A Leftcom's Day Out


Fully Automated Armchair Left-Communism when?

10/10 I cried. Best story

Pretty good.

Soon, comrade.

10/10 had a good laugh there

t. original resident ultra/leftypol/ack



stop these shit memes

Left communists are the heroes we need, but not the ones we deserve.

laughed from my chair user

join the LeftšŸ…±om Gang

Bordiga is anything, but for participatory politics.

This sounds p good to me.

Armchair Cat when?

This is the funniest post i've read in a long time you crazy bastard

it's pretty good tbh, I laughed
didn't expect this well from a greentext about leftcoms


An infinite amount of leftists means that we'll never run out of leftists anyways, no point in getting up. Let the conditions precipitate until they do it themselves.

Also this sounds like activism, fuck that. Establish a workers' council in the field of trolley problems.

Delete this.

Perfect Response






everyone in here reposting /r/ultraleft memes and even comics, pathetic.

Just like leftcoms.

The OP got posted on plebbit, maybe that's where they come from.