesn't suddenly mean that people will be able to fuck 8 year olds with impunity. If someone is arguing for a slightly lower AoC then it's a fallcy to accuse them of trying to use the slippery slope to eventually make all sex with children legal.

And yet no progression beyond that fundamental axiom. Hence, waste of time

we're talking 13+ bud.


Terrible argument. I also think it's worse to fuck a 1 year old than an 8 year old and there are significant developmental differences between the two age groups. Funnily enough I don't find there to be some huge difference between the two that begs categorization either.

So should you be racing with someone who already passed the 100m mark if you only passed the 50m mark, dumbass? is that fair, dumbass?

and you dont explain why theres no huge difference

That's because libertarians don't aren't conservatives, they are liberals.

OK let me make something ABUNDANTLY CLEAR, hitting puberty is NOT the same as finishing it; your balls may have dropped or your vag might bleed every full-moon but that doesn't mean that you are anything but a stupid, immature bag of hormones who thinks you're a "kinkster" for shoving one finger up your ass while you jerk it. Let kids explore their sexuality with other kids who are still figuring themselves out. NOT with horny adults who have some weird obsession with purity, youth and sticking their dick in it

Weird. Didn't link ya.

kek I like how your use of language betrays that you subconciously realize these are children. You said "all sex with children" in reference to the difference between 14 and 8.

Could you tell me what mentally happens of significance between 12 and 13?

Yes or no, fucking a 1 year old and fucking an 8 year old are both immoral?

Stop whinging and answer straightforwardly.

I deleted it.

I fully consciously realize these are children. Settle down there Freud.

I'll contribute anyway I damn well please, and I'll do that by pointing out your use of straw men arguments and refusal to acknowledge what's actually being said to you. And of course your assblasted by that because you're a pedo who was looking to spread his bullshit to a receptive audience.

being more developed than they were at any given time in the past is not an argument for them being fully or acceptably developed at any given age that you arbitrarily decide is old enough.

and then the pedo/hebe disregards the importance of reasonable consent, really sets the neurons ablaze.

Wait, so you're ok with adults fucking kids…? Like you're not even arguing they're not kids?


you completely missed my point.

at what point did I reference in my analogy a comparison between individuals?

the point was to show that people can still be a part of the way through something without completely finishing something, and the part that they already finished can harbor muh privileges that someone who finished the whole thing also have, because they both passed that PARTICULAR point, even though theyre currently at different points.

give up, Holla Forums
Idiots stop arguing with pedos/hebes. They're derailing the thread successfully.

But user, I entered puberty already liking bondage.

I don't think it ought to be legal, tho. By which I mean 13 shouldn't be AoC probably, not that there shouldn't be exemptions for like 3-6 years up.

people think that 13 yearolds are stupid and make bad decisions. because they are 13, thus stupid. Do you not remember how stupid you were at 13?

Prove that 13-year olds have.

so what do you consider reasonable consent? do they have to understand what sex is first? because all that requires is education.

Didn't the argument already come up in the first thread about this?

How much can we really debate about Milo and whether or not he deserves this?

AoC discussions aren't about the individuals, they're about the two people having sex or forming a relationship. I don't give a shit if two 13 year olds have sex or two 16 year olds have sex. I don't want a 16 year old and a 29 year old in a relationship


Make a separate consent thread.
We'll never know if yall don't shut the fuck up. Just like the Holla Forums circumcision threads, no minds are ever changed & it's pointless.

yeah, like these are the same sort of arguments milo would make. The thread isn't exactly derailed.


the fact that 13 year olds sexually fantasize about older people all the time (I.e. celrbrities). they also sexually fantasize about other 13 year olds, because 13 year olds have reached the point where theyre interested in sex, and probably have had sex ed at 13


He deserves it, Milo is an opportunistic shit head.

lmao, fuck off

Who actively supports circumcision except for jews, evangelicals and Americans?

Actually, I find that people who remember being stupid at 13 tend to not realize what idiots they still are. I wasn't the pick of the litter, but I had no trouble at 13 turning down what few offers I actually received - so I guess in a way I agree, I wasted a lot of time being antisocial and afraid.

