Bookchin alive in Rojava

Bookchin alive in Rojava


After a 90 year nap, he will return to set things right.

lol sauce?



IIRC it has to do with changes in coffins atmospheric pressure and the chemical embalming of Lenin creating twitch

I must find information on it

Science is cool

The legend will never die

Anyone have the Stalin alive in rojava?

Here you go


Well, I was just reading some Bookchin to answer someone's questions of my opinion. How quaint for y'all.

Pdf is it, my comments start on pg. 9

Phil Greaves was right once again


He attained an ecology of equilibrium within himself, to keep living and dispensing theory.

is rojava just the land of leftists we thought were dead? I'm waiting for the karl marx fucking about in the desert thread

This is clearly northern Iraq btw

He's getting stronger


Marx is obviously dead and there's no way I could even live that long.

has he ever been wrong?