Anti Milo memes thread?

Let's help ruin this professional shitposter's career once and for all

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considering the amount of people still defending him now it doesn't matter what he does, nothing is going to "ruin" his "career"

He'll do it on his own, we don't care.

I remember when Holla Forums was about telling people to read a fucking book instead of jumping on the education by social media meme train.

Milo himself is the only ant-Milo meme we need


Nigga will merk himself. Sit back and sip some kool aid or have relations with yo 18+ woman or man.

here are the templates
OC incoming

It'll be much more effective to use Milo to de-legitimize Breitbart, major publishers, the notion of meaningful democracy under capitalism, etc.

What's the gain in jumping on the anti-Milo bandwagon? How would it lead to revolution?


My question exactly.

Stop making these threads

Just good clean fun at the expense of alt-right weirdo.

that sucks, there's no joke only a completely logical progression

they have also been calling him a jew for years now

let's get this trending

it's the sad reality tho

How would this meme look like? Give me something to work with.

Holy shit.

What has Milo specifically done? I know he says some shit, and that he's a pretty sleazy asshole, but I'm honestly out of the loop on what he's been doing for the past year-and-a-half so could someone please tell me what's his damage?

He had this "let's help white kids get into university FUND" crowdsourced then proceeded to embezzle the money. Replying to his critics he said that he spends the fund money to propagate the idea…

I remember that, and that's exactly what I mean by "sleazy asshole" so I suppose any kind of anti-Milo memes we make should expose bullshit like that, but at the moment I personally feel like we'd be better off investing time and energy in fucking with Sargon for the whole situation with attacking BadMouse and not debating him, even though both he and Xexizy asked to debate

milo's reach goes farther tho

How so?

Milo solely triggers liberals, SJWs, and pseudo-leftists, so caring about him makes you one of the three; i.e. go back to reddit.

You didn't see his "it's ok for priests 13 year old kids because my priest did that to me and I enjoyed that" comment did you?

Way to go, not giving him the power, OP

you guys really have a major hard on for this guy dont you?

Hey there pol


wow that's really original lol


I wonder if Dril will ever unmask himself

ok dude

Why do you deny it pol

i want 2 get off dril's wild ride

yes pol infiltrators are watching your every move just waiting for a chance to call you names for obsesing over twitter drama and thereby subvert the whole board

The weirdest part is the whole pedo thing was about him talking about his experiences getting fucked by older guys as a kid and how he refuses to be a victim or some shit. Normally libs would then identify such a person as a "victim" then go out of their way to defend them no matter what kind of wacky shit they say. Obviously since Milo is on the other side they won't but I wonder if they recognize the cogitative dissonance of their actions

I knew it!

Dude you know they dont. All they care about is silencing a dude they dont like. You know the old trope. "Liberals are so open minded untill you disagree with them."

I've already seen lots of people say 'hey this is kinda fucked up cause he was clearly abused himself', but I refuse to feel bad for someone who makes a career off what he does and pushes the idea that survivors of CSA were just being 'mentored'. fuck Milo, hang the cunt for all I care.

yeah I guess. It's just so jarring when you have people like Lena Dunham writing books about how she used to fingerfuck her little sister while growing up and it gets no press at all and then sites like Salon are publishing pro pedophilia articles then you have an event like this where the entire press moves to attack one jew faggot who likes to do edgy campus tours.

And all of this in a society where the sexualization of children is the norm and all forms of entertainment is full of it. I have no idea why the media waited till now to drop the pedo bomb. They've been sitting on the content for aq quite a while. Seems like it would have made more sense to have done so during the election.

I forgot about that, but considering who he is and how he explains that his statements and actions have a deeper meaning (i.e. "Just b ok with yurself :)) or simply pulling the "irony card" to absolve him of accountability, that comment is unfortunately not the best thing to use against him.