That's what I'm saying, too.

actually most teens are stupid, not just 13 yearolds, I just used that age as a point because thats the youngest you freaks are willing to go


the 2 people in the relationship are individuals. and you dont explain why 16 x 29 is bad either. how the fuck does the older partner being older change the ability to consent in any way. you never explain this beyond vaguely defined "power relations"

So stupid people shouldn't be bale to consent? Maybe we should do it by Autism Level, sub-100 Autism Level people can;t consent to sex with over 100 Autism Level people. The system works.

What do people think of the DP episode so far?

Holy fucking shit, you're dangerously stupid. Ironically, you should've learned about this shit when you were 13 in high school health/sex ed.

Sexually fantasizing is a result of increased hormone production. It doesn't equate to being able to give reasonable consent. Your argument is literally "they have an interest in doing something. Therefore, they can do it."

Holy shit, I have no idea how 'IQ' auto corrected into 'Autism Level'

I like the feeling of this. The Dialectic is in motion
reminds me of when right-wing authoritarianism was despised on most of Holla Forums and Right-Libertarianism seemed like the only possible future, the Holla Forums spam got into my head, but the future is still beautiful.

also watching DP right now, check 40 mins, pretty nuts tbh.

Oh wait it's a filter, I get it

so you have no regrets? never embarrassed yourself? None of your opinions have changed since you were 13?
this explains alot, of course you want to fuck a kid if you are one mentally.


I know its hormone production, goofy. and youre literally saying that even if someone wants to do it, that doesnt mean they REALLY want to do it. they just dont know it. just because someone wants to drive a car, doesnt mean they REALLY want to drive a car, they just dont know they dont want to, right???

what even is your criteria for "reasonable consent"?? thats such a fucking vague term

Vaguely because you don't give a shit about any of my points. Developmentally, they are physically and emotionally behind the older person. It's like having sex with someone who works for you or someone you teach or even almost like having sex with someone who is inebriated. They can make decisions at a level, but they're young and do not have the same experiences. They can be taken advantage of and mentally scarred for life.

Honestly, I don't care about this discussion anymore because your beliefs aren't in the public consciousness as a possibility. I'm a teacher and I still have the power to rat out people who are dating my students who are old as shit. It doesn't matter how much you whine and complain to me, I still can do that and I still do. Fuck heebiejeebies

people do stupid shit at 20. does that mean anyone 20 and under cant make decisions for themselves?

They're defending him on some points & calling him out on others. I think they're really giddy with the news coverage though, so they're all over the place, lmao. Alright so far, but Paul, who i usually always defend, was defending him too much a minute ago, imo.

Hi Holla Forums enjoy your stay at the gulag. The word filters are to filter out cretins like you

so because they have less experiences, they cant consent?

so a 25 yr. olf virgin cant fuck a 25 yr. old that smashes pussy every night bc the 25 yr. old has less experience.

and what do you mean by "emotionally less developed". how do you consider whether someone is "emotionally developed"?

20 yearolds have gone through and finished puberty you kidfuckers, they are mentally and physically mature enough to fuck.

Why are you so fixated on sex and that's it? I'm trying to convey that there is more than that to determine maturity. When you're 25, you pay bills, you work, you've had your heart broken, you've probably lost someone close to you, etc. You have experiences that a 16 year old may have a few of, but not all of them.

Maybe, it's not a big deal if you still live with your mom and never worked or paid a bill so you're still emotionally on the level with a teenager. but i think those instances need counseling

no you guys are admittedly talking about 13+, if you think a 13 yearold has finished with puberty you are stupid. The fact of the matter is you guys care more about getting your dicks wet then caring for and protecting younger generations. If you're arguing shit like "I wanna fuck a 16 yearold but im 20" thats what romeo and juliet laws are for.

so people who havent paid bills, gotten a job, ect. cant have sex with someone of the same age, or do they need "counceling" first.

and arent most people here anti work anyway. what if someones financial situation keeps them from moving out, like in Greece?

no. teens should he able to make choices for themselves as well as adults are. and constantly watching over this when theyre teens isnt needed to protect them, just like wrapping them in bubble wrap before playing soccer isnt.

