Why is BLM considered idpol when it's not really about black identity, but about fighting against police brutality...

Why is BLM considered idpol when it's not really about black identity, but about fighting against police brutality, which is a core leftist cause.

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Because /leftypol is white.

That is entirely dependent upon the chapter

I live in Toronto - our BLM is just a bunch of whiny black nazi attention whores from rich immigrant parents

was just gonna say this, some BLM groups seem to have class conscious and do valuable community work and some just seem like kill whitey shit.

This, basically.

And yeah, Toronto is a prime example of that stuff that comes to mind. The pride parade thing was really top-tier oppression olympics.

Remove opportunists such as Deray and Shaun King and BLM is pretty great.

Because they are idiots see

BLM's central premise that cops are specifically targeting blacks for death is simply not true.

No racial bias in police shootings, study by Harvard professor shows

‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ was built on a lie

“Adjusted for the homicide rate, whites are 1.7 times more likely than blacks die at the hands of police … Adjusted for the racial disparity at which police are feloniously killed, whites are 1.3 times more likely than blacks to die at the hands of police.”

The real racial bias: Cops more willing to shoot whites than blacks, research finds

If there was no police brutality then people would be more aligned to vote for neoliberals.

What happened?

Because it that were true, it would be called "All Lives Matter". Simply put, it is idpol. There is no way around this especially the lunatics who are the head and vice head of BLM respectively believing in loony shit like Yakub.

this too, pigs need to die though

They interrupted Toronto's pride parade to draw attention to themselves and made a bunch of demands to pride

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Because it paints police brutality as a black issue when it definitely isn't.

>as an exclusively black issue



Which BLM chapters are /our guys/?

Yes, but that doesn't make the police brutality issue exclusively black. Nobody is denying that racism exists, however, blacks are still less likely to be shot than white perps when accounting for population disparity. That doesn't seem like the system is just out to get black people.

None. BLM is idpol bullshit.

The ones that actually arm their members while not kidnapping starngers for their skincolour.



Did that kidnapping actually have anything to do with BLM?
I though that was just reactionary slander.

The claim that unarmed or innocent black people are disproportionately likely to be shot isn't one I've seen debunked, though. Not that that doesn't happen to white and non-white/non-black people, too - but if you cut out violent crime, black people probably do get shot and beaten and arrested disproportionately.


For all that I hate grovelling, drawing emphasis to race really wasn't a good political move.

The peaceful element of the protest or objection on the whole comes across as pushy or uppity. You don't demand porky treat you right, you force him to treat you right. Demanding just makes you uppity and annoying.

It's more about race than police brutality in general. Police brutality affects all colors, mainly in poor neighborhoods. It should be fought on a united front.

Considering BLM is not a coherent political orginisation, and considering all actions are a result of the idpol racewar-encouraging rethoric on both sides, I would say yes, just like how that autist who shot up the church has a connection to 4chan and white nationalists.

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fuck BLM
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Not really I'm just free from ideology

Nobody is free from ideology.

I think you're having trouble distinguishing shitposting to trigger Holla Forums & actually serious posts.

You can just call them liberal, that will suffice.

blew my mind and so on

It's not? The group that has its ideological roots taken from the black panthers isn't about black identity? All the black racists who hold leadership positions would happily and publicly disagree with you. Black lives matter is very openly a racist organization.



It's basically like with IS at this point. People just pin it on them for political gain, and it might even be true because people proclaim themselves part of a movement super easy nowadays.

That's exactly what it is.
And yet how much have they done for the whites and unarmed whites that have been killed by police like Joshua Grubb, Deven Guilford, Dylan Noble, Gilbert Collar, Dillon Taylor, Daniel Harris or Native Americans who get killed the most and they're basically an endangered species.

All of this.

But also this.

Discarding the race angle for a moment, at the most base level, cops are corrupt enforcers of unconstitutional laws and have no legal requirement to actually protect you (warren vs d.o.c). It disgusts me to see the right lionizing these scumfucks seemingly as a reaction to the left (or "left") now hating cops. I get lionizing the military (I disagree, but I "get" it), but LEOs are genuinely shitty people that stomp all over our rights every single day.

No you gigantic faggot

They absolutely were.

And don't forget Malcolm X wasn't killed by a white man.



