Why aren't you involved with your local antifa organization, user?

Why aren't you involved with your local antifa organization, user?

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well, i wouldn't if i even had one. but i don't

because antifa is cringe tier


Mostly because I'm not a liberal stooge

So you're just gonna sit back and let fascism win?

If the alternative is fighting for neoliberal capitalists, yeah, neither one of those is significantly worse than the other.

It's because of the horrible rasterization of the circle around your logo. Why is it a gif?

(I'm upset only because I want to steal it but that circle… oh man.)

(Also I've gone to local protests with a street medic who knows what the fuck he's doing with black-bloc. I am inexperienced but eager.)

I guess thats why we spare corporations like Starbucks from facing activism . .oh wait.

No one wants to be a Terrorist, and OP is a fag, news at 11!

Take a guess.

Now go read a book

They're not doing anything effective. In fact, they're undermining their own cause. Breaking a Starbucks window isn't going to do anything to take down capitalism, it's just going to make people think you're crazy, and give your cause a worse name.


Do you even know what the fuck antifa is in most of the cases? Or do you just think that anarkiddies, black block and antifa is one and the same?

Already am.

Fascism wins by you destabilizing the system for them to swoop in as protectors against the violent leftist hordes.


I was on the fence about antifa, but they seem to have really rattled Holla Forums's cage, that alone makes me like them.

im shy

i remember when leftypol was good

Do even know what this means? I'd love to see try to define it. (Hint: it has nothing to do with political correctness.)

No Holla Forums was always like that. They once wanted to sabotage Holla Forums's fed protest. A daft idea in any way, but they always lay their principles aside when they can "bash the fash", also known as people from the same website they use and are almost completely similar to them.

We don't have one.

Hi Holla Forums

Keep saying that Holla Forums it surely will have no effect on the newfags and you'll be justified completely in your victim complex.

this tbh.

This is what will happen. Stick to tricking impressionable and rebellious college students, that's what you're best at.

You are a visionary and a genius. Nobody has made this prediction before. Your insights are valued.

I'm not from Holla Forums my brah

oh shit you're right they are the same


I know antifa has a long history going back to at least the CNT-FAI, but these days the black bloc is undoubtedly its most visible public face whether you like it or not. The current black blocers are actually ideologically coherent in the tradition of anticapitalist, antifascist anarchist terrorists too, it's just that they're embarrassingly stupid in their methods.

Im busy involved with my local NazBol party

I don't like most left wingers


are you Russian?

Believe me, there are very few things I want in life other than joining a leftist organization that can make a difference. Unfortunately it seems that the only group in the whole fucking world that qualifies is YPG, and I don't have what it takes for them.


know that feel comrade

i don't want a revolution until the left changes

Literally everyone except the shooter says that guy is a long time street medic who had actively been breaking up fights throughout the night, whereas the shooter had been trying to start shit the whole fucking night. Pretty clearly a blatant lie.

We can't afford such utopian ideology.

Stopped reading right there kek

/r9k/, listen, I'm rude to you because you're obsessed with sex, worship pussy, and devalue yourself for not getting it. You deserve to be shit on if you actually buy into that culture of fapping with your tears as lube.

I am involved in my local antifa

I don't like getting out of this chair.

take that flag off you nigger

Antifa is actual cringe, I love watching them get their heads kicked in by righties.

Too much association with progressives and SJWs.

I'm generally with the nationalists in the anti-Antifa, PEGIDA etc.., I just really enjoy beating anarchists and sjws

But I'm not involved in any form of pseudo-activity, user.

I also recognize that any event in which an angry xenophobe with a buzzcut is being pummeled in the street (among other things like trash cans being pummeled as well as keffiyeh being worn and used tampons being hurled at onlookers), it is in fact not a fascist being pummeled in either case because LARPers are not fascists and I know that fascism is not an active political movement in which reactionary workers can be builders, but that fascism is instead an organic composition of the bourgeois state adopting the interests of immanent capital in a historical attempt to consolidate power with failing revolutionary struggles: libcom.org/library/fascism-anti-fascism-gilles-dauve-jean-barrot.

The attitude you are victims at all is what I'm telling you to drop.