Breitbart makes a big fuss about firing Milo, Republicans like Breitbart more and they go mainstream, Milo's fans like him even more and he gets more attention, both sides make a bunch of money

No, I'm saying just because someone wants to do something doesn't mean it should be done. See this guy

Good shit, comrade

so because they have less experiences, they cant consent?
He's talking about experience in life, not sexual.

and at this point, how the fuck would you even keep track of all those factors? no ones gonna give a shit about your arbitrary criteria at that point

Just because a guy who wants to fuck kids declares that they're fair game doesn't make the label of paedophile any less applicable.

You'll notice in fact however that I did use the term "hebe" as well. Not that I give a fuck about how a pedo/hebe feels about the way I describe them.

Beside that, arguing that my "dishonesty" in using the word "pedo" when ACKSHUALLY you want to be called "hebe" because of the vast dramatic difference between having sex with an 11 year old and having sex with a 12 year old, is no different from what you've been doing, which is blatantly misrepresenting and ignoring what other people have said to you, is a giant false equivalence. Typical of your posts, which have been so dishonest, so disconnected from what the rest of us have been saying to you, that I question your reasoning skills and your ability to grasp and properly comprehend what happens around you. I think it makes sense that this would be the case as being an aspiring kid fucker you are a pathetically stunted and warped individual. Incapable of forming proper romantic or social relationships with other adults, either because you are in some way subnormal or because you have a need to be in a position of complete power and control over someone with whom you share an intimate relationship.

Go kill yourself you sad retarded fucking lowlife, the views you have expressed in this thread have honestly disgusted me, and that takes some doing considering we essentially share this board with Holla Forums. I kind of hope one day you try and argue this shit in real life and your family and friends find out you want to fuck kids, I hope you talk this shit to someone who loses their temper and clocks you, part of me even wants you to pull some moves on a 13 year old and you get sent to jail where you can consent to giving your jacked AB cellmate a blowjob. Goodnight.

Do you really need to use that much brain activity to determine whether someone is immature? I know you're all retarded, but you're not that bad

Just reminding you guys I am a teenager, but I'm sure you guys know more about this than me you fucking pedos. Just fuck an adult instead of a kid this isn't difficult.

and I more thing, why does sex facilitate all this criteria and no other activity? what makes sex sooo special in the eyes of morality?

Jesus Christ take this debate somewhere else you fucking cunts. This thread is to laugh at Milo.

sex is a spook

anything else to add

I'm weirded out by someone who is friends with someone under 18 just as much as someone in a relationship with them.

Also to add to It doesn't have to be similar, I'm just saying that more things have happened to most adults and it adds to their knowledge of people and how to manipulate them.

well youre not giving a clear definition between mature vs not mature for sex specifically. again, by your logic, people who are stuck with their parents due to socioeconomic difficulties apparently cant have sex with people who have moved out.

the only thing they need to be "mature" in is theyre basic understanding of what sex is so they actually know what theyre actually getting into.

Stop coming up with your stupidly contrived, near-impossible hypotheticals.

It doesn't have to be exactly the same. See

If someone had no tv, lived at home, never left the house, and had no contact with anyone, but had sex ed - then no, they could not reasonably consent.

what do you mean by manipulation?

I can see if they lie and say sex is "just hugging shirtless" or sime shit, and thats considered manipulation. but if they both know what is going to happen to them then whats being manipulated.

and if you mean pressure, isnt that basically everyone. and doesnt not allowing teens to practice resisting that pressure just stave off the problem, as it does with everyone regardless of age?

again, thsts more education than experience.

Haha, you okay? This is, like, the angriest I've ever seen anyone on the Internet. Sorry you can't rationally defend the whole "we shouldn't have sex with teenagers" thing. And chill out, it's just a message board.