Maybe this one will be easier for you to process since your brain can't handle a whole video

They were pro-black & anti-capitalism/imperialism. To say they were only idpol is revisionist.

they basically hate white people and want them to die

…proving it's not about identity? I don't get your point

That's good, since that user didn't actually say the BPP was "only" idol


The point is they're not "only idpol", which user should've clarified after made their post.
This post didn't say that, so I left it alone.

Except the stance in that clip is explicitly anti-idpol, so being pedantic over the word "only" proves nothing. He even says "there are only two classes" and says everything else is a distraction by the capitalist class

>implying you aren't all me :^)

A single clip does not an entire movement make.

My bad, I hadn't seen the clip yet. I'm not the person who you were responding to with it. I'm pretty sure i have that webm too, if it's the communist auto worker explaining it. I don't think the Black Panthers would qualify as idpol, especially not in those days. It was a necessary movement.


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I'm going to take my sage off to save some confusion.

Black Lives Matter is one of the only organizations consistently organizing against police brutality. However it is severely infiltrated by the Democratic party and Soros-tier non-profits, which marginalizes proletarian and socialist viewpoints for liberal identity politics.

If you talk to working class and black people from the hood, they usually don't have any issue with white people. They say Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter, because they don't see any contradiction between the slogans.

Leftists should be organizing independent police brutality organizations, and exerting our own influence over black lives matter when possible.

I'm not opposed to black organizations, and I don't think it's identity politics. The demand for black power can be revolutionary, and is a response to the material phenomena of national oppression and white chauvinism.


Calling out the deputy chairman of the national BPP for being not representative of the black panthers is like saying Stein isn't representative of the current Green Party.

That's funny you say that because I live near the hood and black people here do have a problem with white people, especially ones who wear MAGA hats.

The panthers were a pretty diverse organization ideologically, mostly because of their growth which was too fast for new members to be politically educated before they joined.

I think it's clear that the Chicago branch was one of the best in the country, and their work with the Young Patriots really shows it. Other chapters were heavily infiltrated by the FBI which pushed sectarian politics to try and divide the movement.

Overall, good post.
Except this part. black power can be revolutionary in the sense it means they're open & seeing the oppression of classes. We need to be brought together. "white chauvinism" is most likely misinterpreted; they're seeing capitalist/police state oppression as white, which is not the case.

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Absolutely true, which is why it's so important to me to demonstrate clearly and consistently what the real radical movements of the past were about. Otherwise it just adds fuel to the "all leftist/socialist movements were just idpol" story that the right always runs with

Why aren't people even a bit concerned with the fact that the co-founder of BLM calls white people subhumans, says blacks can wipe us out and calls blacks superhumans?

It is the same woman that asked Allah to give her the strength not to kill the white people.


If the working class knew this and we allied with them, the majority of them would drop us in a heartbeat and we'd end up nowhere once again.

Then we can thank the cofounder of BLM defining what they really are making this topic invalid and finally shut this retarded redditier thread down.

Because BLM IS idpol that only give a shit when it's any form of police brutality or action against black folk.

I'm a white guy and work with pretty much all black people, and I live in town that's like 30% black people in the South. They mostly hate Trump and shit like that, but they are willing to talk with Trump supporters and I've never faced deeply triggering and problematic prejudice.

Correct. As a whole they're very good people.
This is where you're wrong. Also petite-bourgious college educated blacks are deeply triggering and problematic as a whole as well.

What matters is what's in the hearts and minds of those that actually make up said movement, and it was decidedly pro-black and violently deeply triggering and problematic.

Fine with me, just don't drag down the panthers with them and give in to retarded liberal revisionism.

I forgot what word this wordfilter was even for, lmao


I'm not who you were replying to, but how about you be serious & stop trolling?

Yeah, I wasn't completely clear in that post. National oppression is material, and it's the economic root of racism. It's the reason why places where black people live are so underdeveloped, and it drives down the wages black workers can get. Even the black petty bourgeois faces discrimination, and sometimes this makes them struggle against the ruling class, we shouldn't ignore this.

White chauvinism is a problem in the leftist movement. A lot of Black people are not going to support socialists if they don't think they care about fighting racism.

the core beliefs are good but those involved are, more often than not, retarded, and make it about idpol

Yeah pretty much.
>implying I'm going to remember all of the autistic filters the hotpockets added to trigger Holla Forumsyps

race war

I guess that one's not in place atm, I never see that term used here, so that's probably why & that's a great thing.