Antifa is run by the people they claim to be against. NEXT!

Would require me to get up from my arm chair.

to be fair to robots, its probably much harder for someone who feels like they're shit and could never have sex is they tried to drop the obsession with worth being getting your dick wet, than someone who either has had sex, feels like they probably could, or actively rejected it for other reasons.

So? They're only victims of themselves and they expect the world to apologize for it.

I hope you fucking die to be honest

Get over the pussy, get over it.

Young men are made to feel like their worth is dependent upon sex, most memes about "pathetic worthless loser" depict someone who seems somehow like them, they get called such by other people. Plenty of people would internalize those ideas and find them harder to disavow under those circumstances.

I'm not exactly vilifying them. Just saying they deserve to be shit on. I'm everything they think they are and I got over it, because none of it matters in the least.

Because in my city they are rich kids with trust funds LARPing as radicals, and at least one of them is a snitch. They don't want to stop fascism, they want selfies in black-bloc chic for their facebook and instagrams to be Cool Kids on the internet, they don't give a fuck about taking effective action to stop the hard right.

Not all antifa everywhere is this shit though, in much of Europe they're hardcore af, but at least in the English speaking first world they tend to be… a little limp at best.

I dont care about any of it either, I can at least fucking understand how people are socialized to care and can't all be expected to realize it doesnt matter, though. You sound like me when I was a teenage who hated most other teenagers.
I guess anarchists really are immature kids.

Because I am right wing

I don't see why this particular group of spooked idiots gets a free pass while all the other people whining about non-problems don't get a free pass.
The day I take your virginity seriously as a problem in the world is the day I take stare rape seriously as a problem in the world.

This has nothing to do with niggers, leave the spooks out of this.

I am not saying you have to think robots not getting laid is a grave injustice any more than the hideous fat sjw not getting laid is, as one protest on a bus, 'reverse rape'
Im saying you have to have some fucking sympathy for the human beings who believe those things because of their circumstances, experiences, and their fucking poor state of mental health.
And not say fucking disgusting shit like 'they deserve to be shit on' because they spout stupidity.
The very same thing applies to tranny SJWs on tumblr.
You teenage edgelord, you.

I'm going to stand my ground on both groups deserving to be pooped on.

I'm pretty sure the insurance pays for the windows, famrade.

bashing the trash and breaking shop windows does nothing to actually meaningfully threaten capitalism or the state
nor does it actually work as recruitment in any effective way. just makes people think they're violent assholes.
So, what does it do?
Well, it makes the smashies feel real good, I hear.
honestly either real actual terrorists or do nothing armchair socialists would be better than the political equivilant of football violence.

Neoliberalism IS the feel good ideology, after all. That's why the show up with "A good fascist is a dead fascist" signs, instead of an AR-15. Good thing too, since the West has no genuine fascists, except Golden Dawn. The closest thing are Islamists, which are explicitly anti-western. And a lot of east asian countries are some flavour of crypto-fascism.

hey, leave keffiyehs out of this

Think again

I think it's a good concept, but most of the time they're too unorganized or are liberal LARPers.

If governments declare antifa as terrorists they will be wiped out easily.

In america this is also a particular problem because even though we can own guns, most of them are either urbanites who never thought of picking up a gun or are liberal LARPers so nothing's stopping some edgy right wing fuckhead from shooting one like they did in Seattle or wherever when an antifa got shot.

Why do you call other people liberal LARPers if you're one yourself

I consider antifa important because the violent protests they perform can be considered a precursor to revolution.

Because I'm a communist who wants a revolution and not a liberal who wants to restore a more tolerant bourgeois parliamentary democracy.

Why does Holla Forums always get this wrong?

Neoliberalism = deregulated world trade.

It has nothing to do with North American liberalism. (PC police, SJWs, ect..)

I'm not claiming I'm anything, I'm just saying that antifa could easily get crushed by a police force actively trying to stop them tbh.


Luckily video evidence said otherwise and he was cleared.

You can be antifa without joining there shitty group

Because Antifa are assholes that misplace their aggression and keep shutting down Shows because they think every black metal band is white power or some dumb shit
Fuck em, make a new organization that isnt an easily manipulated unwitting pawn of the government like Antifa

its embarassing to watch but im pretty sure its just conflating the two not-leftist 'left' groups.