They've faces SES problems that force them to restrict their own independence. Literally, when I was making fun of NEETs I was making fun of you. I still think NEETs shouldn't date 15 year olds. Here's the thing. Unless you were in a coma for 10 years, you changed as a person many more times than the person younger than you. That person is still finding themselves. Check Erik Erikson's psychosocial stages for how people change as they develop. Study behavioral psychology in general and you'll become even more flat out disgusted by cross-generational relationships. Sex is in the mind too.

Relationships are power struggles and age relationships are hierarchical especially the younger you are. Remember looking up to your older friend? Now imagine that's your lover. That's what I mean by manipulative.

and how do you expect to enforce that? especially if youre saying shit like "even if they want to do it, that doesnt mean they REASONABLY consented". no ones going to actually report that because since they enjoyed it they would see no reason to.

how are you going to go up to someone who wanted to have sex and hdd sex and say "oh well your partner is under arrest because you dont have a tv. and live with your parents and hardly go outside. and I dont care if you took sex ed btw." ???


Sure, if they consented ;) I bet it absolutely tears you up inside that the age of consent in Japan is 13, and 14 in the likes of Germany, Austria, Hungary and Italy.

Dude you wanted examples of what made someone mature and an adult because you claimed they were being too vague. I know the reason you did that was so you could use this idiotic counterpoint over and over again. Let's be honest though. People who are put together don't want to fuck people who live with their parents still. There's a reason for that. It's because they seem like children to them

not trying to be edgy but, I would actually hunt you down and cut your dick off, not even exaggerating. I know your just trying to get a rise out of me and its working, but I would actually maim you and I'm guessing most parents would.

well if im 13 and consent to them being my lover than whats the problem?


again with projecting your tastes onto other people

you sure cut me there

so you guys are actually just contrarian? figures. see ya I got better things to do then read the thoughts of a manchild.

Romeo & Julirt laws tbh

Go away, grannyfucker.

you aren't though, so you can't even demonstrate that.

13 year olds have the cognizance of a drunk when it comes down to what they want. They can't consent and the reason why there are so many statutory rape cases years later isn't because of money, it's because they realized, "Oh wow, this person took advantage of the fact that I was young and easy to manipulate and it fucked me up mentally."

I have regrets from within the last year. It's a part of being alive. The best days of my life are ones with actual tangible regrets. My biggest gripe about my 13th year, however, has to be the amount of caution I took and the kind of fears I had about sex and interaction. I've had some gratuitously horrible times since, but I regret those less than I regret clipping my own wings.

Same as above, basically. I threw up on somebody's couch last year. Such is life.

I've had opinions change all the time. Incidentally, I did actually consider myself a socialist at 13, though. But I wouldn't go so far as to say that, now. Neat genre, though, some very good ideas.

I don't want to fuck a kid, or have any particular burning desire to fuck below the AoC. I've been fucking older pretty consistently with very few exceptions for a long time. Can you say the same of yourself?

i literally just got in here.

What'd i miss, is he dating a kid? is that why he's so defensive?

source: my ass
source: my ass

I've been drunk before and I've been 13 before, so I can only assume you're a 12-year-old teetotaler.

A call back to a previous post of yours
Go wank off to loli and fuck off my dude

If you two Holla Forums shills want sources so bad then fucking read>>1398598 Erik Erikson like I said.

Might as well read the fucking Quran

First off, I'm not from Holla Forums. Second, I didn't ask you for a source. Third, your source doesn't contradict my ethical reason for not having strong opinions about 13-year-olds fucking.

A quick look doesn't reveal anything about 13-year-olds being equivalent to "drunks," and he puts 13-year-olds in the same stage as 19-year-olds and classifies the stages themselves and achievement of identity as relatively fluid. Further than I'd go, frankly! Whoah, Erikson, back up there!

Actually the biggest issue is a child ruining their life by having a baby before they're done with grade school.

Look deeper, my friend at the specific stage. Identity vs. role confusion. Look at the primary issue being concrete decision making and confusion of who they are. Almost like they have decision making on par with someone who is inebriated, unable to truly to decide whether they want something or not.

