Why did he do it?

Why did he do it?
All for what, Putin?

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To end the oppression of the workers under soviets.

He tried to keep a sinking ship afloat by blowing up the hull. Then Yeltsin put it out of its misery against the will of the people who overwhelmingly voted to maintain the union except in the Baltics.

I honestly think Gorby was a noble man trying to save the USSR from its own problems and give people more freedoms but events just got away from him. Not that I really agree with glasnost but generally good. He could have set the military on the people and maybe stayed in power but he didn't.

By giving unprecedented power to factory and business owners to result in the ogliarchy we have now. Yeah no thanks.

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lmao. Watch guys, next he'll tell us society electing middle-class intellectuals funded by private interests to positions in a closed parliament is the exact definition of democracy.

You are literally describing politburo of the soviet union.

No shit, the USSR's whole political economy was almost identical to Western parliamentary systems. This is obvious to anyone not operating on a thousand layers of ideology.

It was worse.
Democratic centralism killed any changes of building actual planned economy under victor glushkov.

It couldn't be helped. The Soviet system was to fragile to survive the liberalization to make it compatible with the EU for the planned merger and it collapsed under its own weight.

What a hero. Yeltsin was a vast improvement.

Watch less anime.

I want to live in the social-democratic USSR world.
Although if it integrated itself with neoliberalism fully it would probably be more nightmarish than this world, so maybe I should be glad I don't.

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