Because its blacks chimping out acting like the police are starwars storm troopers.

The filter is actually fucked up. Add a space before it, like you were using it in a sentence.

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the police are acting like starwars stormtroopers though


It's on the party making the claim to prove it, not vice-versa.

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>cop only gets 4 years in jail

Blue lives matter, IMHO TBH.

All you gotta say is "yes sir" and "no sir" let them poke around your car for a bit and let them check you for warrents and youre good to go. Aint that hard.


All deserve death

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The most hilarious part was a list of demands. Like a series of bull shit jobs ie. Pride Parade sign language interpreter, but the interpreter has to be black.

Most of them are fucking psychopaths. Especially in the US.

Obviously this post is shit bait. Spurdo flag deserves better TBH.


None of this would have happened if they only had co-operated. What type of scum knowingly defies the authorities?


weak bait, maybe try a different flag next time

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Omg you guys are so right. Letting a civil servent check my center console for weed is a grevous infringement on my personal freedoms.

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Because they use an inherently divisive, racially-charged slogan as their group name. And then you get faggots trying to push for "Black Capitalism" within it.


Honestly though I dont totally hate BLM for just that reason, even if

is so, though.
I just find them annoying. The aimless idpol and "black capialism" shits will almost certainly win out over any class conciousness, porky will make sure of it.
have this again


Pre-emptive framing.
Holla Forumsintelpro have framed it as idpol when it's actually about nazi cops doing nazi cop shit aka militarization of police.

You'd make a better tankie tbh

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Fun fact, she's mexican, not asian. Took me by suprise.

Doesn't surprise me, that body is too perfect.

Pro-porky quasi-nationalist movement who hijacked anger at police killings into racial politics and the Hillary Clinton campaign - and in doing so destroyed the chance of any effective movement against police murders.

Most anti-racist "whites" are masquerading members of a certain tribe.

thos heckin' irish men are always up to no good

Police maintain order. Look at how quickly things went to shit in Brazil - ultimately they are needed.

Didn't BLM have a semi-public dispute with HRC too though?

you know precisely who I mean. it's unbearable and I see it all the fucking time

yeah, 🍀🍀🍀globalists🍀🍀🍀

They tried to disrupt her rally, but she just joined in with it. I would find the video, but I'm too lazy. I'm sure it's on youtube.

I haven't ever gotten a date and you go posting this shit in a political thread.

it's not really a conspiracy

i don't believe in "globalism" or other conspiracies, but one quick observation of their behaviour is very telling

Police are primarily porky's enforcers. They mainly protect the affluent & shit on the middle/lower class.
And that's clearly untrue that they "maintain order" especially in the US, in poor neighborhoods. The DEA, for instance, creates chaos & disrupts communities. For-profit prisons create incentive for the failed drug war to continue.

In poor neighborhoods, the reality is we police ourselves. Anytime I called the cops, they ended up making things worse or just insulted us & refused to do their job.

Law enforcement need to be from the neighborhood they work. Otherwise they're more easily corruptible.

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Holla Forums or /reddit/?

Actually only Holla Forums. It's not transgressive though, this is just a sfw board & getting nice spoiler surprises is just enjoyable.

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go look up the twitter left any time

it's actually quite startling

Because autists only focus on the name. Same happens with first-wave feminism.

I hate Twitter, so much, tbh. The problem with only being focused on one race, besides racism, is that you miss those in power who aren't Jewish. Capitalism/imperialism is much more corrupting & far reaching than some people in a certain race.

There's historical precedent for this, and we know it continues to happen and have evidence that police departments frequently have racist elements.

I like BLM. People only hate on it because they live their lives on the internet.

IRL I've been to stuff and Black comrades have the best Praxis.

They usually associate themselves with "The Movement for Black Lives" when they're god-tier rather than shit-tier, to be fair though.


i'm not even on about those in power

even those jewish people on the left. they still have the same traits that irk me.

I'd say it's more limousine liberals, then, who happen to be Jewish. Those pretentious, upper class liberals are the worst & they come in all races, etc.

It's legitimate to view a movement that gets written as a hashtag half the time based on its web presence. Good to hear the IRL stuff isn't as bad though.