And yeah 13 and 19 year olds are in the same stage, but I'm not arguing about adolescents having relationships with adolescents. ANd you're not magically one stage from another either. That's what he meant by saying they're fluid. He didn't mean that 15 year olds are somehow at the psychosocial stage of a 40 year old. That doesn't happen. He means a 15 year old may share some identity vs confusion as well as intimacy vs isolation stage tenets.

What I am arguing about it a 25 year old, with a 16 year old. Someone who is in the intimacy vs isolation stage, having a relationship with someone in the identity vs role confusion stage is unhealthy for both individuals. By all means, fuck up yourself and someone else psychologically though

Milo has always been a jester. The fact that antifa got so worked up over him was just fun to watch. Literally no one on the right cares about the niggerdick loving jew.


Nah, the thread turned into a hebephilia debate.

I hope he doesn't kill himself. I know from acquaintances that being gay and an attention whore has a nasty habit of sending a person into a dark pit of despair when people get sick of their bullshit. His 15 minutes of fame are almost over and it's going to be hard for him to reinvent himself.

Did he ever finish that gamergate book?

2/10 troll

That's not the biggest factor in the rationale behind ages of consent, though. Puberty is because puberty is the fundamental factor in the physical capacity to have and understand sex.

In fact, high age of consent doesn't even begin to solve teen pregnancy - early access to sex education does. Teen pregnancy has nothing to do with whether or not they can legally consent to have sex in general, and penalizing teenagers for having sex with people of the same age would be (and is, in the cases where it actually occurs) ridiculous.

In case you're one of those people who wants to swoop in and put words in my mouth (because they are around), though, I've never advocated putting AoC precisely at puberty in this thread, and I prefer to leave a few years between onset and the AoC.

He never actually makes a comparison to inebriation, though, as far as I could tell, and he defines the end of this search for identity as lasting until 25 or 30 for some. Adolescence and pubescence seem like much, much harder science.

Appreciate the blessing, friend. Believe we've hit an impasse (probably hours ago), but I'm glad to at least understand what the fundamental difference in our approach is. Or something. I mean, it was presumably fun or passioned or something, because I participated in it again.

Oh right, because Holla Forums only claims things that give them political points. Once it becomes baggage they claim they never liked it. You guys used to suck his cock when it was edgy to.

Also, it's funny that whenever there's drama like this, Holla Forums is always all over it in record time. Now that it's Milo, it's crickets over there.

Holla Forums is the forum equivalent of the "I was just pretending to be retarded" defence


Go there, observe & come back.

Sex doesn't scare people, and if you're worried about people being taken advantage of and being manipulated, you should teach them how not to be and let them learn those lessons early. But most people don't really care about that; they don't give a shit about manipulative relationships between adults.
So it really just comes down to a self-righteous, patronizing mindset backed up by majority opinion; what wonderful qualities for a leftist to have. They should just be good obedient, rightless "children" who should listen to their betters- I mean elders. It was only a couple years ago when I was a minor, and I think the same then as I do now, especially the part that tells me to tell you to fuck off and mind your own business.

AoC discussion isn't about creepy old men fucking children, as much as you'd like to think it is so you can stay comfortable in your spooks. It's about youth liberation and changing a puritanical, patronizing society.

He must get tons of support on Holla Forums

Maybe most people in this circle don't because everything is fake abuse to them, but most people want to end psychological and physical abuse in relationships. It's more likely to happen in these kinds of pedophile relationships. See any experiment when someone was given more power over someone else or read Foucault's thoughts on power related to knowledge and experience.
Unlike the aut-right, the left's MO isn't to be contrarian to everything that society currently has in effect. There are laws for AoC for a good reason and they're arbitrary when they are between a 16 and 19 year old or a 20 and 17 year old, but otherwise they have their place. Besides, it's like the debates about circumcision. You pieces of shit care so much about fucking teenagers that no matter what sort of evidence I put out that you're harming them, you won't care because that's part of the satisfaction. I could flood this thread with literature and you would either A) ignore me or B) say academia is biased and unfair.
I won't mind my own business because it does hurt other people. I'm not going to be anecdotal about it even though I could be. If you're so worried about me ratting you out here's a hint where not to be when you get older and start dating teenagers. Northeast.
There is nothing liberating about being in a relationship with someone with societal powers over you. You're right it isn't always about creepy old men fucking children. It's about creepy old people with power fantasies exacting it on the vulnerable. Bosses fucking their employees. teachers and their students, priests and altar boys, cops and the people they detained. There is no even ground when you approach someone much younger than you, but you're only 19 or whatever so you haven't experienced what talking to someone who is physically developed, but very immature is like yet