Their tactics are for idiots and have opposite effect.

Because it's unironically a organisation that was made from identity politics by cappies

Would organizing an Egoist group work? Would I have to be the only Egoist and my property be spooked or do I just make a bunch of Egoist and let them run wild?

it doesnt exist, also i'm a shy neet

Yes, as long as what the other desires do not directly affect fellow egoists, its all good

Guess I'm making one then. Thanks, Property.

If they keep being stupid the least they could do is try to make everyone think they are right wingers trying to false flag leftists.

The main thing is organize with your community in order to have a community and not an atomized, fear controlled police-state population. Call your friends instead of 911 when you have a problem.

That's the big thing that goes over peoples heads when there's lefty 'violence'. It's violence against property. ATM's dont have nerve endings or emotions. The police force & state power are there to protect property only. Property Only. They're hounds of the ruling class, and make being poor a crime.

This is historically illiterate, it has its roots in Italian anarchist and communist movements which fought with the fascists after the split between fascists/nat synds and leftists in the Italian labor movement.

I can agree with this though

Because they're reactionary pragmatists who offer a glorified pseudo-lefty daycare to keep you out of the fight

Because I'd rather build socialist views in my community instead of attack people.

Pretty much the entire economy where I live is built on the US military industrial complex. We have major military installations along with manufacturing for the military. Everything else is built up around that. The whole area is reactionary as fuck.

Antifa (who I wouldn't join for this reason) are massive pussies who wouldn't even think of being active here because the general population would come to blows with them fucking immediately. Threatening US imperialism is threatening these people's way of life, and they would respond accordingly.

meant for not


I was thinking the same thing

Condemning an organization like Antifascist Action because the people in it are idiots is limd blaming s hammer because the person used it to saw wood.

The misuse of a tool does not make the tool useless. The problem here is that people have forgotten what Antifa is for, they are misusing a tool.

literaly no fascists where i live
well, except some skinny neets that are on Holla Forums all day.

They're a small group of liberal feminist "SJW"-type people that don't really think much. I feel like if I spoke against them I'd be "kicked out".

Because I don't trust them in their methods on dismantling the capitalist babylon shitstem man.

Completely agree, with media fuckery I think this is the most predictable outcome from antifa increasing

Pretty much by starting a resistance in american politics, you also fuel what your fighting. (BLM is good example with Blue Lives Matter)

You're right, I will join the antifa to smash down political dissenters so fascism will not win.

There isn't one

u keep repostan' that pic
feels goode, mane

Our local one is quite good actually. Wouldn't join the group specifically but if they did another march like the last ones I'd probably go.

A couple years ago they stopped a neo-nazi march which I feel like is actually doing something. If they went out for like anti-trump or some shit I wouldn't bother though.

Nazis corned into a lost luggage shop in my town

win? The fascist party had 0,8% of the votes in the last general election at my country.
Here you're nothing but ants that will easily be squashed one of this days.

You been reading apo?

I know that feel bro.

After about 14 years of a center-"left" government – the only vaguely leftist government we ever had barring an ephemerous 3-year one that ended in a coup – the local porkies had enough. The center-"left" was stealing shitloads of cash without inviting the old elites, so they staged a palace coup, smearing them every fucking day in the media thanks to this big corruption investigation, and mysteriously stopping after the president was impeached and the elections were over and the center-"left" was utterly crushed. Needless to say, said investigation also caught a million people from the old elites and coup backers, but the media doesn't like talking about that much for some reason.

So now the country is firmly back in the hands of the ideologically void center and center-right robber barons that have governed it for centuries, but it's worse than ever now because now they don't even have a center-"left" to keep them in check, and all the other left parties are far too small to do a thing on the national level.

And to top it all off, the fastest growing candidate for the next presidential elections is an ultra-reactionary bufoon, so ignorant, petty, stupid, uncouth and regressive that he makes Trump look like the buttbaby of Marx and Bakunin. Oh, and that candidate polls best among the richest and most well-educated demographics.

Jesus, take the wheel!