If you're going make anti-Milo memes, it would have to be stuff that exposes any crooked shit he's done (like the money embezzlement) because making memes about him being some kind of gay Neo-Nazi would not help us in the long term tbh

Problem is that I don't think there's much to work with when we have to work within those conditions, which is why I asked what's his damage, as well as who he associates with

but yeah. I guess now theyre employing the everything-but-the-kitchen sink stratagum because of the election. It really shook them. Take a look back at the election Night coverage. Hillarys stage and location. Looked more like a roman emperors corination party than anything else.

since when did the shit about Lena Dunham get no press? if anything, Milo's comments on Joe Rogan were worse than this latest so-called scandal (as he says about the same things about being molested himself, plus heavily implies that he's protecting Hollywood paedophiles) and they've been around for significantly longer.

>>if you're sick of Milo's autistic screeching you're a triggered SJW from Reddit liberal
haha that one's even better lol

No dubs, no love

People like you were the inspiration for hell.

It was never enough to matter. She remains a valuable asset to HBO. I think it bears emphasizing that she admitted to actually molesting a child, while Milo (AFAIK) is just saying that child molestation is OK based on the "it happened to me and I turned out fine" logic.

who the fuck cares about some random nazi?
the mainstream is already taking care of milo, concentrate on the other nazis in your social environment.


Also "consensual sex with underageds is inherently abuse" is by far the dumbest meme to ever find its way onto Holla Forums. People are just scraping the barrel for ammunition, I'm sure a good portion of them are Holla Forumsintelpro pissed yet again at le gay j00 xD

13 is pushing it tbh fam

This, obviously. Though it's not like anything needs to be done at this point, the double standard among rightists has already been exposed.

All we still need is for the reddit "left" to shut up and stop exposing their authoritarian puritan tendencies. You guys are the reason we got Milo in the first place, you're also the reason we'll keep getting more Milos, of which at least some won't have crippling flaws like the current one.

Yes yes Lena Dunham did admit to incest with her elementary school aged sister, Milo pontificated on the age of consent, woody Allen raped a kid and groomed his step-daughter wife from childhood. The list goes on

No, I agree It's pretty muddy. Which is exactly why categorical thinking doesn't yield a good analysis of the issue


Friendly reminder it's perfectly OK to be a paedophile if you go along with the entrenched libcuck Hollywood order, look at Polanski or Lena Dunham.

That being said Milo's recent fiasco confirms all fags are basically pedophiles who lust after children. This was common knowledge prior to the mass normalization of faggoty drive that began in the early 90s.

Hitler himself was homosexual.

Like pottery

Can you blame him though? German guys are almost universally qt

There's a lot of hypocrisy, and it's an absolutely huge non-issue. I just wanna talk about something other than Milo's sexual preferences, they have no real bearing on anything.
Is this like the "prove me wrong" meme, where people started using it ironically, but then people who didn't realize it was a joke took it over and made it the new meta in rhetoric?

German traps are god tier

Ahahahaha Stefan going after Milo

the rift is happening


why are saxons so ugly?

The Dresden bombing damaged their genes



Hitler may have been a pedo. He raped his niece.

i say we should leave him alone, his "friends" have abandoned him for those with more money and power. he was thrown away, and now he will most likely find himself a nice little echo chamber to spend the rest of days in. just don't give this faggot attention it's how he thrives.

Homosexuals confirmed for sick child molesters.



You can't attack him from the left or a liberal position. It only makes him stronger. Ignore him and the aut-righties he pissed off will tear him apart in his weakness.

I don't like Milo or aut-rightists but….

with time they reveal their true colours.
I don't even feel bad for that disgusting faggot.

enjoying sucking off a priest at 13 isn't pedophilia. Being okay with teens having consensual sex isn't pedophilia. I'm glad something brought him down a notch but not this because it's too overblown so it wont do anything to stop his followers or any right winger who isn't homophobic and pedo paranoid that actually looks into it. I've already seen many still defend him because there is so little behind this. It took away some of his platform but he will come back from it unfortunately.

Milo is the Perez Hilton of politics.


>Hmm, why do news orgs give 5+ minutes of "commentary" and not show the actual 30 sec footage, I wonder?

They're really reaching. I mean, there's bound to be some "so much for the tolerant right" jokes in here, somewhere, but to anyone who knows the background to this, it's just more of the media doing what it literally always does. Arguably worse are the people posting here who succumb to wishful thinking and decide that because the narrative says Milo's a sinner, and they don't like him, they can enthusiastically and credulously believe the demonstrable nonsense these gatekeepers put out.