I said manipulative, specifically imbalanced in some way. Not physically or emotionally abusive. Most people do not care or even think about relationships in the first category until it becomes obviously abusive. Yet when it comes to age differences, mostly differences under and over the legal number, everyone suddenly cares and it becomes a big deal. It's obviously less about the power imbalance and more about the aspect of age.
Then why can't civilized, western countries agree on it? What makes the US or UK right about their arbitrary number and Spain or Germany wrong about theirs?
Wonderful. Strawmanning and arguing in bad faith. No one could possibly have problems with AoC laws because of their oppressive and arbitrary nature, it solely has to do with wanting to fuck teenagers, and to specifically abuse them.
Literature concerning abuse. Obviously abuse has negative outcomes on the victim, but the trouble lies in automatically classifying all relationships as abusive.
No, it hurts your patronizing morals. You are refusing agency and choice to individuals simply because they haven't been alive a certain number of years or the other has been alive for too many. If you actually cared about the individuals you'd decide based on a case by case basis, but instead you're rather apply a far-reaching and overgeneralized rule.
More bad faith. No, I'm simply capable of putting myself into the role of your students, since I was one not lot ago, and realizing how unfair and oppressive you are.
So, I'm okay dating teenagers right now since I'm not too old yet, but if I get just a little bit older suddenly it becomes wrong and damaging and I become disturbed for being attracted to an age group that was normal for me to be attracted to a few years ago?
There are no societal powers involved in simply being older. You bring up cases where there is a physical, real power imbalance and a negative result if the lower individual denied their advances. An apt example would involve intelligence, or maturity, or life experience; those differences can create problems for both individuals involved, but it has nothing to do with a power imbalance. People learn how to mature and deal with problems through experiencing them, not by reaching an arbitrary age and then suddenly being given full rights that they never learned how to properly use.

It's not arbitrary, it's because you haven't seen as much. I'm not talking differences of a few years, buddy. I'm talking about big differences in age and experiences. The person who hasn't had as many becomes dependent on the other. This is unhealthy. No matter how sheltered someone that much older is, they'll still have more experience. It comes down to eventual gaslighting and father-knows-best-isms within the relationship. And if you think I magically only feel this way about teenagers under 18, you're wrong. If a friend of mine is dating someone who is 18-20, I still consider that really weird since my friends are 26-28. So yeah, age of consent is arbitrary, but not in the sense that I'm okay with old men with teenagers.

Ok, now, here's my query to you. Rather than constantly defending my own position with how power dynamics in relationships with age gaps exist, let me just ask you one thing. Do heebiejeebies even bother to date people their own age? What is it about kids under 18 that they like specifically that someone their own age doesn't have? How do they meet them?

The same can be said for any relationship between two people of different levels. Most relationships I know of are like that, especially when it comes down to intelligence. It's not perfect or ideal, but I definitely wouldn't say it's abusive. It doesn't need to be permanent either and could be a way to learn important lessons.
Only if the individual is like that to begin with. Normal people don't act like that.
I'm not a heeb, nor are probably most people attracted to teenagers; and there are plenty, the most popular porn searches are evidence of that. Being a teenager is a specific trait that is often attractive; same as having a certain body or ethnicity. Some men might be attracted to teenagers from a purely manipulative standpoint, and that's likely often the ones who are willing to bear the legal and social consequences, but almost all men will find an attractive teenager attractive in a specific way, of course along with the taboo factor.

Purge pedos.

I liked this thread when it was about laughing at Milo


Enjoyable watching the alt-right snowflakes cry about this.
Question is… who the fuck is next?