I volunteer for my local SolFed, is that close enough?

this tbh


Society mocks a lot of things. You know why you deserve to be shit on you obsessive puss puss.

Leave him be, he's turboprojecting.


Have you considered that somebody who spends a lot of time on imageboards may just eventually get tired of the victim complex crap that's present everywhere?

fuck that hits home


Case in point, the ultimate horror you are subjected to.

Yes because I'm more tired by it than you are, especially because this shit has long started seeping out of *chans and I'm actually hearing it IRL.
Doesn't mean I'm gonna bully the spooked. And I'm not insulting you either, I really think your animosity comes from having been that way yourself.

There was an antifa guy here that would go to demonstrations and just exclusively pick fights with cops. He's the only visible antifa as far as I know in the city. It's an issue of numbers for me, I know when a fight is one-sided.

You're probably right about where it comes from, I thought you were saying that is how I currently am.
To be entirely fair I don't bully them until they start playing the absurd victim.

Why won't normies and failed normies just leave this fucking chan and understand that they never meant anything on the internet maybe than it can become a civil place for political discussion but just leave people be



what are you even talking about?

Because it's a false dichotomy. Normies and non-normies is a terrible way to view the world.

Neither being mocked by catgirlfag, or being ignored like the redpanels guy, is important.

These's also failed normies, the ones that thought it was a dichotomy all along

All the categories are shit.

Because this isn't your SJW safe space.

Yeah keep on shilling genocide

well i fail at that


Spanish Antifa are notoriously "active"

This is retarded liberal paranoia. Fascism already lost. It's not on the rise, it's declining. The only people who believe its on the rise are too young to remember Bush or were actively fascist until last November and are suddenly freaking out now that they don't like the government anymore.

Assuming you're the same guy who used to post with the Freudcig flag in the past (much more frequently at least) you're probably the single best poster on the board ever and the biggest actually contributing member of discourse on this board and without contest the biggest creator and disseminator or Holla Forums-grown memes, WEBMs and informational pics.

You also got me to read Lacan which is p gud.

pathetic, get a real job

No one has agreed with this yet? I think it's a fun plan so long as their cover isnt blown

I would since I have the balls for it but I don't know of any around my area.

This too

I've never met a leftist IRL that I liked

I have been involved in my younger days, but it is mostly a young person thing - you can't be a smashie all your life it's a small window of involvement it has a fast turn around

I just became an Anarcho Communist sir, came from the fascist Ancap right. I'm joining the antifa

Because they are not anarchists.

because you have no base in michigan, just some twittering assholes out in grand rapids, point me at a group, even just some legit outliers, and I'm your man

People of either sex generally find it a turn off when you make a big deal about your sexual history, especially this early in an interaction. Continuing to pursue a woman after she opens with that line is a much bigger sign of desperation than being a virgin at 30. In my experience the women who talk about slut shaming that quickly are the ones who can't walk down the street without sucking a dick. I've got nothing against having a lot of partners, more experience is better. What's not good is being reckless about sex and becoming a vector for disease. This kind of topic is fine once you've gotten to know someone a bit, but it's a terrible opener just pretty much anything related to politics, identity or both.

-not looking for handouts
-if i want to get paid, there are other ways to wageslave

No, actually I'm walking kinda slow

Fucking hell.

Antifa generally selects it's tactics very carefully. Property destruction and a threat of violence are often effective means.

Not everything is a pr battle you liberal.

This is a PR battle though. AntiFa is a recruiting org for other leftist groups. Them trucking up PR is how we get people who claim to be leftists but start spouting off about toxic masculinity instead of Porky.

I don't want subhuman white niggers and mulatto lumpens to accidentally start a riot that i die in because they're cowardly bugs that scatter as soon as a Fascist flashes a gun or a knife. The idea of crowd stomping a Nazi is also very gay. Id rather do real combat or not participate in it at all. The videos of like 10 antifas on one fascist and 5 of them getting thrown off of him are kind of embarrassing.

Do your own fucking propaganda. Anti-fa is anti-fascism, it's various leftists strategically banding together against fascist-coalitions. It has no obligation to run leftistideologyx's pr department.

Rather just be a Socialist and not involve myself with them.

Because the only Asians in the group are lesbians