He's not a post-autist


Literally neo-Marxist politicaly economy for the 21st century.

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This, i believe, should have it's own flag

Fucking amazing

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We need a general review of flags, but this needs to happen before anything. Might try my hand at it.

Euh… Yes, you see, zis is the universal, euh…

tell me more about Bidou, he sounds interesting

Being and Event and his Ethics are his magnum opuses (opi?), and this is a good excerpt: lacan.com/jambadiou.htm.

What colors/symbols?

Currently trying a globe with a colored puzzle piece texture with a diamond ingot on the front side and a dollar symbol on that.

Black on purple



berfegd :–DdD

Fucking kek.

I like the dim-mask one, though the no-mask one is the most obvious as being puzzle pieces instead of a blur.

If it wasn't so small, I'd kind of like to try one with the social-democratic rose, but with puzzle pieces instead of red on the inside of the rose.

reminder that if you dont cooperate ( engage in cooperative firms ) you are literally autistic

Why havent you join a coop?


Walras was autistic, and this is why he was good at math.

Why'd you give it a funny name than?

Quality thread from a quality (shit)poster.
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I'm quite content with my autistic economics tbh.

Most importantly it doesn't involve any math. Fuck math and fuck physics envy.

ffs quit embarrassing our fleg. Shit like this is why no one takes us seriously.


I think you missed the joke in calling that process autistic economics
although it's also genuinely, if tongue-in-cheekly, how I developed an interest in reading into Keynes, and a reference to my understanding that certain forms of economics go overboard with mathematical modelling for it's own sake instead of out of strict necessity - because they want to be physics. The natural counter is to reject mathematics entirely.
If anything the real problem is the world is social democrats pretending to "understand economics" or, in-translation, fuck the poor and do nothing vaguely social democratic in office because it would disrupt the muharkets.

Based edgy post marxist


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