I love Slavoj but I have to hail our one true leader

I love Slavoj but I have to hail our one true leader.

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wtf I love the Iraq War now


I sincerely wish that hell is real only so god can torture this pseudo-intellectual neocon apologist for all eternity.

The Hitch was marxist his whole life spent much of his youth working for socialist revolutionary activist groups in his youth

arr, the lesser Hitchen.

I should add they both politically shit, but Christopher is a fucking twat.


he look like zizek shaved

Unironically prefer Peter.
His level of pessimism about the world is the only appropriate response to reality.

Christopher was a good boy, he didn't do nothing wrong. If he was still alive, Bernie Sanders would be president.

I genuinely enjoy reading Peter's blog.



Hitchens is brilliant. tbh, Slavoj Zizek kind of strikes me as a charlatan.

I take immense pleasure in knowing Hitchens ruined his reputation for history with his Iraq War and New Atheism cheerleading, but young Hitchens was a great journalist and one of the few decent radical ones of that period.


This is where too much "thinking for yourself" leads, kids!

Hitch is like the one that got away, he let his fear of religious totalitarianism warp his mind till he was defending the same people he spent his whole life railing against.

Atheism is literally the only correct πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€theologicalπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ position. Yes, yes, it's pretty obvious and there's not a lot of depth that conclusion requires (hence engenders,) I know. But you do, actually, unironically have people out there claiming positions counter to it. And advocating for public policy based on religion, attacking secularism, science, and so on. Plus, painfully trivial as it is, the God question is how many people encounter philosophy for the first time. It also has an undeniably immense cultural weight, especially in America, and teaching people to question the unquestioned assumptions they grew up around is always a worthwhile thing.

The only correct position is actually apatheism but you've probably never heard of it

What's wrong with atheism?
I prefer having an atheist expose all the lies and corruption of religion.

Theocrats like you deserve to be tortured by the so called "God" you grovel like a slave towards.
It was refreshing seeing Hitchens humiliate and destroy all of religions sacred cows.
It amuses me seeing fucking morons on Leftypol attacking Hitchens for supporting the Iraq war and being an atheist, yet Hitchens supported the war to remove the dictator Saddam. It makes no fucking sense for radical leftists to defend keeping Saddam in power. Hitchens also write a lovely essay about Karl Marx and also provided good criticisms of capitalism.

The Balkan wars is when he turned full imperialist pig. That war was proof that left liberals like Hitchens, Chris Hedges, Ken Livingstone, Bernie Sanders, and many socdem and green parties were right wing reactionary pieces of shit.

Cheering on the arch reactionary NATO's imperialist butchering of a weak oppressed nation makes you an outright enemy of the communist movement, not a potential convert/ally.

You fucking delusional tankies are hilarious.
Hitchens was correct in condemning Milosevic and it's strange why you think it's "reactionary".
Oh, that's right, tankies will always back dictators.

Milosevic did nothing wrong. fuck off crypto liberal

Left-liberal pseuds never disappoint their plugged right into that CIA-mind control and no one can tell them otherwise. Milosevic being bad is no reason to support an imperialist intervention, when you allow your politics to be determined by moralist judgements you might as well go some live-aid concert, cry and chant save the children.

While the Serbian side did commit crimes and how deep Milosevic was involved in that is still the subject of honest debate and inquiry they were not the only side that did so. Croatia's neo-Nazi inspired president probably led the biggest ethnic cleansing effort pushing hundreds of thousands of serbs out of the country. The attempt at building an Islamic state in Bosnia-Herzegovina also involved some nasty war-crimes and ethnic cleansing, which is still going on btw even if its more discriminatory and less outright murderous.
The Western propaganda is really good though paint anyone who opposes you as a "dictator" then you have carte blanche to do what you want.

Sad that people fall for that. The breakup of Yugoslavia was engineered by the US and Germany in the first place anyway and from what I can tell there were no "good sides" but the Serbs were singled out because they wanted to maintain Yugoslavia as a nation-state and they were white christians. It made it easy to paint them as Nazis, while real Nazis in Croatia went rampant and still do.

Is it really a surprise that one brother died from cancer and the other is still alive?

Zizek is right. If you want a criticism of the liberal order you don't read Owen Jones you read Peter Hitchens

The crimes of the West do not justify ISIS, North Korea, Milosevic, the Saudi Royal Family, Putin, etc.

I have no illusions about western governments, however tankies are religious morons that prefer to support dictators simply because they oppose the west.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with atheism only Hitchens' brand of acting like you're the first person to think about it

He was also already an atheist in these videos I posted, he just hadn't realised it's the best way to make money yet



Yes it does. "Your leader isn't very nice" is a shit justification for a war, and an even less appropriate justification to hand a tract of lad to the Islamic State. (Who I gather, not being Saddam, must be right-on blokes.)
And if we're going to pretend it's a legitimate one, we better fucking Romanov the Sauds to avoid being hypocrites.

Attempted genocide of Kurdish people is a slightly better reason than "leader isn't nice", but then I doubt the gassing of kurds had any actual impact on why Saddam was a target of the US.

Weird, those initials don't spell out DAESH in any language

It's up to the people of those countries to remove the dictators. Not USA.
This is why is will always be against their wars. Because USA doesn't have the right to mess with the affairs of other countries. In fact this policies of the last 50 years is what culminated in the 9/11, is what culminated in Al-Qaed and ISIS and will continue to spawn more terrorists until USA learns not to mess with the affairs of other countries.

New atheism got me into philosophy wheb I otherwise wouldn't have witch lead me to political philosophy and theory which introduced me leftism.

The USA has been incredibly good at putting aiding horrible dictators in taking control of countries across the world then either going to war against those dictators they helped set up in the first place or just let things run their course for a couple of decades like Chile.
So yeah, pretty much what you said, that the USA should not be messing with other countries like they do because it only makes things much much worse for everyone except a few porkies and warmongers.